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TRUE - Day 3 - Stretch

Truth is not afraid of questions. Paramahansa Yogananda

It’s day 3 and it’s time to STRETCH.

Now listen here…

We need this.

Most of us really do.

When we are younger most are blessed with delightful natural mobility!

We fall with grace and pick ourselves up with ease.

As we get a bit older things can get tight leading to tension and aches.

All over.

Today’s practice embraces the stretch, the sensation, and the “ahhhh!”

Stretching your body for 30 days will change your relationship to your body.

Do it while synchronizing with your breath and you will change your life.

Today’s practice offers the invitation for you to wake up the body, improve circulation, and reduce pain through mindful extension of muscles and soft tissue.

It’s time to improve your range of motion and build strength.

Luckily, we are working, as Dad has always said, “one day at a time.”

Try to enjoy today. Be careful of your regular programmed self talk.

Be kinder, cooler.

Believe in yourself and your beautiful body.

Stretch your mind too.

Seek smooth and controlled movement on your mat with today’s Day 3 practice.

And remember to BREATHE.

I love you. THREE DAYS! So excited for you on this journey!

Peep the hashtag #YWATRUE to get inspired!

Tomorrow’s practice is 33 min. (Then they get a tad shorter for a few days! Stick with me!)

Your Friend,


36 comments on “TRUE - Day 3 - Stretch”

  1. Love seeing Benji! I had to get my dog her own yoga mat because she wouldn't get off of mine! 🙂 Happy New Year!

  2. Love this practice. Your Benji makes me laugh! I watch the video a 2nd time just to see what he is doing! Great dog!

  3. Hello! Today I had problems with the runners pose ( the one with the leg stretch in front of me ) but I also improve in the pose that comes just after the leg stretch in the front (when I have to go with all my body to the front and don't touch the ground with my hands while I open my body and my other leg is atreching)

    It was a great stretch! Thank you

  4. I sure do Love You... and Benji...Thank You for being you, and Thank Me for being me, and Thank goodness for the whole lot of us...

  5. Love that Benji wanders around and settles close to you while you do yoga, my cat's the same and like Benji today I was having to move her out of the way. Ps thanks for these amazing Yoga practices I have been doing them for about a month and I can really feel the difference in the way they make me feel.

  6. Good morning and Happy New Years!

    I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful uploads I thoroughly enjoy them and feel yoga has improved my life both physically and mentally! Namaste!

    The main reason I wanted to comment as I have a 11 month old puppy who from a couple of weeks after adopting her she has joined me on the yoga mat, she proceeds to bring every toy onto the mat and at any chance possible lie as close to my head as possible, this is very funny and it always puts a smile on my face when your Benji joins in.

    Peace and gratitude

  7. Such a great stretch today! Thanks Adriene! After only 3 days so far I went running this evening and felt way better than usual.
    Also love Benjie! Makes me miss my puppy.

  8. THAT WAS JUST WHAT MY SHOULDERS NEEDED! I almost got lazy today and I'm SOOOOO glad I remembered why I committed to this 30 day practice. THANK YOU SO MUCH ADRIENE! Your kind spirit makes this so enjoyable <3

  9. As a 39-year-old newbie, I didn't realize yoga can make you perspire. In this 3rd day , after around 20 to 25 minutes, I perspired and realized the valuable contribution of Benji... that is, I followed Benji's position of just lying down as I watched Adriene. When the yoga position gets harder, Benji feels like a liberator while Adriene is the dictator. Hahahaha!!! So please make sure Benji is always around.

  10. Amazing series, so glad I signed on. Thank you for all’ your humor it helps me not take myself so seriously!

  11. Day three a blizzard hit the Northeast so I moved my yoga practice to intentional shoveling. Thinking about body alignment -head of heart, heart over the pelvis, and bring the front body to meet the back body while breathing through the shoveling moves prevented injury and exhaustion. It would be a good segment for you to consider, "Yoga for snow shoveling." Thank you for the cue's that you give throughout the practice that I can "take on the road" and apply to other things. Looking forward to this year's journey with you, it is year 4 or 5 for me.

  12. Bliss! I loved the slow gentle stretches. I feel it really loosened me up by the end of the session. Namaste.

  13. Thank you for this series, Adriene. My dog passed a couple days into the new year and it has been immensely restorative to practice with you and Benji.

  14. The guidance about flexibility - in mind, as well as body - is so key. Instead "I can't" even a shift to "I haven't yet" gives you space to imagine a new possibility.

  15. Thank you Adriene for sharing these yoga lessons with us. I am going through a difficult period wright now and it helps me to start the day! I am from Belgium so I speak flemish but my English is good enough to follow the lessons. So thankful greetings from Belgium!

  16. My cats love yoga time. During the corpse pose two of them came to lie on my stomach. Then a fight broke out. On my stomach. In the meantime, my very fluffy Maine Coone, Jasper a.k.a. Princess Jasmine, was circling my head, tickling my face with his tail and whiskers, occasionally licking my forehead with a raspy tongue. Couldn't stop giggllng. 🙂

  17. Day 3 was amazing, stretching not just my body but my mind. Came in stressed and highly strung from a difficult day and I'm leaving my mat feeling clear and refreshed!

  18. I absolutely LOVE that you leave Benji in your videos! My puppy loves watching him. He's teaching her how to be a good, sleepy yoga dog.

  19. Thank you for the reminders to breathe.
    Sometimes I get worried about whether I'm doing it right that I forget that this is meant to be relaxing!
    I will return again tomorrow.

  20. Struggling with downward dog......does it get easier? Thanks for this amazing gift if yoga.

  21. I came back to this because I needed to be more centered. Day 3 was the first day I didn’t cry from the beginning. I can tell I need more self love when that happens. Thanks for offering this to us.

  22. Really enjoyed this session I love the words and kindness that you show also your interaction with your dog love seeing him too thank you namaste

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