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TRUE - Day 29 - Be Brave

I understand the large hearts of heroes,
The courage of present times and all times.
Walt Whitman

Well… I’ll be.

Day 29.

Part of what really amazes me about this journey and this practice is the generous amount of bravery and guts it takes to show up and really look inside and see who is there.

This is yoga.

As I am sure you have experienced by now, the practice doesn’t always align with your mood, your energy state, or your schedule.

However, you are always presented with this amazing opportunity to take advantage and really look in and see what is going on today - or to simply sit out on the sidelines and “just get through it.”

One way brings you closer and more in touch with your self.

This challenging practice asks you drop the poses (but trust me there are still poses, don’t fret) to lean into this idea of just getting to know yourself.

Your true self.

Just by simply showing up you have an opportunity to get closer to just that.

Today’s practice is balanced and loving.

Be brave, look inside.

But wait!

Also, remember and consider the fact that everything is constantly changing.

You can feel something in one moment and then the next moment feel completely different.

We are walking contradictions!

Blanket yourself in love and appreciation for being brave enough to show up here and listen.

This is a practice to bookmark and return to.

Getting teary…

See you tomorrow for Day 30.


PS: “What about after Day 30?” Let’s keep going! On Feb 1st we are kicking off a month of self love & care practices. Join me for a free month of yoga and let’s keep this train going with a TRUE video every Tuesday. (All.Year.Long.) Here is your free calendar!

PPS: One more week to order your TRUE tee. These are special for this time of year and won't be on sale after 2/6.

11 comments on “TRUE - Day 29 - Be Brave”

  1. Benji soooo knows that's him on your shirt! Love his poses. Thank you for this month Adriene. Truly transformative

  2. Thanks so much for your videos, I love the true journey! And my 2 year old daughter loves that Benji is in most of the videos! By the way, "yoga" was one of her first words last year 😉 as I started a daily yoga practice after doing yoga revolution last year.

  3. 1. That sweatshirt is amazing and I need one. Will they be available for purchase anytime soon?
    2. Thank you. What you give and the way you give it so freely (literally and figuratively) in all your videos is a true gift.

  4. The journey has been incroyable for me. Thank you for helping me reground.
    PS i want that shirt

  5. Thank you so much for your videos. I’m running a few days behind, but I’ll get there. I love the shirt with Benji.

  6. I'm on vacation today and missing my regular yoga class over the noon hour. I had heard of your website and thought I would try it. Your Day 29 spoke loudly to me as I just learned that I have to re-testify in a disciplinary hearing (for the second time, the first time was 1 1/2 years ago, the individual was found guilty and is now appealing). I am struggling to get the fear and anxiety under control and Be Brave spoke volumes to me. Thank you so much Adriene, I believe I'll be revisiting this particular practice often over the next few weeks. Namaste.

  7. We will, see if I become one of your star pupils..I am 82 and in great shape, have exercised my whole adult life, simply because I know it is so important. So let's see what you got.!!

  8. Love you Adriene!~ So authentic, so real, honest and peaceful in a time of chaos and way to much hate. You help me to walk out into this world a better person everyday. What a gift.

    I have heard that some of the videos can be downloaded. My son and I ski a lot and where we stay has to connection to anything (which is wonderful) but I would like to do some yoga with you after a day on the slopes. does anyone have an info about how to download some of these videos.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Patrick, there are a few options for downloading Adriene's practices. You could join the membership and have access to all of the videos and practices she has ever made. There is an app you can use with the membership and the app provides the option to sync videos to the app to play offline later. You can learn more about the membership here. Or you can purchase one of the 30 days series as a standalone collection. These collections can be downloaded to a computer or synced to an app to play offline. You can find these downloadable collections by scrolling to the bottom of the membership homepage that I linked to above. Or you can purchase one of her standalone digital classes from the Shop here. These classes can be downloaded to your computer or synced to the app too. These digital classes are included in the membership so you might want to try the 7 day free trial of the membership first since that gives you access to everything. Then if you decide you don't want the monthly membership, you can at least preview these digital classes and decide which ones you want to purchase. 🙂

  9. I coudn’t do all the exercises, my lower back is killing me and don’t know how good I am i this, but yes, I keep trying. This has been a great lesson of humility and respect for me. As everybody else, thank you, Adriene. And thanks to all who post comments and make me feel that I’m not alone here.

  10. LOVELY, Powerful, Smart, Angelic Adriene I AM sending you God-LOVE. Bingy too.

    1 Corinthians 13:13
    “And now abides Faith, Hope, LOVE, these Three; but the Greatest of these is LOVE.”

    I AM your Sincere Valiant, Strong Friend Nimrod. Namaste (God In Me Greets God In You) LOVEABLE Adriene. Amen. #WorldPeace NOW.

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