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TRUE - Day 27 - Be Free

When the mind and the heart are stretched together in expanding self awareness, I assure you, there is instantaneous self transcendence and, therefore, limitless freedom. Shri Swami Nirmalananda

You might think that the countdown to the end has begun.

But really, I see it as the countdown to the beginning.

The beginning of a life long romance with your regular at home yoga practice.


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Today’s practice invites you to breathe deep and find freedom within the framework.

Are we chained to the constraints of being told what to do and how to feel inside it?

The invitation is for you to focus on sensation over shape today so that you can feel a sense of authenticity and liberation.

Less constriction.

More expansion.

We are rolling deep!


PS: See you tomorrow for a 19 min NO FEAR practice!

If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun.
Katharine Hepburn

13 comments on “TRUE - Day 27 - Be Free”

  1. I don't know what you were actually referring to with the "down and away". It reminded me of a trochlear or 4th nerve palsy, which causes the eye to look "down and out". If you are a dancer-turned-medical-nerd...maybe. Anyway, interested to see what you were actually referring to!

    Thanks for this amazing series. I've been following along. LOVE it.

    Dr. Kayla

  2. Adriene, my goodness I LOVE YOU! so much... thank you, as always I am transcendently grateful for you.

  3. PLEASE - what does "Down and away" mean? You KNOW what curiosity did to the me please!

  4. Dear Adriene.
    Following this makes me happy.
    You are and excellent guide.
    Thank you so much.
    Love from
    Stine in Denmark

  5. Dear Adriene,
    You are amazing! You are a great teacher who inspires me! With you, I love doing Yoga.
    I enjoy every day with 30 Day Yoga Journey! Now with TRUE, before with HOME and DEDICATE. I started practicing in the lockdown of the Covid-19, since I found and article about you and your magnificent sessions in The New York Times.
    Today, Freedom was that I need!
    Thank you! Gràcies!


  6. I tried your 30 days yoga and it really help and makes me feel good! This is my first time to do yoga and I thought it was so hard and I cannot make it but your guidance and dedication push me to accomplished the whole session. This with, thank you Adriane for giving me the opportunity to try and discover myself strength!

  7. Fun, fiery, focused Flow for a fantastic start to this Saturday morning 🙂

    Thank you ! 🙂

  8. What a great friend you have become to so many. I began last March when COVID kept us all in some form of isolation, and I continue to be amazed by what a life saver you are. Thank you Adriene and love.

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