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TRUE - Day 18 - Surrender

Today’s message could just shift… everything.

Building on yesterday’s practice, today’s session invites you to bring your willingness to uncover authenticity.

What if we were able to work in a way on the mat where we are completely able to surrender to the results?

Can we work hard and disciplined to create a strong healthy body… in a way that we are not attached to the results?

My body changed when I learned the powerful practice of SURRENDER.

Drop your attachment to the outcome. 

Be in the moment and have fun.

Practice - Yoga.

Today’s message will shift, everything…

I hope you enjoy!

See you on the mat!

Your Friend,

PS: Here is a detail of the back of our TRUE shirt. They are on sale now through 2/6 and will not be in the shop after so place your order soon! xoxo

PPS: Here are your practice lengths! You are doing GREAT!

11 comments on “TRUE - Day 18 - Surrender”

  1. Thank you for this. It’s incredible how much is being revealed off mat. Thank you thank you thank you. What a gift you’ve given so many.

    I didn’t re rive today’s email - how do I keep getting them?
    Thanks again. M

  2. I cannot wait for each morning...
    to find a new practice,
    As I roll out my mat...
    I am always ready for time well spent
    with Adriene

  3. My daily classes for the 30 Days of TRUE stopped in day 6. I have been following them on You Tube, but would appreciate having them sent to my email again. Thanks so much! I do not want to miss any part of this fabulous experience with Adriene!

  4. I'm writing you from Shanghai :).
    Is the second year that i follow the 30 days yoga practice and I'm so so grateful for it! You help me a lot!
    Thank you Adriene :).

  5. Love this practice SO much. I was surprised, however, that in the past few videos you've started to mention weight loss as a goal here. It's so nice to come to this space and NOT have to focus on weight loss/diet/fitness culture so just a thought to keep weight loss OUT if it's not a yoga for weight loss.

  6. I love your videos and really enjoy the practice. I have a long way to go, but my body needs the stretch and work. Thank you!

  7. Dear Adriene,

    You are Amazing and I totally in love with your practices.
    Continue with your great work.

  8. It is the end of 2020 and what a bizarre year. I thank Adriene and her body of followers for this important way to shape each day. Certainly each one is not perfect, but there is a kindness and fervor that I find exhilarating, and oh, how important that is.
    Hey, I am 72 and that is not as old as you might imagine. Been doing "an Adriene" since late March, every day. Thank you greatly and love

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