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TRUE - Day 16 - Self Love

It was when I stopped searching for home within others
and lifted the foundations of home within myself
I found there were no roots more intimate
than those between a mind and body
that have decided to be whole. -rupi kaur

Happy sweet 16!

Self Love.

This practice reminds us why we are here.

For me it’s about having a regular connection and a regular relationship with a self care and self love practice  - so that you don’t have to start from scratch when you need this practice most.

Why do we tend to remember to love ourselves only after we have hit rock bottom?

What if you already had a base?

Today’s session invites you to find moments or areas where you might feel resistance.

If you are resisting to love in moments or areas on your mat, I guarantee that there are places off the mat that you are doing the same.

Tend to your most important relationship and let it motivate you.

There are so many gems in today’s practice. So jump on in.

Don’t doubt or get deterred by the length of today’s session. We ease in with a little meditation and mentorship, then get moving.

I’ll let the lady in the video take it away. She loves this topic.

Inhale lots of love in. 

Exhale lots of love out. 


See you on the mat!

Yours Truly,


PS: TRUE shirt is on sale! Two styles. Many sizes from XS to XXL!

PPS: We hit 3 million subs on Day 15 - BELIEVE! Thank you for subscribing, for being apart of this community and sharing it with your friends. Let’s make self love cool again.

19 comments on “TRUE - Day 16 - Self Love”

  1. Thanks so much - past halfway! Enjoying it just as much as the other years, you've done a brilliant job.

    I haven't got an updated version of how long each practice is going to be - where would I find it? It was in one of your emails before, but I haven't received an updated one...

    Thank you Adrienne, and everyone taking part. May we all say, see and speak truth.


  2. I tried to sign my sister up for this series and suddenly I’m not getting the daily emails anymore. Help! These emails are what get me out of bed and motivated for the day!

  3. Oh my goodness so delicious!! I didn't have time for the full 41 minutes this morning so I just moved a little on the mat - doing what felt right for about 10 or 15 minutes. Then I did the video when I got home this evening and low and behold - many of the moves I was moved to make this morning were included. I guess it is all as it should be. Thanks Lady!!

  4. Dear Adriene
    I just wanna say thank you for everything you have done for me. 🙂 You have such a strong Impact on my life. I see your face almost everyday for over a year now and when i hear your voice in the morning my heart begins to open. 🙂 TRUE is, that i can feel the Love and the vibez here in Germany. Thank you for showing me the Tools of yoga and for letting me experience it and for letting me see how it influences my daily life. The Frequenzy is rising, Things are changing in the outside! I appreciate the way you teach! From my heart to yours Namaste


    Keep da fire burnin

  5. Hej from Scandinavia Andriene,

    I have been following your yoga videos for a couple of years with joy, thank you!! However with this series I tend to “hyperventilate", my lips start scrunching up and tingle. Do you have any tips as to what I may be doing wrong? I may be overdoing the breathing focus, since I am SO excited that you continue to remind us of it (read: my biggest downfall). Any tips would be appreciated.

  6. Thank you so much for this one Adrienne & team. The stability and smiles that you bring are essential ! Exercising the mind, enjoying the body, it has been a long time since I have felt so self positive.

  7. Speaking of normalizing the yoga practice...I travel way too much for work. So when I came upon a yoga room at the SFO airport the other day, I felt compelled to check it out. I used to think that was a silly idea "who on earth would ever do yoga at an airport?!?," but since I've been doing YWA sessions on a daily basis, it seemed a natural thing for me to go into that quiet part of the airport and just flow.

    So thank you, Adriene, for inculcating this way of life. It has made a difference in how I handle stress and how I take care of myself.

    1. Just had to reply to you and say thank you so much ! I travel a lot too and the thought to yoga in an airport has never crossed my mind but you totally woke a thought and with YWA yoga is always close so definitely will give this a go

  8. I loved this one! I started all over the place & ended focused and happy!
    Thank You Adriene!

  9. Thank you thank you thank you Adriene. Such simple words I know but they are from my heart. If I was there in person I would give you a hug. You inspire me and this 30 day program is resinating with my inner self and my desire to heal and become more resilient. You are so generous with your time - the sessions are so nicely presented. Awesome!!



    Ps are you planning to do live sessions in Australia?? Please

  10. Hey Adriene,

    I don't struggle with much as far as flexibility but I could not get my sitz bones down and my legs in that first position. As far as flexibility is concerned, I don't usually struggle because I have connective tissue laxity (both a yoga blessing and a curse) but I could not do this. I ended up stopping the video to send you this message. Should I just sit cross legged? Also, I have a torn meniscus that is healing up and I'm trying to listen to my body and only do things that are pain free and this bothered me on the first side. I won't be trying it right away but I can tell I don't have the range in my hips to allow it. What do I do once my knee is healed?

  11. Beautiful practice I keep coming back to day 16 to practice self love. You're mentorship provides so much inspiration and love Adriene.

    All my love and thanks to you and the whole community.

    Maria <3

  12. I'm not used to doing a yoga practice over 30 minutes so it was challenging to stay focused towards the end. But great as always. Thank you.

  13. I know I'm doing this much later than most but after a rough weekend and a few days of slacking on my practice, this was exactly what I needed to remotivate me to finish the 30 days. Thank you as always for your amazing videos.

  14. This practice was exactly what I needed today and the happy baby pose reminded me of a move that my one year old cousin did yesterday. I loved this. Thank you.

  15. Well, it took nearly four months but I’m back on track (kind of)! I started as soon as the programme was launched, perfectly timed for the New Year, and then stopped at the end of January while I was organising my relocation for my new job - probably when I was in most need of it. But I began to see a little daylight last week, so I did Day 15, a perfect, gentle way back in - and then all 41 glorious minutes of Day 16 today. I will suffer for this tomorrow, but it was just what I needed, so whatever. Thanks Adriene, as always. Namaste, all

  16. This one ☝ totally got me into positions my body questioned but my breathing said ok let’s do this too and won the body over! Feeling totally energised on the inside, thank you for making me uncomfortable and still laughing ❤️

  17. Even five years out from making this video, you are still making a difference. Thank you for keeping the series here and letting us find it.

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