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TRUE - Day 15 - Believe

Believe you can and you're halfway there. Theodore Roosevelt

By golly we made it to the halfway mark.

Catching waves, learning, connecting…

Trying to find a little joy as you move with your breath.

You should feel really amazing and proud that you are showing up like this.

Believing in yourself so much that you would take this time on the mat is a powerful act of self love that benefits not only you… but the world.

Today’s practice invites you to be conscious of your self talk.

As the asana vocabulary grows keep in mind the power of your thoughts and words. 

Create length and space today so you have room to spread your damn wings and…


Believe in yourself, your uniqueness, your worthiness.

I believe we each have this special unique quality.

The tools of yoga and the process we allow on the mat helps us uncover, reveal, and align with what feels like our true purpose.


It is my hope that through this practice we become closer to ourselves and therefore closer to finding out what our meaningful contribution to humanity is.

All that on the mat?


The second half of this journey is dynamic and really fun. Keep showing up, keep doing your best, trust your authenticity, and Find What Feels Good.


PS: How about a shirt to celebrate the halfway mark and this global party? Visit the shop for the details! This is a limited & made to order run! Designed and printed with love in Austin, TX.

15 comments on “TRUE - Day 15 - Believe”

  1. Thank you, Adriene. First time trying and I loved it. Your supportive talk really matters. Keep up the blessed work 🙂

  2. Thank you for the reminder to relax the jaw! : )

    I've really been enjoying the series!


  3. Darling Adriene,

    I ordered a shirt!!!! Yaaayyyyyy!!! Can't wait for it to arrive. I'm doing everything in my power to support you, as you bring so much love, light and value to this broken world. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! Namaste xoxo

  4. Hello!

    First of all, I wanted to thank you. You have the words that I need to hear and you always somehow make me smile is sooo nice. I've been watching a lot of your youtube channel you have great content. I'm definitely trying the mat spray and the yogi tea.

    I've had a few days with few spirits but I have stood firm with trust. Sometimes it is hard for my muscles and legs but I am enjoying every moment of the practice.

    see you tomorrow! <3

  5. love this. love your vibe. love your dog. i'm so taken with this series that i *can't stop* recruiting friends and spreading the gospel of adrienne! i've done yoga here and there before, but never as a consistent practice. i really hope to keep the momentum going and keep yoga as a daily routine. THANK YOU!

  6. A number of "distractions" continue to attempt to interrupt my daily practice. So far I have been able to stick to it. I appreciate, like many out there, the continued motivation, hunor and Benji
    my husky joins me on the mat quite often my comment however the I noticed the emails lately do not outline the length of the next days practice and cannot find the updated weekly calander. The times in the email helped organize my mornings. I hope they return!

  7. No one has ever gotten me to show up everyday! Thank you for helping me make my 50th year on this earth my best 1 yet!

  8. This is so good... And "yes" like everyone else, your affirmations & coaching are so welcomed and encouraging. Cannot wait to see what I feel like on day 30!!

  9. Soaring , Pyramids ⁂, and pushing the edge .... Great practice in honour of the half-way mark, thank you!

  10. Adriene, thank you so much for all you've done. I haven't words to explain my huge gratitude to you and how I appreciate what you've done. Your great experience in this theme of yoga and how generous, how bountiful you are to share this with the whole world. Bow to you. Appreciate. And just thank you so so much!!! God bless you. Best wishes!

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