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TRUE - Day 12 - Center

Today’s practice is my bread and butter.

A conglomeration of all of my training and anything that has ever “clicked.”

Move from your center.

TRUE - Day 12 Yoga Practice is a wonderful healthy back, strong core practice that gently invites you to spiral in toward yourself.

Today’s session provides the vocabulary for you to cultivate stability and agility in your physical practice.

But beyond that we start to activate and stimulate areas of the body that can also uncover and inform so that you can have easy access to your inner support system.

So you can move with intention and in a way that feels like the best damn version of you.

I don’t want to dictate or say too much on this today. Let the practice speak for itself. You’ll be able to tell I am passionate about this topic and it is coming after SOFTEN for a reason.

Dig deep.

Move from your center of gravity.

Smile when we get to those hip dips.

As the days go on it may feel like a chore, harder to get to the mat, but we persevere!

Choosing to spiral back to the importance of self care, self exploration and TRUTH.


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PPS: Tomorrow is a fun 25 min practice! It will whizz by so carve out the short time to knock it out. Earlier in the day is best so you don’t put it off but DO YOUR BEST! Evening practice is fine and juicy too!

16 comments on “TRUE - Day 12 - Center”

  1. Super yummy practice! I appreciate you for being you. Your practices of yoga have opened my mind to the diverse movements within my own body, your teaching is beautiful and wise. Thank you always, you're an inspiration. Namaste friend. <3

  2. Thank you for yoga for the past 5 months, I have found more movement within my body. Today practice was awesome

  3. after each practice my arms hug you with full appreciation and respect. Namaste dear one from the ether. Thank you for making me feel supported and with a smile. xxx

  4. Thank you for opening my eyes and soul for the world of yoga. I alreadyfeel softer and calmer. This is something im looking forwards to everyday. And im definetly gonna follow through the 30 days.

  5. Adrienne i posted for you twice on new beginnings but wouldnt receive an answer so i write it down here.
    since a year i follow online and with care and caution your classes, but i have lower back paini ssues and the many low launches worry me as they demand a lot from the back. also the runners strech i dont know if i really benefit from it. i have strong belly and pay lots of attention to centering. childs pose is a relief in between but i used to come to this pose knees wide, and cant anymore now.
    should i persevere the low launches or skip them...
    you are a great teacher only this needs to get off my chest as i work with you daily.
    namaste and a stroke to Benji behind the ears she is an angel. Anneke

  6. Thank you for great videos. I can allready feel a change in my body. Love how you teach out yoga. Thank you
    Hugs from Sweden

  7. Wow !My warrior 2 never felt that strong !! I absolutely loved that practice ! Thank you Adrienne 🙂 xxx

  8. I love those 25-26 minutes practices. I found last year's 30days a bit long, and this timing of just a bit less than 30minutes works just perfect for me.
    Thank you for all those new daily videos. It's never a chore for me to get on my mat, always an excitement of what I'm gonna discover and how I'll give some love to my body, my muscles, my guts, my mind, how I'll treat my aching spots... Always a pleasure to see what you're sharing with us 🙂

  9. Your themes, wit, and clear instructions keep me coming back every day. Thank you Adriene!

  10. How do I download the rest of True? I donated $30.00, and can't find the download link. got 10, want the rest

    1. Hi Pat, you can log into your VHX library here. You can do this from your computer or log in through the VHX app with your email address on a smart phone. I resent you a login email as well in case you find that easier to use. Once you log in, all 30 days of videos will be there for you to access and download.

  11. perfect. thank you. i love being surprised at what my body can do (often what i unconsciously assumed it couldn't do)... yay!

  12. I have serious difficulty to connet to my core and center, this practice really helped me to feel my center and conect with it! I still feel like I have a long road ahead but the trip is so enjoyable that I find myself trying to make the time everyday for this special time on the mat with you 🙂
    Thank you Adriene for sharing your love and knwoledge with the world, your guided practice has made a great difference to me both physicaly and mentaly.
    Feeling greatful and stronger today!

    Namaste <3

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