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Triangle Pose - Trikonasana

Oh Triangle Pose! I used to hate thee and now I love thee! My how you evolve and ever shape change!

Our Foundations Of Yoga continues on! This series is great for those timid about coming to class or those wanting to deepen their practice by focusing on action and alignment.  Here we break down the poses in detail offering what there is maybe not time for in an active flow class. Build a strong foundation so you can fly with freedom and ease - both on and off the mat.


7 comments on “Triangle Pose - Trikonasana”

  1. I love your approach to yoga/life! I just moved to Texas from sunny CA and am adjusting to my new town. No one here teaches yoga, so at the end of October I am going to Houston to start the process of learning to bring yoga to my little corner of the world. I have learned so much by watching your videos. Thank you for all the love! Peace.

    1. Beautiful! Welcome to Texas my friend. I hope that we can play together some day in this big state! Where are you training?
      Love to you, A

  2. Hi,

    When I do this pose, I get worried that I am overstretching my back or that the 'pain' I'm feeling in it is not a beneficial pain like a stretch but a harmful pain. I think it's to do with when I send the hips back and go down, I start to feel something in the lower left or right side of my back (depending on which way I'm doing the pose). Is feeling this in my back normal?

    Thanks 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing your inner sunshine with us. I love your attitude, teaching style and humor. You exude knowledge and embodiment.
    Thank you for the guidance and spirit.

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