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Sun Salutation B - Surya Namaskara B

Learn Sun Salutation B yoga sequence and salute the sun! Adriene takes us through this common yoga asana sequence which is intended to warm up the entire body. This classic sequence can be practiced in many different variations and forms the base for a nice Vinyasa yoga practice. In Ashtanga yoga (and most Hatha Yoga branches of yoga) this sequence follows Sun Salutation A. Link these two sequences to warm up the body, get the juices flowing and even get the heart pumping! Use this as a base for a strong flow practice at home - and enjoy.

12 comments on “Sun Salutation B - Surya Namaskara B”

  1. Hi Adriene,
    I'd like to ask you to take part in my research that I'm doing for my Master's thesis. It's about what influences the relationship between YouTube Stars and their subscribers. There are only 7 questions and it shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes... But it would help me a lot.
    This is the link to the research form: but if you like, I can send you the questions to your e-mail.
    Your help will be much appreciated and I would be so honored if you could take part since I'm a big fan of yours.
    Thank You

  2. I have completed the 30 days of yoga and just wanted to say you made my day each of the 30days. I miss you now. I follow you on YouTube and am doing some of yr other videos now. Thanks for a great month and all the best to you. X

  3. Hi i dont know if you reading this but can you teach wheel pose for beginners please this week like to learn it so much me and my friends are so comfy with you and you are the bestttt!

  4. Hi sorry to bother you again i wondee can you make pocket yoga book to take any where with us with your photo and practice it any where we like please think about it annnd can you make meditation mp3 your voice is AMAZING! Sorry to ask you a lot please think a bout a book!

  5. Beautiful routine. Never knew there is Sun Salutation B. I believe that I have found my spiritual beings in Yoga - Body, Mind and Spirit. They intertwine one another. I have not known my Spirit yet but, certainly there is a great sense of serenity to my Body and Mind. Thanks, Adriene.

  6. Hi Adriene!

    First I want to say, I am such a big fan and have been following your yoga classes online for years - There are times when your classes were like a true friend in very difficult times, or an old friend, hanging out, reminding me how much fun and how fulfilling yoga is. So thank you very much for all the joy and peace you so freely give to all!
    Even in my work as a family medicine doc, I have referred patients to your website who needed some positive approach to physical activity and self-love in their perception of health. The fact they are free and really accessible is so nice, especially the shorter versions for beginners and people with physical limitations. (Spanish dub would be a great option, too!)
    I have a question for you: can I download these videos to watch when I am not online? And where is the "donate" button that used to be on your site?

    Peace and gratitude! Keep on rocking' in the new year... Namate.

  7. Hi Adriene , I love your videos. I only watch your videos and workout. I have gained so much flexibility and strength.

    Can you teach hand stand for beginners, ashtang yoga.

  8. I can no longer find the Sun Salutation A that you reference in this video. Help please.

    1. We're sorry, Marie, but the Sun Salutation A video had to be taken down off of YouTube because of the music in the video. Even though we had permission from the artist, sometimes that happens. We have the video on the Find What Feels Good membership. If you are a member, you can find it there at

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