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Street Yoga

Street Yoga! Or, yoga that you can take off your mat and into the world.

This is a great practice for beginners who feel overwhelmed by the world of yoga! This is also a great practice for people wanting to take their yoga off the mat and into the everyday. Use this practice if you are cramped for time. Use this practice if you are searching for a little stress relief. Use your time wisely! Connect to your breath as you stretch and find what feels good. This also is a great practice for anyone in the community wanting to deepen their practice. To evolve the practice doesn't always mean learning and drilling fancy pretzel postures. Use this video as a guide for integrating yoga into your every day. Let me know what you think in the comments down below! ENJOY!

34 comments on “Street Yoga”

  1. Hi Adriene,
    It's been awesome connecting with you and being part of the yoga community- its certainly has changed my life in so many ways and I really didn't think my body could move like that, amazing!! I would therefore LOVE to take it further. Can you please advise me as to what training you have done as I wouldn't mind giving the 'teaching' thing a go myself. I live in Australia so might be a fun quest

    Heather Dovey

  2. Thank you, just what I needed to get back into my yoga practice after dealing with some ill health. This has jump started by journey back.

  3. Very useful here in Caracas where we are doing long lines for anything because of shortages! it was very funny to see your video last thursday, when coming from a 45 m line at the butcher's shop, in which I had been doing tadasana as I learnt it from you. Next time I'll try to do all the asanas. I don't know yet what I will tell people around when doing some of them.

  4. Hi Adriene. You are still ny official yoga teacher. You are clearly the best teacher in the world❤ And I truly mean it. Can't wait to do this video. Namaste.

  5. It s always comforting to read you Adrienne!!!
    I consider you as my invisible (virtual) best friend!!! I am still struggling to make yoga an everyday obligatory(beneficial) habit...i hope this will happen soon thanks to your videos and your encouraging emails...

  6. yes great idea thanks Adriene, had a childhood friend staying with me this last week and in fact she is a real Yogi . Funnily enough i remarked on how she did yoga poses or little stretches as part of her day .
    So coincidence
    i really need to get serious on the mat again . have had a month of a mixture of short trips and then guests to stay - i find it difficult to practice when people are staying
    I have a quiet 3 weeks ahead so tomorrow is restart day
    Am waffling on , sorry---too much information , but it is getting me focused for the morning!! Night night

  7. Thanks Adriene! You're amazing. I recommend your videos to anyone who even mentions yoga to me. I'm gaining strength and finding time for me! Woo hoo!

  8. Hi
    Great ! This inspires me to do yoga anywhere! Good luck with all your changes. Everything is an experience. What about a routine for someone (my adult son) who has a broken hand with a cast from hand to elbow? Of course at beginning the hand must stay up but eventually can do downward moves.

  9. Hi Adriene,
    Yes indeed. Great sequence.
    All I need before I give a presentation in order to be connected and focus on the message I must give to the people I train.
    On a daily basis before doing anything it gives strength, energy, and it feels so good.
    A huge thank you Adriene
    You re the best

  10. Thank you for this sequence! I am 12 weeks pregnant and haven't been able to be too active due to fatigue and sickness. Now that I am feeling a little better this has helped me to enter back into my practice!! I appreciate you so much!

  11. You are just a joy! I really appreciate the way you do yoga. Thank you so much. I really enjoy all your
    videos!!!!!!!! You are a light and delight!

  12. The email accompanying the video was spot on for what I needed to focus my mind and schedule as we end our summer of trips and guests and head into another school year. The video was a bonus!

  13. "Apologies to the person behind me ... or you're welcome," ROFLOL! Thank you for always making me laugh during yoga practice!

  14. Thank you! I really liked the cue about rolling the shoulders until the crackling ends! It works, it feels good!

  15. Love this little video, you made me laugh out loud on your forward fold 🙂 sorry for any one standing behind me, or you're welcome. Haha love it and love you.

    Nice new place by the way 🙂

  16. Hi Adriene

    Thank you for reconnecting me with yoga and reestablishing the love. I actually use your routines/programmes to assist with my pain control (I have Endometriosis), which really helps. I was searching through your catalog of videos and wondered if you have published a routine for pelvic pain or period pain? Or if you have any suggestions? Do you have a particular go to pose or routine to help with 'girl issues'? Not necessarily a full on routine, just a gentle one to just bring a bit of comfort with some cramps?
    Apologies for perhaps sounding a little forward or personal in questioning, was unsure of where else to ask a random question. If there are any other lovely yogis out there, that also have advise, would love to hear it right now!
    Thank you all in advance.

  17. Hey Adriene,
    I generally feel a little shy or weird about expressing personal gratitude to someone via social media, but since we are miles and miles apart and have never met, here it is.. Thank you more than I can ever express in words. You are helping me heal my most precious gift. I'm only 26 but have suffered from anxiety since I was very young and that along with genetics make me prone to holding tension in all different parts of my body. I feel better than ever lately. My shoulders and neck feel incredible, my legs are becoming more flexible each day, my core is like HIEEEEEE

  18. hey hey - happy wednesday yoga peeps - enjoying this beautiful day in vero beach, fl - hope it's a good one where you are - big hugs & lots of love - namaste. ~beth ps. shout out to Adriene - love, love, love the funnies you say.

  19. Thanks for this one! My feet enjoyed the extra love as I have felt unbalanced in some of the poses lately.

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