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Standing Wide-Legged Forward Fold

7 comments on “Standing Wide-Legged Forward Fold”

  1. I am loving these videos!! (& your zesty personality!) You've covered so many of the poses I've been itching to fine-tune. Thanks Adriene!

  2. You are so wonderful! I've been going to Yoga class for almost six month and have been feeling like I"m injuring myself. I love how you break poses down- now I actually feel like they are healing my body instead of hurting me. Also, you are way fun!

  3. I just wanted to ask what am I doing wrong that my calfs are aching whenever I'm doing this pose. (Hope I said it right beacuse english is not my "mother language" ;-)) But I have to say that I really love your videos, thanks to you I fell in love with yoga.

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