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Staff Pose

Learn the Staff Pose as our Foundations of Yoga series continues! Staff pose (Or Stick Pose) is a great pose to check in with the alignment of the spine and the center of the body. There is definitely more that meets the eye in this posture and always room to grow- even though it might not seem like it at first. Improve your posture, give those hamstrings some love and help alleviate back pain. This version is great for beginners with the fingers up.

5 comments on “Staff Pose”

  1. Aggghh, Adriene. Haha, I put off this video for so long because I knew this pose was going to frustrate me. I think of myself as a moderately flexible person, but whenever I sit with my legs extended in front of me it is such a struggle to keep my back straight. I tried the variations you suggest, but even still, I feel a lot of tension in my upper and middle back trying to keep it straight. Do you have any suggestions? Is it something that will just take practice and a matter of time? Its hard for me to be motivated to do this pose, because I usually end feeling irritated. I try to use the mat as a way to let go of those emotions, so this pose is a tricky one for me. Thanks for your help!! I love your channel. Keep doing what you do.


  2. Helpful review of this posture. I felt more of a full body experience practicing with your guidance in this video. Thanks A.

  3. Staff pose is really hard for me because I am so stiff...but the trick you gave on bending the knees first then breathe into the pose really helped a lot.

  4. Oh, harder than it looks! I liked the effect it had on me. The tops of my thighs hurt and at the same time I was smiling.

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