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Side Plank Pose

In this episode of the Foundations of Yoga we learn Side Plank. Adriene offers several variations and encourages you to find what feels good, move at your own pace, build strength and get happy!

6 comments on “Side Plank Pose”

  1. Hi Adriene !
    I love your videos and here's a little suggestion : I'm really trying to get my boyfriend to practice with me, and he's willing to learn about yoga and everything but always feels like doing it with me / our regular videos is a little "too girly" for him. I'm sure a lot of boys feel this way , how about a little Yoga For Dudes video ? Love and thousands of thanks.

  2. My girlfriend and I do these videos all the time. Maybe you should get a new boyfriend....heh.

    No but really...just tell him to get over himself. There's nothing masculine or feminine about yoga.


  3. Wow, it's really surprising to see how different my muscles are! On the left arm I can easily hold the poses, on the right it's very challenging. I love how these exercises make me get to know my body better. And they are so well explained; I love every minute of them! ♥

  4. Hi Adriene,

    I love learning the foundations series and am really interested in learning this side plank, however I have slight balance problems sometimes and whenever I try to practice this I find it very difficult to get on (and stay on) one side without collapsing in a heap! I'm finding it a little too challenging is there an easier way to break it down so I can pick it up? Thank you.
    Julie 🙂

  5. Adrienne,
    Wow, finally ... a Yoga instructor with a sense of humor ! Your 'Halloween 2014' video was my very first. It was both practical instruction on breathing AND fun to see you struggle to keep a straight face ! As an older student, 59 years and *reversing ;>), I discovered Yoga 2 years ago. I love it and I am grateful to see that there really is room for a bit of fun in the practice as we go about the business of restoring our health.
    I have an Ex-sister-in-law in Austin, TX. Tell her I said hello, that I've lost weight, regained the strength of my youth and am more fit now than in many years, but other than that, Yoga hasn't changed me a lick !

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