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Side Body Yoga Flow

This practice is designed to help you get unstuck!Balance strengthening with lengthening to improve your posture and live pain free. Move easy and with the breath. Counter time spent crumpled and slouched. Use the tools of yoga to move prana to let go of stagnant energy to leave you feeling good and support you in getting unstuck! Because you’re worth it. Namaste!

12 comments on “Side Body Yoga Flow”

  1. 1st day, 20 minute beginning yoga. I'm 64yrs old, 185 lbs. I'm nauseous but committed to getting healthier.

    1. Keep it up" I just turned 64. I started practicing yoga with Adrienne about 2 years ago. I had bad knees and found many of the other exercise routines I had been doing too hard on them. I finally had my knee replaced on July 28th and I attribute my speedy recovery to yoga. Adrienne is my favorite. I've tried other instructors through you tube, but I always come back to her. I've also attended live classes nearby, but I always hear Adrianne's voice, 'shoulders down, pelvic under, 4 corners of the feet, . . .' I've just come back to Adrianne's videos this past week. It feels good to be back. I put on some weight during my recovery which has made some of the routines a bit more challenging, but I'm hanging in there.

  2. Hey Adriene! This one was great. Just did this one and your hip openers this morning and was thinking I would love some shoulder openers. My shoulder sockets are sort of locked in the mornings and they bother me in the days since I've started an office job. Oh how I hope for an upcoming shoulder opener video! Have a great day. Love, Sara

  3. Thanks Adriene! I enjoyed this and feel like it saved me a trip to the chiropractor! I have thoracic scoliosis... Are there any modifications or other poses/stretches you'd recommend? Thanks again!

  4. Namaste, Adriene! I've been following along with your videos for almost a year now and I find your work so inspirational! I'm working at an elementary school and this year the principal has encouraged the teachers to incorporate some daily yoga into their classes for the students. She even went so far as to bring in a yoga instructor to lead the entire school staff through a 30 minute practice as part of a professional development day. I was so excited to see my school heading in this direction and using the tools of yoga to benefit students!! However, the idea of teaching yoga has gotten A LOT of push-back from the teachers, which I find surprising. I think I remember in one of your old videos that you mentioned having taught children's yoga before, and I'm wondering if you have come across any articles or resources that explain in stone-cold facts how yoga can have a positive impact on kids?

  5. I threw my back out two days ago and came across your videos on YouTube for lower back pain. I've done two already and my back is feeling much better already. I don't think I would have recovered as fast without it. These are great. Thank you!

  6. Another great video, Adriene! I'm a 53 year old Grandmama and I've been doing your YWA videos every day now for the past 5 months. I've done the 30 days of yoga, yoga camp, and various others and I am totally in love with yoga! Thank you for helping me find what feels good and for being such an encourager - you make me laugh and inspire me. So now I'm a Grandmama in yoga pants and I'm loving my new found strength, balance, & flexibility. I recommend YWA to everyone who's looking for a healthy workout and an amazing stress reliever. (BTW I do your "Yoga at Your Desk" almost every day in my office 🙂 Sending lots of love your way!

  7. Hi Adriene. I'm from Yerevan, Armenia. This video is great as the rest of your videos, thank you a lot. I have been doing your videos since March 2016 and now I really feel good. At first I was skeptical about yoga, but after the first day of 30 day challenge, totally changed my mind. Can you , please, set a yoga practice for thyroid.

    Sending love <3

  8. Hi Adriene! I’m 58 years old and my body is so sore and tight all the time. I believe yoga is a good choice for me and I’d love to use your videos. I have a hurt shoulder and so I’m not able to do the stretches. Is there a video that addresses injuries? If not, what else/person/site would you recommend? Thank you!

  9. This was just what I needed. I felt challenged, but it was just the right pace so that I could stay focused and get the most out of every bit of it.

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