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Runner's Yoga

Yoga For Runner's - or joggers, or brisk walkers. This practice offers great release and rehab after a good run or cardio. Also a wonderful practice to repeat to up or maintain your running or cardio game. This sequence stays low to the ground. Use the breath to stretch and soothe the muscles of the body, stabilize the joints and Find What Feels Good. This 30 min practice uses the principles of yoga to cultivate balance and find ease. 30 mins of practice to allow, release, balance and restore!

19 comments on “Runner's Yoga”

  1. Loved this video. I am a runner and I am always looking for more videos targeted towards runners. Thanks.

  2. Thx so much! Just finished my run with this sequence. I love the Yin parts to calm down after a long day as well.
    Thanks for a lot of videos that make me feel good!

  3. Hi Adriene,
    Thanks for your help with getting rid of neck and arm pains and building my confidence and enjoyment in practice of self care.
    Blessings to you.

  4. I am a big runner & walker, I like how it really streaches all mussels in my legs.
    I wished I would've found this awhile ago. Thank you, it really helped my legs a lot. Now I can go running with out being so sore when I get home.

  5. hi love you so much i hope you read this and answer first can you please upload more cooking videos i love your cooking too second can you please upload meditation mp3 for free with your voice it would be amazing and MOST IMPORTANT can you share some background for iphone that you use your self pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Love you so much pleaseeeeeeeeeeee read this xoxoxoxoxoxo

  6. Oh Adriene,
    I had a sore leg today following my run yesterday. A deep, stiff kind of soreness. After doing this video, the pain is gone, gone, gone!
    Thank you so much. 🙂

  7. I have revently gotten back into boxing, training for a charity match this summer that benefits a fabulous youth program! I have done this sequence a few times after training and it really helps!!

    Would love to find a "Yoga for Boxers" sequence up here one day!!

    Thanks for all the great videos, emails and all around good vibes!!

  8. Great session. I am the stiffest male runner in the universe and love these yoga sessions after being introduced to them by ny partner.
    Thank you for making them available.

  9. thanks so much d=for the knowledge and love of yoga you share in all of your videos as someone on a limit d income I really appreciate being able to utilise your yoga videos to build my own strength and flexibility and to be able to do this for free is fantastic

  10. Perfect! Feel very stretched and calm now post run Now time for a hot cross bun and a cuppa

  11. You and Benji relaxing together at the very end is my favourite part o this video! I just want to climb in and lie down with you both ... you look so peaceful. <3

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