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Runner's Lunge

Watch On YouTube: Runner's Lunge Yoga Pose

“Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, get on up, it’s bob sled time! Cool Runnings!!!”

Great movie. Great message. John Candy.


“Cooling Runnings” means “Peace Be The Journey.” I love that. That is what yoga is all about. It is not about mastering the poses but it is about getting there. I often hear the affirmation in yoga, “The journey is the reward.” It is so true. The practice of checking in and really being honest in the moment allows the journey to be so much more rich and wrought with opportunity. Focusing on the journey rather than the outcome is the greatest gift yoga has to offer. By focusing on the process and the present moment we are really opening up multitude of windows. Imagine each beautiful window (you choose if its antique or modern- I’m a fan of shabby chic myself.) opening up into a new opportunity. Opening up to meet your hearts desire, your minds intention and the perfect version of your body that you could possibly imagine. When we start paying attention and enjoying the ride we build awareness and unite the powerful mind with the rest of ourselves. We are able to meet challenges with more ease and grace and we are able to recover from any mistakes faster- learning from them and riding the wave.

Although this pose is a great asana for athletes and dancers, runners lunge is not just for runners. It is a great gift for all!  It is a great pose to wake up the body and commonly used as a warm up or transition pose in Hatha Yoga sequences. It is often overlooked and rushed so I encourage you to really “check in” in the pose. See if you can spread awareness to every nook and cranny. See if you can create a nice bright line from your back heel to the crown of your head. Roll your shoulders open your hips. Breathe. Spread awareness all the way to that back pinky toe. Prepare yourself so that you can practice really being in the moment. Even residing in the present takes PRACTICE. Take your time. As I say in the video- don't let anyone rush you. You are in charge. Here is a little clip from Cool Runnings for INSPIRATION. Enjoy and let me know how it goes.


  • Stretches legs and arms
  • Opens heart and chest area
  • Opens and aligns hips
  • Can relieve indigestion and assist in constipation
  • Great for Sciatica


  • Lower your knee and come into a low lunge for more support
  • Keep gaze down if you are recovering from a neck injury or feel any fussy qualities in the neck

18 comments on “Runner's Lunge”

    1. Hi! I am not sure! I would totally say that teacher training is best - and in my opinion *vital* to learn in person with bodies and energy in space. But that is just my opinion! 🙂

    2. There are a lot of good yoga teacher training programs, but definitely nothing that could be covered by only one video, or with a small fee. Teacher training programs are usually at least 80 hours of intensive in-person training and normally cost at least several thousand dollars.

  1. Hi Adriene, I've really enjoyed going through your foundations of yoga series and love and appreciate doing yoga because of all your videos. Thank you! I've been having some trouble with runner's lunge. When I'm in the position my front knee tends to angle out toward the side. If I bring it back into alignment, my back is a lot higher, and I'm not fully in a lunge position. Is one position better than the other until I can work into the proper pose? Do you have any tips? Thank you 😀

    1. Hi Liz! I am sorry I missed this message. I do try to respond to everything.

      I hoe this finds you well and here is my advice 🙂

      Drop the back knee and focus on that front knee alignment for starters. With an attention to pressing all four corners of that front foot (especially the ball joint of the big toe) and a mindfulness to stack the knee over ankle. Then loop your shoulders, engage your center and open your heart forward. Literally- look forward. Move with the breath here until you feel good- then work on slowly lifting that back leg. As you engage back leg see if you can keep all the mindfulness and attention to detail in the feet, the front leg and torso. Watch it grow! oxo

  2. Hi Adriene, I'm new to yoga and enjoy your videos. You do a great job of explaining things; however, I'm having difficulty with the runners lunge. Its extremely uncomfortable for me. Not with my legs, i'm having an easy time keeping my balance there, but I'm finding that my arm closet to the front leg (if following your video above, it would be the left) can't touch the ground, causing my knee to push into my chest rather uncomfortably. I've started putting that arm in the center, moving my leg to the other side of my arm. However, this seems to make me unbalanced. I've also tried putting my hands on my waist, but that seems to decrease the amount of stretch in the leg and also angles my spine differently. Are either of these modifications ok or is there something else I can do?


  3. Hi, Adriene! Thank you for all your efforts, its being so much fun, since i have started two month ago!
    I've decided to comment this pose, although other similar poses are also challenging for me in a rather fun/embarrassing way:
    my breasts sort of staying in the way of coming to, staying in and releasing from runners lunge =)
    I dont have any back or leg stretching problems, but the front leg pushing against the breast. It is rather uncomfortable. Is there any "cure" =)

  4. Adriene, I love your videos and I've been with you, sort of, for the better part of the last 3 - 4 months.

    The transition I cannot master, is the one going from downward dog (DD) to runners lunge (RL) in one step. It is easier to go from DD to RL when my right leg has to go forward, even then though, I have to do it in 2 steps. When its time to go from DD to RL with the left leg I have to stand up to transition. Why do you think this is so difficult for me?

    Thanks and I am glad your throat ailment lonely time is almost over!


  5. Hi Adriene,

    I love your videos, I'm literally only justed starting with yoga and trying to get through the beginners videos and the beginners poses that you recommended in your vlog.

    However, I've noticed that some of the poses were I need to stretch my legs ( like runners lunge and forward fold), I have extreme difficulty stretching the back of my upper legs. they are thight and it hurts if I try to stretch them too much (so I don't). Is this normal, will the flexibility in my legs come with time and practice? Do you recommend a certain pose that I could practice every day to improve the flexibility of my legs?

    Thank you!!


  6. Hi, Adriene

    I found this yoga video incomplete! let me tell you why. You are showing the posture only with your left leg stretching, you missed to show how to do it with the right leg. Because of that we missed to watch the "thumb" thing that you did on your waist on your left side because it was not your camera facing side. Kindly put a new video of this asana performing with both of your legs.

    The other thing that I want to tell you is this...
    It is only because of you that I am performing yogasana daily !! In the past I have made countless attempt to do so but failed miserably. Then one day I watched "..little goes long way" video and then found this Foundation Series. It is only because of this Foundation Series that I am now able to do it daily. I have made a habit of watching only one new asana each day in the morning and practicing all the previous asanas and the newly watched asana in the evening. I am really enjoying this.

    PS: I also love to watch the witty comments and expression you make during the asana.

    Thank You &
    Lots of affection,

  7. Adriene!!! HI! I love you and everything you do! I am, however, in need of some advice. I Have some very big "girls" who like to get in the way of things. I also have what i like to call my "baby sag" after 2 kids. Kinda looks like my prego belly deflated and decided to take permanent residence. These things have kept me from finding a comfortable way to do lunges. I have little problem doing so in most other poses. Help would be much appreciated, since lunges are now my least favorite posture. Thanks!
    Trying to find what feels good,
    Silver<3 Namaste

  8. Hi Adrienne! Love your videos ive been following you for the last few months and your yoga videos truly bring a lot of positive energy to my life!
    However i struggle with runners lunge 🙁
    6'ft tall and have a really long torso and just cant quite get my shoulders to comfortably square off with my fingertips on the ground 🙁 are there any variations that i can do that would give me the same benefit ?

  9. Hi Adrienne,
    I was recently diagnosed with OA of the spine. What yoga do you think would be good to stretch out the entire body? I have it in also in my left kneecap and that needs to be stretched out also. Thanks so much.

  10. Thanks so much for these foundations videos. I am not new to yoga but it has been quite some time. I am having problems with periformis/hip flexor tightness and pain as well as overall tightness and weakness. I am under lots of medical care and they approve of me working with your videos. Iam working with the True 30 day series and am also starting doing one or two of the foundation videos per day. Thing is Iam at day 15 and trying to figure out whether Ishould maybe just start over. Day 15 was really hard to get through... or should Ijust keep going through the days and just do the best Ican. I am very careful with form. It's just really hard to do certain things... like get from downward dog back to lunge. The longer sessions. Things like that. The foundation videos make it clear it is a matter of time, attention, practice and releasing the negative self talks that are locked upin the stiff places. But can you advise and encourage? Should Igo back with a renewed beginners mind? Or keep on?

    So much love and thanks for all you are offering here. You are such a sweet, calming, nurturing presence and Icelebrate you! And Benji of course!

    1. Hi Joyce! It is really up to you and what feels good in your body. Trust your intuition! There are so many good playlists on the YouTube channel - like Yoga for beginners, Yoga for Healing the Body, Gentle Yoga, etc. You could do some of those and then go back to TRUE. Or just take TRUE at your own pace - maybe working on one video for multiple days. There are many ways to make the practice your own! 🙂

  11. Runners lunge is quite hard on my knees even on the thickest yoga mat, but with your tip on using blankets to pad the knees... everything just comes into place!

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