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Rose Yoga - Heart Opening Flow

This practice is an invitation to open your mind (and your hips) and let your heart blossom. This vinyasa will get your breath moving and your blood flowing to help you build strength while cultivating ease.

Join me for Rose Yoga, a loving full length heart opening vinyasa flow!

Build strength. Breathe deep. Work with intention. Allow the beauty of your heart to unfold and guide the way!

This strong integrative yoga practice invites you to ride the wave of the breath and create heat in the body.

Allow your breath to blossom with each gesture. Open your mind as you open your hips and your heart.

Go all in for love. Start with yourself.

Let me know how this practice goes for you in the comment section down below! Who did you dedicate your practice to? I dedicate this one to my Mom and to Mama Earth.

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47 comments on “Rose Yoga - Heart Opening Flow”

  1. What a lovely, lovely way to start the day! Thank you Adriene. Sending the link straight away to my BFF in Vermont.

  2. Absolutely wonderful. This reminded me of why I do yoga - to feel good and trying to be a better and more present person for those around me. Thank you.

  3. Yes yes yes ❤️ After a very toddler testing weekend I never imagined I could end the Sunday with a long practice but this was heavenly and really woke my need for yoga again. Thank you

  4. Thank you Adriene! My outdoor yoga Class was cancelled because of rain, but the rain stopped and the sun came out. I was very happy to find your video and was still able to do Yoga in the park with you. Thank you so much!

  5. Great Adriene! I feel better again;-) Great gift and heart opener for mothersday! You make your mother very proud with being such an inspiration for us all. THANK YOU NAMASTE

  6. This was a lovely way to spend some time this afternoon in my quiet house after a lovely weekend. Thank you Adriene.Happy belated mother's day as you're a fur mama. xxxooo

    1. I was having a pretty rough day, but decided to stick with my yoga practice, and I’m so glad that I found this video!! It was perfect. Feeling so much better!! Thank you Adrienne ❤️❤️

  7. Thank you for your gentle, balanced and strong guidance. It is a very good combination for my body and soul. I live a good distance away from any yoga classes, so I really appreciated being able to connect with you and continue learning and growing.

  8. Wow! What a practice this was. I felt so much warmt and connection within myself and the Universe.
    It was so powerful for me that I cried. Twice.

  9. Thank you for being such a great teacher! Your energy is absolutely contagious. I enjoy all your videos and try to practise with you at least once a day.

  10. Thank you for this gift of yoga. It ends my day with balance and focus. I am an elementary teacher that appreciates you, as you replenish me before I go home to my family.

  11. What an amazing gift this video is... I especially feel fully invigorated and chock full of love and light after finishing.. thank you again for yet another beautiful yoga practice!

  12. I have felt a little down since learning my mum's cancer was general. This session has helped me find some peace and calm energy. Thanks muchly.

  13. Thank you for this wonderful video. I keep coming back to it. I find it very grounding and comforting.

  14. I am about to do it. I clicked on this video because I have been feeling some weird constriction around my heart and it feels like it is connected to my back. I have been going through things in the love department concerning my husband and children. So I figured it is a heart chakra thing because I am medically superb. So I clicked on this video thinking it is a heart chakra opening. Nonetheless I feel like the Universe has led me here for healing so I am going to do it. I’ll tell you how I feel afterward. Ciao!!!

  15. Thank you, this was perfect for making me feel connected to something again. The word I was thinking was: worthy.

  16. ooops shoulda edited

    i brought three pink stones to the mat with me which represent my sisters who gave them to me. A niece, a blood sister and a BFF. I have been doing and learning and teaching yoga for 46 years; with Adriene, i learn to really tune in to my heart, and a different consciousness in baby cobra. Our mothers, our selves ! I too was blessed to be born to a mother whom i call the soul of love. She is in the "Resonance Field"; she left her “gel” body in 2009 aged 89. Her common name was Tommy, her christened/legal name was Alice. Legendary woman! Geez, Adriene – you give so much. May it all flow to you and through you – i know it does because you come from the resonance field as pure feminine strength. OK it’d be going a bit far to say I worship you – but lets just say, You're amazing. We're all amazing, I'm amazing. Is that the word you used at the end of this session.? Amazing? marvelous? wonderful? you give us the gift of feeling that way as we rest in fulfillment after partaking of this session with you. Spiritual food man! Feeding the Resonance Field excellent vibes. Oh flourish and prosper, bella.

  17. I found your site during the shutdown and am so grateful for you. Today’s practice for the heart was lovely. Thank you!

  18. Thank you for another beautiful yoga flow, will come back to this again and again.
    Also smiling x

  19. Beautiful, powerful practice. Thank you for the slow flow- exactly what I needed today.

  20. absolutely loved this. it was a love mother nature/love mother earth series. thank you for all that you do and say. namaste.
    oh p.s. us 70 year olds love this too!

  21. Thank you so much! This was just what I needed when getting back to it after some time away. Thank you again!

  22. 2021 last day remembering who I am and what I want love and softness ...thank you all with hole my hart for these great soft lessons love love love for you all XXX

  23. Thank you so much Adriene from a stormy England this morning. No going out ! Your yoga practice has been wonderful for an older lady to take part in. Much appreciated and enhanced by Benji’s loving presence …

  24. I contemplated yoga or running this morning during my morning meditation and was lead to yoga. This one called to me immediately. I need a tender heart conscious-flow. This delivered everything my body and soul needed to fuel my moment. Thank you.

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