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Your Day 9 yoga practice invites you to get fierce and feel fine! Get strong in a way that feels good. We go deeper. This strong and practice gets the heart rate up, tones the muscles and increases blood flow. Connect to your inner wisdom AND get a good workout.

Remember it’s not about the poses. It’s all about the process. You are your own best teacher. Breathe deep, meet your edge, modify as needed and do your best.


133 comments on “REVOLUTION: Day 9”

  1. OMG scary email - just about to get out of bed and hit the mat - feeling apprehensive - hope the bark is worse than the bite!

  2. WOw! I m almost 37 weeks pregnant and didn t think I would be able to do this one as it goes pretty fast 🙂 but managed to do it all. Just needed to adapt one or two poses 🙂
    I am feeling so great ! Thank you for beeing there since almost a year now 🙂 And for beeing by my side during my pregnancy 🙂

    1. Hi Helenita,
      I am 18 weeks pregnant and starting to see that I do need to adapt some poses! Can you tell me some of the adaptations you have done?

      1. Hey i have a 4 month old baby i did some pregnancy yoga during my pregnancy i had not found Adrienne yet, love Adrienne though i really enjoyed watching Katy Appleton of
        great prgnancy poses

  3. I was also a little apprehensive that this 63 year old bod would manage this one, after reading your email - but I did (minus a couple of chaturangas and the crow pose)! Thank you Adriene x

    1. Same! I surprised myself today! I was able to do almost all of it...well, no crow pose! Feeling good about where I am at today! Thanks!

  4. Wow, that was some workout! But light years away from those agonizing dutiful sessions I did, or rather tried doing for all those years...
    Now I'm just smiling especially in happy baby, with all the magnificent innate knowledge of my body- that's the thing!
    I have a pronounced lordosis in the small of my back (is that how you say it?) and this has given me trouble always. Increasing ab strength is important if course, but doesn't help alone- at my more well-trained periods it gas only made my middle body an (up)tight and wrought package. Now I feel something is coming a very good way.
    Now off to y organ practice, the first after the holidays. Will be interesting to note any differences...:)
    Namaste to you all!

    1. Wow, that's inspiring!! Hope I'll be posting that one day ... you must have felt fantastic!

  5. Morning Yogis! Looking forward to getting on my mat later. First day back at work. Thank you for your help yesterday but still no e-mails-nevermind.

    1. Hi Nicola,
      I hope today your emails will appear again.
      Leave another message for Adriene here.
      I'm sure she will help.

    2. My emails went into my junk folder. Check in case the same has happened to you. But you can also open the web address from a previous day and simply backspace and edit the number to access the latest day. I hope that helps.

  6. Wow! What a way to start the working week. Definitely woke up the power today. Arrived at work alert and ready to take on the day.

    Namaste warrior spirits

  7. No need to worry - was FAN-TAS-TIC! My breathing had my back and felt as strong as an ox 🙂

  8. Was really not as bad as I thought it would be from the email. Thank goodness as my expectations almost kept me from this practice today! Thanks Adriene, another great way to end the day! xx

  9. Hey Adriene and Yogis!
    Thanks for another great one Adriene! Mind if I ask how you stay so positive and grateful about everything? Is that just through practice?
    I'm also an actor and being a yoga teacher (as well as acting of course) sounds like a good job, how did you get started?! Also how do you keep positive with all the ups and downs of having an acting career? I need to find a good balance. Thanks girl! Love your stuff. Always brings a smile to my face. x

  10. Wow, this took me back to my Ashtanga days!

    I have to admit, it was a little difficult to listening to the rhythm of my breath with snap, crackle and pop of my knees during the squats but I managed! 🙂 Getting old is not for wimps.....

    Fabulous workout......

  11. Loving this Revolution!! Thank you Adriene for your love, dedication and generosity.

  12. Hi! Deaf practitioner here. I've noticed a number of what seems to be wrong words in the subtitles. It's made following directions a little confusing more than several times. Can anything be done? Thank you in advance!

  13. I was so nervous when I read that email laying in bed and I *almost* talked myself into not showing up on my mat. But I made it and I'm so happy I did! I feel so great after my shower and I'm ready to take on the day! Thank you Adriene 🙂 Namaste

    1. I almost talked myself out of it too, but reading all these amazing comments is making me wanna run to the mat!

  14. Bonjour from France !

    I watched the video before starting with a little apprehension. But no, the rythmn was perfect for me and that erngy flow rocked ! And for once I was able to hold my warrior 3 ! Success, success ! Feeling good.. Thanks Adriene !

  15. Wow, this was fantastic and such a good way to start my day. I am finding a calmness when I listen to my breath. Thank you so much!!!!

  16. Day 9...feeling fine. Amazing listening to the sound of my breath.

    Still off balance but totally awesome.

    Ready to face -34 degrees here in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.


    1. I'm in NS! Nice to see another Maritimer 🙂 We were only -24 today, sun was shining and I was able to get out for a run 🙂


  17. WOW! After all the relaxing in the weekend workouts, this certainly woke up my body this morning! Got thru it all but "crow" pose - not sure i will ever be ready for that one. Just a bit too scary for me - and I have tried it before. Feeling good to start the work week!

  18. Loved the practice. Had to make adjustments with flow , recovering from hyperextended elbow injury!
    Thanks Adriene

  19. Love this program! I have gotten myself on the mat everyday the last 9 days even if I had to do it at 22 at night! Super motivating, and I love your teaching style. Have you considered making a program for every month of the year like this, I really like the feeling of building on top of something in this way every day.

  20. Oh! That felt amazing getting out the cold weather stiffness and really feeling what's going on in my body. My knees asked for more attention and TLC.

  21. This was such an energizing practice! I finally managed to hold crow for more than one second, and I'm looking forward to furthering my own sense of empowerment throughout the rest of the revolution!

  22. Hi Adriene,

    I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME when I was 11 years old, in 2004. For the past few weeks, I've been trying to prioritise eating as well as I can and building up strength in a sustainable way. Taking part in Yoga Revolution has played a massive part in this and I cannot believe how much more energy I have and how uplifted and positive I feel, just nine days in. Today's practice was the first time in months I've felt good and strong and empowered in my own body. Thank you so much.

    Looking forward to tomorrow!

    All the very best,

  23. I'm nervous about getting back on my yoga mat today. I was angry during yesterday's practice and I don't understand why. The Namaste at the end really got to me, because I couldn't see anything beautiful in myself. I'm trying to accept the anger and move past it, acknowledging it as a transient emotion, but it scared me and I feel tainted by it.

    1. Maybe you could go back to yesterday's practice again, and see if you can come closer to what the bothering thing and feeling is?

      1. Ps. Hope you got back to your mat eventually! Good luck with your practice. We are in this together <3

        1. Thanks Nina! I spent the morning reading about how yoga can release a lot of emotions as your practice deepens. It was a huge relief and encouraged me to tackle day 9, which was amazing. I felt a touch of anger, and I think it's related to the hip opening poses, but it didn't frighten me. I visualized exhaling the anger as a swarm of bees and it subsided after several breath cycles. I am intrigued by this new dimension and intend to embrace the good with the bad. Namaste!!!

  24. thanks especially for the breathing at the beginning, as a reiki teacher this really opened me to a flowing powerful way to connect yoga to the breath i use to give reiki attunements!

    1. Also, I've been trying to do crow pose for YEARS and I find it so frustrating that I'm not there. That being said, I am now trying to be consistent with my practice by starting out with this challenge and practice daily. I know that my arms will get stronger and my knees eventually won't hurt the backs of my arms and that eventually, I will lose the fear of falling, if I just keep practicing. But it's frustrating now being able to do this yet!

  25. Really enjoyed that. Feel so full of energy now. Can feel myself getting stronger and managed warrior 3 for the first time and held the low squat too. Love the idea that people all over the world are practicing too. What a great community. Thanks Adriene x

  26. Can I just say how impressed I am that folks are working through SO many things and still showing up for yoga? Y'all are amazing!

  27. Doing this in the UK.
    At last a yoga teacher with a SENSE OF HUMOUR. I've searched the world over....!
    Thank you Adriene. You are truly an exceptional woman. This is a wonderful series.

  28. Thank you so much! After a hard day of work, i got so much energy after this
    Sequence ! Made so much fun.....

  29. Thanks Adriene! 🙂 It felt good the my soul too...I was a little bit unhappy today...Hmmm...I still can' do crow pose! :))

  30. Loved this one! Woke up at 6 this morning to start the day with yoga, but found out the email wasn't there yet..... Damn those different time zones! Is it cheecky to ask if you can send them 2,5 hours earlier 😉 .... just love to start my day with you and don't wanna be a full day behind now that I'm in the flow....but hey, even after a long working day this one still felt great.

  31. #day9 #empower #strength #heartrace #buttandthighstrength #workitout #escapeartistmat

    Wonderful end of my working day even though my mat was trying to escape from me as I was turning into warrior pose feel energised even though I have fibromyalgia have gained an insight into what I like to do and yoga is definitely top of my list #namaste And thank you so much x

  32. I am pretty new to the yoga journey having started classes last October. I am loving this programme so much. Thank you Adriene for sharing it. Big love.

  33. The conversation goes;
    me, 'Thank you for doing this practise with me.'
    Boyfriend 'Thank you for making me do it'.

  34. Thank you Adriene
    Hubby and l have been doing yoga together since we meant ,meant at yoga class 15yrs ago we have been doing yoga with you over the last 2 yrs and loving it .
    Both are loving this challenge both eager to get into our morning routine and have a giggle with you this morning the sun is shinning in New Zealand so we will be taking you outside on the lawn
    Namaste x

  35. Thanks Adriene for the tip on using essential oils on the mat.
    I have am using a delicious Meditation blend (frankincense, lavender, sandalwood and vetiver) that is encouraging me to inhale so,so deeply 🙂

  36. Yes! That was awesome. The body DOES have an innate wisdom - beautifully said. Just takes a little listening. Thank you again so much! xob

  37. I feel like i could be a broken record -- every day I get up and think that I'm just not feeling yoga today. I always promise myself I can just chill in child's pose the whole video if I want, but I HAVE to open it, and about 20 seconds in I always start to feel better.

    This revolution is helping me get through some tough stuff right now, and I'm so glad to be a part of it. THANK YOU.

  38. Hi

    I was a bit apprehensive about today's practice after reading the daily email but I enjoyed IT! and surprised myself! 🙂

    May even revisit this one in the future!

  39. Apparently it isn't just day 8. I cannot access day 9 either. I have been so excited to do these workouts and I enjoy Adriene's enthusiasm and knowledge. I'm hoping that this is just a glitch and it will be worked out soon. I don't know of anything I did to block access to these workouts. Please advise if possible.

  40. I have started my revolution a bit later than the 1rst January and now that I've entered into the flow, my hand is injured... :'(
    Nevertheless, I continue honoring who I am and where I am (obviously...) and I'm definitly sooooooo grateful for what my hands allow me to do each day!!

    I'll catch you later 😉
    I'm so grateful for what your sharing Adriene, thank you so much!
    Big hugs from France! 😉

  41. Ahh, that felt so great! Really feel my practice growing with Revolution. Such joy to follow along day by day for the first year.

    You really are a being of light, Adriene. Much love. <3

  42. Loving Revolution Adriene thank you so much! You strike the perfect balance for me - excellent technique, attention to mind/body, and grounded in reality and humour. Thank you 🙂 Namaste

  43. Thank you all for the comments on that it wasn't so bad after all!
    I didn't have time today until just before going to bed and felt like skipping as I didn't want to wake myself up again, but your comments made me believe I could do it and so I did!
    Even though it was empowering, it actually made me sleepy so I'm gonna have a lovely night of sleep now :).
    Thank you all and thank you Adriene!

    1. I agree!! I wasn't feeling great after the email but hearing it wasn't so bad helped me to start.

  44. I live in an older apartment where my floor is slanted (great for some extra balance practice). Whenever we do "happy baby" and I rock a little, I roll right off my mat. Always makes me giggle.

  45. J'ai trouvé cette journée difficile... C'est allé trop vite pour moi... J'ai du mal à rester ma tête trop longtemps en bas... Ce n'est pas grave. C'est un bon défi. Je continue! Merci!

  46. I have gotten terribly sick and can't practice along the days! 🙁 What is your advice? Should I do two practices per day (e.g. one in the morning and one in the evening) once I'm feeling better in order to catch up?

  47. Hi Adriene!

    Thank you so much for cueing our breathing today during this practice. I think I did my best job ever marrying the breath with my movements and thoughts. Yahoo!!!

    I hope I speak for all of the YWA yogis when I say that we LOVE you keeping your sense of humor during these times with us. You make me smile inwardly and outwardly every day I practice with you!

    Thank you tons,


  48. Ah I was so frustrated today. I felt quite sick before I came to the mat. It meant all the down dogs and forward folds were making me feel really unwell and nauseous. I was not feeling my best self! It feels such a shame because it was such an awesome practice, but I had to skip bits and by the time it got to crow all I could do was sit in cobblers pose and look after my feet again! Trying to see the frustration as just part of the journey - and at least I got onto the mat and gave it my best shot, right?

    1. Louisa, Way to go! That's dedication! I can't say I would have powered through if I was feeling queasy. I think it's awesome that you listened to your body and skipped the things that didn't suit you today. I hope you feel better!

  49. Thank you Adrienne! I am so grateful to have found this, you and this revolution just in time to start day 1 - and the journey back to connecting with/ finding my best self. I love that you make it lighthearted and easier to understand embracing the journey rather than achieving the postures. I've been away from my mat for years. In years past it was all about achieving and moving toward the harder postures for me. I was missing the point and have just ended up with seemingly endless injuries, afraid to come back because I couldn't 'do it' as well as I used to. Working on reining that in and trying to listen to my body better (in progress lol!). Thank you for this journey and your light. Namaste!

  50. Email definitely had me nervous by I made it through with some modifications. Can't believe I did all of those squats. Goal for 2017 - hold crow pose! Thanks, Adriene!!

  51. Yowza - I still struggle through these faster-paced practices. The frustration rises up when I don't feel like I can keep up with the video, but I'm glad I stuck with it today. Avoiding them isn't going to improve my mental or my physical body!

  52. Has it been posted anywhere how long Day 10's practice will be yet? I was hoping to have it so I could make sure I can plan it into my day.

  53. Great day 9 feeling so fine!!! In just one week I feel stronger. Thanks so much for this revolution

  54. Thank you. I must find time when I don't feel rushed with so much on my mind to do when I'm done. Getting better at making it my time.

  55. This was so awesome. Great way to start my evening after a stressful day with my 9th-12 graders. Students returned from Christmas vacation today, and it was very hard to get them motivated. Mil gracias, merci mille fois , a thousand thanks!

  56. Thank you Adrienne~~I wondered how many days I would keep up before giving up - i feel amazing after every practice and can't wait for the next one. I will make it through all 31 days, this is awesome!

  57. I cannot tell you how much I love this practice! The balancing is still somewhat challenging, but I look forward to these sessions everyday! Thank you. Thank you!!

  58. I am so proud of myself! I've never done any type of exercise for 9 days in a row.... EVER. I'm loving this! I have the printed calendar hanging on my fridge and cross off each day as I am done. Nine days you guys!!!
    Thank you Adriene,

  59. So exciting, I always have hated the lower lunge on the back knee because it hurt my knee caps (though I am young); and I could never figure out how to hold the pose without all of the weight going to that knee. I had the "shape" down, but it never felt good. This time Adrienne made a small comment about squeezing the thighs together and I re-imagined myself squeezing the inner thighs inward and back just like we did in Stability lesson. Lo and Behold, all pain from knee is gone, my body is now connected and strong, I held the best beach ball ever and felt so good doing it. Glad to see how things are sticking together and becoming a journey instead of just a work out! Thank you!

  60. Thank you, Adriene! This gift you have made for us is my gift to myself every day now. I feel so happy I am doing this for myself, and you are an excellent teacher! THANK YOU!! And thank you to everyone doing this!

  61. I used to practice every day for at least an hour and I was in the best shape of my life both mentally and physically because of it. I fell out of that routine when I started my last two years of college and now I finally have the time to give back to myself again. I almost didn't make it to the mat today due to horrible cramps but I told myself I have to complete this challenge! Low and behold, the practice made my cramps a lot more bearable and I did my first crow pose in a year! Thanks for this wonderful gift Adriene. 🙂

  62. Amazing practice today! Email was a bit intimidating... but it was a great session! It offers a sense of "empowerment" being able to accomplish a practice that started out as feeling like it was intimidating. 🙂 You knew what you were doing all along! I love the feeling of connecting and reaching deep inside my body and listening to its language.

  63. Day 9 was really great! I managed to stay focused and in control which felt amazing. I'm so relaxed now, after a long hard day. thank you Adriene

  64. Day 9 was good!! I didn't manage to do the big pose, but it was great nonetheless; I felt so light after practice. Day 10 in a few minutes...

  65. Finally managed to get my feet off the ground in crow pose. Only for a few seconds but it felt good!

  66. Hey adriene 🙂
    I'm having such a lovely experience doing this challange, I want to say thank you for creating an opportunity like it, as well as for everything else you do for this worldwide yoga community <3 it's inspiring! And i'm sure there are so many other people who feel as deeply appreciative as myself! I know I read somewhere that you have plans for yoga retreats in 2017 and I'm wondering how I can get more information on them or how I can be certain i'll be informed as soon as possible? 😀
    Thanks so much!

  67. Of all of the flow classes I have taken— this is the first one that truly clicked and made me feel strong and capable. Thank you!

  68. I am 63 years old, very active daily but this is my first try at yoga. I love the way my joints feel more open and my muscles longer and leaner. However, I still do not feel that I am really engaging my core! Could you explain a step by step way of doing that and how it should feel? That seems to be my biggest weakness and I realize how important it is to have strong core!
    You are a joy to work with. I plan to continue yoga after the 31 day challenge! You have convinced me of the value of yoga. I am proud of myself for making this commitment!!

  69. Bad news: I'm behind because this past weekend we were out of town and running around so I didn't have time. When we got back from a long drive, the next day I was too tired. This morning I wasn't motivated...
    Good news: tonight I was motivated! So I continued where I left off even though I'm suppose to be on day 10. I did n
    #4 in case #10 was too advanced..... I'm so proud of myself and I feel great. It's like being yin yang----high and relaxed, alert and mind seem so clear like a super hero!
    Bonus good news: my husband just ordered me my first yoga mat!

  70. I was a bit afraid with this day 9 but all went well, although if I'm not able to do chaturanga or push-up like you. Thank you Adriene and hello from Switzerland.

  71. Hi Adriene,

    I've just found your amazing videos and am doing the 31 day revolution. I'm a couple of days behind but each day, the practice has been exactly what i've needed - so I think my laziness on 1 and 2 of Janurary were divinely inspired!
    Just wanted to say THANK YOU so much. I'm so enjoying this process - even though I just did day 8 in 33 degree heat and am dripping with sweat!

    Aroha (love) from New Zealand,
    Annie x

    1. I'm in Aust, I had to put a hot yoga towel down this morning because I was slipping off my mat with all the sweat!

  72. This practice was beautiful, Adriene! Sweating more than I have this entire journey and I feel absolutely amazing. Nothing has ever pushed me like this and the experience is powerful. Looking forward to the next days!

  73. I always get the emails at 5 minutes to midnight, so I am essentially reading them one day behind the session. Clearly the 'easiest' way to fix this is by doing the same workout two days in a row, after which my midnight email will be right on track... I choose you, day 9! Can't wait for day 10, now...! Namaste, you're the bomb, Adriene.

  74. I'm loving this practice. I'm very anxious, so moving with ease and care quite is a challenge for me. When I feel empowered, I feel that shakiness you get when you drink too much coffee. This past week, I've felt "empowered" but calmed and stable. I was able to finish a paper long overdue with no stress at all, no tummy ache and not feeling drained by the end of the day. Thank you!!

  75. I loved the practice today! I also love her leggings every day in this revolution, what brands is she wearing??

  76. I found it hard to keep up with..... but persevered and got to the end with great relief. Goes to show how much there is still to learn and grow in yoga.


    I've been practising yoga for about 2-3 years now and never thought I could do crow as it always hurt my upper arms but turns out I was doing it wrong, trying to push into it rather than so elated by my body and what it can do and how joyous a thing it is!

    You and yoga are getting my through my PhD! THANKS ADRIENE, YOU 5* BABE, YOU XX

  78. I've been making my through the Revolution on the days that I can, so just did this wonderful empowering practice today... so perfect after marching with women and men today to show love and solidarity with all in our communities here. One sign I saw said, "Power to the Peaceful" and that is what I wish all you other yogis all around the world sharing in this experience, and of course to our amazing teacher, Adriene! I am so grateful! Namaste.

  79. This is awesome. I already lost some of my christmas cookie weight and feel so much stronger, even enjoying downward dog now (took a while!) AND nearly managed crow today (yesterday I fell on my head, but had a good time anyway xD ) Thank you so much Adriene

  80. I am LOVING this revolution series!!Last year was such a tough year. I lost my dad and one of my long time, best friends to cancer (59 yrs old). I also had a bone density test and have some bone loss in my lower back and hips, and left wrist. After moving through my depression, I came out on the other side determined to be proactive in getting healthy - mind, body, and spirit. This practice - in just 8 days - has unlocked and released some strongholds that have kept me in a dark place. I am feeling alive, motivated, and empowered! I can't do all the poses, because of my back and hip pain, but improving each day :D. Thank you, Adriene, for all you bring each day!

  81. Hey Adriene!! Day 9 completed about to go on and do day 10, (I took a little break on saturday) so i'm going to combine the two!! Let' do this.

  82. Hi Adriene (and the yoga community)
    I started this course a little late, but I am so thankful I started.
    I struggle with finding self-love and anxiety, and taking half an hour every day for this programme has really helped ground me, and knowing there is such a big community following makes me feel (prepare for upcoming cheesy words) like I am part of something bigger and something so giving.
    So thank you all the fellow yogi's xoxo

  83. Adriene.... THANK YOU!!! Thank you for motivating me to tap into my "inner smile" and happiness, even when I am off the mat. These 9 days of practice so far- and especially today's practice- has allowed me to tap into an inner strength and peacefulness within myself that I never even knew existed. I am accomplishing more than I ever thought that I could, and I will never be able to thank you or this wonderful practice enough. I am feeling alive and well, and I look forward to every single time that I get to come back onto the mat. I know for a fact that even after this 31 day revolution, I will still go through every single video that you have posted and continue to post, for as long as I am able!

    To Adriene and all of my fellow yogis out there: you inspire me to be the best version of myself that I can possibly be. Namaste 🙂

  84. I am new to this and really appreciate all your videos and emails. But I'd really prefer not having to read curse words spelled out or shortened with asterisks. Maybe I'm a bit old school but the last thing I want to fill my mind with is negativity and regardless of the modern spin on it . . . negativity is always attached with a curse word.

    1. I agree with you L. I came to the website after hearing Adriene referred to it so much. So lets love and keep that inner smile and not negativity. I want to be a part of this community and learn from all of yu on an d off teh mat.

  85. I know this is an older practice but I have done dedicate and true and I enjoy the 30 day program. I look forward to it every day. But I can not seem to get the balance poses like warrior 3 at all. I have large thighs so I make adjustments. But Im going to keep trying. Some days I worry about falling again but by the end I am always glad. Thank you for this praceice and when Im done I look forward to Home

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