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Your Day 8 yoga practice is soft and sweet. This Yin like sequence is yummy and restorative. REVOLUTION continues to marry yoga and yoga philosophy in the modern world. This is more than just a rest day. It’s an opportunity to blanket yourself in love. Notice agitation and use the practice to welcome inner peace. Serenity now!

Day 8, don’t hate, meditate - feel great!
 Grab a blankie and a pillow for this practice and put on something extra comfy!


195 comments on “REVOLUTION: Day 8”

  1. That was a lovely practice, thank you Adriene! My 'blanket of love' was a set of beautiful wings wrapped around me like a cape, protecting me from harm, and lovingly soft and snuggly on the inside : )

    Also, I like merging serenity and surrender into 'SURREND-Y NOW!' as my new mantra, lol ; )

    1. I started my day with revolution 8 and the feeling of warmth and strength is with me since. Thank you Adriene.
      I am 62 years old, had several bone fractures and a badly ripped gluteus from climbing in the mountains and the only way to heal, get my strength back and the lower back pain in check is yoga.
      All of you have a nice day

  2. What better way to blanket yourself in love than having your three year old granddaughter tiptoeing into your yoga space and giving you a huge snugly cuddle when you are in shavasana ❤❤❤

    To Serenity and beyond!!!

    Namaste sweet spirits, and especially Chloe for the blanket of love

    1. I re-a merged from shavasana with gentle kisses from my schnauzer ..... A smile on my face in the sensation of ease and power of showing up! The headache I woke up with drifting away...a Big HUG to Adriene for this daily home practice for me, a complete newbie to Yoga!

        1. My dog also came and laid by me all snuggled close which he never does when I do these videos. So wonderful. Adds to the blanket of love feeling for sure.

  3. Thank you, Adriene! This was a wonderful restorative practice - but still managed to get some ab work in there!

    1. This was such a nice way to end a day that started with lots of anxiety. This yoga practice cane to me at such a time of need. I found it be looking for yoga for insomnia videos but it has become more than that for me. Self-care, recooperation from a very difficult life experience, mindfulness and spiritual enhancement. Thanks Adriene! Whether you believe in G-d, or the Universe bringing you what you need, this is an example of that!

  4. Lovely, thank you restful but not passive. Yes, to more stuff with the feet! I'm sure I'm not alone with stiff feet.

    1. Hi I too suffer with stiff feet and would welcome anything that will ease the stiffness 🙂

  5. Greetings from Dublin Ireland. Loving yoga revolution every muscle has let me know its alive!!!

  6. Mmmmmmmmmm. Thanks. My sore core and sleepy Sunday head needed that! Shout out to my fabulous Kelstar, doing this on the other side of the city from me - in it together, fab one! XXX

  7. I dedicate today's practice to my amazing daughter who brought Adriene into our lives.

    1. My daughter as well brought Adriene and yoga into my life. I am loving yoga specifically because of Adriene and her personality.

  8. Hi Adriene and fellow yogis. I sttopped getting the emails after day 6. I don't know why. Shall I try signing again?
    Tomorrow I go back to work and I anticpate it becoming more of a challenge to get on my mat. I need my daily e-mail to motivate me. Please help.

    1. Hi Nicola, I've been back at work since the 3rd and got up super early which was really hard but soooo worth it to do yoga before going. Good luck!

    2. My daily emails were going in to my spam folder. I had to really search to find them

      1. Thanks Jess, I tried again, but nothing so far. Fingers crossed for the morning. I'm missing them☹

      1. Hi Jane - I just checked your record in our system and it shows that we have send you all the emails so far. Have you checked your junk/spam folder for "Day 8"? - Chris

  9. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Stayed on the mat after day 8 today and really slowed it down with amazing results for lumbar and thoracic spine.

  10. Thank you Adriene for today's e-mail! I don't believe in coincidences so imagine my surprise when I read that quote about things we can or can not change, which a teacher wrote in my yearbook like 15 years ago. Since then I have often thought about it when things got rough. So is the case these days therefore I am so amazed how life chosed to remind me that I need to take it easy.

    I'm so grateful to be part of this journey and I am sending my good thoughts to all of you beautiful souls around the world.

    Serenity now! (I so hope I'll get there eventually) 🙂


  11. Missed day 6 & 7 due to a nasty stomach bug. Yuk! Eased myself back into it with this practice. Will catch up on day 6 & 7 later. Wouldn't want to miss any yoga goodness 🙂 Thanks for another great practice.
    Serenity now! Forgot all about that Seinfeld episode 😀

  12. So chill at 11pm at the end of a long day and Day 8, feeling so great...i fell asleep on the mat...gratitude xx

  13. Beautiful practise today thank you!
    For your feet -
    Pinch in-between toes and draw out any tension.
    Do the same to your actual toes.
    Interlace all 4 fingers in-between your toes (like a pedicure toe separator) From under your foot and through. The palm of your hand should meet the ball of your foot. and then your thumb comes around to meet your index finger so you are holding onto your foot. Breathe there and it sometimes releases little tingles up through the body. Repeat on other foot. Dreamy!
    Sara (London)

  14. Hi everyone! Today's practice is perfect for me! I'm a recovering alcoholic and the serenity prayer is part of my everyday prayers. I am loving this challenge and how it is translating off the mat. I am more aware, more focused and indeed down right joyful. I'm so dern joyful I'm almost getting on my own nerves lol jk.

  15. Hi everybody!
    Just checking in, did yesterday's practice today, with a pause in the middle and a few rather shortened poses as my cold afforded me a bit of relief today, and hope to tackle Day 8 tomorrow, since it looks like something i might still be able to achieve while sick =)

    1. Sometimes in the past when I have felt too sick to practice, I stay on my back, but travel inside and do all the poses in my mind. I think it gets the chi moving and healing. Hope you feel better Svenja.

  16. Never done yoga before so all new to me. Obvs that some days more challenging then others but love the total body & mind work-out. Every day some part of the day's practice comes back to me and I realise how I'm already moving better, more purposefully but more calmly at the same time. Thanks Adriene

  17. Thank you Adriene for your 31 days of yoga and am loving the revolution. Today was just what I needed. Namaste.

  18. Doing restorative work is the hardest for me so today was a challenge. But I got it done. We are blanketed in snow , so why not love too?

  19. This was beeeeautiful. Best Sunday practice! Thank you so much for everything, Adriene! I've cultivated my home practice because of you and your videos ever since I stumbled upon your channel two years ago. With your help I was able to tackle bigbig obstacles in my life and fulfill some of my wildest dreams. Thank you so much!

  20. Absolutely loved that session and can see and feel the difference in the way I move and think. Most thankful to you Adriene. X

  21. I am 6 months pregnant. I have been doing each days easy positions and stretching or breathing through any that cause discomfort. Will the 31 Day Revolution remain available so that after I have the baby and am clear for "regular" exercise I can come back and do a full 31 days?

    1. Since all previous Challenges (30 days of Yoga and Yoga Camp) are still available on youtube and with some searching here on the blog, I'm pretty sure you should be safe.

  22. Thank you times a zillion for just being you and putting your yoga out there. I'm in the process of healing from Adrenal Fatigue and yoga (plus walking) are the only movements I'm allowed to do right now. Yoga is keeping me sane and I'm starting to feel myself handle stress in a different way. I get up early every morning before the rest of my family so I can get my practice in when all is still and quiet. PERFECT way to start off my day!

  23. So glad to hear you're diving deeper into the feet. I'm very interested in how care and kindness to the feet influences the rest of the body too! Thank you for another amazing practice!

  24. Do you recommend doing more exercise in addition to the calendar? I am new to all of this 🙂

  25. I love love love the opportunity to participate in a restorative practice with an active touch. Thank you for another great day of yoga!

  26. Hi Adriene,
    Normally I am getting 2 videos email links from the each so, the one posted on the "Revolution" is different from the other one (Yoga Camp email video link) please let me know.


  27. Thank you Adriene for another new year reboot. I was so proud of myself sticking with you to day 7. Then I fell playing on the ice yesterday and may have a broken wrist I am so bummed.....I'll try to adapt and continue. namaste!

  28. Enjoying every moment of the "revolution"! I am so excited to check my email every morning.
    I have been doing yoga with you Adriene for about 2 month and the results are showing.
    Thanks Adriene

  29. Hi Adriene and all YWA fans!
    I am fairly new to yoga and you are an inspiration. I love REVOLUTION and I am learning so much from the foundation videos too. I haven't received any of the emails and wonder if anyone could please forward days 1 to 8 on to me at [email protected]. Would be much appreciated.
    Thank you!

  30. Hello wonderful community, I've been reading all of the comments and felt like a "creeper" not putting myself out there. thank you everyone for sharing your struggles and input.
    I've been doing yoga with adriene since last summer and have noticed growth. What I'm noticing right now is I feel disconnected from myself...being the Virgo that I am, I listen intently to Adriene's instruction and I forget to feel the inner "smile". When she says 'smile' I feel like I've been grimacing trying to follow all of the instructions. Then I I benefiting doing it this way? I am about to do day 8 and I'm always eager for the next day. I also struggle with tree pose and am so thankful for everyone's input on that. Namaste

  31. Day 4 I had a very difficult time sleeping, which is not unusual for me. I reminded myself that deep practice can bring up many feelings. I am so blissfully happy to say that I have slept so soundly the last two nights! I feel this transformation! Thank you!

  32. "Brilliant, Adriene" is right. Thank you for another wonderful practice today. I was feeling slow and slothy and grumpy but knew day 8 would help and it did! ❤

  33. Ha! I died laughing when she said "well don't we all!" I look forward to these practices everyday. Thanks for making them so fun.

  34. I love Restorative Yoga - should do at least once a week. Today was yummy. Thanks, Adriene.

  35. Day 8 is a favourite! I was overwhelmed with a feeling of gratitude and got emotional- maybe it was the feet care!

  36. I slipped and fell on some ice last night and spent the evening in the ER, bruised but not broken I was able to do odays practice with a few modifications. It's funny how we get what we need at the right moments. Thank you Adrienne.

  37. Just when I thought there was going to be no ab work. Dang son, I am still sore from Day 6 in the upper abdominals. But its a good sore, you know? Until I cough. Then it's a bad sore. <3 <3 <3

  38. Your yoga practice has allowed me to start to love my body again. The blanket of love was much needed. Thank you for what you do. <3

  39. I got the job of my dreams at day 5 or 6. I think i would be very stressed out and in a hurry without the Yoga, so i wanted to thank you for making my days a lot easier and fun. Keep going sister!

  40. I have been struggling with the Yoga Revolution practices. Yesterday I was really down on myself - I've been sick and injured recently, and I feel like I have lost all my strength. This was just what the doctor ordered to make me feel better about myself. thanks Adriene <3

    PS given that I have had to skip a few days, I will be starting the Revolution in Toronto and finishing it in Bangkok <3

  41. When you said 'blanket yourself in love', I couldn't help but cry. I guess I needed to. Lovely, supportive, gentle practice

  42. Thank you Adriene for yet another blissful experience. I am a trained refloxologist as you were interested in the feet, I would say the most important thing for you to research is the solar plexus of the feet. This can be found in the hands also, and is vital for relaxation and grounding.

    much love.... ailsa x

  43. Such a great experience and helped me a lot to close this week and find some relaxation before the next one starts <3 Really love it and enjoy it!!! Thank you so much

  44. Yum! This morning in Santa Barbara the air is fresh from our first thunderstorm in years! I acknowledge your power in leading us in this revolution. Such a fitting time and space for me. I appreciate your humor, your ability to be silly and yet address such deep satisfaction simultaneously! Thank you.

  45. I am so grateful for you, Adriene! I truly love you... 🙂 Thank you for all that you do for us!

  46. Oh, Adriene!

    It's me, Cynthia...we chatted before, when I told you what a difference you and your yoga have brought to my life during a major depression. Well, I've been well and back at work for 10 months now. And I've been so looking forward to starting 2017 with Revolution. After today's practice, I felt...bliss! Winter in Northwestern Ontario can be challenging (-27C when I woke up today), but Day 8 has brought me all the warmth and serenity I need to get through my day.

    I'm also practicing yoga ar work, three days a week, with another brilliant yogi, Danielle Ruel, the best yoga instructor in Thunder Bay. We're starting another session on Monday, and we've had more registrants than ever before. I'm so happy that others are also finding the life changing practice of yoga!

    My fondest hope is that 2017 brings you all the wonderful things you deserve. Thank you for helping me to find joy again.

    With gratitude,

    Cynthia B

  47. Oh Adriene I am sad ... I was so looking forward to 31 days and began very happily on the 1st ... struck down with bugs of some kind on the 5th and have now missed 4 days hoping to be well again soon but now don't know whether to start at the beginning again or just jump in with 5? Any thoughts?

  48. For a teacher getting back to work tomorrow, this was great!
    Have had the best time with all your challenges Adriene.
    Thanks for helping me keep my calm in my professional stress .

  49. I heard you say blanket yourself with love and I didn't really get it until the practice was done and I look at myself in the mirror and thought I looked beautiful. That was the first time that's happened in a long time. Thank you. <3

  50. I knew you were the yoga teacher for me when in the first video I watched you were picking off dog hair 🙂 the constant fun references to songs, tv, and movies makes me laugh out loud. Serenity Now and Namaste

  51. Thank you, Adriene for another mindful experience on the mat. I was struggling with the cheerleader pose. I wasn't able to maintain active feet and keep my butt flush with the mat. I also noticed discomfort in the knee. Any suggestions?

    With gratitude ..

  52. I was just checking out the shirts and I would love a tank top that says the "find what feels good" slogan, but the sizes don't go up very high. I'm closer to a size 16. Any chance you will have larger sizes in the future? Even at my healthiest I'm unlikely to be a size 10.
    Thanks for your time!

  53. Adriene, I have been watching your videos and doing yoga daily for the past couple of weeks now. I am going through a big transition in life and especially at first, I was depressed and uneasy with everything. Your yoga videos have been helping me tremendously! I have been feeling happy, sane, and finding inner peace and love. I have you to thank through this journey!

    Thank you so much!

  54. I just want to say thank you. You have given me hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel. You are an inspiration - thank you for inviting to the mat.

  55. Hi
    Perfect pratice for the intention I set out day one - to be kind to myself.
    Can't feel the blanket myself in love yet - need to work on that one some more.

    Well done to everyone for sticking with it this far!

  56. Perfect Thank you so much for today. Only problem was, it went too quickly!! 16 years ago, I walked down the aisle and married my true love in a dress called Serenity! Thank you again Adriene.

  57. Thank you so much. Feel like I am now getting into a rhythm of doing a practice everyday just before bed. Sleeping really well.. Your instructions are so clear I can do these with my eyes closed. Namaste. X

  58. Blanket yourself in love, thank you for this practice. My cat sat my me, watching the video. I think she was practicing serenity too. Thank for you for this Day 8. Much love to you and this wonderful community.

      1. My cat climbs onto my belly when I'm in bridge pose. It's very awkward and he gets disgruntled when I have to move into another pose ! Lol.

  59. So as I was doing this practice this evening and feeling very serene, our black lab came barreling through the bedroom door and was like yoo hoo! she's on the floor. After she got done flipping my mat with her nose she then decided that was a great place for a nap. I just laid there thinking "Serenity now, damnit, serenity now"!! Life is never dull. 🙂

  60. Today i have to do the tow practices (day 7 and 8) but... I think it happen to be taht way. Tomorrow I go back to work and boy it's going to be restless. Thanks for this hour of rest! Thank you!

  61. That moment when you start busting out "Shake it like a polaroid picture..." and you hear Adriene jump in at that same time...priceless.

  62. Please believe I paused that video and grabbed a tube of foot cream I keep by my bed but never seem to use... Perfect practice today. I'm loving everything that's happening so far during this program- can't believe we're only a week in! Namaste~

  63. What an awesome Day 8! Thank you Adriene for such an amazing practice! I will start completing all yoga sessions in the morning before work, but today I am so happy I completed this practice right before bed.

    I almost hopped off of my mat when you said reflexology! I indulge in my essential oils in my home, my classroom and even in my skin care. The feet are such a marvelous part of our body (and now I sound like I have a foot fetish ha!) and so far utilizing my reflexology charts to help when I'm sick, stressed, or anything has aided me. The best is when you feel a cold coming on and you put an immune blend (usually cinnamon, orange, lavender, lemongrass etc) on your feet cover with socks; i swear it always helps me out. 🙂 I hope you look into it and have just as much fun as I do with it!

  64. I'm really missing the daily emails! The last one I received for this series was the December 31st one! I can't image why I'm not getting them. I got them for the first two years of "30 Days." What's the problem--anybody know?

  65. Loved day 8. Thank you, the Serenity Prayer seems to be popping up in many places for me. This is my fourth almost fifth year following you. I started a month before the birth of my son. This was my first practice: In return, I thank you and I share often I follow you (sometimes my four year old son and husband practice with me!). Throughout the years, you maintain integrity! Your practice, humility, and passion for yoga is very much appreciative. On a side note, I struggle with my weight, and suffer a hip injury, but I recently joined a public yoga class. The instructor said I was much more advance of a yogi than I let on at first. I credited you. So thank you from afar! Have a beautiful night!

  66. Dear Adriene,

    my husband, myself, and my best sister forever (love you boog!) are so grateful to have your practice in our lives; our minds, bodies, and souls owe you so much for all the strength and peace (and fun!) we garner from your videos. Revolution has been so awesome, just when I thought you had done it all you give us a practice that is... revolutionary! Ok, enough gushing, I have a request! My son is eight years old and also works hard at yoga and meditation. He loves your videos, of course, but have you ever thought of doing a video especially for kids? Just for funsies!

    Anyway, thanks again for your amazing work, you have truly changed our lives.
    With gratitude,

  67. I really needed this today! Self love is so hard to give, but it truly is the gift that keeps on giving. Thank you Adrienne!!!!

  68. This was a wonderful session today, thank you! I've been blessed to be off for Christmas Break, it was a great way to start the first 9 days...tomorrow it's back to work and my hope is that I don't let the "busy" get too busy. I am going to hold the wise words that "we are in control of our own inner peace".

    A little tip I used a magic bean heat bag instead of a pillow and it was extra yummy. So glad I'm doing this before bedtime:) On to Day 9!

  69. I am in love with your channel and your charisma/energy that seems to come through so clearly on your videos! I am a massage therapist and it's so wonderful that you add a little self (or partner) massage to some of your videos. the center and arches of your feet correlate to the stomach, solar plexus, intestines in reflexology and it's always so amazing to think of all the comfort that comes to your body from just working on the feet! Such a vulnerable area in general, if people aren't quite comfortable massaging their own tummies, the arches and center of the feet are a great way to introduce and confront that vulnerability without being too outside of their comfort zone! Thank you for such a wonderful practice <3

  70. Where is your beautiful, thick blanket from?! I've been eyeing it in all of your videos. And thank you for such a glorious end to my day. Namaste!

  71. Love the focus on the feet today! Today is the 4 year anniversary of having a shattered bone removed from my left foot and the start of a long journey of physical and mental healing. Being able to do yoga is such a gift after being physical hindered for years and I am so grateful for what my body is able to do these days. Namaste.

  72. Hi Adriene!
    I'm just starting at Day 1 today, I actually was on a road trip for the first week in January. I'm excited to say that I'll be living and working in Austin for the next six months or so, and I'm really hoping to catch one of your classes at the Vanguard Theater! I've followed the videos for two years now, and what I've seen of Revolution so far gets me psyched up about continuing it!

    Cheers and Namaste!

  73. Hello Adriene,
    I just wanted to let you know what a revolution you have already been in our lives here in Enfield, Australia.
    6 months ago I started doing your yoga practices on YouTube, and I quickly became addicted and now practice daily – I absolutely love your videos and your spunky sense of humour! I have recommended your videos to all of my friends and family members, many of which are also watching and practicing regularly now.
    Anyway, I managed to enlist my husband after about 3 months of practice when he saw what a difference your yoga had made to my life - both mentally and physically. Keep in mind, that my husband had never done yoga or any other type of holistic practice before and has had a lot of back issues all of his life. He is now a faithful follower of yours and we both get up early to practice together every single day now.
    We have both quit smoking and totally changed the way that we live our lives, and I really feel that you have been the main catalyst for this amazing transformation.
    I am so excited to be practicing Revolution with you, and cannot thank you enough for all of the good things that you have brought into my life. May your year and the journey ahead be paved in light and love Adriene, you are a true inspiration and we send you our deepest gratitude from across the globe to you.
    A million thanks to you
    Barb and Craig xx

  74. Oh yes needed this slow and easy one, as feeling tired and the abs workout had been tough! So good in Winter time especially to have good restorative poses, they do so much good, a beautiful practise, thanks!

  75. Adriene, you are such a wonderful person and teacher! Thank you so much!!
    You have inspired me to be more in tune, and you make me laugh at the same time, lol : D
    Have a great day!

  76. Happily I missed a practice last week- So I have done this after a rather crazy monday. Feeling so at peace right now it may as well be sunday! absolutely perfect x

  77. Adriene you make me happy ! 🙂 You make me laugh and I enjoy every second of this yoga revolution. Thank you so so much from the other side of the world. I love how genuine and fun your classes are, never thought I could stick with 8 days of yoga in a row but everytime I feel like joining a beautiful and powerful community. Thank you for that

  78. I have been faithfully following this Revolution from Day 1. I was unable to do day 8 yesterday. I logged on to do it today and it says I have to be approved. I was approved to watch. Do we seriously only get 24 hours to do the workout? I was so excited to do this day, and now I am just disappointed. Disappointed in missing the workout and disappointed that there seems to be no give if we can't make it a day. If there is a way for me to get reapproved for Day 8, I would love to do it.

    1. I cannot access any day except day 7. Whether I go through my email links or the subscription on YouTube, only day 7 shows as available. Could someone please help? I even resigned up on her site and my links still don't work.

  79. Namaste from New Zealand! Running 1 day behind here as we are a day ahead:-) loving these wonderful 30 mins!

  80. I'm a couple of days behind because of teacher trainings but still with you. I sooo needed this serenity practice this morning. #yogarevultion

  81. Good morning,
    Wondering if we can still do a light weight workout while doing this practice?
    Thank you

  82. Great day today <3 i was really hard on my self yesterday and the serenity practice was exactly what i needed... Thank yooooou Adriene! <3

  83. Thanks Adriene! This was super relaxing.

    Wanted to ask- will you be teaching yoga in Austin anytime Feb 9-12? Would love to come to class!

  84. Adriene, you are awesome! You have guided me through every one of my yoga sessions and I tell all my massage clients to go to you to start their yoga journey.

    One of my specialties is reflexology, so if you want a guide (as you have guided me), I don't mind helping you. I still have my old books and a lot of reference stuff I can send by email or snail mail. Plus, I can be here directly for any questions. Feel free to contact me if you would like. Have a wonderful day! 🙂

  85. Started 2 days late but am on day 8 of the videos. Lovin it!!!! It DOES make a huge difference in my energy level, sleep, attitude, etc, etc. Thank you!!

  86. I'm a couple days behind, but I must say: what a perfect timing! Amazing practice and it just fitted like a glove today! I really appreciated!

  87. 27:00 best back pop EVER. I think my spine has needed that for 3 years!! Amazing practice today!

  88. Thank you so much for this practice. I'm a little bit behind, but committed to finishing this 31 days. I've really been looking forward to coming to my mat daily, and I find that your instruction is gentle and affirming with a perfect mix of work for the body and work for the soul. So thank you!

  89. Thank you for Serenity , Adriene, I fell behind a few days, but this practice was timed perfectly to my needs on THIS day. Back to work today after dealing with the effects on my house, property, and psyche, of the battering storm we are having here in Northern California. I am serene! Namaste and a blanket of love to everyone.

  90. Thank you for this practice! I am behind a few days and even though I did some yoga this morning, I was also going to do another practice when I got home from work. But, I haven't been getting great sleep and just wanted to go straight to bed. Instead, I decided to keep going and start this delicious Day 8 practice. It was perfect...just what I needed. Probably "just what the doctor ordered." 🙂 So again, thank you! I am grateful for this practice and each video. Your energy and yoga-spiration keeps me going and positive for this 31-day revolution. Namaste!!! 🙂

  91. I'd love to receive the daily videos earlier in the morning - say by 6 a.m. vs 8:30. I'm having to work with the previous day's video to do my morning yoga routine as it comes to late to do it the same day.

    Love the sessions.

  92. I was feeling so upset because I couldn't practice one day this week, but after this practice I could see that everything has its purpose. I was so in need of a serenity practice TODAY =) Thanks a lot, Adriene!

  93. Hahaha. I thought it was going to be calm in the sense of not moving much...... but found some of it harder than other days, especially the stomach bit, but I have a sense of fun about me now I've finished. Fun and calmness. Enjoy your day...

  94. Thank you for this practice, Adriene. I've had six days of feeling unwell and being unable to practice but today's practice felt perfect for easing back into my Revolution journey. Today I surprised myself during the practice. I thought 'I'm glad to be me'. So simple and yet so incredibly soothing. Ah, serenity. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I can't wait to see what tomorrow's practice will bring!

    Sending sweet, happy vibes from Australia 🙂

  95. Ha Ha my right glute got heavy today too! I did yoga. Haha, love your jokes.

  96. Thank you so much for your Revolution - I am loving it and right with. But boy what have you done to my abs. I'm still suffering from Day 6 and then you sneaked a few in to our Serenity day!!! Thank you for the journey. Namaste.

  97. Hello Adriene!!! I am a brasilian women and I simply loooooooove your yoga pratices! I don't know what happens but I am not receiving the e-mails with the pratice videos. I did receive until the Day 12 of yoga revolution. 🙁 I would like to receive the other videos to continue doing these wonderful daily pratices. 😀 Thank you by your yoga classes to the body, soul and spirit! kisses. Mary

  98. Hi adriene, I am a English woman, I am thoroughly loving your yogarden revolution. I loved today's practice but actually found it the most challenging. My learning from this is guess is to leave my shiz outside of the room and away from my yoga mat 🙂 and embrace serenity and love for myself. Blessings Di xxx

  99. Hi Adriene! I just finished day 8 today. I subscribed to your e-mails a bit late into my practice, but I would love to start receiving them on the appropriate days of my practice. How can I go about that?

    So far- today has been my favorite. Thank you for sharing your practice with the entire world<3

  100. I just completed Day 8 and our cats thought today was an acceptable time to participate as well. Both laid on the mat, and after some soft nudges the three of us found ways to fit haha. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, the stiffness in my Rhomboid muscle is starting to melt. Thank you very much, from my family to yours. Namaste

  101. Thank you! I love and pray for you! Keep on keeping on! We are all so blessed to have access to what you do! I am a blissed out yogi in small town Ada Ohio and work everyday to practice love and kindness to my incredible body. Thought you should know how much I adore you!

  102. Thank you so much for this session Adrienne. Today was a bit of a stressful day and I needed this session.

  103. Equal parts hilarious, inspiring and restorative - you are a yoga genius, Adriene. Namaste, xx.

  104. I really needed this today! And apparently so did my kitty. She sat on my lap or mat for the whole video. LOL!

  105. Dear Adriene

    I am Shany from Taiwan. Thank you for encouraging believing in myself. Let my brain take a break and just think of yoga.
    It makes me feel much better in this difficult time. Thank you and I love you.

  106. Adriene, I started this 30 day Yoga Revolution very close to January 1 . . . yep, right on schedule!!!!
    But I continue to enjoy you as well as your yoga style and the exercise that you take us through each time I return!! Thank You, I'm loving it!!

  107. Day 8 Completed! I'm so proud of myself for being consistent and coming to the mat, thank you for the opportunity to tell myself not to give up and to keep on going until the end.!! ~~~

  108. This 31 day practice is getting me through a broken heart. I needed something very guided to keep my practice going. Each day is exactly what I need it to be without even realizing it. Thank you so much for creating this.

  109. Thank you so much Adrien , it was an amazing practice, I find difficult to relax but you always help to do so.
    I do not miss a day

  110. Adriane it was the best today, my day 8. I realised it is very powerful to smile :D.
    Many days is in front of am looking forward.

  111. I loved today's practice! I've had a super stressful couple of days and I couldn't wait to wake up today and practice yoga with Adriene and you better believe I have a smile on my face! Thank you so much for this program!

  112. Adriene,

    I'm loving the Revolution. I signed up but then got started a couple of weeks later than expected. Just noticed that I'm missing the awesome emails for days 9 - 22. I love your positive words in the emails. Is there any way I could get those emails? I just finished day 10 today.

    Thanks for making yoga practice something that seems more attainable for me and for bringing to light that more grace in movement on the mat can lead to more grace in movement off the mat. You insert so many wonderful insights.

    Thank you,

  113. Oh yes, I know this comment is way behind the curve. Am doing Revolution for the 2nd time this year. My feet ... so sore from walking for Canada 's 150th celebration ... feeling agile and cared for. The serenity brings me back to my daily world with grace. Grace.
    I send you many thank-you's Adrienne. Here's another: A giant, warm, thank you Adrienne.

  114. How can I change the date of my email subscriptions? I am on Revolution Day 8, tomorrow Day 9, but because I only signed up on Day 3 I am a few emails behind. Would be great to get Day 9's email tomorrow for instance.

  115. Day 8 and feeling great!! I've already noticed some tone in my arms and legs. My core is strengthening. My everyday movement, like standing up for instance, I notice these new muscles engage and the movement seems more intentional. Bless you Adrienne for putting this revolution together!!

  116. Adriene -

    I began following YWA early this year and have just begun the Revolution journey. Thank you so much for your devotion to these practices. I feel myself getting stronger physically and emotionally.

    During the Day 8 practice I was reflecting on how much love I am able to give myself on the mat. It is so refreshing as when I first started it was difficult to not criticize my body for lack of strength and flexibility. I am still having a little bit of trouble taking that love off of the mat (particularly while I am at work) and I was wondering if you had any advice. I feel my mind so quickly reacting to situations and people without any time to practice breathing love in and out! Any guidance is appreciated.

    Love and thanks,


  117. So beautiful and helpful the image of "blanket yourself in love" - works immediately! thanks so much!

  118. I've been struggling with being consistent in this and every other yoga challenge I! But I just had to tell you I hoped back in yesterday with day 7 and then this morning with 8. My mom had just reminded me to say the serenity prayer as I've been feeling overwhelmed. My son is waiting for another new heart and is very sick. I've been trying to hold it together through this process but after 16 years, it gets to me. Thank you for all of the days but especially thank you for today! The right sequence always shows up when I need it, magic ❤️

  119. i am 69 years old and I have been doing yoga for 16 months now, i do 2 classes every morning it sure makes me feel so much better and i am proud of myself for doing it, i wish i would have started years ago but it's never too late, thanks to Adriene she is the best. love you girl.

  120. By chance I got to this one on Wednesday 11/4/2020, as votes are being counted and the results of the presidential election are not yet clear. Serenity is a good theme for today.

  121. Just fabulous from a 74 yo just getting back into yoga after a long pause ..your practice matches the practice I have experienced Now I am faced with bad knees and healing from a fractured wrist. This practice is just what this body and mind needs to recover into self love and to go forward with positivity. Many thanks

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