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Your Day 31 yoga practice celebrates the journey and your commitment to you. The goal of our final session together is the goal of REVOLUTION, to be PRESENT. This practice is both simple and profound. Use your vocabulary, trust, connect and tap into what feels good.

The light in me honors the light in you.

Let’s have some fun!

From my heart to yours, Jai Namaste.


447 comments on “REVOLUTION: Day 31”

    1. Sorry to reply to your comment Laura but I couldn't see where to leave my own comment and I wanted to say how I started to do this last practice then seeing Adriene and Benji, I started to cry and I couldn't get through it. I'm still crying because this practice meant so much to me and I feel bereft now it's over. I've read so many comments this last month and they're heartfelt so I think if I tell you how strongly this practice has affected me then I know you'll understand.
      Adriene and Benji, from my heart to yours,thank you for sharing this with me and to everyone who left their comments and advice, thank you, this newbie is very appreciative ❤

      1. Emma I have to reply to your comment because I haven't figured it out either :O. Another wonderful journey with your guidance, Adriene. I have done your 30 day, yoga camp, many many of your other practices and now I've completed the revolution (better late than never btw ;)) I have loved ALL of them. This one was different & I really liked focusing on the chakras. (I'm looking forward to the chakra series you're planning.) Once in awhile I try to get in a short practice by myself & it just isn't the same as following your lead! Keep being such a beautiful, genuine person. Thank you!! (I'd like to write more fluidly but it's really hard writing in this little box lol)

      2. Couldn't find where to comment on my own so just replied to Emma's post because I felt the very same things. This was a powerful, spiritual, graceful, fluid, inward practice. I do agree with comments below that it was a little hard to follow without clues as to when poses changed. Perhaps a tiny bell at each pose change would allow us to relax in the pose and go deep until the next bell. That way there would be no need for words. Absolutely loved this day and was moved to tears.

      3. Thank you. From the deepest levels of my heart.

        Today was my 31st day of yoga revolution.

        I also cried today during the practice. It was such a powerful and inspiring experience to do all this movements simultanously without a voiceover... no guidance today but still i heared adriene's voice in my head... I was full of awe and ease, felt trust and partnership. I felt i grew within this month, too.

        No words... thank you

    2. Thank you Adriene. I always love the last day. Warm, heartfelt, joyous, emotional. Tapped into my inner smile, followed parts, free-formed in others. Enjoyed watching you dance and flow between the sequences. Laughed when I fell over - you've got my back.
      Another awesome journey xx

    3. Adriene, you are a gift. Thank you for this wonderful journey.
      It took me seven weeks... but I knew that even though I wasn't able to practice every day, I would do the 31 days, and I will continue beyond.
      I listened when you said to be kind, and I was grateful every time I came to the mat...
      I learned something every time. Thank you for your generous spirit!

    4. Hi Laura, just replying through
      your comments as not figured out how to leave a comment
      Thankyou Adriene for 31 awesome days and thankyou for a totally awesome day 31!!!
      Because of your mindful presentation I have achieved so much, now yoga is part of my daily routine.

    5. Just wanted to say thank you Adriene! I've loved this journey and have really felt the change in myself both body and mind. I decided to do the 31 days all over again! Hoping to make the trip to Austin soon to practice with you in person. Namaste.

      1. I felt like you were setting me free on this final practice. It shows how far we have come emotionally and physically. Thank you. Namaste x

  1. Hello Adriene. I am in tears now after reading this day 31 email.....Not because I am sad that it is ending....but happy tears because of what is beginning......the best me EVER is busting out ....ready for anything. I have no intention of stopping yoga. I am going to commit to another month...and then get the idea! I believe in energy too...and everything happening as we need it. Thank you for being just what I needed. I could go on and on but I will close by saying my True Self honors your True Self. I am happy. Love to all my fellow Revolutionaries. WELL DONE team 🙂

    1. Hi Adrienne, I've enjoyed and thrived with this revolution - but not today... a quiet voice over would have allowed me to do the practice. It wasn't safe to try and continue with you. I'll miss the amazing community you've created today. I'm sad about that... feel I'm on my own again. Just a thought. Thx for the other 30 days. Namaste.

      1. I agree. I loved this Yoga Revolution and did all 31 days without fail (never done that before!), but the last day with no voiceover was a let down. I'd rather have Adriene's audio and no video. I've learned the poses and some flows, verbal coaching would be better on the last day for me. It was too awkward to try and follow just the video, plus I like to do a lot with my eyes closed. I missed Adriene talking me through it. But don't get me wrong, I love YWA!! Thank you so much Adriene! I love your attitude, sense of humor, kindness, genuineness... This was a fantastic experience and I look forward to what's next.

        1. I agree Steph....and sorry to reply to you, I can't find where to comment either! I loved with all my being this entire journey, I am improved beyond my dreams, and chronic back issues have, if not completely, then mostly disappeared. I also do most of my practice with eyes closed, and tho this practice was absolutely beautiful, I had trouble following and relaxing into the poses as my neck was cranked to see the next move. I can't wait to see what I can find next with YWA!!! It was a wonderful journey, thanks so much Adriene!!

        2. I agree with all the comments above... It was hard for me to do the revolution everyday and it took me 3 months to finish it, but I loved every moment, even when I felt, tired, or angry, or frustrated for not being able to do some pose. But today it was just too hard to follow, my confidence fell so hard and I felt so frustrated that I stopped in the middle of the practice. It was a sad finish to a beautiful journey... Either way, Revolution was amazing and I can't wait to continue with YwA! I'm planning on going back and doing the 30 days of yoga and the yoga camp. (:

      2. I completely agree with the above comment. Although I completely Day 31, it was a stressful experience full of craned neck as I tried to look up at what was happening. If I could guide my own yoga, I would. I turn to YWA for gentle guidance. Thank you for the Yoga Revolution!

      3. I agree as well - these 31 days of yoga have been amazing without fail, but today was a very frustrating experience :-/ Still. Thank you for the Yoga Revolution! Namasté.

        1. I'm so glad it was not just me that found it frustrating (frustrated at myself, a lesson there to be sure!) I started with the neck cranking yoga moves/checking Adriene. I then just decided to just sit and watch the rest of the video and try and pick up some pointers on technique and fluidity. I'm still not confident enough to self guide through a satisfying practice, one day. However, also as above, thank you Adiene for the Revolution, it was truly special.

          1. When you said you were going to remove your mic, my heart sank! I've so love this Revolution and have learnt so much but, like others have said, your voice is so key - especially working with eyes closed or being in a position where you can't see the screen. Thank you for all the hard work and thought you have put into Revolution. Namaste, Lizxxx

      4. I found day 31 really tough without the audio cues too. So I redid day 31 today and it flowed so much better for me as I knew the sequences better so I could concentrate on my breathing more. I intend to keep doing day 31 every day for awhile to practise the poses, the breathing and the flow so I can practice yoga without technology whenever I like. You might find it beneficial too as it is a really lovely and special practice? just an idea. Hope you continue to love your yoga time. namaste x

    2. I love this, thank you Denise and Adriene! Super Grateful! I'm with you, yoga has transforming energetic power and true connection for all! We will keep going and love what feels good! What a fabulous 31! Namaste!

    3. Hi! This might be strange, but I recently started the 31 day Revolution. I'm on Day 8, but only just signed up to receive the emails, so I received the Day 1 email when I did the day 7 video - would anyone be able to send me the emails I've missed? I'd really appreciate it!

  2. First of all THANK YOU. I'm in spain so i read the mail after the practice. Anyway, I loved this, there were times where I felt more connected to my movements and then others when I got a bit lost, but this time I didn't feel mad or frustrated about it, I just stop, took fress air and keep going. And that is what I'm living right now, so I love "the you off the mat and the you on the mat" thing. I cried by the way :')

  3. Dear Adriene! I am so super exited to get home tonight and do this final most important practice; Day 31, as a celebration for the end and this brand new beginning! I feel so privilege to have got this opportunity to really change my habits and the way I experience every day. I feel supported through out the day knowing I feel comfort in the moment I step on the mat at night. It's a luxurious present and I am forever grateful!

    And to all of my fellow revolutionary yogis, I am forever grateful for all the love you have shared in these comment fields. It has been a joy to be with you every day!


  4. Hi Adriene! You've been my yoga-mat-mate for the last 2 years! 🙂 I've been goning through a major life-transition, and I turn to your videos when I need to return to some stability. I feel like I am not alone when doing yoga with your videos, and in the constantly changing and often hard times, this keeps me feeling like I'm not losing control. Thank you for teaching ease, and kindness. I cannot imagine what states and feelings would have taken over if I hadn't committed to a daily practice in this last month, and next months! Thank you, truly!! I was so touched at the beginning of the practice, and I've shed a few tears, as Denise says, not from sadness, but from the huge ball of love that expanded in my heart when we hit the mat. Namaste!

  5. Had tears at the start of this practice! joy, peace... so much love throughout the 31 days just all came flowing over me xxx

    1. Mine came at the end, but agreed -- love, joy, and connection throughout this revolution and especially today. Thank you, Adriene!

  6. Thank you so much Adriene for teaching me to be patient with myself. Prior to your Revolution, yoga, for me, was all about the shape. How far you have brought me and how present I feel. It has been an extrodinary journey and I am inspired to continue along this enlightening path.
    Congratulations to you are your team for graciously committing time and energy to all your devoted followers.

  7. Dear Adriene,

    I so much enjoyed and enjoy this journey with you, I was sad to have taken a week off because of a strong flu and I will do all these missed practices starting tomorrow. This morning I was sitting in front of my ipad waiting for you to upload the last practice of these 31 days and I did it, I went through today's practice before coming to the office and it was so wonderful. I missed hearing your voice but I liked this new experience with the beautiful music in the background.
    I can't wait to continue on this journey, I love how you always say: regular daily practice of yoga is so much more than sweating in the gym once in a while. So true.
    Thank you Adriene, my friend,


  8. I didn't get the email but was still able to navigate my way here. Hopefully it will come later and I can enjoy it then.

    As for Day 31 - well, that was an awkward 35 minutes of me trying to 'yoga' while craning my neck to follow along with Adriene!! I guess I 'get' it, but I don't like it. I feel like I was abandoned, and I'm left, on the final day, with feelings of ugh, meh, blah. These are my own feelings that I'll need to work through, but I guess I don't really see the point in having a final video if it's going to be like this? Why not just have a final few words from Adriene instead, a parting message, and a "fly free, my pretties!!"

    Still love you though.

    1. I feel the same way. This is my least favorite of the journey. I can do yoga by myself but I like the cues from Adriene and I don't get the most out of it if I have to look at my screen. I just end up doing my own thing. Adriene is still amazing though just wish day 31 was different.

      1. I was disappointed at this ending. Having to look up to see what the teacher is doing is dangerous. I get the concept but feel it doesn't work. That being said I LOVED the program and may simply repeat is as I have loved a daily, changing practice.

        1. Maybe we have learned the vocabulary not just so that we can read, but so we can write our own story. No neck craning, just the knowledge that you're not alone. Realising you can choreograph your own practice is like taking flight. I hear that it didn't work for everyone at this time - but maybe you'll come back to it some day and it will be as special for you as it was for me.

    2. I agree. I ended up quitting after a few minutes and did your energizing morning yoga video instead. I feel like I can disconnect and follow a sequence better just by listening rather than needing to crane my head to watch a video the whole time.

      That being said, thank you so much for this yoga journey. It's the first time, perhaps ever, that I've completed a physical challenge like this (a daily challenge), and I can feel the changes with everything else I do. Now to figure out how to keep yoga an important part of my weekly routine. Thank you!! 🙂

    3. I am just the same and took a lot of comfort from your posts, Anna and Kimberley. It makes me realise how much I rely on Adriene's voice as a cue. I went through anger and irritation and disappointment - that this is "meant" to be the one where it all comes together in a beautiful flow and instead for me it's more like - can I stay in this pose? Take a breath - feel it out - feel the anxiety about 'should' I be moving on yet - look at the video - WAIT, she's up in Warrior Two already?!?! Damn, I'm sure this is faster than usual!!! And I'm feeling irritation when all I want to feel towards Adriene is amazing gratitude for this beautiful gift of a huge piece of work that she freely gives us.

      Today, though, I did also think - ok so this is what I need to be present with. All of it. Fear, annoyance, irritation, inadequacy, yearning for gracefulness, gratitude, tears, lovely stretches and anxious what's next? thoughts and - but I want to feel GOOD today thoughts. I stopped the video when I needed to and accepted that it wasn't going to be an uninterrupted flow today. Accepted I was going to be a beat behind sometimes, and that I wasn't going to look as graceful. I still felt sad but at the end I'm in floods of tears and feel very opened up and that I've learned for myself that I can go at my own pace, and don't need a big finish that doesn't feel good. Better to stop the vid and feel stuff than to keep up some kind of flow that going through the motions.

      Thanks so much for posting this. It's helping me a lot. Thank you everyone who has posted here - I have felt part of a community. And thank you Adriene - this has been an incredible experience!! XXXX

      1. *than going through the motions, that should read.

        Which is EXACTLY the message of YWA, right?! No yoga robots!! Pause the vid, love we're at!!

        1. *No, AND through the motions!!

          Oh, you know what I mean. Too opened up to type straight. Big love to us all.

    4. I absolutely agree with you Anna, Kimberly and Joy! Felt all the same like you did.
      I was a bloody beginner when I started the revolution. I loved every single practice. Showed up everyday, excited to do this and always felt so awesome and relaxed after. But with this last practice I just felt lost and kind of abandoned and let down. As I said I am a beginner, but never felt like one during the other 30 days. Today I did and I cried because that made me feel so lost. During the other 30 days, I always felt like Adriene has my back, not today though. I am super sad revolution is over and that it ended like this. Maybe there is the possibility for an alternative ending including voice overs?

    5. Yes - so glad I'm not the only person who felt this way. I was so frustrated and I ended up just sitting criss cross during every down dog because it was too difficult to figure out what to do next. While I definitely learned a lot the past 31 days, I wasn't quite ready to be that independent. Thanks for ve enough to say it first 🙂

    6. I totally agree with this. I feel that a very soft and quiet voice over would have helped us safely navigate along with you without having to crane our necks every 2 seconds to see where you were at. I could have loved to do the whole video but with my chronic neck pain that would have been a disaster and I'd have been hating myself in the morning.
      I was so proud to have made it to day 31 on day 31 even having gone through a bad flu, but this left me feeling on my own. I needed the gentle teacher whispering in my ear.

    7. OH, dear. Me too. I had spinal surgery on my neck recently - so of all things! - having to crane my neck around to see what was happening was so painful. That's 'the moment' I found myself in: pain. Could you produce this with voice-over cues? I'm sure I'd love it. I've done EVERY DAY of this journey, only getting off one day. Thank you so much.

  9. Holding is what I found myself doing today! Wanting to savor every moment for as long as I can! I'm learning that there is so much to savor with nearly every bite! Though I find some of the more bitter bites a practice to get used to.

    I am so enjoying this journey I've been on with you. From the bottom of my heart it's been amazing! Seriously, I'm so excited to see what you have planned next!! But these last 31 days have been awesome and difficult and painful in so many profound ways, and you have been a great source of light to me through this journey both on and off the mat. I feel like I could write a very interesting book, like a best seller, if I documented exactly what's occurring in my lense. You are a huge part of it. Anyway, today I looked up at the video several times and I was "mad" that I wasn't at all in sync with what you were doing. My body was sore in several places so I was listening to it. I found monkey mind thinking ridiculous things. And right then I opened my eyes and looked up at the video, and you did to but you were smiling and it made me smile too. And I reconnected with the moment and felt a little tear well up! Those precious moments happen so often and I am more and more aware as I am noticing more of all the little details! Your light highlights those details in mine! Thank you for this gift you are pouring out on this world! I'm doing my best to spread the message! And am all-in for whatever you have planned next! Thank you!!!

  10. Thank you so very much for this amazing 31 day yoga journey!! It's the first time i stick to such an intense yoga regime and I absolutely loved it!! Especially your holistic approach, it is this which got me to show up for myself the days I felt really sick and tired, and every time i was really grateful for doing so!!! Yoga revolution really rocks!!! Also love Benji as my dog Betty often came to join me on the mat with the same cute face as Benji! In fact she really loves my yoga mat!!
    Anyway thank you again for giving me the best start to the year!!! With kindness, Namaste ❤

  11. Precious Adrienne, I'm so grateful to you for everything, for my awakening, for constant reminding to be kind to the most important person for me- Me))) Thank you very much! God bless You!

  12. I'm nodding. To all the goodness 🙂
    That was pretty awesome! I thought I will be lost when you will not audioguide, but then it was pretty flowing by itself and I mirrored you, but also did some other stuff at times what I think would have felt good at that moment, and glanced at your for inspiration and could ease in mirroring you easily again whenever it felt good to do so 😀
    The rest of the year and life can come now! 😀


  13. This was my first last day with Adriene. Wow. Once I stopped panicking I enjoyed every minute of it. I realised that this is what Yoga is about. Not a firm set of rules, but a sort of freestyle...what you've been trying to gently teach us this entire journey finally made a light bulb moment. "Do what feels good".

    Forgive me, but I can't help but to think of "wax on, wax off" and the moment where all the prep that you don't even realise you're doing suddenly clicks into place and you're amazed at your own strength and ability...

    Thank you, Adriene. Am looking forward to going back and spending more time with you...and myself as well...


    1. Same Same Same Same <3 I agree with every word.

      I panicked at first, and I froze for a moment half-way through... but then it just clicked and the flow took over and it felt so natural and liberating.

      Thank you so much Adriene!


      1. Me too... I took this as an invitation to find what feels good for me, at my own pace, with no pressure to watch -- let alone copy -- Adriene's graceful moves. My breathing was all over the place as I struggled to find the positions that my body wanted to be in, and I felt clumsy and disjointed. After a while, I realised I wasn't enjoying it very much and the "You're rubbish at this" demon in the back of my head was whispering too loud. So I switched to Adriene's YouTube playlist and selected "Yoga for Anxiety and Stress" (since I had woken early fretting about various things, and felt this free-form practice was too challenging for me at this point). And guess what, the poses in that were the very ones I'd been choosing for myself -- mostly opening up to the side, from child's pose or from warrior. For some reason this is what my body craved, and I feel actually quite excited that at some level I must have instinctively known this, even if perhaps that was all just a happy coincidence.

        I can't thank you enough, Adriene, for this guided journey, which I will repeat and repeat and repeat ... Connie, I think your "wax on, wax off" analogy is perfect. We need to practice and practice and practice, even without understanding what we're doing or why, until it literally rubs off on us! 🙂

        My own little mantra, adapted from one of Adriene's, is "Head over heart, heart over parts" 😀

        Let's keep going!

  14. The most beautiful practice Adrienne. I am in tears right now, it touched me to the core. I found my self following my own flow and connecting at times with you. Thank you for leading me towards this path, finding you, breathing mediation and peace. I am sad yoga revolution has to end, but as you said, it really just the beginning. Namaste, love and light to you and all those on their journey of purity and inner peace. xx

    1. when She said: We are going to practice TOGETHER, I started to cry like a baby and while I followed her along I kept wetting my mat with tears and still they run.
      I so love what she does and what it causes in my own body.
      I don't even want to say how incredibly beautiful she is moving when she does not talk. O h m y g o d.

      thank you all for sharing this wonderful time, I feel very much being a part. It is wonderful to be one a million.

    2. Beautiful words and just how I felt. We've all come so far together and I could hear Adriene's voice in my head all the way through. Thank you so much for your care, guidance and love. Xxx

      1. I agree Sue,although I love to hear Adriene's guiding voice I too hear her words in my head. It reminds me to be aware of what and how I am moving. This is yet another gift from her teachings, her sharing the joy of yoga. It is all good and a jounrney we travel together.
        Thank you Adriene for being you

  15. I always find this final practise an emotional one. So beautiful Adriene. Thank you so much to you and your wonderful team. Much love x

    1. It was the first final practice for me and it was really emotional. And really beautiful. I agree. x

  16. Thanks Adriene, for introducing me to yoga, and for your message of love. I needed that!

  17. I loved this final day, I felt it was 'mine'. I could hear your voice in my head which was reassuring 🙂 Thank you x

  18. Thank you so much, Adriene, can't even tell you what this 31 days journey has ment to me. I'm so so greatful! I loved every part of it, even when it was difficult or a bit painful or even impossible. I'm absolutely hooked on yoga now and will continue on this journey with you and all the beautiful people out there who are doing so also. And Benji, what a lovely dog you are! Thanks also to the team who puts this together, love you all.
    This last video made me very emotional. It was like dancing. I will continue doing this last one as a regular one in my practise at least once a week, or any time I need to dance 🙂

  19. Dear Adriene, thank you so so much for this yoga revolution! It was so wonderful doing yoga every day with this great community all over the world! I want to say so much more, but I can't express it adequately in english.
    Since I do yoga with your videos since last ocotber, I really love doing it and I'm beginning to notice an impact on myself off the mat - I'm little bit more paticent and more calm, more balanced.
    I'm a perfectionist and if I can't do things perfect at once, I often get frustrated and don't stick with it. When I did yoga before your videos, I did it only in public class or a few times on my own, but more out of a sense of duty, not because I really wanted it. I don't know what it is, but with your videos, I really learned how to stick with it and now I'm really looking forward to my daily yoga practice. I'm worth showing up on the mat for myself, even if I'm not "perfect". Thank you so much for all that and so much more!

  20. Yay 31 days done ✅ I am so frickinh happy this practice has helped me thru some pretty hard times with my therapy but has also shown me that I can love thyself - I'm on the right track and i thank you so much I bow to the teacher in you and me I'm going to do this each time the month is 31 days so I think the next is march if the song is right THANKS for helping me feel better about myself ❤️❤️

  21. I paused the video due to tears blurring my vision. I see I am not the only one 🙂 I need to thank you for doing this. You've helped me heal my post partum depression, help me balance my root chakra (for in which is unbalanced I cannot open the others) so that I can find balance in myself and my life. And help me tone my body which I hated so much at the beginning of this month. Thank you for giving me the tools to practice on my own and to help me guide myself through good times and bad. Simply, thank you. Namaste.

    1. I'd first like to start out telling you how much I love YBA. It is therapy for me and thank you for all you do, I also totally admire how you've taken your practice and applied video/social media skills and built it to a really wonderful profession. '

      I have been doing yoga for at least 3 years and would not consider myself a novice/beginner. But I too found Day 31 difficult to enjoy because I was craning my neck and it was so difficult without your great voice and gentle prompts. That being said, totally loved doing your yoga to music! Would love to see more of that. Thanks for sharing your gift.

  22. Thank you so much! I trusted and you were right: I have everything I need right there when I need it. Thank you for this! And myself and all others for going through these 31 days together.

  23. Tears of joy, love and transformation here too! What a beautiful dance xxx Thank-you so much Adriene, for your guidance, wisdom, compassion, universal love.... and to all that have shared this revolution. Definitely one of the best things I have ever done..and will continue to do.... xxxxxxxxxxxx

  24. hi there,
    its day 31 one, for many of you probably victory day
    but one day i will get there too, i'm at day 23 ...
    i stick to the order of the days and with perseverance i will get to day 31 soon too 🙂

    1. I hope you are still going! I just finished tonight! It doesn't matter when but how we get there. Peace and love to you.

  25. I'm one of those who prefer to be guided, eyes shut, so I echo the sentiments of those who hoped for a guided ending. I've done all of your 30 days, yoga camp and now revolution and am growing each time. Love being here. But please consider guiding us through the final day next time. Your voice is why many of us are here. xo

    1. I agree completely. This was such a disappointment for me. I've been struggling to get to the mat this past week, but did it and was really looking forward to this final practice. I definitely felt lost and saddened by the way it ended. I really appreciate all that Adriene does. I just would have much preferred a guided practice for this last session.

  26. A deep thank you for the amazing journey you have created for all of us, i have enjoyed it deeply and seen myself smiling, breathing, living through today practise.
    I have this month lost my job and being going through many feelings but thanks to your daily posted yoga practise i have approached life in a different way, felt stronger, in a better place.
    It has been a great pleasure to be on the mat with you and everybody around the world, feeling the universal energy, lots of love in, lots of love out:),
    You have been an inspiration, a motivation for many of us, you are amazing -it's our time to say it to you - and also to all the yogis who has been part of this journey, you are amazing.

    I believe the journey is only starting.


  27. Thank You Adriene!!! You've just changed my life.. it never gonna be the same.. it will be better now.. You gave me strength, power , peace.. Everything i was missing for the past few years. You are a true inspiration for me . Love from polish girl in London <3

  28. BENJI! He is adorable! OK, back to yoga....

    I did all 31 days, missed 2 days but made up the days to complete it on time. I have hated the no mic last days in the past but I just hit my groove today and most of the time, I knew where you were going. I love the bring it off the mat idea and I see it happening more and more. I have been following you for over a year now- took some time away from the mat for some reason over the summer but I am back now and not leaving. I know the days that I haven't done yoga to start my day. You are a goddess! Thank you!

  29. Thank you so so much, sweet Adriene! What a journey and definitely not to its end!
    The awesome in me greets, thanks and says see you soon to the awesome in you!


  30. While I have done one of the 30 Day Challenges before, it was after the fact. I didn't have the day by day experience starting with the daily email and finding the new video uploaded because they were all there in the archive. I was on my own.

    This time though I was taking the journey with thousands of others fumbling along just like me, and that helped so much when I would be frustrated to tears. This time felt so much more profound and deeply meaningful for me. And while I was in tears again today, they were such happy tears to have been able to come this far, to get back on the path I had wandered from. So thank you for another opportunity to return to Yoga. I am grateful for opportunity to take this journey, not alone, but with the community that had grown around it and supported each other. It had made me feel so much stronger inside and out.

  31. Thank you. Yoga is the path to the self... do it because you love it, not because there is something to achieve or accomplish or check off the list. Thank you for that reminder to listen to myself, my body, mind, heart and soul. Thank you for all of your gifts, giggles and being you.
    PS my Sachi has a crush on Benji 🙂

    Jai Namaste.

  32. We did it. : ) I did it.

    My life is really challenging right now. No job, staying with friends, so much uncertainty for me and in the world. And yet, I did this beautiful Revolution and feel so much stronger, inside and out because of it.

    Me being me, I cried quite a bit, a lot of letting go, of surrender to trust to be me. A powerful final lesson.

    Jai Namaste, Adriene and to everyone here in this fantastic, supportive community. <3

    1. Hello again. I have stopped crying now. 🙂 I actually ended up writing about my experience today...about what it took to let go of doing Adriene's yoga and to start doing my own...ah, THAT beginning...and how that ties in to questioning what "surrendering" means...something that I think is important in this day and age! Here is the link for anyone interested:

      With much Love to this fabulous community, yet again.

    2. Yes so powerful. I am filing for a much needed Divorce. Should have happened sooner. Emotional abuse and abandonment was not on my list. My fear of starting over, is over. So glad I found yoga. This 51 year old is about to live.

      1. I am right there with you, Angie...but still struggling with the fear of starting over (at 47). Sending you Love and Strength as you head into this new chapter of your life!

        1. Good luck to you both, Angie and Heather. It's never too late to start creating the life you want. Divorce is agonising, but the rewards are immense.



  33. I loved the style of the last day's practice. Taking the tools you taught us onto the mat, "all by ourselves"-- you weren't talking, but I could hear your words in all of the movements. Big thanks to everyone. All my love

  34. Thank you so much for guiding us for 30 days and letting us "move from a place of connect." I admit, I was at first following you but then I did my own. Thank you for this wonderful program. Your words are helping me heal. You really created this program out of your heart (clear head, full hearts) with so much thought and care. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  35. I really connected with this series! I could actually FEEL it. I started yoga to get more flexible for running....but the way I carry my body SOOOO improved with this series. I'm able to think and feel my breath and how I can better position my body to feel comfortable, at ease and lovingly to myself. I am not a fan of the no mic last day because I feel like I can't get into my breathing because I'm always looking at the screen. With that said, I was able to let go a little more in this one today. My son (9) got up and wanted to do it with's 6:20am on a 2 hour-delay for snow and he wanted to be up. It was moving. I was able to get into positions that are hard for me with a good deal of ease. It was over whelming. My son joining me also made the 'last' day of this series less sad and more joyful. Thank you Adriene for all you have done. For the love and compassion you've put into this program. You can feel it in every practice, email and breath. You are amazing. Thank you!

  36. Thank YOU, its like a DANCE


    BTW, i have tonight embarked on an adventure to strengthen my ties with YOGA, by registering into a teach yoga series of classes. You have taught me that yoga does not need to be a series of static poses but a dance of freedom and beauty and lovingness.

    🙂 THANKS!

    1. Good Luck Aly! May you find joy in teaching and may others find you to be an encouraging and loving presence in their lives!

  37. Thank you for this great series, it has helped me start a regular practice and a journey that I look forward to continuing. You are so fun, funny, strong, and beautiful. Namaste.

  38. The first music choice had me in tears! Awesome awesome practice, and what a journey for that matter. THANK YOU Adriene! And same to everyone that joined together for this wonderful experience - Namaste <3

  39. Thank you so much Adriene for being able to share in this ever unfolding journey of so many discoveries and this too is a whole new beginning...
    Feeling and sending love and joy. Thank you

  40. Good morning Adriene...your energy and inspiration is addictive and I am so blessed to have completed my 31 day yoga commitment. Today is a new beginning of my daily yoga practice with you. I love your sense of humor especially when you belt out a make me smile inside and out. I am grateful and looking forward to our next adventure together with the fellow revoluntaries....jai namaste

  41. Thank you! I have learn so much during this month, and it has been so helpful on the mat and off the mat. Thank you very, very much 🙂


  42. Today I was most present, I was free and open. I am peace with myself and whatever the day will bring. Thank you very much Adriene. Truly you are a wonderful teacher.

  43. Thank you Adriene. I am speechless 🙂 What a cool way to end the 31 days. I heard your cues, even in the silence. It was emotional for me as I realized why yoga is important to me. It's not about staying fit in my body - though that's a great side benefit. It's about staying fit in my mind and connecting to my body. Listening. Staying present. Thank you so much for all of the effort you put in to creating each and every day. I'm eternally grateful. Namaste. xo

  44. thank you for everything. Lovely to see Benji too. That was tricky t follow without audio but lobed your flow. I feel so much stronger after daily practice. Amazing and so needed in these troubled times. thanks you Namaste to you and my fellow followers.

  45. Amazing, inspiratational Adriene. Deep, deep bow of gratitude to you for all the work you have put into this. It has been a rock, and a wonderful way to be alive in January.


  46. Adriene!

    THANK YOU! You make me fall in love with yoga.

    I believe that we meet other people with reason, not by coincidence. And I met you just in the right time of my life. You have this radiant inner beauty which is visible even from the outside 😉 You are my role model, my inspiration!

    I don't know where my path will lead me, but deep inside I know that I’m on the right way. From time to time I have the feeling that I attract the right people and right opportunities. And with yoga I found a lifelong companion. I’m glad you included chakra practices. I’m very interested in learning about them. Long ago I saw this funny video that gave me a basic knowledge about them: (How to Open Your 7 Chakras as Explained in a Children's Show - if anyone is interested).

    Beside yoga, also surfing brings me great joy. And since surfing goes hand in hand with yoga. I have a hope that you will someday make a playlist dedicated to all your surfer fans 🙂

    Anyway, I wish you all the best!



  47. Thank you from the bottom of my heart which this journey has helped me connect with. I started the practice with you, found my own story and found myself reconnecting with you to finish. What a metaphor! Thank you so much for this incredible gift.

  48. Thank you. The time, effort and energy you put into this shown through in every moment of every day. I am thrilled that I didn't miss a single day, no matter what. I've done yoga on my mat, on the carpet and even in a friend's spare bedroom. In fact, I haven't missed a day of yoga in over 50 days thanks to your videos. I've practiced on and off for 18 years and this 31 day Yoga Revolution has brought me deeper into my practice than I have ever been. I have muscle definition in my arms and stomach that wasn't there December 31st! I have taken the words in the email and practices and carried them throughout my days - yoga off the mat. Thank you for putting good into the word. Love and light.

  49. Today was a very good one. I feel invigorated. If i could, i would give you an apple lol! Good work

  50. Thank you, Adriene! I thoroughly enjoyed these sessions and am proud to say that I didn't miss a day. In fact, today is my birthday. What a way to start it off.

    Love your sessions! Namaste.

  51. It's cold in New England right now ! Feel good vibes in the Yoga sunroom today. 7 AM brought a beautiful sunrise over the horizon . It finally clicked in after awhile... and at that exact moment the sun began to shine all over my face and the tears flowed. Im so thank-ful for you Adriene. Day # 31 was icing on the cake!
    Revolution Yoga has changed my Life!... Delish.XO
    Namaste My Friends.22

  52. Thank you for a great 31 days. So enjoyed it and looking forward to what is next. Though this I have also learned to not only look forward but also enjoy this very moment - and I have! Love the music, the flow, and hearing Adriene's voice in my head as I moved. Also heard my own voice guiding me as well and that is what this is all about. Thank you again. Namaste 🙂

  53. Beautiful. I was in tears of gratitude for most of the practice today. So much reverence for you, the community, and myself. Thank you. Namaste.

    1. Also, I was able to do a one-legged chattaranga with you, and hold crow for the first time. Amazing what presence, and a devoted practice can do. Jai! Loved the music too, how it tied in with the end credits of the program and even last year's yoga camp. I'd love to download it if you can direct us to the artist.

  54. wow i did everything bang in time ...well NO... I did my own thing really. But took some suggestİons when i was looking and some even when i was not.. The smile before crow cracked me up it comes.
    At the end when i finally rocked a few times back up to sitting you were in Namaste and then pop computer run out of charge comedy its all in the timing . thank you so much for the great work you do for people all over the world . respect and love.

  55. Thank you, Adrienne! It's been a great 31 day journey! Definitely feeling so much stronger in my upper body!

  56. Thank you for this month! This is the third year in a row I've spent my January with you and it always makes such a difference! I can feel myself becoming more gentle and present. And my muscles feel good too. 🙂 This year my goal is to stick with yoga. I am so thankful for your videos that make that possible. Thank you again!

  57. Wow! Last day no mic practice is challenging! Had to calm my anxieties about missing something and focus more on being PRESENT. I'm pretty sure though that your voice was right in my head... "Find your breath..." "Find extension and lift..." "Be present with yourself..."

    Thanks for leading me through a true revolution of mind, spirit and body!


  58. Holy last day that was amazing Adriene! Thank you sooo much! When you said I'm going to take my microphone off I thought um how are we going to do this then? Beautifully that's how. Just trusting my body and the practice was so inspiring and centering. I loved the confidence you gave me to do this and I am so proud of myself and my body for not missing one day. I am continuing the practice with you. Will be joining FWFG and I will be retreating with you this year 🙂 This practice has been a wonderful start to being healthier in other areas of my life. Blessings to you and all the gifts you share. Big love xo

  59. Thank you so, so much, Adriene. It's hard to put into words exactly how much Revolution has meant to me after getting blissed out by that practice. I've been following you for years, but this one has been extra special with the community and really learning to move from a place of connect.
    I followed you for a good half the video before really giving myself the freedom to find what feels good. It's so powerful!
    I recommend you to everyone I know - whether they practice yoga or not. Thank you so much to you and your team for this wonderful journey. It's brought so much joy!
    This will continue for me - with Sarah's wonderful calendars, or in another way - so see you on the mat tomorrow!

  60. I saw my doctor four days ago for my annual exam. When she asked what I'm doing for exercise I told her I started a yoga practice in September and I've decided I don't want to miss a day for the rest of my life! I want to be practicing yoga on my 102nd birthday!! This practice was one of the most beautiful experiences I've ever had. I have to admit... I was a bit put off when you announced there would be no talking. But I adjusted my attitude and it just flowed. You're a good teacher Adriene! When I look at the strength, balance, and agility my body has gained since I discovered your yoga for complete beginners video in September I am amazed at the changes! Even just in this 30 days the difference is stunning! I am so excited to see where this journey is taking me! THANK YOU ADRIENE for this beautiful thing you are doing for all of us out here! Much love and namaste.....

  61. Tears of gratitude , love and respect to you Adriene, your team, our fellow revolutionaries... and Benji! Thank you

  62. Thank you for today's practice.

    I will admit, at first I was annoyed that I was not going to have a guided practice today. But after taking a deep breath, I realized that I needed to develop my own practice hitting all the points that I want to achieve from a daily practice. So after going through a brief visualization, I did my own practice using the music from your video today as a guide. When the beat was a bit faster and stronger, I picked up my flow. When it was slower, I breathed into the postures and held them a little longer.

    After the practice, I sat down and created a daily flow with suggested postures. Each day will be different, but it will be a great go-to when I can access a guided practice.

    Thank you for these 31 days! I never missed a single one and it felt great! I look forward to staying with you on this yogic journey. Onward and upward!

  63. I am so grateful for the 31 days of Yoga Revolution; thank you Adriene and all involved for this incredible journey that has done so much for me both on and off the mat.

  64. Thank you for such a wonderful 31 days. all the practices have been so beautifully thoughtful. Doing your videos everyday have truly made my mind and body feel so so happy. I feel enormously grateful to you for these videos.

  65. As always A, LOVED this last session, I struggle a bit without the cues, but I know you are doing it to help me grow and be independent ... but I do love the calm that your cues provide, to just do without thinking about where I'm going next ... probably a bit lame but there you have it ... thanks for everything & please keep 'em comin' ... LT

  66. This has been an awakening, 31 days of growth and celebration in being! Thank you so, so much!

  67. I teared up too! It has been amazing to be part of this revolution and I loved the daily emails. Adrienne you have really inspired me to do things, such a starting a regular meditation practice. I love the last days just flowing on my own and every once in a while glancing at the screen and seeing your inner smile shining through. Also, I simply loved the music on this video.

    Namaste to you Adrienne and YWA community <3

  68. Today is my birthday (22!) and this practice (to be honest, whole January!) was the best gift I could ever wish for! Thank you Adriene for letting me be a part of this journey. I absolutely adore you. I also wanna thank fellow yogis - I guess being a part of something special makes you special AND VICE VERSA! It was a true REVOLUTION! ❤

  69. Truly the most extraordinary 31-day journey and a most meaningful end/beginning. I am so gratful to you, Adriene! There are no words to describe how thankful I am to have found you and reconnected with yoga...other than: to be continued.

  70. I missed your voice telling me to breath buy loved the music and was able to move and flow with you.

    Thank you Adriene for this amazing gift and I will be doing Yoga with you every morning for the rest of my life.


  71. Adriene, That was LOVELY to witness! As I said before, I have done my Tai Chi practice following the Yoga for 31 days now. Your fluid flow resonated with me because of the Tai Chi which I approach as more of a dance than a martial art. There are many similarities including breath, balance and moving from the core. I am inspired to achieve this with a yoga practice flowing from one posture to the next as you do. Watching you today reminded me that I took the same Tai Chi classes again and again before I finally realized that one is never done learning! I could do the Revolution again and again.
    I just learned today that you are also a Libra! (balance, balance and more balance for us!)

  72. Like many here, I was disappointed in the no vocal guidance in this final day. I found it distracting to follow the video, craning to look at times, then feeling lost even though the moves are all moves we've done. I can practice on my own but I still need a guideline so maybe a written sequence that I could have looked at first would have been helpful to me.Guess I can finish watching and write down the sequence.

    Still I loved this 31 days and I'm excited to keep up so I will be kept up!

    Namaste, Adriene and my fellow yogis

  73. Hi Adriene!

    I am amazed of how I was able to keep up with today's practice. When you mentioned in the beginning of the video that you were going to unplug your mic I was afraid that I was not going to make it, but I committed to myself and my big surprise was that I did not have any trouble doing the practice. I thank YOU for that. Through all today's practice I was listening to every lesson that you gave me in the videos. Every "breathe deeply", every "soften your gaze", every "clear your mind", every "smile from within", every "Find What Feels Good".

    Thank you again, these 31 days of Yoga Revolution have helped me cope with some stuff that I have been dealing with lately. Thank you for all your teachings, you beautiful soul. You are my hero!

    I wish that this would not end but I smile to a new beginning.

    May all the colors of the universe be with you always.

    With love,

    Carmen Rivera

  74. What an epic ending of this journey! My eyes filled with tears. Thank you for putting so much care and time into this. I've never felt better. I never thought there would come a day that I would truly be ok with me. I feel elated and look forward to your email tomorrow. Namaste!!!

  75. I don't know what to say except "wow! Thank you! And Namaste". This has been a great revolution for me in so many ways. I'm so grateful for these videos Adriene, and I look forward to continuing my yoga journey with you! Love & Light, Namaste!

  76. I did miss the audio as I am a beginner but I did the best I could without moving my neck too weird to see the video. I found that my breathing didn't flow as well probably because I was worried about what to do next. Hearing your voice, with me as a beginner, gave me the confidence and kept me calmer and in touch with my breathing. I guess I am at the point that it helps me to have guided yoga. Great month, congratulations everyone for being there this whole month for yourself!
    I look forward to the coming months with is a life changer 🙂

  77. Countless: the number of times this past month my partner and I turned to each other during a video to say, "Isn't Adriene the most amazing person?"

    Joyous: the times I could anticipate the association of a phrase with a lyric. She's gonna start singing...I know she it comes...FREE YOUR MIND!

    Keeping: felicitous phrases like PRIVATE LOVE CAVE.

    Adriene, you have given us an unforgettable boost into 2017. Words do not suffice! Onward and upward! We look forward to carrying your revolution forward into new practices on and off the mat.

    P.S. Our dogs thank you for the opportunity to crawl under us during this past month's planks and over us during this past month's cobras. THEY ARE BOLD.

  78. Thank you so much for this journey. I started on Day 1 like a rusty old tin (wo)man but it's been amazing how quickly my strength, flexibility and balance has come back and even improved. I've learned to take good care of myself again. Thank you Adriene for always being so kind, warm and welcoming. Those things mean so much when you're having a hard time - knowing I'm going to see a friendly face who's glad I turned up is not only comforting but empowering too. You're awesome (so is Benji) - can't wait for what's next!


  79. I loved this last day so much! I loved that the flow of the yoga matched the music, and since I'm at home I could hold a certain pose as long as I wanted, catch up with Adriene later. This is one that I will come back to again and again. It left me with such a feeling of hopefulness and gratitude!

    Thank you again for everything YWA team! Much love!

  80. Oh, Adriene! When I lay on my mat today in savasana, tears of pure joy ran down my cheeks, because I am filled with gratitude for you, FWFG, and the transformative. 31 Day Revolution.

    I don't know how I got so lucky...I am not a theist but somehow the stars aligned and I found you and this community three years ago, when I was at my worst, and needed you the most.

    This is my third 31 day January yoga practice with you...I enjoyed the first one, and got a glimpse of what it could do for me, I relished the second, and began to connect to my happiness, and today, after my final practice, I feel...blissful.

    This month, I found the freedom to cleanse my home and my mind of every book with "diet" in the title, every journal I wrote where I struggled to find and accept myself. Today, I love myself...I love my beautiful 55-year-old body, I love what you and yoga have given me...self-awareness, self-compassion, self-love.

    May all the goodness you bestow into the universe find its way back to you, and may you never lose your sense of humour. May the gratitude my heart is sending from up here in frosty northwestern Ontario make its way to you, in the warmth of Texas.

    Jai namaste.

    Cynthia B.

  81. Thank you, thank you for a great 31 days. I've improved my flexibility so much and balance is coming along. No crow yet and my tree is wobbly but I can do happy baby so there is hope. Can't wait for the next email. I just need to keep practicing.

  82. This was an amazing journey!! I have been practicing for over a year, I have done the other month long Programs through Youtube and I love it but I always found myself struggling through this last day practice, trying to follow along with no words as many have mentioned above. Today was a glorious day though for me, a day that I did my own practice, I listened to my inner teacher and found what felt good, even though at times I looked at the video and I was doing something completely different, I was ok with that were in the past I would have rushed to fix it , or do what was on the video, today I found myself completely comfortable doing my thing and not worrying about if it was wrong or not. I trusted myself, I loved myself and IT. WAS. AMAZING!!!! Thank you xo

  83. Dear Adriene,
    today's session just touched me very deeply.
    Today I had a very bad day, trouble at work and at home and to be honest I also was a bit anxious what will happen after day 31... and then I turned on your video and it just started to flow. The yoga, my emotions, all the energy.
    It became clear what you mean by "find what feels good". I recognized sometimes I was totally in sync with your practice (an awesome connection that almost scared me), sometimes I was confused what to do next, sometimes I could listen more to myself what I really need right now and let go from the guide that you have given in your video to find something new.
    And everyhing was just fine as it is.
    There's no wrong and right, just pay attention to what your body an mind tell you.
    The last 30 days were so powerful and impacting to me, I could hear you talking in my head with all the vocabulary... amazing!
    Without saying any word at all, this session was the most touching one and the ultimate lesson on what you are really teaching.
    Your yoga sessions are for me indeed a revolution, it's getting into my daily routine and I definitely want to keep going after day 31.

    Thank you so much for this amazing experience!

    Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu
    Om Shanti

  84. Thank you so much Adriene for this amazing experience. It was a wonderful journey which every single day, I looked forward to step on the mat, be present and enjoy myself doing yoga. Congratulations to everyone involved in these videos. You are awesome. Namaste xxx

  85. Adriene, Today's final practice was so beautiful it brought me to tears. Literally. My mat was wet. You were so beautiful and you made me feel beautiful. What a lovely way to end (begin!). Love to you! Thanks for all you do to help us achieve our best!

  86. Thank you! 31 wonderful and beautiful practices! You are so great to connect with - I love you humor!
    Thank you again for helping me with my home practice.

  87. Ah, tears on my yoga mat.
    May we all be happy and free.
    I greatly appreciated and benefited from this series, Adriene. Thank you beyond words.
    For some reason my body wants to cry now, so ... I'll let it.
    Love to all.

    1. For me too, all of this! Thank you Adriene; I feel your friendship. Thank you Allison for posting my feelings first!

  88. Just beautiful. I may be terminally ill, but I am also eternally grateful to you and the sweet Kula who give me support.

    1. Wow Katie,
      I wish you so much love and strength. I'm honored to have shared the practice with you.

  89. What a beautiful practice Adriene! Thank you so much for everything. I've never felt stronger in my yoga practice and I was smiling the whole time during this Day 31. The music was great too, any way you can post it on your website so we can listen to it anytime?
    Thank you again. Sending love to you and the whole community!

  90. Thank you Adriene for all that you are. Thank you for this revolution. Thank you for your guidance. Thank you for your humor and your love.

    I finished all 31 days and when I first started this practice, it was hard to do, but now I look forward to yoga every day. I’ve been trying to get into the habit of it for a long time but I always stopped for some reason. I suppose I wasn’t ready. I feel great after doing this for 31 days. I feel lighter, I feel more grounded, I feel more present and peaceful. I feel like I have a sanctuary of peace to turn to whenever I need it which is so important for this time. My entire life I have emotionally torn myself apart. Unable to control my thoughts and causing myself so much emotional pain. It's something I have worked on for a long time and I've been meaning to do yoga regularly but I never could bring myself to do it. Maybe my ego was afraid of dying little by little. Overall I feel more love for myself. I catch myself complimenting myself more and cheering myself on, even off the mat. I feel more patient and understanding of myself and others. Its amazing what can happen after just 31 days.

    So, whats next? Yoga camp, 30 days of yoga, and as many yoga videos as possible so I can continue this practice daily and become even more of who I really am.

    Also, I just wanted to say you are very graceful in your practice. Your flow is hypnotizing and I hope to join you in person for a yoga flow.

    Thank you, again!


  91. What a beautiful and energetic practice! This was my best yoga practice ever! Thank you, Adriene! Thank you for the whole journey! Thanks to all the people all over the world who did this revolution!
    Adriene, you are awesome! For years I have tried to practice yoga regularly at home, but somehow I didn't manage till REVOLUTION. I stuck with you each day during this project and I am so grateful! I feel that this year will be full of yoga for me /my goal now is everyday yoga till the end of the year... umm and till the end of the universe :)/.
    We are great!
    Namaste from Bulgaria! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  92. Thank you with all my heart Adriene for this wonderful 31 days. I love how much better I'm feeling in my body and my spirit. You're truly amazing and a loving kind and genuine person ♥ ♥ ♥

  93. Thank you for taking me on the amazingly, sweet journey. My body and soul needed every piece of it. I feel strong, patient, creative and loved! Thank you for getting me to open and to be me. It's exactly what I've been craving.


    P.S. Benji helped me relax and find comfort in my own groove today <3

  94. Present and awake after 31 days of yoga revolution! Thank you so much Adriene and team, this was a wonderful journey. Grateful for this community and grateful to myself for showing up each day. I'll continue the journey. Keep on doing the good work!

    (The Netherlands)

  95. Thank you Adriene for this wonderful journey of self-discovery!! So proud I stuck through it, a bit sad it's over!

  96. ❤️ Dear Adriene, thank you for an incredible experience! You're clearly an amazing woman, and I adore you for starting YWA and the revolution, as well as for all your fun and wisdom. You teached us so many things, made us laugh, cry and discover. I wish you many wonderful moments to come and that your dreams come true (not only 2milliom subscribers, but also Benji for president of our hearts). ❤️

  97. Dear Adriene,
    I want to thank you for the wonderful yoga routines, wisdom and passion, shared so freely with your followers. I have been dipping into a variety of your videos over the past year and they have guided me through challenging and transformative times- Thank you so much!
    I have joined you and so many other committed followers on the 31 day Revolution, enjoying each unique routine- Amazingly, I have realised increased stamina, strength and focus so, as you said, the journey has only just begun! Can't give up now...
    Many thanks for all your gifts of guidance and inspiration,

  98. Dear Adriene, The highlight of my day for that past 31 days has been Yoga Revolution. It's a little bit sad that it's coming to an end, but as you say it's really a new beginning. I will repeat Yoga Revolution over and over again until the practices and transformation stick. There were so many beautiful practices and they really resonated with me.
    Anyways I just want to send a big big thanks for the tremendous work you and the team have put into this. I've enjoyed it so very much and am looking forward to your email tomorrow.
    Lots of love. Jai Namaste.

  99. Thank you so much Adriene for your compassion and generosity in putting together such beautiful yoga sequences. I particularly enjoyed today's practice especially with the moving and invigorating music. I am going to download this one and keep it in my tool box especially to do when I am travelling. You had everything in there - adore Benji!! What a great team you make. You are an amazing person - you often talk about your mum's influence and her wise words.... congratulate her from me 😉 xxx

  100. I have so loved every minute of Revolution. You have given me so much strength in my life on and off the mat and I haven't missed a day. As a fairly new yogi I am so proud to have shared this with everyone. I am now used to your final day to be without instruction, just beautiful music. I was surprised how emotional I was, so moving your grace and expertise was awesome. I mirrored you right through as best I could. Thank you for all you do for us all, I cannot find the words. Reading previous comments I agree with them all. I am so looking forward to continuing our journey,

  101. Thank you Adriene, for these 31 days! I enjoyed each day practising yoga. Thank you so much.

  102. Thank you very much for this journey. Although I am sad that this chapter is ending, I am glad to know that it is also the beginning. The beginning of a more connected, balanced self. My yoga feels sacred to me, I have learned that along this journey. Thank you, love to all <3


  103. I would just like to thank you guys at Yoga with Adriene and Adriene of course for making this revolution possible! I had never taken yoga seriously never quite understanding how it would ever fit for me and my body, but every day a little bit with you and the rest of the people all over the world following your revolution classes I was opened to this world of yoga and of me and of everyone I guess. Well just wanted to thank you for opening this door for me and may it continue being open to let that beautiful sunshine in! Thanks Adriene, your team and everyone! 🙂

  104. Hello, I have enjoyed every moment of the journey and everything I learnt on the mat I have been using off the mat... Basically it has changed my way of thinking , living and enjoying the whole of my life. I have come across challenges off the mat and faced them with calm and mindfulness. I have got some yoga books and I am going to learn more about the ways of yoga. Very sad to see the end of this amazing journey, can't wait until the next video. Namaste everyone and especially Adrienne Xxx

  105. Thank you so much, Adriene, for this beautiful Gift! I completed every single day of this 31 Day Revolution and am deeply grateful that I made the commitment to begin 2017 by practicing with you and my fellow Revolutionaries. You are a wonderful teacher! Just last night, I was sharing this experience with my yoga students. It is my hope that they will subscribe to your YouTube channel and also start practicing with you. Again, thank you for offering such a wonderful way to begin the New Year.

  106. I'm not sure what just happened. ... but I feel very let down and disappointed. It was hard to do day 31, the final day of this accomplishment for me craning my neck to see what was happening. I really need some cues.... guess I'm not as yogi ready as I thought. It was beautiful to watch and I'm sure I could have flowed right along and enjoyed the beauty and felt everything this month was building to..... but instead disappointment and confusion.
    The month of yoga was amazing and I'm grateful for Adriene and, all the work and love put in to putting it all together... regardless of how I feel now.

  107. Snow is falling softly outside my window. That was truly lovely, Adriene. Thank you for everything. In 14 days I turn 60. Coming everyday to the mat for 33 days (I did some lead ins) feels amazing. In these tough times, I can do something for myself that makes me more present for others. I see so many transformations over this month, physically and emotionally. Today, I felt beautiful. I kept smiling at the things I could do with ease, and laughed with myself at what I couldn't. I look forward to trying all your sessions. Peace.

  108. Thank you so much Adriene, and all of the yogis that were here on the this journey.
    Especially the last days, I just couldn't help laughing out loud sometimes. It just made me so happy. You turned me into a really relaxed person, that still cannot do crow pose... but working on that!
    Day 31 was a challenge to follow, but I was totally amazed that I gained to much strength and balance over these weeks! Yeee and yummy!

    Thank you so much, and lots of love to everyone that did this month, all over the world, of different times. That's a real special feeling. 🙂

  109. Wow, I didn't expect that. My first tears during a practice. How incredibly comforting you are as a teacher. I will continue my practice every day. You are the best Adriene x .......but you guys are the best too. My fellow yogis words from around the world have inspired me to be my best self yet. Love to all........Namaste ❤❤❤❤

  110. Wow! I was crying and laughing out loud on day 31! So proud of this acomplishment. Last year I didnt make it past day 10 due to a pre-existing shoulder issue. I am so thankful for Adrienne being on the planet. I made it this year and I am inspired by the physical mental and spiritual shifts in my being. On day 20 my dog threw up on my yoga mat...I didn't let that deter me....I cut the icky end off and kept going. (I did buy a new mat for practice the next day 🙂 ). I look forward to my daily yoga practice and finding what feels good. Thank you! Thank-you! Thank-you!

  111. I felt sad a lot during this practice and wanted to quit and cry. The setup I have for viewing forced me to crane my neck so much and I was always looking up. I can safely say I didn't get one pose even decently managed due to being entirely preoccupied with guessing what would come next and how long the poses would be held. It was very deflating after what I had considered a great amount of progress. I understand that this is where I am right now and I needed to see it clearly... I will never ever be able to close my eyes and get into it for real if I'm always waiting for someone else's cue. That is a great lesson I gained and I know where I need to go, but I wish there had been some warning, some hint in the previous practices. I didn't notice much of a diminish in the cues in practices leading up to this. I wasn't ready for the rug to be yanked out so abruptly. I also wish it hadn't been the last one because I would have liked to come back to just one more traditional session after this to feel and understand it better. I feel badly that this experiment is the last taste I have in my mouth of this journey because it makes me feel like I failed a final test.

  112. Wonderful! I loved every minute of it even when I didn't. Thank you so much Adriene for a wonderful 31 day yoga revolution. It got me doing yoga every day. And so much more. You are awesome, I'm awesome. I'll be taking much of your philosophy and insight as well as the asana practice into my daily practice from here on. Just a note of feedback from what I've read from others as well as with my experience of the many things I really love about your teaching is just that - your teaching. Your guidance helps provide a lovely practice for online students. That said, yes the video is beautiful and it is good to watch it and then cultivate our own practice as well. Something like this might be better in a syllabus with an assignment for students to put together their own asana sequence. And I'll say again I am not disappointed. I am the opposite – energized and inspired, stronger and more aware of how my body works and very excited to cultivate my inner teacher. Thank you thank you so much. Namaste!

  113. Today I did the crow pose! Got my toes off the ground. I only lasted a couple of seconds but I feel good about it!!

  114. Oh my gosh...what a beautiful practice to watch and to do!! I also had an animal under me during cat cow, and she decided to climb onto my legs during cobra and made it almost up to a full down dog. This has been such a wonderful 31 days...thank you so much Adriene!! I have osteoporosis and have always been afraid to try camatkarasana at my yoga classes but, because of the way you have us move into it, I can do it now! I am sorry that the 31 days have ended, but feel so much stronger and more confident. Thanks again!!

  115. I began today with a headache. Hoped the breathing would handle it, and it did. Loved the music and went with my intuition and the next time I looked at the screen, it was a cute little heart right as I sat up from savasana. Just perfect. Namaste.

  116. I sit here in tears... At first when you said you were going to turn off the microphone I panicked... oh no, what will I do... I should just skip it. I started off watching but within a minute or so I closed my eyes and decided to do what felt good. Strangely enough, a few times I looked at the screen and we were doing the same thing, most times not, but it made me inner smile... Thank you, thank you, thank you. I feel more at peace today than I have in a long time. I know know I don't need a youtube video to do yoga... don't worry you are not getting rid of me that easily! I am just happy to know I can do it on my own if need be. This has been a wonderful eye opening journey and cannot wait to see what is in store next. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU ADRIENE!!

  117. Honestly I didn't think I would make it to Day 31. I didn't miss a day!

    THANK YOU, Adriene!

  118. This was so absolutely gorgeous ! Thank you Adriene for all the "you've go this", "everything is as it should bes", wisdom and gifted teaching. You are the best! I cried when I finished my version of Day 31. I completed all 31 days. I have never done that many consecutive days but, that isn't the most amazing part. I was able to come to my mat every day,looking forward to the practice, never questioning my ability, no expectations, no judgement, and practice with loving kindness and acceptance of all was as it should be. I am an almost 59 year old, lopsided breast cancer survivor, non-Hodgkins lymphoma thriver who believes yoga is one of the most valuable tools I have to beat cancers butt.

  119. Adriene, I can't believe - and I am so very glad - that I've stayed with you the whole month. I missed 4 days altogether, always for good reasons, and I let that be o.k. I now see that a 30 minute daily practice is the very best for me, and the reason I had not been able to do that before is that I did not have the time to think through how to balance the practice day-to-day, since 30 min is not long enough to do a full practice so one has to piece it out, and that takes planning, which, of course, you did for us.

    The daily newness also was a huge help - it took away the hurdle of boredom that has also been a big reason why I could not manage a daily practice.

    Adriene, I am really grateful. Thank you. And I am very excited to see what you have next for us.

  120. Wait, was I meant to do my own thing the whole way through?! I decided not to crane my neck and look at the video and I just flowed and went through the various sequences as I remembered them, doing whichever I fancied, and mostly with my eyes closed. I loved the music and the time flew. I even had to rewind a few minutes at the end when it went to the Revolution music as I still hadn't come down to the mat. For those worrying about keeping up, perhaps just try trusting yourself and doing your own thing, and occasionally looking at the video for inspiration of what you could do next? It's amazing how much you don't realise you have learnt - my stomach dropped when I realised I had to (or so I thought!) go it alone, but it was the best thing. Just let it flow and relax into it - we have learnt so much, we can do it without Adriene! Namaste

    1. And THANK YOU Adriene! I never believed I would complete the 31 days without missing one, but here I am. I decided to take this on because I was always being hard on myself when I looked in the mirror and I wanted to try a bit more self-love. I'm proud of what I have achieved, I feel better about myself and am more willing to accept who I am, even love myself sometimes when I'm having a good day - this is by no means every day, it is still a challenge. But I I'm a yoga convert through and through and I have realised how powerful an inner smile could be - I had never realised it can make me crack into a huge outward smile. I am still self critical, too much so I know, but yoga is helping. Thank you x

  121. Thankyou Adriene for being the wonderful teacher and guide that you are. Todays practice was so energetically calming and stimulating I felt so much joy and life flowing through me, full of creativity, flow and wonder at the world. I have really enjoyed the revolution practice

  122. Thank you so much, Adriene! Such a beautiful day 31! I was able to follow you most of the time and found it to be such an amazing experience. I was breathing in and out in the right places (I think!) just trusting my body to remember what to do. And I heard your encouraging voice in my head letting me relax and enjoy the flow. And I loved the peaceful music and Benji's appearance on the mat.
    Faithfully doing the 31 days has been so important to me and I want to continue with this beautiful practice.
    My 64 year old body thanks you!
    My mind and spirit thank you!
    Surprised by my tears at the end. Grateful for your sweet words to ponder.

    1. PS:
      I have started Yoga Camp and it is terrific! Have done all 3 days so far and plan to complete the 30 days. Learning new things each session.
      I can't thank you enouh for bringing yoga back into my life after so many years.

  123. Thank you for this amazing journey... even though I missed not hearing your voice to guide me, I found myself dancing through the moves, feeling it through my breathing, smiling and enjoying the moment...
    Looking forward to my practice tomorrow... Many thanks Adriene!!

  124. I am in happy tears right now. Thank you for this journey, Adriene. Your last letter and practice made my heart so full. This has been my favorite time of the day, no matter when it happened to land. You have made a positive and powerful impact on my life. My daily life will have a yoga practice in it, a way to connect with in and out all day long. I love having you as my yoga person. One thing that I did was to promise myself at the end of the 31 Day revolution I would purchase a new yoga mat. My old one was damaged but I hadn't been practicing. I have been using a yoga towel instead. This is my present to me for doing something I love everyday and that is so good for my mind, body, and soul. Thank you so much for having this 31 day practice. I will be back on the (real) mat tomorrow, using one of your amazing other videos on your channel. There is so much good stuff on there 🙂 Love you!

  125. Thank you Adriene and team, what an amazingly beautiful journey!!!! And I forgot to say yesterday I'm super excited for the chakra series coming up later in the year. Much love and light to all of your team and yourself <3 <3 <3

  126. You did it, you made me LOVE yoga! I crave it now!!! So thankful for you and this 31 day challenge.

  127. Thank you Adriene! Throughout yogarevolution I looked forward to my daily practice and for the first time I didn't feel like I was forcing it or gripping on. I followed my own practice today but looked up and met you in pigeon pose. What a special gift you have given so many with this series.

  128. Thank you Adriene. This was most necessary today, of all days. My son, who is less than two years old, had to evacuate his day care as a result of a string of bomb threats that have been sent to Jewish Community Centers nationwide. I was feeling deeply angry, distressed, and afraid. Tonight's practice was beautiful and washed much of that away. It's a scary world sometimes, but as easy as it is to spend so much consciousness on the dark, I thank you for helping us all become aware of the sunlight. Thank you for this series, and thank you for giving it to all of us with such generosity.

      1. Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry you and your son had to experience that. I've also been using yoga to heal or protect myself from the world, or at least turn my worrying brain off for a while. We have a hard road ahead of us, and with luck and practice, the tools of yoga will guide and restore us, fill us up when hate threatens to take us over, and remind us to love our neighbors.

        Love to everyone, and thanks for taking this journey with me!

  129. Thank you Adriene, today is my 52nd birthday, what a beautiful way to finish off the 31 days of yoga!! Namaste.

  130. As soon as I listened to you speak your final introduction to todays practice, DAY 31! I was overcome with emotion. It surprised me. Pleasantly so! I committed only to yoga during January, forgoing my usual exercise to focus solely on the 31 day revolution. It was exactly what my mind, body and soul had been telling me to do for months. I am overcome with gratitude at what I was able to be a part of this past month. Thank you so much Adriene. It has been an amazing ride.

  131. My head is filled with thoughts and emotion after finishing this Yoga Revolution, but most importantly I must say, Thank You!!

    I am a better me after this journey. I'll be looking for ways to keep this momentum going.

    The light in me honors the light in you

  132. This was my first time practicing yoga, and I'm more than convinced that it has been one of the best experiences Ive Had in my life. The feeling of being connected and the energy everywere...
    Just wanted to say thank you Adriene and all of you in this amazing Revolution.
    Im leaving here my "granito de arena" to make this world a place of peace and love.
    Thank you all!

  133. Oh wow, I did not know what to expect for our last day...but it certainly did not disappoint! This is the first yoga experience I have shared with Adriene and so I had no idea what she was talking about when she said that she would be taking off her mic for the video, but I LOVED it. It was so cool, so be able to dance alongside Adriene (and every else around the world) and move to my own rhythm and be able to share in the experience. But I must admit, I did miss her goofy jokes and comments. The end of last year and the beginning of this year has been a little rough for me, and I have no doubt that this REVOLUTION has brought me closer to my inner truth and inner guidance and will help guide me for the rest of the year. The mantra that kept ringing in my head as I finished this practice was "Move the way love wants you to move", love love love all the way around.

    May all beings be happy and free <3

  134. This practice was so powerful. At first, I wasn't sure how it was going to go when you said you were taking off your mic, but I was fine, I followed your movements for much of the video but was also able to be completely present and do what felt good too. I had moments of pure joy, a wide cheesy smile across my face and, a total breakdown into sobs while in savasana. Both felt incredible and perfect in the moment. You have really changed my life, I can;t see a day ahead without yoga in it, I am so grateful for you, Adriene. Namaste. <3

  135. Wow. This last day was absolutely beautiful. I actually shed some happy tears at the end. Thank you so much for this yoga revolution, I have enjoyed it immensely.

  136. Thank you for the wonderful experience Adriene! It's been 62 days since I haven't missed a day of practice thanks to you and count on more 🙂

  137. What an incredible experience today's practice has been! I surprised myself at how effortless it was to give (as you would say) my "thinking brain a rest" and to trust my body and my inner teacher. I found that without your guidance, I actually began to rely on my breathing to carry me through todays practice. It was a very emotional experience and unbelievably freeing. Adriene- your energy is contagious! I am a long time YWA fan and recommend you every chance I get! EVERYTHING IS AS IT SHOULD BE <3

  138. Hi Adriene,
    A huge thank you for this great experience with yoga. Your class was the main thing I looked forward to doing at the end of a hard day dealing with difficult high school students. Even though I go the gym regularly, but I always thought yoga was a total waste of time. Now thanks to you, I will make yoga practice a permanent part of my weekly workout routine.

    Merci mille fois, mil gracias, a thousand thanks!

  139. Thanks Adriene for the last 31 days and starting my year off again in yoga with you. You inspired me last year and again this year. I am starting my 2nd yoga year because of you. I hated last year when the 30 days ended and I find myself sad that another 31 days has gone by so quickly. It is sad but wonderful in other ways as it is the beginning of another year of yoga with you. You are an inspiration not only in yoga but in your truly positive spirit that energizes us all. Thank you again for another wonderful journey.

  140. Lovely Adriene,

    I cannot thank you enough for the last 31 days. I have been an on-again-off-again yoga pupil for roughly 10 years. In the last year, I have been on a journey though many life changes, both professionally and with family. Throughout this time I have found myself returning to the mat. I go to a combination of public classes and your videos.

    In particular, I feel I must comment that there has been a large and unexpected transition in my professional life which has almost directly coincided with my start of the 31 day revolution. As i came into a full understanding about how my work position would change, I was simultaneously building an understanding within. Day after day, challenges have been presented to me and I have moved from this new place of connect, breathing through difficult moments and standing up to unpleasant encounters with a steadiness and confidence. I truly cannot imagine how I would have coped throughout this past month without having this revolution practice. It has renewed me from the inside out. I don't remember a time when i felt more connected with my own body and mind. This daily commitment has strengthened my belief in the importance of a mindfulness practice. I am ready to start calling myself a regular yogi, not an "on-again-off-again" yoga student. Thank you so much for the last 31 days. I wish it didn't have to end but like all things-including my new work life- endings are just new beginnings. Bon Voyage!

  141. What a wonderful gift you have given all of us. Thank you so much. I thoroughly enjoyed this. Yoga is going to stay as an everyday piece of movement for me. <3

  142. Thank you, Adriene, for our incredible 31-day journey. This January with you is a great opening act for an amazing year 2017, a year of self-discovery, newly found strength and pure pleasure. Special thanks to my best friend, Gulnara, for being my inspiration and soul-mate in the yoga month with Adriene. Peace and love to everyone. Namaste!

  143. Thank you so warmly and so appreciatively from my heart, Adriene. Your practices truly make a difference. I've experienced a lot of change this past month, but connecting during the practice everyday on my mat/carpet/floor, day or night, has centered and gently guided me through this process. It has also shown me that consistently practicing yoga and other forms of self-love and -care are essential to leading an anti-inflammatory, balanced lifestyle--one that I need to maintain my physical and mental health. With health issues putting a strain on the relationship with my body, during today's mermaid pose--in which I was mindful not to collapse, but feel the pose and energy surging throughout all of my body--I finally felt the connect and appreciation for my body that I've been missing for a long time. It was as if I melted back into myself and was hugging myself at the same time. These sensations are the ones that will keep me coming back to the mat every day, for they bring me back to my core. Thank you for illuminating these sweet sensations, and for the time and energy you put into your programs. So much love--Namaste, Diana xx

  144. A perfect ending to a wonderful journey...I have learned so much about my practice from this beautiful series, Adriene. Thank you for the words of encouragement and kindness each morning, and for the challenges on the mat each day. This final practice, though...just what I needed today. I'll be coming back to this one. I stayed mindful of all I've learned through this month; I listened to my breath; I moved with intention and let my body speak.
    It was a perfect, beautiful ending. I felt free. Absolutely free. I can't thank you enough for that feeling. Namaste and blessings to you...may you always be free and happy!

  145. I just wrapped up the 31st day of Yoga Revolution. My heart is full ♡
    Thank you for helping me reach my best, mentally, physically and emotionally. I'm truly grateful you've come into my life and I'm so stoked to flow more with your practice!
    Kindest and warmest regards to you from Wyo ♡

  146. The no music and no voice was a surprise at first. But I really was able to be present and it brought up emotions that made me journal after I was done. Like to hear it goes! *inner smile*

    I did it! I committed to 31 (well 30) days of yoga, or shall I say a lifestyle change. I missed 1 day (Day 10), BUT this was a milestone for me! Me being committed and sticking with things is not something I really do. At first I didn't look at it as a way of being more than yoga. But as I continued in the Yoga Revolution (early on), I realized this was so much more than yoga. This was a calming to my anxiety. This was a lift to my mood. This was a way to keep pushing though. This was a way to carve out 30-40 minutes each day (putting my phone on silent). This was self-care. This was a way to not have a breakdown or give completely up. This was a safe space for me. I tried to take what I did on the mat and do it off the mat. Things like ease and gentle. I will continue to try to do that off the mat as well as on the mat. I'm truly proud of myself. Commitment. Commitment. Commitment. Doing this was telling myself that I deserve so much more than I give myself. So how do I continue and start a new revolution via yoga and adding on something else to commit to? The journey will reveal this.

  147. Well, that was just plain awesome! THANK YOU ADRIENE for helping me get this year off to a great start! I am so ready to continue this journey because a day without yoga is a day without sunshine... and I really like sunshine! Keep doing what you do! And congrats to all the other amazing people who were on this journey along with me. You are all amazing! Namaste!

  148. Adriene,
    I needed this practice today. I lost an important document that I've been working on for 3 days And I'm completely wrecked about it. This really helped, and with out the yoga I have been practicing with you, I'm sure I would have reacted so much differently when I found out my file had been lost. I've built a better character through the yoga revolution and it has helped me for the better, truly. Thank you, and I can't wait for what comes next. ♥️

  149. When we did a free style on the last day of yoga camp I kinda freaked out, but this time I went with the flow and all was well. I'm getting better - a little bit - every day. Thanks so much for all you do. Namaste.

  150. BRAVO, Adriene!! Loved the Revolution!
    You are the only online yoga teacher I've connected with - and by connect I mean: enjoy, look forward to, laugh with, & learn from. Thanks so much for doing this and sharing your bright spirit. The bonus for me is that unbelievably...31 days later my heels are closer to the mat than they've ever been! Namaste

  151. Thank you for such a wonderful start to my year. It has been an interesting ride, trying to find a way to fit it in! Something that really clicked someway mid-Revolution, was a sense of inner strength. I've always been a "go for the burn" kind of person. I like tough workouts; I like athletic yoga. (You'd never know it to look at me. Thanks wine and chocolate! ) Somehow, the slowing down and pulling back, making sure my foundation is solid before I move into the hard pose really stuck with me. I have always read i yoga books that some of the easy poses, like downward dog, tone the abs, but always scoffed at the idea, as I was holding planks and boat poses. But as I have taken the time to notice my foundations, I have seen that if I find that internal support in the easy poses, I keep it throughout the day, carrying around my kids, doing dishes, everything. Whereas, in my old school, I'm nailing the hard poses, I would be ripped and solid in my planks, then let it all go when I couldn't hold it anymore. So I was only building strength to push through the workout, not push through my day. I'm finally seeing that a little goes a long way, and a lot might actually be getting in my way.
    So watch out 2017, I'm going to rock you!

  152. Thank you so much, Adriene. I enjoyed being a part of this 31-day Revolution. I am a breast cancer survivor who often feels older than my age. This month, I have started to feel strong again and very much alive! Your classes were both challenging and playful. You made me laugh out loud many times. And wow--you know a lot of songs! My body, mind and spirit has been transformed.

  153. Thank you! ❤ this was lovely and I truly appreciate the time and energy you gift to the world by making this practice available. Namaste.

  154. Dearest Adriene,I am truly grateful for your beautiful,inspiring,gorgeous,loving,fun,kind self. It was tough to show up at times ,although you got me there each of the 31 days. You have helped me to learn to shine my light with the intention of being loving and kind to myself, I have done yoga for a long time and your version was exactly what I needed on my journey. Abundant blessings to you, Donna, (Australia)

  155. Hi Adriene.
    Thank you so much for your yoga revolution. It really touched my life. I finished as much of it as I could (I missed days 20-25 because of the flu) and I hope you know that I plan to incorporate yoga into my day from now on. I do it at the end of the day, and it gives me something to look forward to, something that I am doing for myself. Having the yoga revolution helped me make sure that I got yoga into my day, every day. And because of that, I can really see, and feel, what a regular practice is doing for me. It has changed how I look and feel. It is incredible.
    This practice was beautiful, and it moved me in a way that yoga hasn't ever moved me before. I thank you so much for spreading the love, and the peace, and making yoga something that I can do at home. Thank you so very, very, very much.
    You have really done a lot for me, and I am grateful! I love your dorky comments and random singing. You have been the best teacher for me.
    Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

  156. WOW! A beautiful ending! Graceful and fluid movement all the way. Thank you for these 31 days of joy and peace❤️

  157. Dear Adriene,

    Thank you so much for this journey with you ! These 31 days were awesome. You made me wake up every morning before going to work to practice, for the first day of my life, and this was awesome. Now I'm never stopping doing yoga every morning, for sure 🙂
    This last day was excellent. And I love the music !

    Thank you again,
    Marine, France

  158. Thank you Adriene for this month of yoga. I am proud of myself for being able to finish the challenge, noticing how I received more flexibility and endurance during the past days.

    Thank you for not being too serious, bringing your lovely dog with you to the practise and making me smile.

    Anna-Stiina, Finland

  159. Wonderful Thanks so much Adrienne for your love time and commitment for doing this fabulous journey. I felt I was joining a special world team doing yoga together. A wonderful journey and although I'm sad today and cried nearly all the way through the practice. My crow looked hilarious!! I know we can all start again. I'm going to do this again. Love and Light to you and to everyone my fellow travellers. and Benji tooxxxxxx

  160. Thank you Adriene, It has been an amazing, inspiring, beautiful journey of growth. I need to work on remembering which leg I have already done a lunge on as I did the same leg twice without realising haha, but i have noticed I'm far more forgiving of myself when I fall, smiling my inner smile and remembering that the mat is there to catch me if I fall. Thank you for your time, putting these yoga practices together and helping to make the world a better place. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Love and light xx

  161. I made it, we all made it!! I've been on and off yoga classes for about 2 years, spending most of my time turning my head right and left, up and down, to understand the positions the teacher and students were going through and with this Yoga Revolution program I finally understood the Why's of the How's and... it feels so GOOD!
    I can't believe I managed to do this last practice with no other guidance than visual, following your moves Adriene, and connecting to them. I had a smile on my face most of the time because I now know how to honor my body and breath properly to help focusing my mind. I'm now so interested in all the energies and chakras concepts, I can't wait for more videos to come. Let's do another revolution!!
    Thank you so much for your good spirits, patience and humour (I laughed at least once most of videos), you're awesome and the community you created is wonderful!
    Hi to Benji too!

  162. Thanks thanks and thanks. You brought so much presence, grace, compassion and humour to this wonderful life time gift. I was talking to myself in "Adriene Speak" during the practice and how lovely that language is! Always kind and positive and centred on us. It's been a marvelous journey. I have followed you for years but never attempted a 30 day challenge before and I feel stronger and, in "AS" more "Connect" and am kinder to myself. ! Namaste

  163. Thank you Adrienne for your commitment to showing me true yoga, union and trust... I love it all and felt honoured to be guided by you on day 31 in the silence. This is a practice to be practiced and I savour every pose, breath and thought that passed through me in the last 31 days...... now I am ready to continue and am excited for your suggestion for more practice.
    Blessings and love to you

  164. Thank you, Adriene! This was a very beautfiul flow that capture 31 days of yoga from the beginning till the end. It wasn't easy! That's why I will practice some asana's over again, and over again.... So I can feel the flow and not have to think what's next en look up to the screen.
    Only the crow and the pigeon are the hardest parts... These asana's need more practice and more focus.
    But I go on with your instructions/video's....every day on my mat...stay connected...
    And I think a lot of people feel the same. I feel small changes in my life... and that stimulates me to focus more, to be more connect, to learn from my find what feels good!
    Thank you, Adriene! Thank you everyone to motivate eachother!
    Hope we hear from you soon!

  165. Hi yogis,

    Thank you Adrienne for this 31 one day. It was amazing and you showed me again what is yoga all about.
    I was afraid I couldn't follow this last session without your instruction, but actually I could. It wasn't perfect I guess but just like life is. 🙂 This last 30 min reflected perfectly for the previous 30 days and it was a very good feeling. Everything just came together at the end which is a good start for the next step.
    Thank you again for your time and for this journey. I will stay in this path. 🙂



  166. I found day 31 great. Initially daunting without adrienes cues and voice but I told myself to trust my own process and have patience. I found I was doing the moves from what I've learned over the month. This to me is what it's about. Learning, trusting and doing it on your own abilities and enjoying the challenge. Loved loved sticking to this every day. Thanks so much.

  167. Thank you, Adriene. It's been a wonderful journey and its only beginning. This has been my true introduction to yoga and I wonder why I've waited so long! But I know that I'm right where I'm supposed to be and I know I'll continue to follow this path. Thank you for your loving guidance. Namaste.

  168. Thank you. It was an amazing journey. This grey, wet snowy january turned bright, sunny and fun. It was form me a lot of upside and downside, but managed to hop on my mat every day and feel my body and calm my mind. I really enjoyed this whole body and mind journey. I will continu. Your and your team work was fantastic. Thanks

  169. This has been a wonderful journey. thank you so much for your generous gift to all of us. I love the way you have integrated mind, body, and spirit with caring, kindness, and humour.

  170. OMGoddess such a beautiful, ecstatic, heart opening experience. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What was the music?

  171. Thank you Adriene and Benji for the last 31 has been a joy to step onto my mat each day and work through the videos. My gorgeous dogs have done some of the practises with me too! You and an inspiration. Namaste x

  172. You are a source of light and energy. Always positive and smilying. A real inspiration!!
    I didn't think I would make it, but I did. Thanks to you, your inspiration and your teachings.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  173. First thank you for this incredible 31 day journey. This non verbal practice was a perfect close for me, For some reason, perhaps knowing it was day 31 I felt the flow, and the movement seemed more fluid, greater ease and stability. My tears came at the end of the practice along with gratitude and joy. Namaste

  174. Thank you so much for these wonderful 31 days Adriene!! I started off with not much flexibility and have surprised myself with how much I have achieved this past month. It has also made me more aware of my movement off the mat which has been very useful and certainly improved my posture. I definitely want to make this part of my daily routine. I look forward to hearing what you recommend.

  175. A Big huge thank you all the way from Michigan!!! Adriene, I have been doing your videos for almost a year now and I was super excited to try the 31 day revolution. I wasn't sure at first if I could commit every day...but guess what?!...I made it!! Yay! As a mom of 4 young kids it is so hard to find the time for myself. But you helped me "carve" out the time and to really work on ME!!! I had an absolute blast and looked forward to all your funnies in the videos 🙂 You had me laughing out loud all by myself. If felt great just to laugh and be silly and of course work hard. Thank you again, and I can't wait to see what the future holds! Xo

    Ps. Day 31 rocked! It gave me confidence that I can flow a little on my own 🙂

  176. Thank you for the amazing revolution!! Day 31 was the perfect ending! Being fully present was a truly transcendent experience. I was able to move with such ease and strength. I observed all the new things my body was capable of! I could really see and feel the differences in my body since Day 1 and all the ways I had improved. It has been a crazy month for me, but having the through-line of this daily practice allowed me to move through this month with ease. I can't imagine not having my daily yoga! I am becoming so much stronger in mind and spirit as well. My life off the mat has greatly improved during this revolution. I am so grateful for all the ways that it has changed my life and I am so excited to keep moving forward! I can't wait to see what you have planned for the rest of the year. Whatever it is, I'm IN! Thank you Adriene!

  177. Dear Adriene,

    THANK YOU for the 31 Days of Yoga. I just finished my Yoga Revolution journey today and I´m so grateful that you are putting all this out there. I loved reading the emails every day before my practice and most days I was really looking forward to coming down on my mat. I joined the "30 days of yoga camp" last year which served me so much that I was very happy to see that I could start the year 2017 with this one. The last weeks run through the chakras was a brilliant idea! In today´s video, I loved the moment where the song from last year´s yoga camp came. Bittersweet memories. Connecting words, ideas and mantras to the yoga practice on the mat really works for me. I don´t wanna do yoga without that anymore. I don´t wanna create my life without that approach anymore. Thank you, Adriene, for teaching me this. The matras Find What Feels Good and The Universe Is For Me, And So Is Everything Else are amazing, in my oppinion. Thank you for being such a big inspiration, Adriene. The light in me honors the light in you. Namasté, Jana

  178. I missed you so much this morning so of course I did the very best next thing, Day 1 of Revolution. Wonderful ! After reading your email just now perhaps I should follow Yoga Camp 30 days as a sequel to Revolution. Thank you SO much for continuing your wonderful encouragement, with love

  179. Where do we find the videos that go along with the "committed" calendar? Do we need to become members for that? THANKS so much!!! <3

  180. Thank you Adriene!! You're 31 day revolution made such an amazing difference in my life. Can't expresss how grateful I am for you and your spirit! Going to do boot camp next. So inspired!! Namaste!!

  181. Enjoyed the email on day 32, thank you for not letting this go, needed your words and thoughts today. What a journey and change in mindset, enjoyed every single day, practicing in Rome and Jerusalem, and proud to finish! Grazie mille!

    Like Revo2tion idea, starting Day 1 now, and looking forward to the nee practices to explore the Rev further.

  182. Adriene,
    thank you very much for this heart lifting journey. It was the bestest, it kept me getting on my mat every day, no matter what. I am much stronger - physically and emotionally, I can handle stress much more and I am so much lighter in my heart than before.
    I cannot be thankful enough for having you and the practice you brought to my life!

  183. with all my heart THANK YOU for this amazing journey! the best is yet to come! you are a true inspiration!

    namaste, malika


  184. Dear Adrienne, Dear All
    I have chosen to do that last Revolution practise outside in my courtyard. TO be without your voice but with you, with everyone around the world with the music was really empowering, I was moving with my breath. fully. Thank you for the tears, for the laughs ,for the smiles, for the shivers, for the inner smile . your words are often in my mind. and I smile and I will keep on! LOVE xxx

  185. thank you for this additional "wrap up" email Adriene. I have printed the February calendar and will get right on the mat! Thank you for continuing with the calendars. This little bit of structure is exactly what my home practice has been missing. You and your team are wonderful. Thank you for all you do to raise the vibration of the world. Its working 🙂 You have taken my personal awakening up another couple notches. Namaste.

  186. I just finished the Revolution and I've witnessed how my body has changed for the better since Day 1. Thank you very much Adriene for your teaching, wisdom and inspiration. More power to you and I wish you all the best. Namaste

  187. I always feel that doing Yoga With Adriene is like doing yoga with my best good friend. I love the finale days of these programs, when we move outside of instruction and into the freedom to Find What Feels Good and follow our hearts and bodies through movement and meditation. And then doing Yoga With Adriene becomes like doing yoga with that special friend you can be silent with-- You trust me, I trust you. It's the perfect setting to explore what we've learned and really trust ourselves in our practice.

    Thanks for another wonderful month of yoga! Much love to all beings and JAI NAMASTE!

  188. Thank you so much Adriene! That was an amazing start to the year. I've just done the first one of the February calendar and plan on keeping on going :).
    Namaste! Xx

  189. Thank you for including the picture of your journal page in the email. It was so beautiful to see this gorgeous, glossy, finished, 30 day revolution as an itty-bitty seed idea jotted down in a notebook. The span of that is really remarkable. I've done your other 30 day challenges and this year, I found myself spontaneously journaling at the ends of the yoga sessions, so it felt synchronictic to have the last image on your last email of the challenge to be a picture from your own handwritten journal. Very nice touch.

  190. Dear Adriene,

    I am so thankful for being introduced to this program. You are a wonderful human being and these 31 days were an inspiring and life changing experience.

    Thank you for teaching and inspiring us!


  191. Thank you you , Adriene! The 31 days Yoga Revolution were pure pleasure. I don't remember how I've encountered it, but I'm glad I was a part of it and kept it going. Practice Persistence was my NY resolution and this was like the first "challenge" I committed myself to. So this was a good start- it felt good :). Looking forward to feeling and practicing more. Cheers to you! <3

  192. A gigantic Thank You Adriene--31 days of yogarevolution was superb!
    Your words, your instructions, your poses, your calmness, your humor --- a perfect yoga instructor!
    Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you
    Shanti Shanti Shanti

  193. Every new beginning comes from someother beginning's end 😉 I look forward to going on many more journeys with you. Thank you, your the best.

  194. So appreciate the follow on email and links Adriene, I was feeling lost this morning when I didn't have you to start my day after 31 day Yoga revolution. Truly grateful from my heart to yours Donna (Australia)

  195. Thank you Adrienne for this amazing journey. This kept me sane during a very emotional period of transition as you had before with yoga camp and 30 days. This was my first time doing it 'in synch' which has taken it to a whole new level, particularly wit all of the emails. It's been amazing, thank you Adrienne. Thank you for your 32nd email. So good to see you had our backs and the journey continues. I am COMMITED now with the FEB calendar. Namaste

  196. It's been a powerful few weeks on the mat. Grateful for the gentle guidance and example of mindful movement. My practice has deepened. I can't wait to see where this leads. xox

  197. Ok wow - I actually DID the yoga tone video at 5:15am this morning - but didn't see this email until just now - 9:45pm. Freaked me out a bit to be honest!
    Here's how ya know you're tired - I'm reading through the email trying to figure out what FEB calendar stands for. I know what FWFG means - but FEB? Oh. February. Hahaha. Time for bed! Thanks for all you do 🙂

  198. Hi Adriene, thank you so much for this beautiful yoga revolution!
    I volunteer with a non profit (Refugee Yoga Project) and was wondering how to get in touch to explore a collaboration in Sydney this year?
    Thanks! 🙂

  199. Wow ! Thank you so much for this great practice that sum up all the previous one. I'm so happy to have done this wonderful journey with you and all the other yogis through the world. You're a wonderful teacher, Adrien ! Go on ! I can't wait till the next practice. Good day ! Namaste from Switzerland

  200. Namaste, Adriene, huge thank you for sharing your grace, wisdom and humour over these 31 days. I've loved every minute, and my body~soul is so grateful.

    There was definitely a magical feeling through the last flow <3

    The best!!

    Ever present and loving you from British Columbia, Canada:)

  201. Dear Adriene, my friend,

    I say - let's keep on cherish this amaizing sigh of bliss that is spreading through our minds and bodies. It's always wonderful to see that spirit of love, self love, self awareness and kindness is spreading in human beings throughout the world. I'm so deeply touched with that and so inspired. I'm so honored and happy to be the part of this community.

    Thank you my friend from the bottom of my heart for all you have shared with us!

    Wish to all of you all the best in this journey of self love! And by that I mean – to enjoy the yoga, the art, the love, the life in me, to embrace it. And keep on going with the others, together, is so much more.



  202. Yoga Revolution indeed!
    Adriene, I want to thank you for all your gifts and, most of all, for the most precious one, the gift of me. Since I discovered your Youtube channel last October and thanks to a daily practice, I feel so much lighter and in sync with my body. Merci from South of France. The past 31 days were the icing on the everlasting cake. And Benji on that last day, pure bliss!
    You're an amazing teacher and a so talented actress that yesterday I found myself talking back to you. Did you hear? lol
    Also love the professional aspect on your free sessions, thanks to your hard work and Chris'. Really much appreciated.
    Please let us definitely know about your retreat (although I'm not sure I will be able to afford the expense this time) and if you plan on coming back to Europe. I would be thrilled to attend one of your workshop.
    Around day 12 or 13, the emails stopped coming so I resubscribed and started getting them from the beginning again. Great stuff: even though the Revolution officially stopped on the mat it keeps on coming in my inbox. Lasting awesomeness.
    So humbled and honored to be part of this worldwide community. We made it! Oh to feel alive! I'll see you all on the mat tomorrow. Namaste <3

  203. Thank you Adriene! I found myself getting emotional during the last practice - you are so graceful and thanks to you I feel like someday I can get there too! Lol I'm not even sure how I stumbled across the announcement of your Revolution in December, but I am so grateful that I did! It was meant to be, I guess. I'll be doing more of your videos for sure. Thank you for sharing this gift.

  204. Amazing 30 days, but this one.. I have to echo the sentiments of some of my fellow yogis. I prefer to close my eyes and be guided. Perhaps next time there could be an option to choose the unguided version and one with soft cues to the next posture?

    I don't want to come across as ungrateful, I love the videos you post and love these month long journeys. Thank you for all that you do for others. <3

  205. Hi Adriene, how can I access the Feb yoga videos? I receive the calendar in your newsletter but cannot find the videos.

  206. Absolutely fantastic start to 2017. Determined to keep it up. Thanks for your generosity, compassion and humour - they make each day great! Namaste xx

  207. Adriene, Thank you so much for the last 31 Days. I completed mine today with a grin from ear to ear!

    These daily practices have been a big boost for me, both physically and mentally. My strength and confidence have been through the roof!

    Love from BC, Namaste.

    xoxo Diane

  208. Thank you team Adriene! Must have been a lot of werk to put this together. It was very much appreciated, love from The Netherlands!

  209. I love you Adriene. I love you Benji. I'll never do another downward-facing dog without thinking of you. Namaste x

  210. Took me three days to complete day 31- i must need the talking to keep me motivated. First full month I have done- feeling great. Thank you!

  211. Adrienne I cannot Thank you enough. Over the last 3 years I have followed 30 days of yoga, then yoga camp and slowly been building my practice. But this project, Revolution, really has changed my life. You have changed the way I think about and treat myself and others, and the kindness and love that you bring into every movement in every class has travelled through this tiny screen and dramatically improved my life. I am better able to manage the stress of my healthcare role, and I am more present and aware, more fully living. You have shown me how to take the practice off the mat. I have shared the support and wisdom you offer with many friends (and my daughters) who have also joined and LOVE what you do and how it helps. I just wanted you to know that every single day you bring love and light into my life, and I'm just one of many.......!! Thank you so much. Victoria, Brighton, England. x x x x

  212. I am SO GRATEFUL for your online yoga and this amazing Revolution - THANK YOU! It is something I look forward to every morning upon waking - a fresh start to my day!

    I was so moved by the music of today's practice, can you please share what it was? Thank you.

    Take care.

    In gratitude,

  213. I loved every minute of the 31 day revolution but i definitely need the guidance. It was impossible for me to be present when i had to look up at the screen to see what i was doing next. I can't fully embrace a downward dog if I have to constantly look up at the screen. But thank you so much for the time and energy you put into this entire program. I plan to repeat the 30 days next month after continuing to practice daily for February to see my progress. I love your channel and I will always watch your videos... just not the ones with no verbal guidance.

  214. Thank you for another great adventure.. I connected with Crow for a moment on this 31st day which felt awesome! You have instilled the journey in me... Namaste!!

  215. Adriene, thank you so much for making Yoga Revolution available to everyone all around the world. This month has definitely made a change in my life. A good change 🙂 Yoga has improved my health and my physical body, but also my mind and my spiritual self. I have learnt to love myself in lots of aspects and now yoga has become an extension of my life.
    Thank you again Adriene, you are a beautiful human and you inspire me everyday. Lots of love!!
    PS: Benji is super cute and lovely! 😀

  216. I remember last year, on the 30th day of Yoga Camp, I was so sad that I was leading myself. This year, on day 31, I moved through my own practice with so much joy. It was so liberating to lead myself-- to follow my body's needs. It's amazing what a year of growth, self-love, and consistent practice can do. Thank you so much for the love and work you have put into this project and into YWA.

  217. Dear Adriene,¨
    I would say that I am not the type of person who usually writes comments... But, I think I can honestly say that you changed my life (for better of course! :-))

    ...And this way I want to thank you!


  218. on this revolution thing i cant stop quoting: don't stop me now. don't stop me. cause i'm having a good time having a good time...
    (thanks freddie for supporting my quote with another one)

    *la revolución es algo que se lleva en el alma* (ernesto guevara)

    so, we got to listen to our soul, cause when mind and heart hesitate, soul got the map to lead us - just trust. yourself and your soul. its wise. even if you dont think so.

    *don't gain the world and lose your soul. wisdom is better than silver and gold* (ja man! "none but yourself can free your mind - bob" is damn right)

    but before this action continues (believe me, i could do that for hours. and hours.):

    you are a revolitionary. true to the sense.

    thank you so much. not for doing yoga but for the way you are doing it. of being it.
    true & honest, fun & wise, challenging & free, inspiring & demanding, endearing & freaky (i like. yep.)
    amazing texas girl. you are.

    change is the new black. and you made me recognize that black can be quite colorful. depends just on the way you look at it. upside down. you re turning me. and therefor now im thankfully.


    one last for today:

    *real revolutionaries adorn themselves on the inside, not on the surface*
    we are working on. and on. for the progress of the process.

    a "booyah!namaste!" to adriene and all you amazing people outside (or should i say "inside"?) decided to walk that way (...walk this way...walk this way...) - turn upside down & inside out, not taking part but being part - the adventure just started. space, the final frontier, we write the year 2017...

    be true. pay respect. have fun.

  219. Thank you Adriene. You have encouraged me to begin and continue a yoga practice that works for me.

  220. Thank-you so much Adriene. I am rather new to yoga. Took a few classes early last year. A friend and I took some of your youtube lessons together in December and had fun (and felt great). So we decided to do the whole 31 days. It has been an awesome month. Thank-you for all of you efforts and great humour. Tim 🙂

  221. Wow! Thank you for this amazing 30 days' revolution! I loved the two days that Benji made an appearance, that completely warmed my heart, making me laugh out loud during the practice!
    I will miss the daily videos, and will absolutely do this again! Thanks again! Bless your heart.
    Lots of love, from Kenya. 🙂

  222. Dear Adriene! Thank you so much, I feel so much better my body is different for sure and I feel how important it is to land on the mat, daily if possible. In the beginning of the challenge I lost my father this turned everything around but I still stuck too it, I did all of the 31 days not everyday but i did them all. Even days when i felt so low. Somehow I found the trust and the strength in grounding on the mat, letting the thoughts rest for a while. Now I'm considering of continuing doing yoga at least five days a week 🙂

    Thank you for everything you are truly amazing!

    Im from Sweden by the way! 🙂

  223. Greetings from Scotland.
    Thank for this challenge, Adriene. I am now well and truly hooked on daily yoga. I can feel the benefits in my strength, flexibility and ability to take a deep breath and step-back when things are tough.

  224. What a practice. Magically, I did as you asked and took this practice wherever my body wanted it to go. I listened, and heard, and moved. It was a breathtaking experience (but don't worry, I still made sure to pay attention to my breath! 😉

    Without even meaning to, this challenge ended on my birthday and I cannot even begin to explain how meaningful this revolution has been, and will continue to be, for me, Adriene. Thank you for sharing your light with us in each and every one of your videos, and always helping us to find our own! My heartfelt love and thanks to you and yours! <3

  225. Loved the practice but hated no cues. Didn't like having to keep looking at the screen. Or were we not suppose to?? Were we just suppose to do our own thing?? I guess I didn't get it???

  226. I cannot thank you enough for this 31 day Revolution! It helped me journey towards my best self after a journey with my worst. You are truly a blessing! Sad that it is over, but excited to continue this jump back into my passion for yoga! Thank you again! Best wishes from Indiana!


  227. Thank you so much for this amazing 31 days and today was wonderful - yes, we had a bit of trouble following it, but it was so worth it. I probably should not say this here, but my husband cried at the end. Yoga works!

  228. Tears of joy and love for me as well. Love for me, for my body and what we accomplished with your help. Love for you, for showing the way to me and endless love to everyone. Thank you!

  229. Thanks for the free 31 days of yoga revolution!!! Such good workouts. FYI: for me it is very hard to follow you when you give no verbal instruction ...i find myself looking constantly at the video and having to get out of my pose to do so, so it feels choppy and most of all I can't be present! I may be the only one but just wanted to share my frustration with ending a beautiful 31 days in this way...Thanks again for your wonderful offerings...I share you with all my friends and tell them you are the BEST!

  230. I'm so grateful you took me on this journey with you, thank you so much! ♥ It's been amazing 31 days!

  231. I do yoga with you every day and make my life so much better and thank you:) will you be doing any public classes during SXSW week???

  232. I am wondering if Sarah can make the items on the calendars clickable like she did for November (I think) last year. It was wonderful to have a calendar that linked directly to the day's practice with a click.

    Thank you.

  233. IThe January 2017 and February 2017 calendars are not clickable. I am wondering if Sarah can make the items on the calendars clickable like she did for November (I think) last year. It was wonderful to have a calendar that linked directly to the day's practice with a click.

    Thank you.

  234. So when the video came in my email I wasn't ready but decided to just watch it. So graceful and intuitive. I loved it and this morning I did my own version. One of the best yoga sessions I have had. No seeking of form or poses.... just flowing as my body needed it. Thank you, Adriene

  235. Thank you so much for being my teacher over the last 31 days. You made it a pleasure to show up on the mat ever day and I hope I've established a new habit of daily yoga. I just got to stick to it now.
    I loved the last day, it's taught me to find my own flow and use the skills I've built up over the month. I do feel I found my own connect today. Namaste

  236. Not sure where to post this but, as I was with revolution, i am super grateful for the Feb calendar which allows me to continue the journey in a very creative way. Tyank you

  237. I think this was a really interesting final class as it showed me personally how much I need to let go and go with the flow. It showed me how much I have learned and how much more I have to learn!
    I feel like it helped me realise that I really need to trust myself more.
    Constantly waiting for someone else to tell you what's next doesn't actually help, you need to figure it out for your self a lot of the time and have fun with the discovery process.
    I found the hardest part was remembering to breath!

    I'm incredibly grateful for this series. I went from being 20 kilos over-weight to feeling comfortable and confident in my body. I learned an incredible amount about yoga and my whole perspective on life has definitely lightened.

    I've been having a difficult time as someone who is newly sober and have found the ability through your course to go from a place of merely surviving to really thriving and feeling deeply connected to both my self and life in general. My relationships with others have also deepened. I really want to thank you particularly for making yoga so accessible for everyone, everywhere. It's a really beautiful thing.

    I will continue on with the February calendar you've sent us, I intend to do both your other 30 day challenges too! You channel such a lot of love through these classes.

    Thank you so much.
    Jai Namaste.

  238. Day 31 music is amazing. Love how it incorporates all of the other YWA melodies. Adriene, thank you for this series and all that you do. You have brought yoga back to my life. <3

  239. Oh, Adriene... that was amazing! What a rich journey! So much transformation, inner and outer! I am deeply grateful, and deeply committed to stay on that path and nurture that daily yoga practice! So many things happened during this journey for me! Today is a celebration!

  240. Out of no where, just as the video begins, tears start to well up. I am beyond grateful that YWA found its way to my life. I am beyond grateful for the community it has created. It's soul refreshing to know that so many people get it. I am also beyond grateful for the journey my being has been on in the last month. Thank to all that have been involved in bring this to community.

    Live the Life you Love

  241. Thank you so much Adrienne! I got sick in the middle, and did the "yoga for back pain" twice, and "yoga while sick" a few times too. I loved this entire thing. December 10th I was still in crutches, and I'm doing warrior poses now thanks to you.

    I do however, agree about the no mic. I did it, and did vary my practice, because of timing, and positioning of screen. But I think a voiceover with no image might have had a great effect. We would still have to be present.

    Thanks so much.

  242. OMG thank you for the last 31 days - I'm ready to take on Yoga in my everyday life now with your help via your videos and ongoing instructions. Your a little gift from God - Namaste and a massive Thank You. x

  243. Might be a week later than everyone else, but I made it - thank you Adriene for the time and effort you put into all these videos... feeling so inspired!

  244. Dear Adrien,

    Despite having to crane my neck a bit today, I still really loved this practice because it proved to me what everything I can actually do in a flow and it was a completely different experience that made me feel really strong, like the preceding 30 days had built something. Btw, I'm 7 days late doing this practice because I got sick during the second week and have been catching up ever since.

    I wouldn't necessarily do a voice over as some have suggested, but maybe a version with at least just a click or some non-intrusive sound to let us know when the pose is changing so we aren't constantly eyeing the screen. Though I must admit, Benji kept my attention for a while because he's just too cute. Nevertheless Day 31 was amazing and I hope to repeat it enough to learn it by heart. Watching your fluidity is really inspiring.

    Thank you 🙂

  245. I did it! I did it! Finalky, on day 31 I could get into the 2 arm balance with both legs in the air. Only for like 3 seconds but hey, I did it!!!

  246. Thank you Adriene for this series. The last six months have been a blur for me. I have been struggling to get back to my practice. We finished tonight, stronger and happier. Better late than never. This was a life changer for me. Namaste, Kim

  247. Wow! We did it! This final day was quite surprising and when you said that you were turning your mic off and we proceeded I felt a little abandoned. But then I found my roots and breathe and the music was nice accompaniment and flow ensued. It was a great, CROWNING day in this 31 day practice. Thanks infinitely Adriene and crew. Onward (((:-))) >>>

  248. Well I made it to day 3, having started a little late and playing catch up with days I missed, but I made it!

    Thank you so much Adriene. I started this because my back was sore, my joints felt stiff and my body felt heavy... I knew I had to do something.

    Like so many others in this beautiful community I am surprised by just how much I've gotten from this experience - that feeling of more space in my life, feeling more positive and alive and having my practice and your encouraging words to return to each day has been great.

    It will not end here for me.

    Thanks again you generous soul!

  249. I just caught up! 🙂 What a beautiful way to finish. Thank you so much for you generosity. It was an amazing way to bring in 2017 and I honestly feel so present, calm and content. 🙂 xoxo

  250. Wow. I actually postponed this last practice for 2 days because I didn't want my revolution to end. This practice was absolutely beautiful. Although I could feel where you were taking us, I couldn't keep my eyes of you and your movements as you were/are so graceful as you danced through each posture. I felt like we were dancing together (and I wouldn't consider myself graceful). Thank you so much for your devotion to your followers and the practice. You are appreciated by many. Until tomorrow! Namaste. x.

  251. Thank you so much!

    It was inspiring and the concept of connect totally fit into the journey I am about to take this year. The journey of being true to myself. I have the feeling I am starting to connect to my inner self.

    I do have a question about day 31. The sequence is great, but I find it hard with no voice. I myself like to practice as you lead, but without looking at the video all the time. I prefer to even close my eyes and let your voice guide me.
    Is it possible for next year to have 2 options for the last day; the traditional one without the mic and one with a voice-over?

  252. Dear Adriene,

    Warm greetings from Turkey! Last year in May, I met you, your wonderful channel on Youtube and Yoga. Until then I have never made any activity to connect with my body. So it was wonderful to start a brand new journey with you. I love it. I love to go through knowing myself and loving myself. Until January 2017, I was practicing one video in every three days. Yoga revolution changed it all! I have been practicing one video every day (although I missed some days)! It was a revolution for me!

    You are my teacher and my inspiration. I carry your beautiful words with me and I share them with my family! I accept, I love, I am supported, I choose to let go, I honour myself, everything is as it should be, creativity is going with the flow, be the best version of yourself and trust all will be well! Wonderful, all of them...

    I appreciate your work deeply from my heart. I live in Turkey, you live in Texas, and your work and inspiration changes my life. I wish you strength and health!

    Your being warm, opening your heart to us, and your jokes make it as if I know you, it makes the practice sincere. thank you for your songs, and jokes that make our practice even warmer.

    I hope, really hope to meet you one day, and join your classes.

    Warm thanks from the deep in my heart to yours!

    Thank you for the wonderful journey!

    I hope to grow my practice, and use this wonderful start to 2017 to guide me throughout the year!

    May you grow the seeds of happiness in you always!

    I also want to thank all the people from all over the world who shared this journey with me!

    A lotus for you,


  253. I found what feels good! It's doing yoga with Adriene. I am so grateful!
    I wish you good health and whatever else you wish for yourself.
    With love and respect.

  254. Hi Adriene, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for putting THE Revolution together. You are a legend in my eyes and if I ever have a chance to visit Texas I will hopefully give you a Love Hug.
    Your attitude towards yoga and the modern world has opened my eyes and it was so inspirational that I just want to share it everywhere and with everyone. This flow was immense and loving and caring and present. Beautiful movements linked together like an orchestra.
    Thank You for all the work and heart and love and kindness that you put into it. It helped me to stay on track and it helped my boyfriend to stay engaged. I love you forever and looking out for new videos and tips and...of course yoga! I hope you soon return to London as well.
    Love and light.
    With Love, Rita

  255. I loved this practice. I smimled, flowed, even attempted crow for the first time and held for a whole 2 seconds! Beautiful.

  256. Thank you Adriene- for another incredible practice and movement. 🙂 Love ourselves, love each other- love can change the world! PS Loved the Benji scenes. Namaste

  257. Day 31 brought me to tears the moment you turned your mic off. I could hear my inner voice saying, "trust your SELF, you got this!" Without your audible guidance, you still guided us into an amazing experience. Loved, loved, loved 31 day Revolution! Adrienne, you have an amazing gift and purpose. Thank you for trusting in yourself to share your gifts with honesty.

  258. Where can I get help with the fact that I have not received any daily emails since Day 10??? This is my second time through Revolution, the mails were dropped both times, and no matter where I leave a comment or who I email, I can't even get a reply!

    1. Hi Stefani. Have you checked your junk mail? With the large number of emails we send everyday to participants, sometimes your filter begins to think it is spam. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  259. This has been a wonderful experience - thank you so much, Adriene! I'm so grateful for every day of it.

  260. I truly enjoyed this and am now doing 2015 30 days of yoga for February 2017. I love the monthly format and feel like each day builds on the previous day. Thank you so much!

  261. Hello Adriene, I just wanted to share what helps me with your videos. If I find a tension spot that is hard to get out I put my selenite wand on it and it draws that tension out. Thanks for your videos. Ron

  262. Thank you Adrienne. This entire experience was wonderful from start to...another beginning. I really enjoyed the last day as I was able to see and feel my own ability to flow through the movements without your prompt. Thank you for allowing me to experience it for myself. I'm ready for more...

  263. Gracias Adriene! I cried since I get to the mat. Thank you for your energy, your kindness and you joy. I see how this 31 revolution is in the path that's getting me changing and discovering my self. Namaste to you and to all the people who are doing yoga with us 🙂

  264. Hi, Adriene!
    I just finished the 31 days of yoga... yes, in 44 days, but I DID IT. I'm the mother of two small children (3y and 1y) and this is the most I've practiced yoga since college. It feels amazing! I'm hooked again. I felt stronger, more empowered, and more peaceful after each practice. Thanks for making this so accessible and available. Namaste from a Minnesota girl living overseas in Singapore.

    And also, a shout out from one '84 baby to another! 🙂

  265. Dear Adrian, thank you so much!
    Within these 31 days of yoga I found people who share my interests and I started painting!
    During this last practice I clearly felt energy, which I could never feel before.
    This is simply priceless...
    Namaste from Moscow, Russia

  266. Dear Adriene,
    Thank you so much for the last 31 days: guiding us in the practice of yoga, giving us motivation, sending love - it was wonderful! And as you said it's just the beginning of a journey. Thank you for opening the door.
    Lots of love from Germany

  267. Dear Adriene,
    thank you! I had to take a two week long break right after my my first week of Yoga Revolution and i was scared i would not be able to take everything i had experienced so far back on to the mat after the break. But i did it! And this last practice was definite proof of that. I practiced balance and i was crying during the pose since it was the first time ever that i could stand on my right leg for a long time without it starting to hurt. After i broke my leg when i was 11 years old and not receiving proper physio treatment i had to deal with a lot of pain and problems in my right leg. But thanks to practicing Yoga with you and practicing balance and patience (a lot of patience), it is getting better! It is the first time in over 10 years that i can see such improvement! I am so greatful for this experience and thank you for teaching me so much about myself. With love, Thea

  268. Dear Adriene, thank you from heart for this wonderful trip that made me happier and stronger !!
    Lots of love from Greece,


  269. I couldn't finish this the practice without expressing my gratitude to you and your team for the 31-day yoga revolution. I stumbled upon your site and took a leap of faith to try you and this challenge. It came at a perfect time in my life and I just finished 🙂 Thank you for taking my yoga practice deeper and for teaching me new things about the practice and myself. Loved your spirit, your personality, your anecdotes. You are truly you and you teach us all to find our true self and share it with the world. This has been a wonderful consistant practice and I'll look forward to exploring your other videos. To be candid, I found the last practice difficult for me and wasn't able to truly let go and do my own thing, I followed the video and found myself sort of stressed. Looking forward to doing more of your videos to become comfortable enough with the practice to trust myself and the process. Thanks again, I've shared with a number of friends and will continue to do so. Namaste.

  270. I am new to YWA and tried "Revolution" on a whim. I love the daily inspirational emails. the focus on the chakras and the daily yoga videos to start my day.

    This last day stressed me out though, as I struggled to see the computer screen to follow along with the movements. I stopped the video half way through because it wasn't serving me. Please consider voiceovers for future last videos so one does not need to be glued to the screen while trying to "flow."

    Thank you for all the work you do! I'm going to try some of your other series.

  271. Dear Adriene,
    Thank you for sharing all of this. Still fairly new to yoga, this was a joy!
    Loved it all. Days that were hard, days that were easy. Days with your voice, days without. I'm not super confident in my moves, but that didn't deter my motivation to enjoy this last day. I think some have forgotten the true accomplishment in finishing the revolution, or merely beginning maybe. You will still have lots that will continue to follow you, and more who are inspired by you! Thank you!

  272. I can't remember what day it was that you asked us to find our inner smile,
    I couldn't find one! I was in a sad place and I simply couldn't muster one up.
    I just now finished day 31 and at the end my inner smile was busting out all over the place. I'm am beaming and am so thankful for this journey.
    Day 31 was such a gift, just to follow along with you was so insightful! Namaste ❣

  273. It took me an extra 21 days but I finished! I'm going to do it all again to see how much I have improved. I walk tall now, and every step has intention. Thank you with all of my heart.

  274. This has been a true revolution to me in many ways. I work harder than I have in the past in my yoga practice, yet with a much different approach thanks to you, Adriene. I am much less concerned with the form and shape of any given pose; I truly try to find what feels good in many ways throughout my day; I notice a change in my posture and strength and muscle tone; I can laugh at myself during my practice; most of all, I notice a positive change in my self-esteem as I try to live with intention and being true to myself. This is a practice, as well!
    Yogarevolution has been inspiring, fun, difficult at times, joyful, thoughtful and always inspiring.
    Thank you so much!

  275. I am grateful for having completed the 31 days. Thanks Adriene and community!
    Take care.

  276. Adrienne you sneak! All this time you've been teaching us how to do it OURSELVES! 😀

    Thought I was going to be totally stuck with what to do on day 31 but I just knew from within.

    Thank you so much for sharing your time with us. Big love. Namaste x

  277. Dear Adriene, dear YWA Team -

    this was beautiful and so peaceful! Just perfect to look back at the journey and notice how much my practice has changed!

    I cannot say how thankful I am, there are not enough Thank You's to express my feelings and the way the practices and your mails helped me in the past month. I'm going through a very dark, difficult and uncertain phase right now and it was Revolution that made me remember that I have the power to change things, to forgive myself, to find joy in the moment, to face my fears, breathe and break free.

    When I started this I thought 'well okay let's get rid of that Christmas cookie fat' but it ended up in being so much more than that (although in fact I DID get rid of it - THANK YOU!!). It was Yoga that calmed my nerves when I was anxious. That gave me energy to manage difficult decisions. It literally helped me to stand on my own two feet. It is such a powerful tool when you open yourself to it.

    Thanks to you I now have an idea of what it could mean to be in peace with myself. That was, seriously, new for me.

    You made me stronger, in every way.

    I really - just thank you. And send my love.

    You are amazing Adriene!

  278. Thank you so much Adriene

    I have finally made it to the end of Yoga Revolution, but it really feels like it is a fresh and new beginning rather than an ending, and I am really excited.

    I have been doing the 31 day challenge since the beginning of the year, and although it has taken me longer to get here than I thought it would I have kept going. It has seen me through moving house and setting up a new home, and properly setting up in a new job.

    You have helped me to keep an open mind and an open heart and I cannot express enough my gratitude.

    Your project and purpose is a beautiful and inspirational thing. I look forward to continuing to find what feels good in 2017 and beyond!!

    From the bottom of my heart - thank you


  279. Just finished my yoga revolution today. I had to pause for a little while, but I came back to it and saw it through. I loved this journey. I loved all the yoga journeys you gave us. It was a little exhausting to follow you in this last video cause I always had to turn :), got used to just hearing you voice guiding me, so I stopped and watched you. It's very inspiring and, may I see, you look your best. More than anything I think you are more toned, though it always seemed like you were ripped, but you're also thinner now.
    I hope I'll take this practice with me in the next month. I know I can make my own dance, I just think it might be a little boring...who's gonna say "long and strong"? Who's gonna say "hey yo"?...while I'm in plank... :)))
    Thank you for your efforts. Thank you for thinking about us and what our needs might be and planning for us. You've done a great job!



  280. Thank you so much Adriene. Changed my life x Can't quite put into words how incredible this programme has been. I look forward to hopping on the mat everyday. You are an incredible human and teacher. Thank you x

  281. Dear, wonderfully funny Adrienne
    Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. This journey has renewed my view on life, my way to approach life and my spirit. And I cried almost al the way through the 31 day video - because my body just knew what to do, not much guidance needed. I've had so many rough years and I've been sick with stress for such a long time... but these videos and your loving voice has helped me, you have no idea how much. I'll continue doing yoga every day (signed up for the yoga camp and 30 days) and I'll continue to work with my body and mind. I've found what feels good. Thank you again

  282. Dear Adriene,

    What a beautiful way to round up these days of Revolution of our hearts, minds and bodies!!! I really loved this practice, specially your duet with Benji!! What joy in such beautiful flow!!! I felt deeply connected and fluid, following you all the way but the crow, which I hope to get soon. For me, this Revolution happened on and off the mat and will go on. This is just the beginning of a joyful journey full of light, love and good prana. Yummy! I am up for more!!

    I am actually considering being a Re-revolutionary!




    1. Snap Monica, I managed all but the crow which I've achieved once and hope to get back to! x

  283. I am really happy to be part of this wonderful journey, so much love, inner strength and good vibes. Feeling great! I am very thankful to you Adriene for being with us and doing it for us!

    Can't wait for 2018 year to start new 31 days!

    Big hug

    Lots of love in lots of love out!

  284. Wow, what a session! I haven't been able to get to the mat until today to do my day 31 of practice. This was a powerful and inspirational practice. I have to say I went with instinct for a lot of this practice and weirdly my body seemed to be in tune with where the practice was going, without having to look at the screen hardly at all. I agree that its hard after having 30 sessions of being led however I felt so in tune and motivated by this session. Loved it, thankyou Adrienne for bringing me back to the best spiritual practice in the universe.
    Sophy x

  285. I don't know how to say thank you enough. I am so grateful to have your yoga classes and this feeling of community in a time of my life when I really needed it.

    Much love!

  286. Hello all!

    I am a little late in finishing the Yoga Revolution, but as this series has taught me, it is okay to not do things on the same timeline or path as everyone else.

    I would like to thank Adriene for all of the hard work and amazingness she put into these videos. It is so kind that she created these videos with so much thoughtfulness, and then shared them with us for free. She also embodies everything she teaches, and that is the most inspiring thing of all.

    This series has changed so much of how I think and how I move. I could go on and on about these changes, but I am very excited to continue to grow my physical and spiritual yoga practice with Adriene and others.

    Thank you again Adriene!

    PS. Benji is the best too

  287. It may have taken me 3 months to get here but I made it. Thank you - the whole practice was amazing but today was the icing on the cake. You have taught me so much, and I am grateful. You are my hero, and I'm going to celebrate with one of your amazing shirts! Thanks again.

  288. Adriene,
    I must admit it has taken me nearly 3 months to get through your Yoga Revolution. But I started 1 month post partum with my 2nd baby so I really needed to take it slow. I loved it. Thank you so much. I have loved carving out this small time to myself, accepting that I cannot do everything but knowing that I am rebuilding strength. Loved Day 31.

  289. Hola Adriene!

    Thank you very much for this fantastic 31 days Journey!
    This is my first time doing Yoga and really enjoyed it!
    It brought me to a better state of mind!

    I really appreciate what you are doing for all of us!
    I feel more and more integrated to this beautiful Universe!
    Continue doing these great things and don't allow anyone to change the way you are!

  290. That was beautiful. I felt beautiful and fluid, like the music. Thank you for sharing your knowledge of this practice with me. It has been a wonderful 31 days, my first experience with yoga. I look forward to continuing, learning, and growing. When I visit my adult kids in Austin, I hope to visit the studio where you teach. For now, I will continue to watch you from Honduras. I am grateful that you have shared.

  291. Dear Adriene,

    I just completed my second round of the Revolution and am so thankful for all the love, the thoughtfulness, the joy and good energy you put into creating this practice and sharing it with all the world!!!! I am two days late because I could not do the Revolution on the planes I took for a work meeting abroad, but now I did this amazing Day 31 right on the carpet of my hotel room: I just could not bear another day without this special moment!!! I now intend to do the Viva la Revolution while still out on my trip. I just love so much showing up day after day! This practice gives me so much joy, good energy, awesomeness, all I can say is WOW!!! I subscribed to the community to support your effort, if modestly.

    Thank you for being present, for guiding us in this amazing journey of love, joy and self-discovery!! I will keep showing up!!!

    God bless you!!!



  292. Adriene,
    Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and talents with all of us. The 31 day yoga revolution was such a gift...One that helped me Work through a dehabilitating depression over the past several months. When I felt as though I could do nothing else, I forced myself to do yoga. The focus on being kind, patient, and gentle with yourself was just what I needed. "Everything is it should be" was also comforting. The focus on the breath was helpful for anxiety. And, your authenticity, humor, love, and kindness were refreshing. The insight you shared was profound and helped me to change my perspective. Thank you for, not only helping my mind, but also helping me gain the physical strength I needed to return to work. Movement is medicine! Words cannot express how grateful I am for you and your videos! You have such a gift. Thank you for sharing it! Namaste.

  293. Dear Adriene,

    I'm a 64 year young woman, and started your 31 day Yoga Revolution and got in 29 days before getting rear-ended in a serious car crash on the 4th of May, 2017.

    I have a cracked rib, bruises, mild concussion, and 8 staples to close a laceration in the back of my head and I hurt in body parts I didn't even know I had. but mostly from the waist up.

    Yesterday morning as I lay in bed, I watched your video and your soothing voice allowed me to get some meditative sleep.

    Today, #31, I watched your video from bed again but this time I was able to at least do some of the arm movements while in a sitting position, even to doing side bends ever so slowly and without pain.

    I truly feel that the previous 29 days of following along with you and the practice, helped to save my life and not allow my body to sustain even worse injuries.

    Thank you so much Adriene, and I will continue to follow you vicariously until I am healed and can do more of the moves again.

    Ordinarily I'm not a patient, patient. I'm the kind of person that doesn't do sickness or injury well, for I am usually the caregiver. However with the yoga practice I have come to be more patient and am now allowing those who love and care about me, to do more for me at this time.

    thank you so much and keep on being you! I love your teaching style and your sense of humor.

    Love and Hugs!

  294. i just finished the 31days and maaaaaaan how amazing this month was!!!! THANK YOU so much for doing this and for being you. I have been practicing with your videos for 3years now and i just love your spirit, your playfulness and your energy. This Revolution practice went very deep for me, a lot happened in one month ( emotionally specially, lot of opening, feeling and clearing/letting go ) and it ended in absolute magic with this last video. Thank you for your time, for all the love and beauty Adriene and thank you for keein it real <3

  295. thank you Adriene
    wonderful journey with you and every one else!
    Ididn't feel alone at all!

  296. Wow so many comments!!
    Thank you from the UK Adriene for this wonderful journey! I don't know how to perfectly express what I feel but I absolutely love your style of teaching, it's so real, so accepting, so kind, I can feel the love you put into every practice! I have never met a better yoga teacher, real or online, than you, I think you're a very big role model for the teachers out there. You're so inspiring!!! I didn't ever think I could be a yoga teacher myself but with your inspiration I feel like this is something perfect for me!! I also love how you beautifully and at the right times weave in some humour into the practices, you always make me smile and sometimes laugh. I wish I could practice with you in person... thank you for being so amazing!

  297. I have just finished the 31 days in just a bit over a month and wanted to say how much I have enjoyed it and what a surprising amount of change (physical and mental) I have seen over the last month, all badly needed in this creaky, unbendy, anxious 44 year old. I have finally picked up a public class again, and all in all yoga is bringing some badly-needed inspiration at a difficult family time. P.S. I really really hope you have time to post the kids yoga videos; my 8 year old has access to a wee bit of yoga at her (Scottish) school but it's not very much and it would be lovely to show her your videos. The other day she said 'you know, you sort of forget your worries when you are doing yoga'. Nail hit on head! Thanks again xx

  298. Hi, Francesca from Italy here.
    Thank you Adriene, it's been a wonderful path and this video without your voice, even if I missed it, has been a wonderful ending (for a new start). It's been very liberating to be able, more or less, to follow your flow. I learned a lot (especially about myself) during the revolution and now I have a passion for yoga (that I had never done before), I want to continue in fact. You're a wonderful teacher, patient, encouraging and with a great sense of humour, the best. And Benji is a star too.

    Thanks also to all your staff, for the care they put, along with you, in these videos and to all the other people around the world who shared their emotions in the comments.

    P.S Today I have also finally been able to keep for one second the crow pose. I know the intention is important, not the poses, but it was great to prove to myself that it's not impossible for me to do it 😉 Namaste

  299. Adriene, you are a gift to the world 🙂 THANK YOU for being you and giving us the tools to connect and open through our yoga practise. x

  300. Adriene, I just finished the 31 day revolution. I tell you what I never thought that I would consider myself as a yogi and I probably am not one, not completely anyway, (yet) but I LOVED it. There are so many benefits and I truly feel like a changed person. You are a wonderful instructor and really enjoyed your practice. I am certainly going to continue to practice with you and thank you for creating this fantastic revolution! 🙂 Thank you again!!!

  301. I just completed the Yoga Revolution, having only discovered it in June. Thank you for this program.
    It was an amazing experience.

  302. Dear Adriene,
    I certainly came to this after the new year, and right after doing your 30 days of yoga camp. As I was recovering from an armpit-chest injury and could no longer take studio classes, a yoga instructor friend recommended your practice. I live in San Antonio and you have a large fan base here! Anywho, after having practiced yoga regularly for the past 4 years, I found your practice to have increased my whole body strength, my posture, my awareness of bandhas, my upper body strength, and my general outlook on life and the mind-body connection. I enjoyed this so much and learned so much that I have been inspired to join the Esther Vexler Yoga School here in San Antonio to learn how to become a yoga instructor myself. Thank you so much for your kindness, love, light, strength, and inspiration. My inner smile is stronger because of you!
    -Miriam Shoshana

  303. Adrienne.....I showed up for every 31 days and couldn't wait to get on my mat. Thank you for kick starting my yoga practice again. I will continue. heart opened up when I saw your dog on the video. My heeler looks very much the same and is with me during the yoga session. I often find her lying on my mat to rest.....Thank you from my entire heart for sharing.

  304. This is the second time I have done the Yoga Revolution. In January, I had an injury and so the 31 days was rather interrupted. I knew I would come back to it and do it again, giving it the time and thought necessary. I can really feel a difference in how I move after these 31 days, so much more ease, lightness and "flow". Thank you.

  305. Giiiiiirl!!!

    I love you.

    Thank you. Thank you for every part of my soul, body, and spirit! You have done wonders for my life, the people connected with me, and the people connected with you. Thank you.

    Sending you so much love!


  306. I've done various sports and done everything from internet tutorials to expert-level, hands-on coaching, but I've never even tried yoga. The two things that I see in all of my best teachers are their own expertise, and an ability to communicate it in a way that really resonates and sticks with their students/athletes. I hoped for the best, but I honestly didn't expect the best guidance from anything that wasn't directly hands on (personal).

    Doing this last (silent) session, I could hear your voice in my head guiding me through the movements.

    "Breath in, find length; breath out relax."

    "Root to rise. Root down your back body; find length in your front body. Business in the front.... :)"

    "Press away from your yoga mat, find length, gaze straight ahead."

    "Half way lift, soften your knees and forward fold."


    The list goes on...

    Your guidance and your voice are now a permanent part of my yoga journey. I now feel confident that I can join others in public classes and/or practice on my own.

    Thank you!

  307. I finally finished all 31 days. I loved that each day was different but I felt the moves were becoming easier and good habits were forming.
    I love yoga because of you, Adriene!
    Thank you very much.
    You are such a positive person. I love your enthusiasm.
    I'll be back for more.
    ps. I love your dog, Benji, especially on Day 31. I laughed so much when he settled under your table top!

  308. Thank you so much for the journey. Today was emotional. I'm not confident yet to fly on my own so I tried to follow you. My own efforts were dismal but watching you gave me hope for the future. I don't want to stop now - I won't stop now I will be back tomorrow and the next day xx thank you so much

  309. Tears fell through much of this practice. What a beautiful way to end this rich, potent and lovely journey. I started with your beginners practices two months ago and have loved revolution. My body has changed and my life. This is it now, yoga forever. Heartfelt thanks. Love to you and to all xxx

  310. Thank you so much dearest Adriene, it has been an amazing journey with you. I feel I have grown so much. I can't describe how much this revolution cheered up my life. I wish you all the best. May the sun always shine for you.

  311. Thank you for this wonderful journey. I felt so much joy when Benji would join you on the mat - reminded me of my dog and how he loved to practice with me. They are natural yogis!
    You are such a gifted teacher. Namaste.

  312. Thank you so much for this wonderful practice! I really enjoyed it!

    Is there any chance to have access to the playlist from day 31? I really enjoy practicing to that soundtrack!

    Beautiful work!

  313. Thank you so much, Adriene. I just discovered Yoga Revolution mid of November, and I wish I had known about it sooner! The Revolution is indeed a revolution in my life!

    Sending my love all the way from the Philippines. Happy holidays!

  314. It has taken me a little more than 31 days to finish this awesome sequence. I started in May, took a few months off, a little now and again, and finally, these last 10 days, I've been pretty regular. I've switched from first thing in the morning, to sometime mid-afternoon, and now just before bed. It doesn't seem to matter where or when, each day's routine has been just what I needed, and somehow, Adriene, you spoke directly to what I needed to hear. Thank you. I can't wait to start up again in 2018.

  315. It has been my love revolution <3 . Now i see with new eyes, so my love story only can be at best. I'm trust in me, trust in love, trust in the future, and trust in yoga. I love you!
    Thank you so much. Namaste <3

  316. This is my second 30 day yoga challenge since I began doing yoga about 18 months ago. I like your method of teaching and explaining the holistic understanding of yoga. I know I have to keep practicing and will. I attend a yoga class once a week. Two areas that need work are loosening my hips and working on balance. My dream is to become a yoga teacher and work with persons in substance abuse recovery. There are yoga schools near to where I live which is the Bronx, NY.

  317. This is my second 31 day trip with Adriene, and of all my intermittent yoga journeys in the last decade, these two months have been the most full of love and acceptance. I think that's the reason it's so easy to step on the mat everyday. Through happy and grateful tears, I thank you and this worldwide community for leading me to my first daily love practice. xox

  318. That was an amazing, growing 31 days. I learned a lot about my old's never too late to jump back in.

    Thank you!, words can not express my feelings right now.

  319. dear Adriene, so so happy to find a practice that works for my ever evolving life. There is a lot of free yoga out there, yet it involves drive time to and from, getting ready.................... Now I have a daily practice I am so happy with even excited to complete. It now exists on my schedule, typically each morning with no getting ready! You are a light and have created something special. Love your humor, Benji and that we FWFG. Yeah and namaste!

  320. This way of learning is beneficial and helps us to learn in a systematic way under the guidance of a well-known yoga teacher like you. We also run a yoga school in Rishikesh registered under US Yoga Alliance RYS.

  321. Dear Adriene, I just want to say thank you so much 🙂
    I have just completed Revolution here in New Zealand during our Lockdown.
    It's been so great to have something to focus on and motivate me each day.
    I love your positive, kind, funny teaching style.
    Take good care, Rewa xx

  322. Thank you so much for this. Much growth, both inside and out, experienced during these last 31 days. On to the next bound, thanks again, Namaste 🙂

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