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Your Day 29 yoga practice invites you to be authentic, to do your best and to ask, “Is it true?” Revolution is designed to trim, tone and build lean muscle. It is a killer yoga bootcamp! However, today’s short practice reminds us to always go back to connecting with what matter’s most. It’s a practice of uncovering and being true to yourself.

Enjoy! Surprise guest today to make you smile!



91 comments on “REVOLUTION: Day 29”

  1. Dear Adriene.....thank you so much for changing the language....using terms like FEEL....WITH OUR BODIES...SHOW UP.....BEING TRUE.....all of this creates an important shift......a shift to a healthy inside. ....a healthy soul. Good for you for going out on a limb and asking us to experience this yoga on a different level. THIS IS MY BEST EVER YOGA EXPERIENCE. ...BECAUSE OF YOU. ....YOU!!!! I feel my light shining brighter than before .....what a lovely gift you have given. Thank you.Namaste.

  2. I actually started to cry some happy tears after this! I just felt ( and still feel) soooo good!


  3. This short, seemingly simple, practice had a great effect on me. It moved me to tears. This has to do with something in my youth. And I could feel the love in my heart for my 3 children and especially for my 20 year old daughter who is traveling in Brasil instead of here with me in the Netherlands.I miss her...My truth for this year may sound a bit weird:I am here. And: I want to heal. Thank you everyone and have a good day. Namaste.

    1. I am right there with you, Siranouch! I cried, too!

      MY TRUTHS:
      I am healing!
      It is taking longer than I expected! (and that's ok)

      1. I don't want to assume to know what you both are going through but if it helps, I am healing/healed. And the truth (for me anyway) is that, every day, there is pain and there are limitations (both physically and mentally) but after a long time, I've come to a place of acceptance, of coping and I don't let them limit me or stop me from doing anything. Just sometimes I have to find a different path.

        I hope you both "heal" in your own ways x

        Much love. Namaste.

        1. Thank you, Grace! I am in recovery from addiction and this sober life is AWESOME! Healing takes time xoxo

  4. Adriene,
    Words cannot express how awesome I think you are, and how grateful I am that you are sharing your gift with the world. Yoga revolution is truly transformative!
    Plus, I've been meaning to request a chakra practice for some time, so thank you!

    To you and to this community,

      1. I though: Did I actually manage to miss a hole triangle pose? How far away was I this morning 🙂 haha

    1. I was looking forward to that. Thank you for your classes but I feel I need to take a step back and learn what real yoga is all about.

  5. Took your advice re it's not what you wear etc and jumped out of bed and did the practise in my pjs. I too was joined by one of my furry friends, Treacle, a cat. We enjoyed it together, him purring next to me, all about the throat! Lovely, a great way to start my Sunday. Don't want this to end x

    1. I also did this practice in my pjs and it felt so good. My fur baby was watching Benji from the couch 😀

  6. Felt connected today not only with the yummy practise but the fact I was wearing my dog jumper. Dog vibes!! Love to all you amazing people

  7. My dogs join me every day, and today the mat was full 😀 Benji and Your love-Cave-shirt gave me a good laugh, and what is better on at throat-chackra-exercize 🙂 Thank you for todays inspiration, Benji and Adriene <3 <3

    1. I also laughed out loud at those moments! This whole lovely practice was good for my "inner smile".

  8. You know what Adriene, I have been doing yoga from your videos every day for well over a year and what a positive it has been to my life. I feel healthier in mind and more toned in body. But since the revolution I have noticed a new strength in myself. I have down days like most people, but I look forward to practising with you every day, and always feel better after.

    Thanks so much love Mx

  9. Hi Adrien
    Thank you thank you for inspiring me to move from the inside out.....
    I've stayed with the programme all the way through and look forward to continued practice


  10. I am so incredibly grateful for this practice...and so was my dog, Kipling, who could not buh-lieve that he was actually allowed on the mat! Granted it made some of the poses slightly more complicated as he then wanted to snuggle in my lap (and he is a Golden Retriever/Collie mix, so not tiny!) but it was worth it. 🙂

    Amazing too that I could go from feeling sad to uplifted in such a short space of time.

    Merci from Provence, Adriene and much love to everyone here!

  11. How lovely today!
    I was a bit grumbly before getting my mat out and not wanting anything too much - and then I remembered my commitment. What a treat to have a sweet affirming short easy practice today.
    I was sharing with a friend yesterday that I have been doing a home yoga practice. Her response was that she had a difficult time exercising alone. I immediately smiled and said, I'm not alone - I'm with Adriene!
    Thanks for bringing your energy, wisdom, guidance and your funny self to me and to us.
    Life is so good... and kisses to Benji!

  12. Wow!!! I heard my truth in the deepest register there!! I heard! Peace!! And it brought my soul to life again! Wow!! Shock!! My truth is peace!!! No wonder I feel so shaken right now! Id better get back to speaking my truth!!

  13. Ohm Ah HUNH! Happy Sunday, everyone. Did a Revolution YogaFest this weekend so am all caught up ready to FINISH THIS TOGETHER and am feeling pretty bloody proud about that!!!

    Lovely Benji. Great to see him, Adriene, thank you for your just fantastic, enabling, humorous style. I'm so excited that you are doing a Chakra series later this year.

    I AM HERE!!! That's the truth that came from my throat today.

    Posting this quick before I tell myself it's too exuberant/annoying and delete it. HERE!!! :0)

    Love to you, reading this.

    1. how could this be annoying i think your fingers are lining up with the truth too . dont doubt it shout it. im just about to catch up too but i may just start it all over again for February... 28 day revolution part 2

  14. Adriene, I have so loved this yoga journey! I have not done every pose perfectly, I have made adjustments, but I have grown and learned and tried and accepted. Thank you so much for this time. I am truly sad to see it end. For every ending there is a new beginning. Excited for the next adventure. Namaste.

  15. I love it when Benji shows up! He makes it so real for me. Thank you for this Revolution!

  16. Ah, my first glimpse of Benji; at a handsome boy. My dog joins me every morning but he has his own "mat" (he likes the very middle of mine).

    For years I have had a negative body image of myself and since I've been practicing daily with Yoga Revolution, that image is disappearing. I am healthier, and getting stronger and that's what's important.
    I'm sneaking up on 60 and I want to be the best me possible.

    I am the only me there will ever be so I need to celebrate that!


  17. Hi Benji! What a peaceful practice. I appreciate the focus, on being me, on how I can carry it through my day. This practice has encouraged me to carry that peace, that length, that strength throughout the day.

  18. Revolution is exactly what I'd hoped! What I didn't know was how transformational this would be for my life! I am so grateful for Adriene and Benji and the people behind the scenes who have given me a happy, creative, strong and well 31 day yummy treat! Namaste! Yes! Every morning, pure wholeness and joyful peace to all!☺️Gently, G'ma Honey June, Daisy Dog, Pumpkin Pie Puppy and Kweeshie Cat

  19. The truth is I feel GREAT on day 29. This has been such a fun ride. Thank you 🙂

  20. What a lovely, gentle Sunday practice! It's shocking how vulnerable I felt saying Ohmm out loud in an empty apartment. Thank you for the gentle coaching and the love you show for all of us.


    (Benji for President!)

    1. Haha I said "ahh" with my girlfriend in the next room, I laughed loudly on the last one as I did feel a bit silly but she is used to me laughing a lot when I'm doing Yoga with Adriene.

    2. Thank you sooo much for what you share, I am deeply grateful, joyful, and now I love yoga forever!

  21. Adriene, after reading your email, I just want to say thank you for taking the risk to share yoga in this way! As an energy worker, I so appreciate how you subtly acknowledge how to work with these deeper parts of ourselves and that in doing so, it allows the body to follow. Rock on, sista! You are bravery! You are humor! You are soul! This approach is why I keep coming to do yoga with you everyday, and I actually avoid most of the videos/teachers that focus solely on the body, it feels so hollow to me. This is what it's all about, thank you for staying true. I am so looking forward to the chakra series you will be sharing later this year!

    My truth for today: I love nature, and my little furry companions. Stayed a little longer for some extra chanting. It was the first time I could feel it resonating in my chest cavity and body beyond the throat. Do I feel good now! Many thanks!

  22. Today's practice was so difficult cos all I wanted to do was watch Benji!! He's such a beautiful dog - definitely Benji for President

  23. Thank-you Adrienne. What a beautiful start to my day! I have so enjoyed this Revolution with you! You have kept me true to my practice and myself:) Its feels sooo incredible! I have struggled with my breath and not taken the time to nourish it...but you have brought me to a really good place. I like everyone am going through life with new challenges and experiences every day. I am weeks away from being a first time grandmama:);) i have found myself stopping to listen to my breath lately and I know that it will help me lots in the delivery room!! I really Love sharing this with you and Benji, it has brought me to a really awesome place on my mat each morning. From my heart to yours...Nameste xo

  24. Wonderful. So good to see/feel all the love here with us! Benji! My 20 year old cat Chip joined in for the first few minutes, too. Thank you, Adriene.

  25. Thank you do much for this month of practices! Especially this last week. I can feel the difference & unblocking of energies every day. I can't wait to see what each day brings. I am definitely repeating this last week again right away as soon as we are done. Thanks again! Namaste

  26. Today's practice was beautiful. Thank you.

    Benji is a beautiful pup, and as someone who practices with (and around) my cat Drama every day, it made me giggle as you were trying to do poses around him. I know that too well.

    And thank you (once again) for the burst of laughter in the middle of practice due to the shirt love tent...I am finding that laughing in the middle of the practice is one of my favorite things.

    Finally, to all those commenting above, the gratefulness, joy, peace and love expressed in the comments above brought me to tears...I don't know any of you, but my heart knows all of you, and is grateful for having undergone this Revolution with each of you by my side. THANK YOU!

  27. OMG your Benji is almost an identical twin for my blue heeler "Sparky" who has been joining me for my daily sessions with you. Sparky has a tail, but otherwise identical. I'm going to post his picture on your Facebook page, Yoga with Adriene. I love it! I take this as another sign that I am on the right path to learn and practice yoga, thanks to you!

  28. Loved seeing Benji. What a beautiful practice. Thank you. I am looking forward to Day 30 tomorrow.

  29. Benji looks adorable!Dogs know how to practice and express true love and care 😀 ... Thank you, Adriene <3

  30. Oh, it's all over in just two days
    Tonight was enlightening for me
    my truth....I am a yogi. I believe it. I have been practicing for 3 years and i still feel like a beginner (I'm ok with this) But tonight while practicing day 29 it just came to me. This is what I will take from Revolution. I AM a yogi. Yoga makes me so happy and it's changed me so much and now with this truth in me I feel all the light and love it brings. It's so BIG! Thank you Adriene. (This is the most hippy dippy & frank I have ever been outside my journal but I know its ok to say this here-you get it Yeh?)

    Also, my very old, poorly cat NEVER joins me on my mat, in fact she doesnt move much at all and she did tonight!

    Light and love fellow yogis. Woo hoo xxx

  31. Wow that was really insightful! I re-discovered what my friends have been telling me, probably on a deeper level this time. I'm very hard on myself even with things that improve my life like my discipline for writing early in the morning, my exercise training, my work ethic etc...I'm not going crazy with negative thoughts, but I don't give myself time to praise, enjoy and feel good about it all. And I realized that I don't have to be hard on myself to grow and improve in anything. Like...I literally just discovered that. lol. I've probably preached that to friends of mine in the past too lol. So my revolution this year is to use love for myself to do the same things and grow in the same areas of my life that I have grown in, previously using 'hard' talk, like 'you can do better,' or 'good, but you're not there yet.' Instead, it will be stuff like, 'you're doing great and more, amazing growth is on its way,' and 'intense workout, now love your body and thank it with great nutrition so it stays and becomes stronger.' So a big thank you! Oh and as soon as you did the 'rock out' gesture, I thought of this video (1000 people singing/playing the Foo Fighter's song, "Learn to Fly" -

  32. C'était court aujourd'hui... Mais cela a fait du bien après avoir fait de la raquette pour une heure... Merci!

  33. Chakra series!! I've been hoping for one ever since the "Show Us Your Gold" video and have been love-loving this last week of Revolution... Can't wait to see what's in store. -XO

  34. Hi

    I can proudly say I've done a couple of double practices this weekend to catch up on the days I missed when I was ill and now am back up to date!!

    The truth is it means so much to me complete Revolution, all of Revolution, on 31st January! I didn't realise that is my truth today until I started writing this.

    Feels good to come to this realisation:-)

  35. I loved seeing Benji in today's class!
    I have two JRT's that come out of a deep slumber every day to join me in the challenge often climbing all over/under me while engaged in poses licking my face wanting to play or just showing affection. I really feel they sense the wonderful work you do and want to be a part of the positive energy!
    Thank you.... from all of us!
    Michael, Chase and Jack!

  36. Hi Adriene, i have been doing the yoga revolution and it's been really helpful, it makes me feel great and it's a great workout. I am about to start a fertility treatment and I was instructed to adapt my yoga practice with tummy friendly poses, basically, not a lot of twists and stuff. What do you recommend?

  37. My two dogs have been with me every step of the way! Sometimes frustrating and distracting me but more often making me smile 🙂 I loved seeing your sweet boy today!

    My truth was "I can do this," and by now you've taught me that "this" doesn't just mean the practice.

    Thank you so much for everything ❤


  38. Benji for President! I don't have the heart to lock my dog out of my "yoga room" because he sits right at the door. He has learned to stay off of my mat and even does down dog with me 🙂 Thank you Adriene, and thanks Benji.

  39. Benji for Prez! ❤
    Yoga cave-shirts I have a few of them too...: )
    Lovely little practice with a whole lotta good!
    Thanks once again, Adriene.

  40. YES! I love the Four Agreements and recommend it to everyone! Also, Benji totally brightened my day so thanks for the puppy love.


  41. ADRIENE ~ exactly what I needed today. My truth ~ I love my kids. They are my all. Thank you for this marvelous journey! Aloha and Namaste ~

  42. Beautiful practice after an emotional day. I need to work on speaking my truth as I tend to bite my tongue which leads me to bottle my emotions and builds a lot of negativity in my body, I have been feeling this especially lately. On a more positive note I just want to tell you how much joy you and these sessions bring me, I really look forward to my time on the mat. So thank you Adriene, it has been a wonderful way to start the year. Also Benji is so adorable! x

  43. I love that Benji is part of your practice. My partner in yoga is my 11 yr old cockapoo, Cappuccino! He is great at downward dog and causing me into 3 legged dog so he gets more cardio when I'm on the mat. I appreciate your gift.

  44. Dear Adrienne, this practice finally did it. When asked to say something that was true about myself, what popped out seemingly from the clear blue sky was, "I am made of love." Then I began to cry. I had done 40 straight days if yoga before I began the Revolution and now I know that I am finally, finally softening. Thank you.

  45. Dear Adriene, I cannot begin to tell you how this revolution-journey is changing me and my life. I did YogaCamp last year and it was awesome, but this is beyond. I love the way you are changing the language for me, and everybody else, about yoga, our bodies, life, responsibility .. you name it. This is surely a revolution! Thank you so much!!!!!
    Whenever you have asked for thoughts on this journey I have been filled with gratefulness of being along on this ride and being apart of this fantastic community. Thank you again!

  46. An easy practice was just what I need to start my day today 🙂 I like yoga / pranayama with sounds. Are you going to propose a practice on the theme some day ?

  47. SO happy Benji joined us! My cat often practices (read: tries to sit in the middle of my mat) with me. Today she saw Benji walk across the screen and immediately ran over to my laptop to investigate.

  48. Beautiful beautiful doggy! My kitty cat Meeko always joins me in yoga too. Even if he's curled up sleeping somewhere, it's like he senses that I'm doing it and he wakes up and comes and does his downward kitty (i.e. lays flat on his back usually in my way but it's okay), purring the whole time. >^..^<

  49. Maybe this is dumb to recomment, but I wanted to let you know I just redid this video because of how profoundly it impacted me the first time. I came back to it because, I was not feeling well in my heart the last few days and I have been unable to give voice to it! These groanings in my heart found their voice again in this practice. I had such a good cry, let so much out! And now I feel reconnected aware of the stones on the path, and more capable in how I deal with them!

    I'm so amazed!! I was just hoping lightening would strike twice so to speak and it did. I've been trying to chant on my own in private, but the whole sequence is so helpful. I'm sure I'll be returning to it soon.

  50. I started training my pup to relax during my yoga sesh too! She's asleep by the end every time

  51. Funny enough, my 3 labs joined me today on the mat. All low energy but slightly in the way. Your pup made me smile. Enjoyed the shorter session today. Such an important message. Thank you again for leading these thoughtful sessions.

  52. Just finished the 31 days! WONDERFUL!
    What's the plan? I didn't receive the last few days of the revolution so maybe I'm missing the suggestions for going forward. Thank you!

  53. I've loved this whole series, but feel moved to comment today because I enjoyed seeing Benji so much. Benji for president! And thanks for this amazing yoga revolution series, it has really spoken to me.

  54. Starting this Yoga Revolution much later in the year (March) and practised day 30 today (9th April)
    Thank you so much for this community and your help in finding some peace. I've been struggling with depression and substance abuse for a few years on and off, and after a recent scare I knew I needed to try and love myself again. Practising yoga each day, with you and the rest of the community, is giving me strength to take on the day and most of all is helping me start to love myself again.
    Thank you for all that you do.

  55. Benji!!!! I loved having him as a guest. Made my day. 🙂 My puppy is also nearby, sleeping and sighing like an old lady in her bed (instead of attacking my head like usual).

  56. Thank you so much for this practice. I didn't get much sleep last night so I searched for a shorter practice and found this nice gentle one. I feel so much better now and thank you for making me smile with the lovely funny and unique things you say. Thank you to Benji too for being so cute.

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