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Your Day 28 yoga practice invites you to stretch tight muscles while opening your heart. We continue to combine asana, breath and intention to heal energetic imbalances and raise our consciousness.

Booyah! Share your experience down below!



76 comments on “REVOLUTION: Day 28”

  1. #yogarevolution is my first experience with yoga. I can't express how much I love it and you, Adriene. I look forward to meeting you on the mat each day, even those days when I struggle to actually show up. I know once there I can't be thankful enough for being there and being committed to myself.

    I have a flighty mind...oh look squirrel!!! Yoga has really made me more aware of my surroundings by being able to focus on my breathing. Even a walk to the village takes on new meaning and new experiences. I actually notice my breathe and I slow down and focus on other things. When I eat, I can focus. When I sleep I can focus. When I am in fitness classes I can focus.

    I have listened to you speak about presence and being present time and time again. I just wanted to say that today is the first day I not only felt present...but also A PART of my body. At the start when my hand was on my heart I could connect for the first time FULLY with my entire body. I felt everything from the tips of my toes to the top of my head. What an experience. What a lesson and a realisation. When my thoughts and what I am trying to accomplish finally clicks in, if only for a moment, and I see what and experience exactly what I'm trying to work toward. When my presence suddenly become part it's magic...

    Again, Thank you Adriene...I might have made this happen, but you were my cheerleader and my guide...I can't thank you enough...


  2. Whew. The mantra(s) took me by surprise and the tears started flowing and didn't stop for a while...but what was wonderful was that I just let it and didn't try to make my practice into anything other than what it wanted to be. That is a huge shift for me and is definitely one of the most important things that I will take away from Revolution.

    With much Love and Strength to my fellow yogi warriors (and criers too ;)...

    1. Hello All!

      I wanted to share that the mantras released a lot of emotions I have been working through, and I truly believe this practice is working with me to accept and understand myself.

      Safe to say I will happily revisit revolution yoga and use these mantras to ground, be present and embrace love.

      Thank you Adriene and everyone for also sharing your experiences.

  3. Beautiful practice! Thought I am not able to do Full Camel, I focus on the sensations and feel more space in the heart and chest. Feels good and open. A little sad also..But I allow it to be as it is. It's a practice...
    Thank you and the fellow yogi's

  4. Adriene, i've been hearing your voice off of the mat. When i'm about to panic or someone is bothering me there is this little voice saying "lots of love in... lots of love out" or "open your chest, open your heart" and my fave "stay with me, you got it". More than the physical transformation, i'm amazed at the inside transformation that is happening. sometimes i can literally feel the "click" in my brain (ok, that usually happens but for bad reasons, now is for good one) thank you very much, cant wait to see what you've planned for February.

  5. Another great session! I have not missed any and I am feeling great! Thanks Adriene!!!!

  6. At the end of each day's practice, know that I am sending a heartfelt Namaste right back atcha. I hope you feel the love. 🙂

  7. Lovely practice, flew by, wish it were longer!
    Anyone knows why, when we practice stretches on both sides, we start with the right and then move on to the left? Thank you to all!

    1. No, I was wondering that too. I sometimes switch, only because I sometimes forget which one is which ;). Namaste

    2. I think it's because of our colons, the ascending colon is on our right... So those stretches and twists get things moving over to our left side which is the descending colon for smoother waste eliminations.
      I could be wrong, but I've heard and read this alot. I won't feel bad if anyone has other theories that prove this wrong... I hope this helps!

  8. I did it! Caught the flu after starting Revolution. Set a goal to catch up before day 30, didn't want to miss that glow from finishing together, and here I am. A beginner, but stronger inside and out. Thanks for the great videos.

  9. Awesome practice!! So glad I decided to do this 31 Day Yoga Revolution. Feeling so much better and back to doing some of my old routines.
    Just wondering if you do a regular daily practice online? If so can I get the details for membership.

  10. Love that I am open to love and live . Thank you, Adriene. Also Love the thoughtful intention and awareness of working WITH the body instead of ON the body. Really helps me soften into my practice and be in the present moment without struggle. Also helps me with acceptance. I have this body with all its imperfections and I am not working ON these imperfections to improve them as if they're something bad, but instead working WITH these imperfections in love and acceptance and intention and -yes- discipline. I am open to Love. Thank you so much. Wonderful practice. ❤

  11. I can not say enough how amazing this series is. The was PERFECT after an early morning long run in the cold (while I'm fighting a cold). I felt so open and actually felt myself able to let go of stress I was feeling in my body. I do not want this to end.

  12. Here I am at the end of another wonderful practice. Still psyched to get on the mat every day. Can't believe I HAVE made it every day!

  13. Thank you for another great session. You and your yoga practice are a bright spot in my everyday practice. I have really enjoyed this month and wish it did not end. Thank you again for inspiring us all to love yoga.

  14. Dealing with loss, feeling sadness. Tried to remain open to love. It was tough. But I tried. Thank you.

  15. I haven't miss a day.. And I'm feeling great :)... Thanks for sharing from your heart adriene!!

  16. Such a beautiful practice, and encouragement to "be open to love". I loved practicing camel. I agree these practices are the bright spot in my day. Thank you, from my heart to yours!

  17. Camel pose made me tear up! So grateful to release energy this way, I love yogarevolution <3

  18. The mantras were so appropriate for me right now . . . how did you know, Adriene? Wonderful practice as always. Thank you so much for this. <3

  19. Wow! What a great practice today. Camel was never that easy to achieve before, your wonderful guiding voice led me just where I needed to go for Camel. LOVING this Revolution! Thank you for creating this experience.

  20. Oof! My balance was completely off today. I fell at least a dozen times. And yet, practice flew by and I still feel calm and open. Thank you for opening my heart and mind, giving me "permission" to do what feels right and teaching me to accept where I am today.


  21. Kittos, Danke, Merci, Gracias, THANK YOU!

    I am caught back up and hopefully this "evening" time on the mat will allow me to sleep tonight.

    Sweet dreams

  22. Day 28. Starting the new year with this has been life-changing for me. Consistency is something that I'm working on or try to at least. I didn't even realize that by doing this everyday, I'm working on my consistency. I stuck with this Yoga Revolution and I must say I'm proud of myself. I'm grateful that you will have something for us after this because I'm tearing up now that this is ending in a few days. Coming to my mat each day has been much more than yoga.

  23. Really loving the Chakra series for this last week. Day 28 and still going strong! Looking forward to seeing your recommendations for after this 31 day "Revolution" ends. 🙂

  24. After the third breath into my heart i started to sob, i then cried through the entire practice. There were no thoughts, just a significant need to cry. This has been the most transformative practice for me yet. So much love for you, Adriene, thank you, thank you.

  25. I was telling my husband that everyday the practice was personally exactly what I needed.
    I almost didn't do today. I was tired and had already done so much cardio today. But I realized I should be grateful for everyday that I can move.
    Thank you for your thoughtful practice. Thank you for your mantras- I am love and to work with your body. I have spent a long time not doing that. I'm getting better. But it's nice for that reminder.
    And yes. The tears flowed.

  26. My heart is full of love and gratitude Adriene.....thank you for putting your heart into this revolution. XO

  27. Revolution opened my heart to look deeper, considered 21 day Yoga Summit until they swnt 70% off for a pass, feels a bit like telemarkering. If you were a part of this, would never consider wothdrawing my registration, may still check it out, curious and all. Understand commercial activity, I am excited about thr 3 Feel Good tshirts I bought, maybe it is just the tactic, or I don't share a zillion hours of video time with those folks?! Thank you for this Revolution, reminded me that it really is about ,"Everything is as it is," and we can choose to be angry, give up, hoot and holler, accept, deny, regret, cry, smile, laugh, join a Revolution, and regardless our choice, things will change...look at the desert, over time, wind and sun drammatically change the landscape, over time, we all change, even if we think we are doing nothing. I chose Revolution, and the changes I see are dramatic, so fast, I have a firmer body, at 60! Thank you for everything, dear yogi Adriene!

  28. A beautiful practice. Thank you for the amount of thought you have put into each and every one of these sessions. I love reading the emails right before the practice and just love my time on the mat as I wind down for the night. Thank you xx

  29. i found you by accident and loved everything about the revolution videos and your approach i will definitely continue practicing with you.namaste
    i also started a conscious t-shirts line ( this summer and would like to send you a shirt .maybe you could wear it on one of your videos . Please let me know where to send it
    .."live in truth" jennifer lawrence

  30. camel was a little difficult ..back to foundation videos ..İ couldnt find my left foot.. thought it must be here somewhere .think its my left shoulder that was to blame ..

  31. Wow!!! Thank you!!! I love how you phrase work with your body and not on it. Much love and gratitude.

  32. Thank you! Wow, getting close to the end of the challenge...but...cheesy but true...the revolution will live on forever! 🙂

  33. Great again, even if I'm not keen on camel pose. But, with the easy variation, it gets better. Thank you for your clear explanation. Good day to everyone !

  34. Oh Adriene , I have been practicing the Revolution every afternoon in addition to my religious morning practice. Today though ,my amazing friends threw an awesome 40th Birthday brunch for me. Needless to say I was a little buzzed when I arrived on the mat Please don't judge me y'all. I'm not missing a day of this ride, no matter what!!Anyway, one of my favorite gifts is a beer cozee that reads "YOU GOT THIS". How appropriate. I love you Adriene! Thanks for helping me find what feels good all these yearsYou rock And you are hilarious even when I'm sober

  35. Today's practice made me feel very connected and in the moment. It was great!
    Thanks Adriene!

  36. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I started this revolution late but feel so connected and open to receiving, to love, to be love, to love my body and take better care of me. You are a true earth angel!! I am so so happy, blessed, grateful that I stumbled on your YouTube channel. Love starting my day with you, each day is better for it. Sending you much love and light!

  37. I'm finishing the Revolution on a bit of a time lapse. I am in high lunge, heart open, in realization that I have been shut tight for a while now.. and I hear. " a shout out to Amy..." Well, I believe in synchronicity, so THIS Amy would like you to know your timing was perfect! Thank you. As I continue to balance my head and heart..or learn to tip the scales in favor of all that is heartfelt...

  38. Hi,for the rest of the jan.2017, we were hit with ice storme "verglas" no electricite, no
    Internet so (25 jan. to 05 fev. 2017). I practice my yoga ,but miss y a lot your encourragement etc...your good advice shakra.... I will continu my practice , the yoga help me during this hard time .Namaste xx

  39. Thank you Adrienne. I am finding these sessions so comforting and nurturing. I'm a therapist and am using these as part of my self-care. Thank you!

  40. Dear Adrienne,
    I ´ve started you 31 days of Yoga mid-january (because I came back from a journey) , so for me was the heart day 28 today 🙂

    I just want to thank you so much for this lovely, inexpensive, emotional and great trip during this month of Yoga. You´re doing a great job!!
    Through you I have once again found the way into the world of yoga. Thank you so much for that!!

    lots of love (from my whole heart 🙂 ) from cologne


  41. Just did day 28 over again after a month long hiatus. Wow. The physical-mental connection through breath and awareness is awesome. Cant describe the level of peace and calm but I know you feel it too.
    Also its really cool to find myself, thanks to your kind, perceptive coaching doing poses and moves that a lot of men my age (56) wouldnt dream of. Really thhough, its whats going on inside that really matters. Thank you. Thanks you. Thank you!!

  42. Dear Adriene,

    Today's practice got to my weakest point: heart chakra. So much work to do here!!! Thank you for gently leading the way to connect with the heart and tap into the inner smile for a very important step in the Journey of life.

    By the way, I made it to full camel, wow!!! I just love it when you sing and encourage us "you got this". Awesome!!

    I am looking forward to every and each meeting at the yoga mat! I wish to keep showing up on a daily basis after the Revolution also!

    Love and thankfulness! You rock!



  43. Adriene, I just want you to know- you are helping me lead a period of tremendous growth in my adult life. I am currently on a journey- searching for what feels good... Attempting to really identify my true self. Everyday that I get to share practice with your guidance I GROW and experience connection to a community full of love! You don't know me, but you are sending energy into my life and it is emanating onward to all I interact with. Keep up your meaningful work. You give me inspiration to be my best self.

  44. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This has been such an amazing journey. I appreciate all of the yoga love and support, Adriene.

  45. Thank you so much Adriene for simply existing. You're just as goofy and amazing as me and I am so grateful to call you a Mentor. You have brought a beautiful new light to Yoga for me that has helped me find happiness and structure within myself. You've beyond inspired me and I couldn't have asked for a better Yoga Revolution. I'm so happy to be present. <3

  46. Loving this and getting so much out of it. Transformation inner and outer, being noticed by colleagues and friends. Just gorgeous.

  47. My mantra today was, "I am worthy of my own love," and yes, a tear or two fell. In 28 days you have moved me from a place of shame to acceptance. I am a better mom and creative human because of you.

  48. Adriene, I am a 74year old man with two metal hips and a brain tumor. I am not very flexible as the hips don't have as large a range of motion as real ones - but getting more flexible.

    I have been doing your classes for several months now and have to tell you how I feel since starting.

    I am calmer, feel more positive, am much stronger and after your class each day and a spell on the rowing machine am ready to go to work and continue to make a positive contribution to this world.

    My question to you is that I would like to continue after completing 'True' and 'Revolution' but I do not know where to go next.

    I am happy to make contributions to your system as you help me so much.

    Appreciate your advice.

  49. Adrienne, I have progressed through every stage of yoga by following these challenges and I literally follow each challenge like a book!! Keep them going, they are amazing!! I love that we grew up around the same time as your timeline aligns with my own and it feels like doing yoga with a close friend.

  50. In the remaining days of Revolution........a thank you for sharing the joy of home yoga practice. During this pandemic year, with completion of Revolution I will have gone through all your thirty day series. These daily practice sessions are now integrated into my daily life. I look forward each morning to spending this time on the mat. Thank you Adriene!

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