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Your Day 27 yoga practice invites to consider why we show up, why we do yoga, why we do the work. Take a journey inward, toward yourself.

Have fun!



78 comments on “REVOLUTION: Day 27”

  1. Namaste wonderful world,

    Really awesome to be finding the connection to the Chakras through this week's yoga practice; a truly inspired way to finish off the last 7 days of this 31 day journey.

    Oh but I have hit a few bumps along the way but my yoga class yesterday my teacher helped me let go of the emotions that have been building up and just feel connected and grounded.

    Thank and bless you Adriene for guiding us through the dark mornings/evenings of January.

    Onward and upward.

    Looking forward to the Heart practice ❤

    1. I'm loving the revolution practice. I don't want it to end..... what do you recommend next? Revolution is my first yoga practice, so I'm definitely a beginner!

  2. Yeay! Done it, loved this one too - and straight out of bed! More ready for the day than I ever would have been 🙂 thank you

  3. I've had to pull out of the classes because although my mind and body are more than willing, my wrists are not. Hopefully after some time off my wrists I'll bring able to complete the journey. Still reading the emails and enjoying the revolution!

    1. I had the same issue. Use your fist or side hands fist. It will help. I was able to work through it. Just a suggestion. Take care and enjoy the day.

  4. These last days of revolution yoga revolution is a different experience altogether.Love all your videos sweet Adriene, but revolution has been a different journey for me altogether both physically and mentally. Thank you thank you thank you so much ☺Love you

  5. This is so good. Thank you for building this beautiful practice leading us to the last seven days connecting to our chakras. I feel like everything is coming together. And everything is as it should be. Namaste

  6. Thank you dear Adrienne for a really lovely yummy class,I really felt in tune with my body and my breath. Thank you for making me chuckle - I am so thankful for this amazing journey I am on with you and all the wonderful hearts on this yoga revolution - love and light and have a wonderful weekend. Namaste.

  7. You really never know what you are missing until you experience it. So true on the mat and in life. This focus on the solar plexus after the teachings along this beautiful journey has allowed me to focus on an area that I didn't realize needs so much attention and was ready to accept it. This final week of learning and exploring the chakras is beautiful.

    Thank you, Adriene, for today and everything you put into giving to the world.

  8. I have truly enjoyed this. I am very interested in learning more about the chakras. I feel that those of us not on twitter or familiar with how blogs work are unable to find answers to questions. Your videos are wonderful and the only program I have stuck with. Thank you so much.

  9. I woke up after yesterday evening creative practice and this poem felled into my head while I was waiting for this email to arrive this morning at work. I allow myself to share:

    Where were you all my life?
    Now as I see you in the mirror
    Now I hear you constant breathing
    In and out through everywhere

    Where were you all my life?
    Now I believing that you love me
    Now I finally start feeling
    That you actually care

    Where were you all this time?
    When I trusted in your courage
    When I trusted in your strength
    To resist the things I did not want

    Where were you my best friend?
    Who of us should cry the answer
    As I’ve been with you every minute
    And will stick with you to the end

    Namaste Revolutionaries!

  10. guys have been so supportive and wonderful that I feel like I can be a little negative and bring it up...with the caveat that I can't do the practice until tonight...

    "we are the ones responsible for our own happiness, and no one else."

    I hear this a lot. or "Happiness is a choice", or any number of similar things. And speaking as someone with depression/anxiety/generalized mood's not. For me, anyway.

    I cannot be responsible for my happiness. Even with my medications (which stop me from completely over-reacting to the slightest negative experience like I used to do, also without control), some days I'm just going to be unhappy for no particular reason. There won't be anything that's wrong that I can fix, no action I can take, and distractions only last for so long. Sometimes I'm just plain unhappy because the chemicals in my brain are responsible for my emotions.

    It....troubles me, when people like me aren't acknowledged in this philosophy. Are we, in some way that I just can't see?

    1. Is it that "Happiness" actually means something a little bit different? Fulfillment? Satisfaction? Because I can agree that it's my responsibility to live my life in a way that makes it meaningful. That just doesn't mean that I'm necessarily "happy".

      1. I think you take very much responsible for your happiness by acknowledging who you are and how you deal with it. You have accepted your need for medication and accepted that some days are not possible to feel happiness. And you take responsible by showing up on the mat every day!

        Why not turn the sentence to "Acknowledging is a choice" Being aware and accepting all of your emotions are much more important then trying to accomplish just one!

        And remember this secret what Adriene shared with us: Everything is as it should be!

        You are in my thoughts!

        1. means a lot, even when I don't really need it 🙂 my depression is actually quite mild. It's just one of those things...

          I think part of the reason it chafes me is that the #1 thing that helps me through depressive episodes is understanding that it ISN'T my choice, and isn't in my control. If I believe that it's my choice to be happy all the time no matter what else is going on, then I'd go crazy trying to make it happen. Knowing that I'm just going to be sad for a while and I can't do anything about it makes me calm down, mope and watch Les Mis until I feel better.

          All I can think of is the movie Inside-Out, too. Where the ultimate message is that it's less healthy to try to feel Joy constantly than to feel whatever emotions need feeling for a balanced and aware life 🙂

          I'm rambling but I think maybe people DO mean "fulfillment" or something more whole and less transient than "happiness". Maybe it's just me who defines 'happy' as an emotion as temporary as 'sad' or 'angry'.

          1. Happiness is more a state of mind than an emotion. You can be a happy person and still feel sad. Someone close to me has depression, the important thing this person stresses is: Depression is not who I am. Depression does not define me. I am coping with, not suffering from depression.
            Samantha, it is important to know people are around who can listen.

    2. I feel the same way, this expression bothers me. As someone who suffers from Bipolar, happiness is not a choice.

  11. I'm back. We had a freezing rain storm and lost power for the past 2 days so this morning, early on the mat and got caught up. So good to be with you guys again. Working on my solar plexus is always good for me as I have chronic acid reflux. Always had trouble with digestion but getting worse as I'm getting older but today's practice felt really good.

    Samantha, so sorry that you're feeling so unhappy but I believe without a doubt that we and only we are responsible for everything that's happening in our lives so we are responsible for our own happiness. I know I'm responsible for my digestive problems and no one else. And has Adriene told us at the beginning of this Revolution, being conscious of our thoughts is the key. There are many wonderful books that could help you work on this. Hope you find a little happiness today.


    1. I appreciate it - I'm not unhappy today. It's just that some days, I am, and it's been much more helpful for me to accept that I can't control that than it was to run around like a chicken with my head cut off being angry at myself for not being happy.

      1. Hi Samantha, I don't have answers or suggestions, but I do understand you. one cannot control depression, you live with it the best you can. Happiness means different things to everyone, someone else's definition is not yours, continue to look for your happiness, I believe it is out there for you.

        1. As someone who suffers from depression and anxiety snd have been on and off meds you all need to stop with the negativity. Some things are out of our control and accepting that is huge. But so is your attitude. You can choose to challenge yourself to look at things in a different way and you can choose to not be angry at yourself if it doesnt work that day. But here is not a place to bash the positivity of those accepting control of thier lives.

  12. So glad I found Yoga With Adriene - this program is amazing - love how my body feels and the connections I am making!! Thank you!!

  13. Adriene, not sure where the proper place is to make this request, but in terms of taking control of my actions and bettering my world I have decided to flip the script and propose to my boyfriend! YWA is what brought us together in the first place and kept us together long distance. I was wondering if you ever would consider shooting just a brief video or message to help me with the proposal since we are still far apart. Still a few months off, but I wanted to connect. 🙂 . Let's step into our power and take control of the happiness in our life. <3 . Thank you for all you do!

    A friend

  14. I can't believe that session wasn't actually 30 seconds.. IT FLEW BY! Maybe bc I had a smile on my face the whole time from Adriene's delightful goofiness and the yummy flow of the practice.


  15. I had a thought today. If I was a student at Hogwarts, my patronus would be a yoga pose. Perhaps tree? I am facing so many demons at the moment, but my daily yoga sessions during this amazing YogaRevolution is keeping them at bay. You won't suck the happiness out of me Dementors. Ps. I'm not drunk, just on a yogi high. Adriene, you truly are a life saver.

    1. This is the best comment ever! I love the image that brings to my mind! Hilarious and yet so understandable

  16. Hello all! Thanks again Adriene for going over the Chakras in this last week. I feel so far, day 27 with the self has been the most important and best practice for me. It has reminded me to enjoy my practice and congratulate myself and everyone here that has been showing up regularly even if I've missed a few days here and there, (that's ok). I'm blessed to have time at home to do this and also feel grateful for me body to be able to do this practice physically. Thanks again for putting theses wonderful videos online...
    As well Adriene you are a comedienne! What you say is coming from the divine! And you're being yourself Which is what you're teaching us to be keep it up!
    Love ya!

  17. I am trying to figure out if I purchase Revolution, am I purchasing all 31 videos? Or just the day? Anyone know the answer?

  18. Hi

    I am finding this chakra week totally luxurious and delicious.

    Already have a little idea about revisiting this week.

    Big hugs to all 🙂

  19. J'ai toujours manqué de confiance en moi... J'ai aimé travaillé mon plexus solaire aujourd'hui. Merci

  20. Thanks for a GREAT practice today Adriene. Finishing the revolution with the chakras is brilliant. And I couldn't stop giggling today....perfect experience. You are a very bright and beautiful light.

  21. That was lovely! Until my cat decided to lick my eyelid during savasana!! Thanks Adriene!

    1. That's so funny, my cat insisted on being let in today! He was pacing all around giving me licks. So cute.

      1. Hah my cat too! He did a downward cat with me and peered up with his sideways half smile like he's sayin "I know what you're up to". Such a funny little guy.

        1. How funny! I decided to give myself a little extended shavasana today, and threw a blanket over myself as the video ended. My cat, who is quite skittish and NOT a snuggler, came over and curled up on the blanket, leaning against me--a first! I guess he sensed that I was NOT getting up any time soon. 🙂

          So so thankful for this practice and these comments. <3

    2. This made me laugh out loud, but not just because, it is hilarious, but also beause my cat actually has been participating in Revolution with me every day. He sits in the room with me, tumbles around in his own yoga poses as I do mine, and every now and again lays on my hand or my head or whatever other body part is extended to let me know he's here and he's also all about this yoga thing. He has made me burst into laughter many times during my practice, and I have embraced it as a joyful part of the experience. 😉

      1. Yes, one of our cats (not the one who licked me) has been lurking the entire month and climbing onto me at inopportune times. They have definitely added to the fun!

  22. Happiness is not always in our hands. And that's a sad fact- I think. What I mean by this is that, we don't have always cautios control on what triggers the feeling of happiness- for example I unintentionally and undoubthfully feel happy and content just by the presesence of someone else, who due to this magic- special influence on me, has been marked as desired and a very special person. The distance from that person is unmistakable feeling of the opposite of happiness.
    Happiness has a scale of intensity, as most of the emotions. I think that we all aim to be happy and dispite of the awareness and self love, our connection with ourselves is not the highest level on the scale, greater is the connection with the others. However, the connection with the others is not only in our hands, therefore- happiness goes out of our hands.
    In our hands is eventually to keep breathing, moving and possibly keepng our minds at peace. What I've exceperienced is that yoga truly helps me balancing to a neutral state and restoring the inner peace and connection with myself, after jumping up/down on the scales- which is kinda happiness 😉 .

    Funny Adriene mentioned Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 🙂

  23. I love this practice 🙂 You bring so much to the mat and it is pure and delicious! I am thankful that you are bringing in the chakras along with the pop references and your own humble nature. You are a gift!!

  24. WOW this really works!!! Go figure! I GOT that third chakra core work today -- it just clicked and suddenly I'm in touch with warrior three like I've never been before. It's like DUH of course! But I just could not tune into my core until today, so THANK YOU!!! This is so cool. I am feeling so good. Damn. Love to you and all you awesome yogis. We rock! Third chakra rocks!

  25. I really connected with myself today, I feel so good. Thank you for another beautiful practice, Adriene. <3

  26. You're awesome. I always love watching your videos and this one in particular had me roml (rolling on mat laughing) when you starting singing Destiny's Child. Hahahaha thank you for being you. Please don't ever change. I fall in love with yoga in a new way every time I practice along with you. Namaste

  27. I haven't missed a single day, but I almost did today. This morning didn't go as planned and the day got away from me. Happy I did it and actually think this practice will help me sleep well. Everything for a reason. Thank you so much Adrienne for creating this. I love it. Trying not to think about how there's only 4 days left.

  28. This morning I attended a piyo class and it was not my cup of tea. There was no moment to explore the sensations and connect. Stepping onto my mat and queuing up today's video set all that right. Instead of feeling rushed, I was connected and feeling out the sensations in my neck, my back, and other extremities. 😉

  29. I feel like doing this practice everyday is like a special little treat Adriene has made just for me, but also a at the same time I feel glad to know lots of other people all around the world are doing the same thing, and probably feeling the same way.

    Its like eating a delicious icecream and knowing your friend has an icecream thats just as delicious.

    1. That is such a good analogy - I love ice cream! It's so great we all get to share the yummy-ness

  30. I wanted to pop in today to thank you Adrienne for always bringing a bit of laughter and humor and silliness to the practice. I burst out laughing at one point during today's video at something you said (which I forget now, because then I got caught up in the rest of the practice) and was so grateful for that.

    Coming back to yoga after a full year away, has been difficult physically, and I promised myself i would not take myself too seriously, I would be patient, and I would accept that my body was going to fight some of (if not all of) the poses as I was easing into it.

    Your humor and laughter has helped to remind me to just ENJOY the practice and not take it so seriously (while also appreciating how valuable and serious it is).

    Thank you for this.

  31. I ended up falling two days behind this week, so I'm catching up over the weekend. I did Day 26 and 27 back to back on this snowy Saturday in Toronto, and hoo-boy was it a good pairing! Exploring and connecting to those two chakras together was really powerful - and really fun. It's always so GOOD to get back on the mat. On days when I miss it, I really feel the lack of yoga in my day. Thank you Adriene for sharing your revolution, and your emails... not to mention your humour (laughed out loud at "my neck, my back" - and that was just the start of the giggles).

  32. Adrienne, when and where will your yoga retreats be this year? I would love to join. I appreciate your free yoga teaching on YouTube. Namaste.

  33. Thank you, Adriene for this lovely practice and for being so authentic and goofy throughout. I'm right there with you on the musical references lol. My neck, my back...Elle King was in my head instantly

  34. Thank you for creating this practice and thank you for making me laugh and smile during it.

  35. I loved this one, I am generally a bit clumsy with lunge transitions and today it just flowed. Also, really felt connected as the chakra was concerned. My intention is to revisit these chakra practices from time to time, they are just another level. Namaste and thanks for the teachings

  36. Amazing. Has given me a desire to learn more about chakra's because I know this one, for me, is out of whack. I struggled a little today and I find it so interesting that this could be a reflection of an imbalance with this chakra. I really don't want Yoga Revolution to end! Big love ✌️

  37. I'm really loving this journey! I missed a few days due to illness (occupational hazard of working in a school) but I will get there! Just wondering if you had any advice. I'm struggling with my lower back (very very low, not the small of my back). It's almost like its over stretched but i don't think that's it. It's kind of a sharp pain. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. I should probably mention that I'm pretty unfit atm and I'm working on my posture. Lots of love from the UK x

  38. Adriene I love you!! Thank you so much for this journey, I really don't want it to end, it brings me pure joy to put play on this videos every morning when I wake up. I'm learning to be more patient with myself and more loving.
    So again thanks!! Lot's of love from Argentina 🙂

  39. Dear Adriene,

    You are absolutely awesome!!!! This chakra practice is downright amazing and uplifting!! I would wish to take another week and go over all the chakras again and again! Your messages are so inspiring! It is so true: WE are responsible for our happiness, our destiny, our whole life. We create our lives and how they unfold every second. And, if things are not quite the way we would like them to be, it is up to ourselves to make the effort and change them, while we change our perspective from passive "victim" to powerful force of Nature, as Bernard Shaw said of us humans, when we accept our true essence.

    Thank you for inviting us to this journey of radiant existence. God bless you!! I will follow you daily forever!!



  40. Thank you for always making me laugh (or at least seriously smile) during these practices. I giggled for a solid 30 seconds today during this practice and it felt soooo good.


  41. Revisiting this amazing series (Revolution) and absolutely loved all the sessions. Especially this one - you are so funny Adriene - you really brighten my days 🙂 Namaste my friend

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