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Your Day 26 yoga practice invites you to find freedom within the form. Today we explore fluidity, tap into the lower core and awaken creative energy that serves. Let's play!



59 comments on “REVOLUTION: Day 26”

  1. Adriene my TRUE SELF is dying to bust out of my protective shell and dance. I am so excited is it you know just what I need? Seriously.... I am working on an overhaul of my true self and you are nailing it. You are amazing. Namaste.

  2. I like to read your daily inspiring email before my practice but here in England if I am up early it does not always come through in time. So today, Day 26, I did my practice first and read it after. As a watercolour artist today was especially meaningful to me. I feel I am a fairly inward person so you helped enormously with your email which I read carefully every word. You are changing my outlook on life. Thank you SO much

  3. I love how the box that you click on in the email correspond with the chakra colours ...You so creative 😉 xx

  4. I really subscribe to all of those expressing that the yoga revolution is a very fine companion in ones own transformational process. And, may I add: I love how you explore daily focuses or themes, and then link them together, see them in play and broaden their meanings, their potentials and their impact in life. Very enriching - reassuring and stimulating at the same time (like finally having talked talked talked (and giggled) with a friend you haven´t seen for a while). Super! 🙂

    1. I love how you expressed what I have not been able to articulate about her emails.....broader meanings...potentials and impact....YES....well said.

  5. Absolutely loved this practice, my favourite so far and perfect timing for a gloomy, cold day in Britain! x

  6. I woke up and really struggled to face the day. and be productive. Almost called in sick but decided to at least get up and meet with Adriene before I made any decisions. Now I'm feeling much better and am ready to go out into the world and if nothing else, just be kind to people (which often surprises them).

  7. I found a tightness in the outer edges of my hips all the way down to the outer edges of my knee then up through my back and shoulders!! I don't remember feeling those muscles and other parts before!! So much emotion wrapped up in there!! Wow!! Being creative!!

  8. Wonderful practice. Love, love, love it. Finished feeling yoga creative and got into some poses my body was craving. Back is feeling much better! And that approach to triangle pose gave me the most positive experience with that pose since I started doing yoga 18 years ago.

  9. Hello from Brighton, England. As a singer this has set me up brilliantly for my gig tonight.
    So many thanks and love to you. You are very special. xx

  10. I practice buoyancy as I come down my stairs every morning.Thank you for adding this word to my physical vocabulary.

  11. İ´ve decided to name my mat Azrah it an İslamic name meaning and protection . İ am so glad Adriene has made me addicted to yoga . addicted sounds bad .Dependent on or given to abusing but it also means enthusiastically devoted to a particular thing or activity. İ know which description i like better. İ have stopped smoking and this yoga practice has made it unbelievably easy .. lots of love in lots of love out.

  12. I normally do yoga revolution in the morning but today I came home from work, lit my coal fire (it's freezing in Edinburgh) and got on my mat. Now I feel amazing. Thank you so much Adriene. I'm loving this deeper meaning yoga!

  13. During the Women's March this Saturday in Toronto, I was holding a sign in support. What surprised me and a friend of mine, was how long I could hold it...Thank you Adriene!

  14. After struggling through the last few days this felt fantastic today. I am not sure the sneeze is a new yoga breath

  15. Hey Adriene!
    I just wanted to say thank you for all of your amazing videos! I started Yoga once I found your videos online after being in a really dark place in my life and I used yoga as a way to build myself up again and I have been doing your videos ever since and I just finished my first 30 days of yoga camp sequence and plan to start doing Revolution at the beginning of next month!! I just finished a winter blues video and I found myself smiling and laughing at myself just for no reason but it made me feel good and alive and so I thank you for everything that you have done for me and thank you for your words of strength and encouragement!
    I wish you the best and I hope you are having an amazing start to your 2017!
    Robbie. 🙂

  16. I'm loving this Revolution, it has developed a new enjoyment of yoga for me and I actually look forward to practicing every day now. Feeling stronger and more connected to my breath as time goes along. I'm in Australia and get the e-mails after 6pm so I started a day later, it's awesome that people from all over the world join in together for Adriene's yoga! We all thank you

  17. Hi

    Today's practice was just fab!
    Actually, I felt inspired to do some reading about the second chakra.
    This chakra journey has got me so fired up.

    Orange hugs for everyone!

  18. Still with it! It's becoming (the) one thing in my daily life that I can rely on: what a revelation! Thank you Adriene!

  19. My family knows, when I say "I'm going to do yoga," they don't say a word, just a nod and off I go. Even my little dog knows what "it's yoga time" means, and he sits on the bed and watches me. Can't believe I've trained them all!

  20. I really enjoyed this practice. I also was able to get up for the first time in weeks without my lower back screaming! Adriene, you are are changing my life, girl.

  21. Dearest Adriene,
    I have done the practice all 26 days (plus one on Dec.31) and I am begining to see progress! Asanas and changes in position that were "impossible" in the begining are becoming possible!
    I am begining to learn the pose names and able to flow more between the postures without constantly watching you. And there is an ease with which I accept all of this.
    And mentally and emotionally I am changing so much, too. This is truly a revolution of body, mind and spirit.
    I am excited for our last week!
    I enjoyed todays practice so much and have a creative project that I plan to work on later.
    Thank you!!!

  22. Adriene you are like the Bob Ross of yoga! The world is a more creative place because of each of you!
    Thanks for your presence!

  23. I truly had to be creative since I thought it was the perfect day to invite my curious 3 year old to the mat! Between watching him be creative and being jumped on by my 18 month old I can say I laughed and we swam and danced and had a blast. Thank you for bringing fun. Life is serious enough!

  24. Today's practice was excellent! And these comments are giving me life! THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE, everyone!

  25. Feeling so down in the dumps about the direction this country is going, didn't think I'd be able to get on the mat today but you guys inspire me to keep going. Your light lifts me up. Thank you.

  26. Moving to a new city with completely new people and a new culture has been extremely difficult for me. Doing this revolution has helped me remember to get my funk on like no one is watching. I appreciate the support and spunk of your videos. Muchas Gracias, mi amiga!!

  27. Adriene Dearest Adriene, We are 3 years together now doing yoga together and I find that today I am beginning to dread the end of january more daily emails from you!!!!

    Also beginning to find my strength again after 5 months off the mat , my wrist is getting stronger and stronger thank heavens and am doing down dawg !!! again ...gently though.
    I may repeat this revolution series straight into Feb but i heard you say that you had an idea for the follow-on ,so dying to hear what ithat may be .


  28. My arms and upper back and toes and legs felt so strong in plank pose today, I love how you remind us about support from within and how it feels good, thank you once again Adriene.

  29. Dear Adriene, once again your practice is wonderful. A good mix between gentleness and strength. I like the focus on chakras, too. I'd like to read about chakras; can you or anyone recommend me a book ? Have a good day !

  30. The practice passed so quickly today that I was surprised to arrive in savasana! The Yoga Revolution has made such a difference to what has been a challenging month for me - not only because of the cold wintry weather. Thank you Adriene x

  31. i cant believe this ..told at the end of yesterdays practice to pick one word ..i thought of ´creativity´ and then todays practice .blammmm..creativity practice ..adriene keeps doing this not just for me but for others too i have seen on the comments .. totally blown away as usual

  32. Yes, I am behind schedule! I take weekends off. But I wake every day looking forward to Adrienne's sweet patter, experienced instruction, and joyful wisdom. My body demonstrated a straighter spine, without me even attending to it, while walking, within the first seven sessions. My weak and vulnerable knees are stronger than they've been in many, many years. I think the constant change and variety has been a big motivator for me.
    I am grateful that in my first year of retirement, I have found yoga again.

  33. Thank you so much! Now I feel like I can start my day with a light heart and a smile in my chest.

  34. Dear Adriene,

    Thank you for this fun and intense practice! And the great e-mails! I am learning so much! And feeling better and better every day. I would go on this Revolution for ever!



  35. Loving the 31 days...would you consider doing a 40 days of yoga for those of us who observe Lent? Or just want a longer challenge 🙂

  36. love, love, love that you take joy in being "human" and sharing it with us.

  37. So happy to have finally found this video! After practicing your root chakra video for almost one month I searched for some time but could not find your exercise on the sacral chakra...until now. I followed another practitioner's video for two sessions but kept telling my wife that although it felt good to move on it just did not feel the same. I will be doing this video later today, as will my wife.

    Many thanks for being so sweet and selfless.


  38. Thank you for that wonderful practice, YouTube was down (?) so I found it here - Day 14 #ywaHONOR, Day 470 of daily practice with you! Namaste & Peace ~

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