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Your Day 25 yoga practice balances and restores the grounding energy of the body. The last week of REVOLUTION is special. Continue to deepen your breath and ground in the process. We will play with awareness in the base of the spine working action, alignment and energy.

PS: Root Chakra Yoga!



92 comments on “REVOLUTION: Day 25”

  1. Its late at night for me.....just got your email before bed....Adriene thank you for putting the extra time in for these emails. For me they are what has finally helped me understand and FEEL yoga. Its like the light bulb just went on after all the years of doing yoga without FEELING it. Crazy. Crazy good.

    I am grateful for this experience....loving the community. Lets ROCK this last week yoga family!! We are awesome ♡♡♡

    1. Where are you Denise? In Australia? Just curious about the time lapses:) I get the email in the morning after 9am, in Finland.

      -apart from the much more relevant things you said in your comment, of course. Have a lovely day! Now I'm off to the root...!

      1. Hi Nina. I am in British Columbia Canada. I get the email for day 25 on day 24 at 11pm. So read it.....go to sleep and then do the yoga first thing when I wake up. I think this whole thing is amazing. This #yogarevolution is creating such a lovely energy around the world. Its a good's taken root.... lol....happy yoga to you : )

        1. I am also in British Columbia and I am so greatful for the 30 day yoga revolution, it is changing my life and today I am so honoured to have stayed with it and blessed that we are all on this journey together!

          1. Also a BC girl - (specifically Van Isle) where there's a whole crew of us who do this! It's a much much needed break-distraction-centring time as we also work with little people all day long. Thinking of our rain forrest trees, as I root down today!

      2. I'm in Australia, and I get the emails at 5pm : ) So I have yoga to look forward to after work!

    2. I miss my e-mails ☹ They disappeared after day 6. They were what made this extra special. Looking forward to doing day 25 later. 🙂

      1. Havet YouTube truede tjenester supportere email? Or used the search function in the email. I often cannot find mine. Then i search for Adriene..

        1. Okei... speiling went madly... tried to ask if you had tried the support email... (New phone)

      2. Nicola, I didn't get the day 25 email! I miss it : ( Of course I could still find the video, but it's not the same.

  2. Hey, Adriane!

    I love your #yogarevolution, and I am so happy about how it turns out. I did the 30 days of yoga last year as well, but at this time, I think the yoga revolution is even better! However, I do have a question for you: how do you stay mindful when so many people are following your revolution? I´ve seen on youtube that your videos have been played SO MANY times, but at the same time, that it´s (naturally) less and less. I would of course want to appreciate every one who is still doing the challenge (it´s so many people!), but is it ever hard? I´ve been wondering!

    Lots of love and namaste from Norway

  3. Loving this practice and the sentiments of todays email. Thank you Adriene you are a marvel. Love to the whole community.

  4. De Adriene,
    I love doing yoga with you. It helps me getting closer to myself and on the same time, i feel how my body benefits. 🙂
    I started doing yogawithadriene one year ago and did yoga camp back then. Shortly after finishing it, i got hit by a car and i really believe i fell so well on my ellbow (it broke, but nothing worse happened, althought i got thrown over the front of the car), because of the yoga i did with you and the good physical feeling i developped because of it. I just wanted you to know about this example for "a little goes" a long way and say thank you! <3 (i would have written an email, but i learned that you already get too many of those to read them all 😉 )

    xxx Corinna

  5. Thanks! Adriene for providing this awesome practice in the privacy of my own home. My knees are the ones you mentioned yesterday that are flying up to the sky; really tight.. What can I do to help loosen my hips specifically. ie pigeon pose is impossible. I can't get anything close to it.

  6. I am LOVING the yoga revolution, both the yoga practice itself and the instructions/teachings you've been providing. I'd love more of it after the 31 days.

  7. Thank you Adriene for your wonderful yoga practice. I am new to it all. My daughter got me started by subscribing me to your page and I look forward to your E mail every morning I wake up here in Northern Ireland. I am sitting standing walking and sleeping better. Even if my poses dont look as good as yours you always make us newbys comfortable in whatever we are doing on the mat each day. Cant believe I have stuck with this every day. Keep up the good work or should I say play

  8. Maybe Adriene will sing Rooting for you with London Grammar for us in this practise today. The most beautiful tune... 🙂

  9. Wow that was soft, sweet and powerful. I've done several of your other practices and I feel like they were preparing me for this. I don't want it to end!

  10. Adriene, thank you so much for a January of yoga. This not only got me through a difficult month with positive development and grounding, but has increased my discipline to practice yoga daily.

  11. Good morning! My sticky yoga mat was a somewhat sticky hotel carpet this morning, as I'm travelling for work. But I'm committed to the discipline of this revolution. Your email spoke to me this morning, as I could have checked off most of the items on your list! I think my root chakra needs a bit of release and balance (in fact I can usually feel my energy moving in a big spiral up my body but lately I've just realized it seems to have stilled a bit), so I'm looking forward to the next few days! Namaste!

  12. Another wonderful practice in our yoga revolution! Thank you, Adriene. I so appreciate the thought and care you put into each practice and email. How is it that I feel that you are speaking directly to me?

    1. "How is it that I feel that you are speaking directly to me?" I feel you sister!

      Thank you for todays practice! 🙂 xxx

  13.'s yoga REALLY hit home with me! I've had a tailbone injury in the past and have ALWAYS felt like my lower back has been super, super tight ever since. Yoga is really helping me to relieve this tightness in my tailbone and lower back area. When I first started, even a sitting pose was hard to do for any extended time but now it's no problem. Thanks Adriene!

  14. As always, amazing Adrienne. This revolution has changed me. I am such a better person because of you. You always bring so much love. Well I'm breathing lots of love in, and sending lots of love out to you and this awesome community. Xoxo

  15. This was awesome! I finally could do the tree pose with my other leg, where it normally doesnt work placing it on the upper thigh! 😀 I was so surprised when I tried and I still had balance 😀 Surprised and happy 🙂 It's not as my other side yet, but I hardly could believe it and couldnt stop smiling x) Haha, thanks for that! 😀
    Oh and a short comment to yesterday: yea patience is veery important, especially to be patient with the body and mind and not force any poses. But also I should have been doing the practice earlier in the day yesterday, coz I burned my tongue a bit when I was impatient in trying the pastasauce I made :'D

    Have an awesome day and see you tomorrow! 🙂

  16. Loved this, especially the Soul II Soul song quote. Cracks me up all the song references. What a breath of fresh air.

    Will be sad when this is over.

    Claire xx THANK YOU xx

  17. Adriene: Not those headlights, a-hole.

    Me: *SNORT*

    My 3yo: What so funny?

    Me: Nothing - Adriene just made me laugh!

    This practice was beautiful!!! Thank you for all of it!

  18. I loved today's practice! I didn't expect it to be so powerful because the video is kind of short, but oh boy! This entire series is making me feel so good about myself and what surrounds me, I'm really grateful. Unfortunately I've only signed up for the weekly letter today so I'm kind of missing out on what everyone's talking about. Maybe next week, then 🙂 Thanks Adriene

  19. Hello from Belgium!! I'm in for a while but my first words on this yoga practice here...and Adriene you do a great job ... you got me started in november (I'm 46) and it feels great to stand every day on my mat. Each day I'm looking out for your email in the morning and in the evening I do the practice. Thank you so much!

  20. Thanks so much for this practice, Adriene. TBH I was enjoying this challenge even more than the last two since it had a constant video length of around 30ish minutes. At least until yesterday:.-) However, despite feeling awful yesterday I managed to finish the 47 minutes and despite feeling a lot better today and craving something longer I enjoyed this shorter one a lot. So, thank you for all the hard work you put into your videos. They helped me so much establishing a daily practice and in fact, when this challenge is finished, I will have practiced yoga each and every day for a whole year. So on the one hand, I can't wait to finish the challenge, on the other hand I don't want it to end. Anyway, I'll stop rambling now.
    Love from Berlin

  21. Today's practice was amazing. I had a biopsy this morning, waited until coming home to do yoga. Exactly what I needed, to get rooted. "Everything is as it should be" is my new mantra. Love you Adriene.

  22. Hi Adriene!

    Thank you for your daily teachings in this Yoga Revolution. I particularly felt truly connected with today's root practice email. I am new at yoga and I have to say that it has been an extraordinary experience and all is thanks to your teachings. Thanks to your wise daily emails, every day of this yoga revolution has been anxiety free for me. Also, my body has become stronger than before and I love that! Thank you for bringing clarity and peace to my mind every day.

    With love, Carmen.

  23. HI Adriene! I love your yoga videos, they are so good at focusing on the core values of Yoga! I feel so healthy after your videos and your bright smile 🙂 I have been subscribed to your youtube channel for a while now but I just wanted to tell you that you are doing a great job. Thanks for the Yoga!

  24. Hi
    When I looked at the titles for the last seven practices I was super excited - a journey through the chakras??
    Excited for that!

  25. Adriene,

    What do we do when these 31 days are over? I am so thrilled that I have stayed with this program!!!!! Thank you so much. I have A LOT of weight to lose and I feel so much stronger already, so I don't want to fall off the wagon due to lack of direction.

    Thanks in advance for directions.

  26. I funnily felt in both worriers and in forward fall. Really wonder if i should start the video all over. But then came the trees and i grounded with ease to the middel of the earth with my heels as she taught us yesterday and felt i could stand there forever with my branches towards the sky. Then i remembered my very first yoga class 10 years ago and did the tree with such a painfull tension in all my body. Really crunched all my muchels not to fall. Then the inetructor came by and said "you ARE a tree". Now with my roots all grounded 10 years later I agree. I am a tree! My re-born mantra i believe 🙂

    Namaste Adriene. Namaste all fellow yogis of this journey!

    1. Am so delighted I've stuck with this every day since January 1st. Looking to keep this up as a regular daily practice after Jan 31st. Thank you adriene.


  27. Today and this week I am working on strengthening the core. This particular practice was PERFECT for engaging those lower abdominals. I'm one of those easily twisty bendy types and that can easily cheat me on core strength. I've been also working on tree pose ever since the first tree practice here. Man it really does boil down to strong abdominals and back muscles for me. The stronger my whole torso, the more balanced I feel. Thank you again 25 times over, Adriene. Love.

  28. This is the best 31 days of yoga Adriene's ever done. I don't know what to expect when its over but I really feel I'm just enjoying the process. Today I tapped into FUN! It's going to be a good day! xoxo

  29. Loved today's practice. I felt an amazing difference with tree pose - the most stable, strong and focused I've ever been and I feel this is down to a strengthened core and really beginning to tap into what feels right. Thank you as always!

  30. short and sweet and wonderful..... I had to laugh at "Warsh" I think my Minnesota grandma used to say that Thanks Adrienne~

  31. I was able to trust putting weight on different areas of my feet and did not collapse on either hip in tree pose for the very first time!!!

    I am very grateful! That was fun and such a healthy triumph!

  32. Dear Adriene

    Thank you for this life changing experience!

    I don't want this to end!

    Have expected this to feel like a chore after the first week and yet, looking forward to the next email, next workout.
    This works for me on so many levels... It could take all night to list the benefits, in mind and body.
    It's fun, easy, hard, challenging, rewarding and not done alone.

    Can we have 365 days of yoga revolution with Adriene, please?
    Will not only gladly pay for it but also recommend to EVERYONE that crossed my path 🙂


    Jo (UK)

  33. The comments you have made about the yoga mat being a metaphor of our own lives has really really resonated with me these past few days. Days 23 & 24 were super hard and I felt frustrated. I finally realized that what was happening on the mat was what was happening off the mat. Light bulb!!

    Thanks so much, Adriene!

    P.S. I like your silly songs.

  34. I'm loving these practices, but then again I've loved you since I found you here on youtube two years ago. Thing is, I'm not too sure what exactly happened yesterday, but today my hips are hurting, the left one in particular. Anyone have any experience with that or tips?

    1. Maybe you found something in the hips yesterday that you have never found in the past. I hope it's more of an "I'm alive!" sore feeling as opposed to a true pain? Either way, I like to consciously send a little extra breath and love towards whatever might need it - learning ever more about our own bodies is one of the things I love most about yoga! And Adriene is such an amazing catalyst for that constant knowledge growth <3 Sending healing vibes your way, Shawna - namaste

  35. Loved this practice, it just seemed to fly by! I have really loved showing up for practice and cannot wait to continue on after these 31 days. love and light xx

  36. This practice made me feel courageous enough to feel like I could now physically attempt a sneaky crow from the squat this morning...and was there for ONE second..for the first time ever!...
    Thank-you beautiful people and beautiful Adriene for making this awesome!x

    1. Congratulations on finding your Crow; mine still alludes me but I will make time to spend with Adriene's video.

      Enjoy the rest of your day everyone,


      1. Thank-you x I did try it again..and promptly collapsed.. it needs work! 🙂
        Love to all,

  37. What a beautiful experience this has been ❤ Everyone around me is hating January and I'm floating through it thanks to Adriene, the Revolution family and of course my dedicated practice Thank you all, I think I can feel a wonderful power shift within myself!!! Namaste

  38. Short but very sweet! I am a Christian, so for me I root into Jesus. It's awesome! Namaste! Thank you Adriene x

    1. Now we are approaching something interesting. And a little touchy question for me. I have been wondering how far into yoga I can delve before I am "led astray" as some much more devout Christians say will happen with yoga eventually. I used to laugh at that. Now I can see what they mean, in a sort of way.

      But the interesting question is; does it really matter? If yogis can look at christians lovingly as fellow wanderers, why can't it be the same the other way round? What is there to be afraid of really?

      I for one am sure love is one. The names may be different.

      - Wow, this was some deep thinking all of a sudden... Hope you're reading this Liz and commenting - I'm really interested in what other people think in this matter.
      Namaste fellow yogi.

      1. Dont really want to question faiths but I think jesus or yoshua was practicing meditation and yoga with the Essenes at Qumran . i could be wrong but i like to keep an open mind ..knowledge is only something you have been told by someone else who believes it to be true . But as a great spiritual teacher once said ..find what feels good. hope i dont offend

  39. I fell off the yoga bandwagon for a few days and was shocked at how awful my body felt today. I'm so thankful that I jumped back on the mat this evening, I'm already beginning to feel better. I'm determined to finish these 31 days, even if it takes me a few extra days to do it!

  40. I got a little behind; I had to be PATIENT with myself yesterday because I was sick and couldn't do the whole video. So today I finished yesterday's and almost left it there, but I decided to do this next one and so glad I did! About to root into some art, and some love (date night with the hubby!)
    Thank you Adriene for always supporting us and encouraging us to learn to support ourselves!

  41. oh Adriene you are such a joy! i am a few days behind but absolutely loving this January practice. I feel stronger, my running is better, my anxiety is drastically reduced and you make me smile everyday! Thank you.

  42. You are awesome, simply awesome, beyond words, off the radar and a pioneer; one thing I notice though - I think you perceive many as being largely of the material and not au fait with the energy body; however the community is growing fast and even the layman nowadays pretty much has heard of the chakras and is in "test it and see mode".

    Onward and Upward, Lightbearers - follow follow the light (and I love your realness; a natural spark - I remember Mr Burns when I am at work and I make that shape and remember you - Go Girlfriend!)

  43. Fell behind in Revolution and just getting over a stomach flu. Today's practice was PERFECT!!! Thank you, Adriene!!!

  44. I am way behind this Revolution!
    But every day i click on a new practice, it seems to me to be THE ONE I need. i hope you can feel the waves of gratitude rolling over towards you from London.
    I always say my 'Namaste' out loud - hope you can hear me! Thank you, thank you.

  45. Dear Adrienne,

    I did awesome practice yesterday but it was way too late to write. So I am now catching up! I loved it and yes, there was a moment in which I was a rather shaky tree hehe, but I did it and am so delighted! I do need to work a lot more on this.

    Time for Day 26!

    Thank you for this most wonderful gift of a joyful adventure of self-discovery!



  46. My revolution is taking a little longer ... I have just reached day 25 today on 4 March but has still been hugely beneficial for me. Today I was so surprised to find I could do a tree pose. I have struggled with balance for many years. Thank you

  47. Hi Adriene:

    Love all your videos! Thank you for doing all this:)

    Question about tree pose -- I can't seem to get my foot to stay put against my inner thigh. I'm learning to balance, but I'm struggling with keeping my leg in that position because it keeps slipping. I looked at the foundations vid for this pose, but still couldn't figure out what's not working. My question is, what I should be working on to build up to this tree pose?

    I appreciate the help!

  48. Hi Adriene and everyone. I am finding this practice absolutely fantastic. But please can anyone tell me what I should do once I complete 'Revolution'??? Please help! Thanks, Alison

  49. Hi again...I am almost at the end of Revolution series and have done 31 Days of Yoga with Adriene before that...what should I continue with? Are there other series? I love these as there is a continuity of yoga every day...Would love some input here...Thanks.

    BTW I feel so very strong...

  50. Loved this one. It's beginning to make sense to me now. Feels so great. Thank you so much. It's been amazing.

  51. Hi Adrian's, beginning of the last week and firstly I got to the end of the session and thought oh that was short today - I wanted to stay longer, but wow I am sitting cross legged in comfort - that's a huge improvement from day 1. Thank you

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