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Your Day 24 yoga practice invites you back to the mat to practice mindfulness and patience. The journey continues and today our vocabulary grows. We continue to allow the story to unfold. Now is the time to take care of yourself. To practice, to play and to be present with what is. Use the Day 24 Yoga Asana to practice patience and to remember that the process is the reward!

Great for the spine, the hip, the shoulders! Mindful core today! Breathe and enjoy!



90 comments on “REVOLUTION: Day 24”

  1. Patience, peace and much love.

    When I saw the 47 minute run time my initial reaction was 'how am I going to fit that in before going to work?'
    The answer was to get up even earlier than early as I have yet to scrape the frost of the car windows.
    Well I just have to say when I got on my mat I was amazed to find myself in shavasana before I knew it.
    No I did not fast forward the video, 🙂 I just breathed my way through the practice.

    Thank you Adriene for your patience and gentle guidance.

    Namaste to you and all fellow yogis at bus stop one

    1. 47 minutes? Never going to fit that in before my 10am appointment... Better get to it now

    2. I have to be patience for another twelve hours before I can get home to this practice. 47 minutes seams like a short run time if I think of it that way 🙂 Have the most great day, Martin!

    3. I got up at 4:50 this morning. You can do it! I find it's so much easier to get up and do it first thing in the morning than after work when I'm grouchy and tired. Plus, it helps curb the grouchy and tired, when I start my day with yoga.

      1. I totally agree Kim, even though in running a day behind, "everything is as it should be".


  2. I'm a day behind in my practice as I'm do it this on the other side of the world in New Zealand. Feeling A-freakin-MAZING every single day doing this yoga revolution. It's not a challenge but an absolute pleasure thx so much Adriene!!!

  3. Once again you teach us so well, Adriene. With patience the world is so different.

    For today's practice that is the best instruction for Royal Dancer. The first time you showed us leg over shoulder I tried. Today I gave it my best but did not contemplate the hands only on the right side. On the left side I slowly moved through the moved with the breath and core and next thing I know I was up.

    A lot to learn in yoga, patience and life. That's what I love about each day and what life brings. A lot learned through your wise teachings. That's what I am enjoying with #yogarevolution


  4. Woow, that was some challenge. I feel I have learned to trust my breath and let it guide me during this month. Otherwise I would never have made my way through this.
    But still, no single practice so far has contained so many absolutely impossible postures..for me, right now. But how will I ever be able to put my leg on my shooo-ul-der....;) when I have a long back and short limbs?
    Another bus stop 1er here, Namaste to you all! And now the sun's coming out! Think I'm gonna go out for some cloudbusting....

  5. Loved this practice! Learned a lot. Also had a cool moment when I slowly laid down towards the end and the blanket I had been using to relieve wrist pressure during lizard pose happened to be perfectly placed under my head. Nice!

  6. Totally felt the same way, Martin! That actually zoomed by. 🙂 Hooray!

    Any fellow musical theatre geeks out there trying to figure out what song Miss A was singing? Well, the joke was on me as it is from the movie "A League of their Own" not Broadway at all...but still lovely and made me smile.

    Jai Namaste!

  7. I haven't even stepped on the mat yet today and I want to say thank you Adriene. You are the bomb-diggity. My friend and I hit the mat together, while her husband takes that time to workout in the garage, and sometimes her 5 year old son even joins in for a few poses. The whole family is finding what feels good. We call it YWA-YWB. (Yoga With Adriene - Yoga With Blestie). Blestie = Bestie + Blessed.

    Thanks Adriene!

  8. I thought the 47 minutes was going to seem like forever but it flew. It ended up being 'hard' because I couldn't get my family to just let me have the peace and quiet of the I tried to work on being patient with myself.

  9. Stuck in a slushy icy snowed in driveway so since I am behind only 1 day due to illness this is my chance to catch up because I do have 47 mins and I am so psyched. ...listen and enjoy my 2nd yoga pracTice of the day and right on task....whoop whoop

  10. Wonderful practice of patience. What was the name of the last bustop? The final arm balance?

  11. I find myself in a new forward fold. No sway in the back! This practice had some challenges for me but your encouragement was fantastic!

  12. Ahhh......... Patience I have a hard time with that one. Somehow I managed to really tune into my breath. You made me laugh out loud when I really needed it ! Your song was amazing.....and don't take this the wrong way but I think I'm in LOVE with you.

    1. Haha I know what you mean about the LOVE! My girlfriend gets sick of me telling her how amazing Adriene is! I just think she is fantastic! x

  13. What an amazing morning I've had! I began the day, as I always do, by writing 3 pages in my journal. This morning I explored the frustration I've recently had with my body's limitations. Fibromyalgia, PTSD, massive allergies, and much too frequent migraines have all been issues lately. So I wrote my thoughts and concluded I need to treat myself with gentleness and understanding, with much validation, in order to find the balance my body so craves. And THEN..... I log in to discover today's practice is about patience! Wow! What a headrush! I couldn't have had a more perfect beginning to my day if I had designed it. Thank you Adreine!!! <3 <3 <3

    PS I'm truly wondering if the yoga has triggered some deeper healing for me and that time will work it all out. Works for me! 🙂

  14. Loved this. Thank you, Adriene. I was prepared for a long practice, but it flew right by and I enjoyed every minute. Also, the song reference from that movie made me, and my heart, smile. Thank you for that and for this beautiful time for myself. I am so enjoying the #yogarevolution.

  15. I fell in dancer, I fell in crow, I couldn't get to bus stop 2 because my leg won't loop over my shoulder. Ugh...practicing patience in all areas of my life right now. Loving these practices. Wondering what everyone plans to do after Revolution is finished?

    1. She mentioned in the email yesterday that she has some ideas for us, so I will wait to see what those are. Otherwise, this is my first of Adriene's video series for me, so I will do another.

    2. I plan to continue with the next one or repeat this one alternating a day of you and a day of cardio.

  16. Omg Adriene, I have been practicing yoga for at least 12 years, but still there is so much learning and change going on! My mind was really trying to process all these lessons while being present today. I wish I could have recorded my inner commentary! As a former dancer and gymnast, I am still trying to let go of the performance and find ease, to wait for instructions rather than anticipate the next pose (like I would do in Ashtanga). I am learning and experiencing so much by trying poses in bus stop 1 or 2 rather than rushing into 3 or 4. I am finding ease and patience and opening after years of tightening from running. I am hearing myself say "oh no" when you guide us into a pose that I may not be comfortable with, and then saying "what's the worst that can happen?" All that, and much much more...

    And then there is my group of colleagues, who agreed to join me on the Yoga Camp journey every day at lunch this January, some of whom never take lunch and many of whom have never practiced yoga! I am so proud of our floating group of around a dozen, who have reclaimed our boardroom each day at noon to come together and breathe. we are now at day 12 of camp and they are sticking to it, and I can see the practice spilling off into the mat and into the office! Truly, it is amazing. We'll have to film ourselves one day - you'd love to see our group of all levels laughing and breathing along with you.

    Namaste! (And sorry for the long-winded post.There is just so much to say!)

      1. I'd always had a secret ambition to get it going, but never in my wildest dreams did I think we'd get almost 75% of the office participating almost consistently! It's been amazing to see people embrace the practice and commit to their mat.

  17. When I checked my e-mails this morning, I thought the tagline was The Practice is the Pain! Happy to see I misread that!

  18. Thank you for this practice.Indeed inner smile has a great power. And patience is the key to success. I'll practice patience...I couldn't put my legs over my shoulders so I haven't done that part.
    Love you, Adriene and all of you. 🙂

  19. What a beautiful lesson about Patience. I needed much of that quality in the past because of severe back problems while being a yoga teacher. Now I am recovering and your lessons help me so much in building up strength with gentleness and care.
    Eknath Easwaran wrote a beautiful little book on Patience. And all dat the song Patience of Guns n Roses was in my head.
    I enjoy the practices of the #yogarevolution, as I am beloning moet mindful, peaceful and stronger. I love to read the comments of the people who are also in this Revolution.

  20. YES to patience, which opens me up to present moment and reallyyy helps me focus so much better. Wonderful practice. Thank you Adriene!

  21. Adriene!!! I must tell you that the past 24 days have been the most humbling practice I have had in over a decade of practicing yoga. Ten days prior to Yoga Revolution I had a minor surgery for a chronic condition I have. Going on this journey with you is the first time I have faced the reality that my body is what it is these days and I need to learn how to love it and work with it in the now, rather than trying to replicate some sort of past self. So maybe I cannot jump from crow to plank anymore and do other crazy feats with my body, but I can come to the mat daily. I can build strength and be patient with my self and others. Yesterday was a really challenging practice for me and I didn't want to come to the mat today, but I pushed my self to do it and I made it all the way through. Thank you for guiding me in a new understanding of my self. You rock!

  22. It's all new and hard for me. However, I'm starting to take notice of my flexibility. Thank you. Never give up

  23. This is what we need! You gotta stick with us, Adriene!! Give us something to do. We are lazy and hopeless without your friendly voice singing awkwardly in the middle of a pose.
    Lots of love! 😉

    1. Thanks for that Joshua, I think I might be a little bit in love with Kevin Spacey now 😛

  24. Loved this.. Am learning to go where my body is able to and play/practise there rather than forcing or feeling frustrataed at not being able to go further. SOOOO, with that in mind, sat at Bus Stop 1.75 (?! 😉 ) in goggle-eyed awe while A and all of you out there moved to the other postures!!!, alongside enjoying my version of events 😉
    Big Love

  25. I get so frustrated and angry when i can't manage some of the postures. Even if i'm happy and having a great day i start crying because i feel worthless. Haha. I tried acceping where i was today and that i could'nt do some of the postures. But it's so damn hard. Wish i could be nicer to myself 🙂

    1. Oh my sweet friend. I know the feeling. I came across a suggestion to make a list of your top 10 favorite things about yourself to combat feelings of worthlessness. I cried at the very THOUGHT of making that list! I started though, and while I'm only at four right now, it feels like a good thing to have. Maybe it could work for you too.

      Remember that quote, "be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle"? Don't forget, your own battle is hard and you deserve kindness too. Good luck, and take care! <3

    2. I think one of the things I love about Adriene is that I'm not too scared to come to the mat. She knows how to talk me out of all the fear and anxiety about having a go.

      Very firmly stuck in Bus Stop 1, I couldn't help feeling envy and a twinge of disappointment that I am nowhere near that last (spectacular) pose with legs in air! I can't actually imagine being able to do it! But then some of Adriene's "patience talk" must have seeped in somewhere, because I didn't feel the usual despair and self-doubt. A little voice inside, for once, reassured me that if I really want to do it, maybe one day I can, and the reason I can't do it today is because of many, many factors that don't change overnight -- such as needing to lose a bit of weight, get more strength in arms, increase hip flexibility, etc. As the Chinese proverb says, you don't fatten a bit for market overnight!

      If we stick with this, I am excited to see where we are in a year's time. Certainly in a much, much better place than if we give up...

  26. Surprisingly for me, I didn't feel this practice longer than the previous days, maybe cause this time I did it before bed time. It made me smile too, Adiene, thanks! Yoga musical we are all in 🙂

  27. My dog knows the ending music and starts to get excited when he hears it. Guess I've been doing this for a few days☺

  28. Il y avait beaucoup d'arrêts d'autobus aujourd'hui... Dommage, je n'ai pas pu aller jusqu'au bout des arrêts... Peut-être un autre jour... Merci

  29. I was reading the other comments - - 47 minutes? which day are they talking about, this wasn't 47 minutes.... then I looked again at the length. It did not feel like 47 minutes - it felt WONDERFUL!! Thank you again, Adrienne~~!

  30. I was only about half way through our 31 days when i decided yoga is going to be part of my regular routine for the rest of my life but after seeing bus stop 3 I'm even more motivated to keep going and learning. How fun to think about these super difficult poses and work towards that. As Adriene said, "the process is the candy!"

  31. This was a good practice for me today. By the time I got to the mat tonight, I was having a hard time wrapping my mind around an interaction I had recently. As this practice progressed, eventually my thoughts unraveled. It might have been the need to focus on dancer's pose, and then the elephant and subsequent balances. I didn't fully embody all the postures, but I tried and met myself in them, and I think it helped me realize I did the same in the interaction I was grappling with. As I let go of the poses, I seemed to let go of the struggle to understand and find a sense of peace, and self-forgiveness. I'm glad this practice was longer today, because I needed those extra 17 minutes to get there. Grateful to return to this everyday, and looking forward to the next seven days. It looks like we might be exploring the chakras. 🙂 Thanks for having my back Adriene, and community. Namaste.

  32. Day 24 and I'm still on this journey. I must say this has been a great journey on this Yoga Revolution. I have not been able to be consistent with anything for this long in many years. Practicing patience is something I try to do in my daily but this practice today renewed the strength to continue to do that. Certainly not an easy thing for me to do but this practice made me conscious of if I'm really practicing in my daily life.

  33. Love the journey. Some alternatives to those who have hip issues in the crow positions would be great! Some positions I just can't do but would love to!

  34. I don't know how I got to this point but somewhere within the past week I've gotten so good at breathing! Sometimes now I get so into the pose and my breathing that I have to snap out of it to figure out where we're moving to next. I've always struggled with keeping up with my breath during my (still pretty new) practice... so this is pretty exciting. I always thank of Adriene's quote about your breath sounding like the ocean... life changing 😉

  35. Hello! I really enjoy your yoga revolution videos and would like to continue doing yoga. I am very busy finishing my BA and working part time. I would like to know if you have any suggestions of any videos? I do not know much about yoga, so finding the right one is difficult. I have a bad habit of starting and not finishing. This has been the only challenge I have kept to.

  36. Loved it Adriene! I have been following along with y'all since the 1st. Quite a ride we're taking together. I waited at bus stop 1 for awhile and then went to bus stop 0 - child's pose aka: wisdom pose 🙂 I loved being at my stop and seeing the lovely Adriene at bus stop 4. It is a metaphor. We're all at various stops in various aspects of our lives. Beautiful. Jai Ma. Namaste.

  37. How disheartening to have such a good flow going only to end up crying in frustration during Shavasana. I have been patient, have shown up on the mat every damn day for over a year, only to once again come face to face with my limitations. It's easy to laugh it off when you are able to master the pose, and talk and breathe through it. It wasn't easy at all for me and i am definitely not laughing. My Grand Master in taekwando had a saying that i often use: Today not possible, tomorrow possible. Am not feeling it though and am full of doubt and negative self talk and my head is swirling with toxic thoughts. Am so ready to just give up.

  38. This practice was awesome! I felt challenged and yet I was having fun! I'm addicted to 31 Days of Yoga! Thank you so much!

  39. This practice was fantastic! After traveling for work all day I was a little hesitant about the 47 minute time because I was tired, I usually do my practice in the morning...blah, blah. Once I got on the mat I think it was the best I have done at staying present, in the moment and in my breath. It felt soooo great! I'm so thankful that I didn't blow off the days practice like I wanted to! Thank you!

  40. Sadly I am 2 days behind due to extra commitments. Wouldn't have wanted to miss this one! 47 mins passed so quickly. Thank you Adriene x

    1. Liz, I just completed this video this morning. We are not behind - we are exactly where we need to be and as Adriene says "Everything is as it should be."

      Adriene, thank you for your kindness, generosity, and commitment to show up for us everyday. You set a beautiful example for us all to do the same for ourselves. xoxo

  41. Wow. Thank you!!! That was amazing. The practice of patience. (I had the Guns N Roses' song in my head, Patience). I love how you said practicing the asanas is just a metaphor. How we handle the asanas and how we handle life. So true!!!

  42. Ha this was brilliant the fact it was longer and I hadn't quite left enough time to complete and get ready for work made me learn even more the art of patience and discipline knowing that this practise is so important to my personal progression I did the full practise and put myself first I'd rather be late for work than give up on myself xxx again another step forward to becoming my greatest fan my greatest version so that I can go out into the world and assist others in putting themselves first every time not just sometimes xxxxxx thank you my lovely xxx

  43. I'm behind guys. life has been hard these last few days and I just didn't get to the mat.
    I did want to reflect here, even if no one reads it because I had some deep stuff going on. I found today's practice frustrating due to my weight. I've been substantially overweight since early childhood, and I'm now 40. I've been more than 100 pounds heavier than I am today- and I've been a good 50 pounds lighter too, but only for a brief moment in time due to a fad diet in my 20's. (I'm so over that. )Anyways, I've never known what it's like to lay on my back and be able to hug my knees into my chest. (imagine having a big tummy in the way so your knees just don't go there.) So this practice today was difficult from the start. Then as it unfolded there were challenges throughout that frustrated me- things I knew I could do if my stomach wasn't so big. I just say this to say that I long to someday be able to move with ease, not to be a certain size, or have some level of sexual attraction or achieve some specific weight goal- I just want to be free. Excess weight is heavy. It's unkind. it hurts me. it limits me.
    But, I need to end this reminding myself that I've lost 35 pounds in 6 months. Slowly. Without suffering. Without denying myself the foods I love over the holidays. Without powders or potions or points. I still "mess up" a lot. Just last night I ate twice as much as i needed at dinner. And I knew it. Afterwards I said outlaid to myself that eating more than i need isn't a kind or loving way to treat myself. This is all new for me. I've never looked at it this way.
    This is what YOGA is doing for me. And you know what? someday I'm going to be able to hug my knees to my chest. And it's going to feel amazing.

    1. wow good for you. I just got back to this after having the flu. I am trying this yoga for the first time. classes intimidate me. like you I have some flexibility issues so doing this at my own speed at home is awesome. I wish you the best of luck in your work toward a healthy body. 🙂

    2. I couldn't agree more, someday you are going to be able to do it all. Little by little yoga is doing something for us all, and everything is as it should be, leading us on a journey that we ought to be on. We need to keep being patient, go at our own pace and embrace what each step/process has in store for us. I truly believe that you doing the practices everyday, without judgment as you go along, and as you are able to, will eventually change your body. It will also change the way you see yourself and feel about yourself. Bit by bit, if given a chance, our body speaks to us and will surprise us. Keep on going even when its frustrating. Be proud of yourself for being on this journey.

  44. Wonderful beautiful practice today! I love the use of "bus stops" to illustrate the journey into going deeper; so helpful especially for stay at home yogis who don't get to explore these things in a public class 🙂 but always remembering to be patient and kind to yourself. I am so enjoying this journey, Adriene. Thank you!

  45. Another one of my favorite days so far. This was great. Each pose cured something from the moments before it, and I enjoyed every minute! <3

  46. Today I didn't tap into my inner smile but my outer laugh as you did that amazing pose. I am 69 and so enjoying the journey but doubt if I will ever master that

  47. At 63 and having practiced yoga for most of 40 years...I FINALLY MADE IT TO COMPLETE CROW!!! What an exhilarating and yet spiritual feeling. Thank you for your patient and joyful practice Adriene. You are a gift.


  48. just got back to you. hhad the flu. so tough to get back into the routines. thanks for all the lovely modifications. happy to be back

  49. Today is the 8th of February and I am in Day 24! I've missed a couple of days here and there but I am determined to continue my #yogajourney way after #yogarevolution. Namaste.

  50. Hi I started doing the 31 days got o day 6 and my internet went down. It took 2 weeks to get it sorted and now I am really behind. Will I still be able to access them once my 31 days is up? I have been sent 26 days worth and only at day 7. ...

  51. Wow! How good are you in that balancing bus stop pose! I had a good try, but called out for my 11 year old son to try it and he came pretty close. So fun to watch!

    Thanking you for all that you do and giving us the tools to take what do on the mat to the rest of our lives x

  52. Dear Adriene,

    Granma used to say that patience is the key to science. And so it is indeed!! For the first time in my life, I tried to get my leg on my shoulder... and it was not that bad, hehe. I am looking forward to one day (in the near future!) to be able to do crow. For now, another bus stop is in process!

    Lots of love!


  53. With the positions I did my best, but some just were out of my reach (for now at least). Anyway I loved the sensation I felt at the end, a deep patience in me. This path is bringing me to be much more comprehensive towards myself. Thank you Adriene.

  54. I got started late and missed days at the beginning, but now I am enjoying the yoga so much that I've been getting into the discipline of doing it on a daily basis. I liked the way Adriene defined discipline as the path to freedom.
    Yesterday I was walking in the city with two of my kids and I tripped on a curb. I caught myself ith my hands so my head never hit the pavement. A young woman behind me exclaimed, " If that had been my mother, she would have been badly hurt."

  55. Adriene you're so patient and your emails and messages are so full of love and support. Thank you for that. We all love you too. 🙂 I am so motivated, I look forward to everyday, every practice. I love challenging myself, and discovering myself in the process. This has been so uplifting and fun at the same time. And the support from everyone, all the lovely comments, it feels like home here. Thank you everyone. Some days are easy and some days are more difficult, both on and off the mat. But the practices, especially kindness, patience and honor have built so much inner strength. Strength to breathe and stay stable through the highs and lows. Awesomeness!

  56. Hi,
    I am so grateful that I found you and am participating in yoga revolution. I like many others have a few challenges I am working through and am really loving the chance to pause and take time for myself. I have been searching for a more holistic approach with the focus being all round balance and health not just looking good and voila I found you! I feel and look awesome. I look forward to continuing the journey with you. Ka Kite ano. See you tomorrow. Nikki from New ZEaland

  57. You completely lost me at the "bus stop". Specifically the second step forward. I couldn't follow what you were doing. It's very frustrating to not be able to see exactly what you're doing while I'm attempting to do it. It's poses like that sent me running from yoga in the first place. I guess I should be further along at day 24 but I could not remotely get into that pose. I hate to leave the mat frustrated but that's the way it is today.

  58. I had hip pain today and was frustrated by it. Worked to accept it and today's limitations. That was my patience practice. Thank you!

  59. gorgeous practice today -- it's so great to be learning to accept what's happening, even if I'm sore/bored/impatient/frustrated/happy/insecure... i'm applying it to my off-the-mat life too -- thank you!

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