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Your Day 23 yoga practice invites you to contemplate discipline. Tap into the breath and use this special blend of yoga to bring the focus inward. Discipline allows us to overcome the ways in which we are limiting ourselves. So, keep up the good work. Keep showing up for the practice!

This session is both therapeutic and strengthening. We explore how showing up regularly can invite in new perspective and how discipline can lead to breakthroughs!



96 comments on “REVOLUTION: Day 23”

  1. Hello Adriene....there is no way on Earth that I will miss a day of this revolution!! And I loved your sentence about having a plan for after this 31 days...." don't fret" crack me up.....I'm all over your next plan....BRING IT ON.....I'M ALL IN !!!

    1. The part about having a plan for for after the Revolution was my favorite part of the email as well! I'm in!

    2. Completely agree! So happy to read that you have a plan for after this amazing journey! Thank you so much!

    3. Yeeey! So happy it does not end with 31 days!

      Lots of love (in and out) from Europe <3

  2. I am in total agreement with Denise, I was feeling a little sadness already, approaching day 31 ! You give us hope and anticipation and thank you so much for making us laugh

    1. I agree! I was also starting to feel bummed that we're already nearing day 31... Can't wait for what comes after! I really enjoy these practices and the humor with which you bring them to us. Thanks Adriene, you're awesome! (Especially for making all of us feel a little more awesome every day!) 🙂

  3. And isn't it ironic, don't you think?... Today is officially day 23 of the #yogarevolution and is about 'tapas' (no, not those delish Spanish bites) translated as 'fiery discipline', while I am stuck at day 20. Not that I havent done any yoga; quite the opposite! I was in yin yoga teachertraining the last 3 days. Nevertheless I feel like a sucker,..and will catch up today and tomorrow by doing 2 practices in one day, realising it is not about 'getting things done', rather doing #yogaeverydamnday. And yep,..this was exactly my inner motivation to get into this journey of #yogawithadriene with at least a million of yogis around the world (including some friends and collegues of the Hatha training), since this 'niyama' -a moral code about behaviour towards yourself, or stap 2 on the 8 limbed yogic path of Patanjali- is one of my biggest challenges in becoming a truthful yoga teacher...step by step day by day...But as long as I stick to this intention and catch up because of this inner wish to train this discipline like a muscle to find what feels good I'll grow into this place in my own pace... Peace ✌️ #ywa #yogiclife #yogischoice #discipline #findwhatfeelsgood
    Read more about this niyama 'tapas':

    1. Excuse me- I must ask, aren't you contradicting yourself a little there? Why do you have to feel "like a sucker" for not having done Revolution practice, when you have been committing yourself to a most likely very intense yoga training?
      And moreover, as you say, it is not about "getting the practice done" - surely you can take it all in your own time and find what feels good for you?

      This said not wanting to offend, just as kind thoughts from a fellow yogi in another place on the same path.
      Be kind to yourself

      1. Thanks for sharing. This certainly is quite a challenge: both growing into discipline as well as staying kind and soft to myself. Namasté fellow-yogi

    2. me too 2 tommorrow 2 to catch up just because i want to be İnvolved at the same time as everyone else. find what feels good at it would feel good to catch up so here goes ..but i might have a siesta in between .

  4. Diolch yn fawr iawn Cariad. Thank you so very much. You have helped my January to be a positive month. xxx Barbara

  5. Day 23 and my birthday....a great start to celebrating being alive and the day I stepped into the world. Thank-you Adriene and all sharing this amazing journey with me xxx

      1. Thank-you all! And yes!, this is the most dedicated, loved up and inspired I've felt about something for a while.. the awesomeness of what we are being taught, on all levels, is..well... awesome!

  6. I got it on the second leg and you responded to me in a way that it was as if you saw me through the struggle on the first leg, and were so proud of me!! Like you were speaking directly to me!! Blows my mind!

    1. Seriously though, isn't this amazing how in tune Adriene is?
      I felt the same...procrastinating getting on the mat and on and on till I finally did it.
      I normally love it so much but day 23 and the word 'disipline' sort of made me not want to.
      But you know what kept me going into it? feeling the amazing effect this practice has on my body and mental state. It's just so helpful.

  7. I started tonight's practice with the weight of the day on my shoulders and by the end of the practice I felt light again. Thank you 🙂

  8. I'm so glad to hear there are plans for us after our 31 day revolution! My boyfriend asked me so after this your done? I said NO this will go on she had lots of videos lol. Very much enjoying everything and the humor makes me smile. I can tell my body is changing and that is incredible since I don't feel like I'm doing a traditional workout and I enjoy the experience so much. Thanks again!

  9. wuhu, I am very excited to tomorrow loong practice 😀
    And good that you have a plan after the 31 days as well already. I was thinking about what to do after already as well x)

  10. Hi everybody:

    I remember last September when I started 30 days of Yoga with Adriene and did the cross legged pose, everything hurt. Today, it's one of my most resting poses.

    Thank you Adriene for bringing this wonderful world of Yoga to me.

    And, happy birthday Kathryn.


  11. Im very new to yoga just this morning i did the yoga for beginners. I feel pretty good. I was wondering if its to late to start the 31 day revolution. I dont want to get emails or blog and be behind. being new i do need help and motivation at times lol . Thank you i feel great after my 1st day of doing yoga.

    1. I reread my post here and i ment i didnt want to be behind on the emails and blogging not that i didnt want either at all lol i did the beginners yoga yesterday again and feel it in my muscles all over. Is there anyone on here that would be willing to be a encouragement buddy on here? Thanks y'all for listening

      1. I'm pretty new to yoga too! And I'm behind on the yoga revolution days 😀 I just keep the emails in my inbox for when I catch up 🙂

  12. Today's practice felt great. Challenging, but great. It was the first time that I lifted my leg in plank - wow, that's really hard! But I stuck with it and I felt the energy. Thanks so much for all the work and loving kindness you put in the yoga revolution, I really notice how it makes me calmer, more patient and more mindful off the mat.

  13. I love the philosophy that discipline is liberation. I'm going to take that to heart. Also add it to a quote that I love by Tony Robbins: "Discipline weighs ounces, regret weighs tons." Thank you!

  14. Awesome practice. Awesome practice! I keep hearing that phrase now when I'm on the mat.. maybe I can start a new groove with "awesome practice" in other areas of my life as well. I say YES to discipline!! I have practiced yoga 23 days in a row even when I was sickly!! That's saying something. Woohoo!

  15. I am so happy that I have made it this far!!! I tried last year and I just couldn't make it work with my schedule. But doing this everyday has been such an awesome break from the workouts I'm used to. I can't wait to see what's next. I'm sad to know it's almost over

  16. I chipped the bone in my ankle about 3 years ago and it crippled me for months. I stopped working out because I could put so little weight on it, but over the years and through patient practice, I can now do these balancing poses without pain and without falling. I am consistently amazed at what my body has been able to do throughout this practice! Can't wait for tomorrow's video!

  17. Thank you Adriene. For all of the time, energy and passion you have given to everyone who is participating in this Revolution. Thanks to you, I will celebrate my 60th birthday this year more fit in body and mind than twenty years ago! Peace and happiness...

  18. Over the years I have tended to do yoga in 90 minute sessions less frequently. I am finding that this shorter regular practice is benefiting me so much more. I'm feeling stronger in mind and body and although I know lots of yoga poses it is the daily discipline i have lacked. Thank you again for your gift Adriene.

  19. Now, this will include many words, so I`ll start with the only crucial word in the entire text (which also happens to sum up the conclusion): Thanks! <3

    At some point in life, I might have been twelve, I started relating to many of the worldly treasures as something I had to overcome and survive rather than as something I was part of. I always loved both the world and human beings, but I didn`t understand how to maneuver in a society that obviously wasn`t taking care of neither of them; I didn`t know how to relate to all its confusing input, I doubted that I was ripe to turn it into good stuff.

    This gave me a problem with discipline. I was extremely good at it, but for the wrong reasons and on the wrong areas. I finished the required tasks, so that I could be left alone (protecting me against the world and vice versa). I observed how I wasted all I was offered, and felt ungood and untrue.

    Six years ago everything I treasured and loved (from a distance – thats how it felt, even though I was there) was threatened. In the time that has passed since then, I lost a brother. Faced with this process, it became so obvious that all of my strategies and patterns served neither me nor anyone else. It was also obvious that I would not let fear, self pity or self doubt come between me and being present in what we were all about to go through. So, to put it short, I just started not doing what I would normally do. This was a totally different kind of discipline; letting go, letting go, letting go, without any knowledge of what would come instead. I felt totally lost, but at the same time had a constantly reoccuring focus; I know what I treasure and for what I am grateful.

    Despite fear, anger, shame and grief, above all I rediscovered joy, belonging and passion.

    The last year the events have settled. Life is more stable, but the air is still swirling. Yet, there is room for recreation; re-creation. I am observing a person – me - (that people around me might have known for a long time) full of love, life and creativeness. As I try to develop this observation on a concrete level, I am surprised to discover the total lack of discipline when it comes to putting my own things into action. It is like I cannot welcome my own resources, ambitions and dreams without telling them to go f... themselves at the same time. I know this probably just reflects the rejected patterns; the phantom pains from a passed state, but it still works as an effective immobilizer most of the time
    So...where am I heading with this text...maybe to what triggered it in the first place, which were your words, Adriene: «The practice of discipline wears many masks. But so do I.»
    Yes. I do not think it is possible to express it more beautiful and simple than that. And sometimes discipline is perhaps just about watching oneself and the world with patience, and then, while our most headstrong disposals are looking away, gently pushing oneself beyond the imaginary obstacles we created.

    Adriene and all the rest of you; I never stop being stunned by the wisdom that uncovers among people – in life in general, but also here, in the videos and in the comments and pictures. Thank you so much for upholding this space where we can explore and reflect each other and ourselves (and the best part: We can go on for a lifetime 😉 ).

  20. Loving it today!!! So worth the extra wake up early to get in! Thank you for your time and energy!

  21. Just want to give you all my favorite quote of the day from Day 23. I was in a challenging posture, Adriene is coaching awareness and my body is speaking to me from all directions... "stay focused on the situation here". As always there was a hint of humor with the wording but also something to take with into the rest of life here at home and globally.

  22. So glad to be enjoying his yoga revolution! Only sad part is I have surgery to be done on the 30th, so I will not be able to do day 31 for at least a few weeks delay. Thankful it will be online waiting for me whenever I am able!

  23. Hi Adrian, first of all I want to say thank you for changing my life both physically and mentally over the past year. I really value my time with you on the matter. I also recently purchased some tee-shirt from your website but have not received them or notification about them, I am just wondering about international shipping. Either way no worries.


  24. This has been stellar Adrienne! Love having the re-connect with my yoga practice and having something to look forward to everyday, or on the days when I'm not feeling like it, getting there anyways and feeling great that I was able to do that for myself! I'd love to deepen my yoga practice though and start pushing deeper with more advanced/challenging poses/strength. Do you have some good videos that help people to start moving beyond intermediate? Or at least really grounding down in solid intermediate/advance stuff?

  25. I went to my regular weekly local yoga class today and did not feel anything through out the class or after. Where was that voice to tell me to lift my hearte and ground through my back body? Where was that little extra focus on moving the body mindfully in one piece and not just jump into every pose and positions. I really tried to make the practice my own way but where just constently reminded of all the details I felt we forgot to worry about. I just felt sad and were longing home to my livingroom, my own new space to a time to connect and listen. How is your experience with yoga classes during the revolution? Does it work for you?

    1. Same for me. I've stopped going to classes now as I feel Adriene is such a better teacher. I love the focus on the transition instead of just hitting the pose. Also, the last class I went to, it was like "right, now everyone get into a shoulder stand" and I can't do that at all cos of my bad neck - whereas Adriene always gives us options! (I ended up just lying on the floor for 5 mins while everyone else did shoulder stands.....)

      Namaste x

    2. I think that's a big part of what Adriene means about taking the nutrients of your practice out into the world--sometimes the rest of the world includes public classes, and you just need to remember her encouragement, carry it with you. But I do have a strong preference for my living room as well, where I am always reminded that Adriene and the rest of the community have my back!

  26. Thank you for the awesome practices. I am doing yoga with you for over a year now and you are the first that really kept me going. And it's great and motivating to see how the body changes and becomes stronger (something I thought I would never achieve). But not only: I am more calm and relaxed and feel it immediately when not doing yoga with you for a while 🙂

  27. I'n still smiling over your "now we're gonna meditate for an hour" quote, almost wanted to just go for it ;).

  28. Thanks so much! As I finished this today I'm realizing there are poses I could not do without pain before - sitting on my knees - but today, there was no pain, very little tension, and I've found so many poses that are becoming more comfortable, more relaxing - this practice is truly amazing! Thank you so much!

  29. Feeling so damn proud of myself right now. On that final plank where we lifted the leg, I started to wobble but then I just locked in my breath and it literally "lifted me" and I felt light and balanced and STRONG and then knowing I COULD do it made it a cinch on the other side.
    THANK YOU!! That's what I'm taking from this practice/this revolution- that I CAN!!!
    That I can do it.
    That I can keep showing up for my self, EVERY DAMN DAY, even if/when I maybe don't want to.
    And most of all, that I can love and honour myself wherever I am in any given moment.

    I feel like this has been the most amazing gift, that you've allowed us to re-gift ourselves; it's quite literally the gift that just keeps right on giving.

    Thank you,
    Viva la REVOLUTION!

  30. I'm not going to lie here, but I was really hoping that tapas meant appetizers....however, I was not disappointed with discipline practice.

  31. Good day and continued MASSIVE thanks for the this - the highlight of my day. If there were to be another YWA retreat anywhere - where would that announcement be made?

    I'm retired and will go anywhere anytime to attend a YWA retreat.

    Thank you!

  32. I have to say, when I saw "discipline" in today's email, I was apprehensive, thinking it was going to be more intense than I could handle at the end of a long day. You'd think I would know by now, to trust that I will have options to be more or less hardcore, and always be reminded to listen to my breath and tend to what it's telling me. So glad I showed up today!

  33. Thank you so much for this 31 days of yoga practice. What a gift and a great way to kick off a new year! I started reluctantly with lower back pain, but am happy to say I am feeling stronger in my core and my pain is gone. How can I continue to build strength after the 31 days is complete? Many thanks to you, Adriene!

  34. I am so proud of myself that I have showed up faithfully for 23 days! Thank you Adriene! Loved today's practice and I am excited about what you have in store for when our 31 days are up!

  35. Chica, tapas, ahora tengo hambre! Just joking, I am not hungry at all, just thinking about the many times I had tapas when visiting Madrid and Barcelona! Mil gracias, this was definitely a challenging session today, but I am feeling so very proud for showing up every single day.

  36. What I love about this Yoga Revolution journey is the uncanny knack you have, Adriene, to send the message I most need to hear each day. It's almost freaky except that it's also, as you say, just as it should be. There is no other yoga teacher that gets me to connect to my heart the way you have. Yes, you're helping me with strength and flexibility and balance. But what I really love is how you've helped me see the mat as a place I can settle in and feel what I need to pay attention to.

  37. I'm always hesitant to comment because each day I think, "that one was my favorite!" But day 23 was really something special... I feel so energized and ready to tackle it all, in the most supported, meaningful, and sustainable way. Adriene, I found you back in October and have been through Yoga Camp and swear by your Rise series... So much wonderfulness has entered my life since I began practicing with you. I've been "doing yoga" for years but the philosophy of it never truly resonated with me until I found your perfect approach. Thank you x1000000. Namaste.

  38. Thank you Adrienne and thank you to all who write such uplifting comments after each revolution.
    Good night and Namaste

  39. Thank you Adriene, just so in love with this yoga revolution! And glad to hear you have plans for us afterwards! Love and light xx

  40. Wonderful. Everyday a new journey; Going strong. Many thanks Adrienne this is great;

  41. Sadly I'm a day behind now as changes to my daily 'norm' prevented me from doing this practice yesterday. I was able to get to my weekly Pilates class, which was great, but couldn't wait for this morning to resume the Revolution. Delighted to learn about a different kind of tapas (love the Spanish variety!). Loving this journey... Thank you Adriene x

  42. I'm loving this! I've struggled to make yoga a priority. I've rocked with you for the past 23 days and will continue to do so! I'm not winded when taking the stairs, my knees are better, and I feel great! You are so hilarious! Thank you, Adriene!

  43. YOU ARE SO INSPIRING!! so happy I found you! I feel sooo good and this yogarevolution comes exactly at a time of my life where I needed this so much, a big thank you!

  44. When I started this program I was a little hesitant because of my body size. I stuck with it and I believe yoga is my thing. I tried to focus on all of the moves.i refuse to give up and I feel amazing. I can't do it perfectly, but I am further along than day 1 and have lost a lot of belly fat, who knew. .yoga is my thing!!! Thanks so much.

  45. I wasn't thinking of not finishing the 31 days of Revolution 🙂 On the contrary, I'm asking for more ! I practice regularly since years, but with the beginning of your Revolution, I'm practising every morning - and it wasn't a while since I didn't do that (I was practising 2-3/week). So thank you Adriene because your sequences made me feel better and stronger to start my days and face the difficulties that can come on the day.

  46. Thank you for this wonderful practice and program. I feel myself getting stronger and calmer. It's a Revolution baby (quoting a little Pearl Jam that has been running through my head during this program). Thank you for making me laugh.

  47. You are aj awesome teach. This is my daughter, Jamie Tucker's, favorite. I loved it too.

  48. Hi Adriene,
    Absolutely loving your yoga revolution!
    How can I purchase the 31 days so I can have it as a downloadable version?

  49. I really did have this hate thing for yoga and now I absolutely flipping love it! I am one of those people that now cancel stuff in order to do yoga. Good Lord what a turn of events! So grateful, chuffed and just pl,ain amazed! Much love.

  50. Thanks so much for your emails, today's (23) was extra good
    You, Adrienne, have changed my life
    When I have done one practice I can hardly wait a day for next
    Love it
    Hugs to the world

  51. Dear Adriene,

    Thank you for this awesome Revolution!! I loved today's practice! Made me feel even more alive, if that is possible hehe. Showing up everyday, honoring this practice is so good at all levels. I do wish to do another 31 days of Revolution already!!!

    I also love your e-mails that accompany each day's practice. They are most inspiring and so are you, of course!! It is so good to enjoy each day, work hard and laugh, feel the evolution on and off the mat. You rock!!!



  52. I want to thank you for holding such a kind and nurturing space. Your humour and gentleness are a great blessing to the world and I am honoured to share a little part of that with you. I felt your energy today on the final was amazing. I am sure your energy ebbs and flows too and I hope that you can feel the immense love and gratitude for your existence and that it bouys you up on the ebbs. I am a midwife and my most important role is to hold space for women to do amazing things and feel such immense feelings.......I can only do that from my centre and this practice is fine tuning me into that place......and all there is is JOY. Namaste X

  53. Great work out. Indeed, we are exactly where we need to be. To restore balance in our lives is a noble thing. So grateful for your contribution in making this happen. May you live long, travel far, and teach us always.

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