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Your Day 22 practice is a rest day for the body! It’s supportive, low to the ground and hands free, providing relief for arms and wrists. Tap into the breath and practice moving in a way that feels kind and gentle. If you want to be healthy it starts with identifying ways in which you can be kind and gentle with yourself, first. Commit to this so that you can be kind and gentle with others. Watch it ripple.

Find What Feels Good.



79 comments on “REVOLUTION: Day 22”

  1. After cramming in days 19-21 yesterday, today was the perfect practice to let my body breathe and rest and massage my poor achey bum!!
    Happy Sunday to all 🙂

  2. Slightly out of sync I did day 22 and then day 20 this morning so I am feeling soooooooo chilled. Though Adriene, trying to stay focussed on the breath , I started to laugh when trying to rock my 'leg baby' And then thought how many people round the world have rocked their leg babies this weekend? Hard to comprehend, but amazing to be part of this amazing family all around the globe. Namaste to all my virtual yogi friends. Peace ✌️

  3. How does it feel to be kind and gentle to yourself?
    Well I cried a little bit. My pattern was to push and force myself and my body and soul 😉 around.
    So I also liked the poem very much in which was said to the body: I want to be your friend..That was day 2 or something like that and it stays with me. Every day I look forward to the YogaRevolution lesson.

    Thank you Adriene and community and Earth xx

  4. I find it hard to be gentle sometimes in practices. So much concentration and therefore tension sometimes ^^' But on the other hand I also always yawn during yoga practice :'D So somehow it is relaxing that much at times a least x)

    Oh and really cute outfit today Adriene! I love it! 😀

    See you all in tomorrow's practice! 🙂

    1. I watched La La Land last night (and adored it)! It certainly doesn't match London's chilly grey weather but thank you for your sunshine greeting!

  5. Thank you Adrienne and Big Love to you and all enjoying this wonderful practice 🙂 xxx

  6. Talk about recharge your batteries!!!! I feel sooooo charged up!!!! Woo!!! Completely re energized! Just what I needed!!!! Thank you!!!!! Namaste!! You are such a powerful light Adriene!!!

  7. Great practice.Thank you for taking care of our souls too, not just our bodies.You are our angel, Adriene.Love you and all that you do for us.

    1. I agree with Gina. Adrien, I love that you take good care of our souls as well as our bodies. Each day is absolutely perfect.

  8. Wonderful way to love the body and show and teach us all we can do while being gentle to ourselves.

    Each of these teachings are having a lasting impression on me. Yesterday I as becoming frustrated following a car going really slow on my way to pick up my daughter. I paused my mind an spoke out loud "Everything is as it should be." And let it go and just enjoyed the drive. I wasn't going to be late and even if I was I couldn't change it at this point. Maybe I needed to go slow to make me think and reflect or to prevent getting into an accident. Who knows. But I do know I exhaled and my stress was gone.

    Thank you for today and every day, Adriene.

  9. Our angel...that was so beautifully said I just hop on and agree.
    Thank you for this day too dearest Adriene

  10. HI! Thanks for today's practice. I truly appreciate all the effort and preparation you put into your videos and emails. Is there a chance I can get emails for days 1 and 2? I signed up late and missed those emails.

    1. dear erika
      it is also on youtube, every day, I just checked it 🙂
      you can find everything there

  11. this was perfect! I woke up wanting to skip today because I just needed a rest day, but once I read your email I jumped on my mat excited that I would get exactly what I needed. It's been perfect! the themes each day are always so appropriate 🙂

  12. I loved this. There was irony in it though because I find that sometimes in order to be 'gentle' and kind to myself I need to wipe everyone out of my path. With the women's march yesterday in my mind (I could not attend due to my familial servitude) I woke up to the same old pattern of everyone taking without looking back. Knowing that my husband was going to have the entire day to himself while I took the 4 kids to a birthday party, knowing that when we came home from that party he would be engaging in the Green Bay Packers playoff game I felt it my right to push them all out of the way for yoga. Seriously, I felt bad about the way it went down but then I realized that if I'm not going to clear this path nobody is going to turn around and notice... so while my longterm goal will be to take the gentle for myself and then share with others, today was eyeopening. Sometimes to be good to yourself you simply can't wait around for others to look up. I'm sure I'll figure out a better way, but thank you for jumpstarting the thought process here.

    1. I understand this Cara (although I'm not in the same situation as you), and maybe by making an initial stand, your loved ones will start to notice and give you the space too. It happened with my daughter (although there is only one) and even the dog and the cat. They all stay off the mat and out of my way, now. Good luck with it. 🙂

      1. I think this is something we all struggle with, a little bit. Something I am always practicing-with my children, my husband, my friends, and my co-workers- is that no one can know what it is we want, or what is in our hearts, unless we share it with them. But when we keep practicing, we will get there!!!

  13. Hello, I feel so proud of all of us who have been able to make it on to the matt for day 22!

    Thank you Adriene! Sweet dreams 🙂 x

  14. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Every day has been what I needed. I find that the messages are always so fitting for what's going on, even outside the mat. I truly see a change in my breath, my mind and my body. You are a gem.


  15. I felt so good, I tried a headstand on the wall for the first time and did it several times! I love the lessons in Adriene's yoga 😀

  16. I am having a little sciatica pain in art. Hip, so today with the stretches were especially appreciated. I needed a rest day today. Thank you!

  17. Lovely restful Sunday, thank you Adriene, after a full week here in the DC area. Staying positive and being gentle, I received my beautiful golden Adriene tee (yay gratitude, perfect timing!) and my 6 year old granddaughter asked 'Are you gonna wear that every day now, Honey?' YES!

  18. Adrienne, like so many people across the world yesterday, I marched - am exhausted, achy, tired but feeling good inside. Just did day 20 + 21 back to back (travelled from 3 am - 9:30 pm yesterday to be on the ground in DC!) and it was AWESOME. Thank you for this amazing 31 days!

  19. Yesterday I marched for women's rights and all human rights. Practicing daily for the last 21 days gave me the strength and empowerment I needed to be strong and to feel less pain as we stood for many, many hours. Thank you.

  20. Just what I needed, soft and gentle. This my third YWA journey and I love it! Started i February 2015 with '30 days of yoga' and never missed a day since. Must admit though that it's not always easy to get to the mat but once I'm there I feel so much better. Thank you Adriene for sharing your practice, knowledge and love with us. Namasté!

    1. Myranda, I also started with '30 days of yoga with Adriene' last year and after that did the 'yoga camp'. Great to know someone else is in the same boat.

  21. Its like there is hope every day. Something your body and mind are waiting for to be done. Sometimes I do not remember what it is. Its like a warm joyful event in the nearby future without any clear pictures of what is going to happen. Then I remember it's this daily half hour moment on the mat that make me feel this way.

    Anyone else feeling exited every day without remembering why? 🙂

  22. Beauuuuutiful practice! It felt like being wrapped up in a cosy fluffy blanket of gentleness, kindness and love, soaking it all up, absorbing every little morsel and giving everything back...
    Thank you Adriene

  23. Had to stop after day eight due to a broken wrist. But I still read the daily emails which usually cause me to wallow in self-pity. Today I read : no downward facing dog or plank, and thought "that's for me" . It felt good to get back to the mat after two weeks of relative inactivity. I know I'll have to adapt my practice for a long time to come while I get my wrist back in shape, but it's good to know I can do something even with a cast on.

    1. Sorry you got derailed so early on! That must be so tough. Good on you for coming back to find out what you can still do. Get well soon!

  24. So at the end of the video, all the little videos we've done pop up, almost like a reminder of where we've been so far. So I'm noticing whatever day that was Adriene suggested the shoulder stand, you know, where your feet are over your head and toes are touching the floor. It always looks so beautiful and, for me, impossible. I finished today's practice, saw the thumbnail of the shoulder stand and promptly rolled up and threw my feet over my head!! Holy smokes!! Can't believe I got my tush over my head!!

  25. 11.56pm on day 22 and I've done it! After just arriving back from a full days date with a lovely guy I'm seeing in a different city. I was exhausted after sightseeing all day and emotionally exhausted too (in a good way ) - I'm so glad I didn't skip todays practise. I feel so ready for my bed now. Thank you Adriene, for bringing some calm into the end of my day. Namaste xxx

  26. Thank you Adriene for making me feel so wonderful. I have had a mind, body, and soul crushing past few months and when I saw your Revolution come up I knew I had to join. Today I felt so stretched and loose, it was just so wonderful to feel that way again. I feel like a have been a wrapped up ball of yarn and everyday it loosens. Because of you and what you have put into your practice for us to follow. Your guidance, your gentle and funny ways, make such an impact. Every part of yoga is essential, thank you for always reaffirming the practice.

    1. Denise, I absolutely love "I feel like a have been a wrapped up ball of yarn and everyday it loosens"


  27. So grateful for the gentle practice. Yesterday I was not kind to my body as I put it through a gruelling Astanga practice ( not having practice a full Astanga for over a year). Today feel like I have toothache all over so today's practice was a wave of some relief. Thank you and Namaste.

  28. Played a little catch up with Day 23 and this day, it is going to be a great day and a kind day to myself. Thank you.

  29. The inner smile, the connection to my true self, the beauty of loving myself so much more when I yoga on and of the mat!
    Makes me wear my most beautiful make-up: my smile!
    Thank you so much for this!

  30. I have been sick all week and finally felt better enough to do this yoga today-JUST what I needed. It was awesome. Sometimes we all need an "active" day off 🙂

    Where is that adorable pink shirt from? I love it!

  31. As always, thank you! This was a lovely practice. I really appreciate how you vary the practices, how you sequence each one, your sense of humor, and just everything about this gift you give to us.

  32. Thanks SOOO much Adriene for the AWESOME practice you offer us each and every day in the 31 Revolution program...It'S just 'EXKKKKelent" as you say when you are ExKKKcited !!!
    Every day I'm LOOKING FORWARD to it , So Excited !!

  33. Dear Adriene,

    I did this practice yesterday, but did not have time to comment! I liked this gentle day very much, after our power practice the day before. I had my inner smile shining through all the stretch and it was really nice to be connected with peace, sweetness and happiness this way.

    Today is my Day 23, all about discipline - Tapas!!!



  34. You did it again and weirdly anticipated my needs today! 😉

    There was me wondering whether to blast another run somehow, or cram in a longer yoga session later, when I'm probably still a bit tired from yesterday.

    Well, here was my answer! LOL!

    I also want to mention that I went shopping yesterday and treated myself, for the first time in a life of over half a century, to some rather expensive skin products. I have awful dry skin but have always tended to go for the cheapskate options, and then only when they're on offer! I got such a thrill out of this unexpected "because I'm worth it" attitude, and am tossing my hair around in delight. Using the new potions and lotions when I got home was a very happy ritual and I am sure that I will appreciate every last molecule.

    I'm sure I have you to thank for this, as part of the Revolution transformation!

  35. First comment today. I started revolution after a month of beginners practice, having never done yoga before. It has been life changing and I am getting so much out of it. Thank you and love to all sharing the journey x

  36. Thank you for sharing your practice w/ ease and humor! I thought this was going to a sweaty hard class! So happy it was about being gentle w/ ourselves and the world!

    This is my 2nd round doing Revolution since last March & I it! It's helped me better recover and manage pain & injuries yet stay open, focused and present on my journey back to performing after 18yrs. As the modified song goes, "I'm just a Broadway Baby. Gettin back on my feet, to be in a show...lal la la, la la la and stay in a showww!" Button!


  37. What a wonderful, relaxing yoga session today. Adrienne's soft, gauntlet voice is soothing for this session.

  38. Dear Adriene,

    I have done your yoga classes nearly every days since September 17 - they have forever changed my life. I even downloaded one of your series to do every day while I was at sea on a research cruise. I started the work for my low back pain, but now look forward to it every morning for the exercise in being present and kind. A few days ago I threw my back out while surfing - your classes have gently and steadily worked it back from quite a traumatized state of spasm where I could barely walk. I could say the same thing for my mind-soul: work and life in the past year of 2020 have taken their toll and had the default be "lizard brain." Every day now I get to practice moving toward higher and better.

    Thank you.

    All the best,

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