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Your Day 21 practice invites you to go inward and find strength.
When we become strong and aware in our inner world, we are able to move with strength and awareness in the outer world.

Tap into your resources! We work to build muscle today but more importantly we use this opportunity to gain strength and happiness from the inside out. Cultivate strength in body, mind and spirit. Time to get conscious, this practice will guide the way!

Jai Namaste!


221 comments on “REVOLUTION: Day 21”

  1. Adriene,

    My name is Ken Franciscus and I live in the Seattle area and I'm 57. I've been doing yoga with you off and in now for about a year. I so enjoy the time, even more so now that I'm rock climbing on a regular basis.

    I wanted to ask if you have a class geared specifically for rock climbers? It playa such a critical role in my climbing (core strength, balance, etc). If you don't, would you consider creating one you could add to YouTube. In the meantime, which of your classes do you recommend I look at to incorporate into my daily practice to enhance my climbing. I look forward to hearing from you.


    1. Hi,
      For first day I wanted to comment at this page, But I can`t find out how,, only selection I have is Reply on others comments.... Day 21 felt amazing. I have gone through some hard days, where I couldn`t do the poses, like crow.. - But trying - and pleased with that !

      Was wondering Kenny, as my shape is getting better, how to go into learn climbing... As for now I am too weak in fingers arms and legs, but as I yoga on I will get better right ?

      Was wondering how to "ease into climbing"... as I have eased into this 31 day yoga challenge 🙂

      Will be greatful for any tip 😉

      Love and light
      Jorun, In Norway
      <3 Namastè

  2. I get your email right before I go to bed at night I have all night to dream about how GREAT the next day of this revolution will be.....this experience is surpassing all my expectations .....I am hooked and loving every minute. Thank you.

    1. The combination of Peace yesterday and Strength today was exactly what I needed right now.

      I'm not good at loving myself. I think much more easily of things I dislike.

      Today, I love my persistence. I love my follow through. And I love that I started this yoga revolution. Half pigeon is my favorite pose. Ending with it today impacted me more than I expected.

    2. I also just finished Day21.... I'm addicted to this practice! I look forward to the daily emails and my mat time!

    3. Adrienne,
      My sister turned me on to you. I began with the 30 day challenge and am now doing your revolution for 31 days. I love your teaching methods and just want you to know that I am getting back into shape at age 62. I also walk my dog, Zeke a couple of miles every day. My problem is with my hands and wrists and neck pain and fibromyalgia. I have tried your yoga lessons on the hands and DDog. Any other suggestions?

  3. Thank you so much! I loved this one! 🙂 This was perfect for me today! I love how easy it is to stay connected nowadays, and to find what one needs. This challenge has been amazing for me, as I've only been doing yoga since October. I love how i've built up strength in this short time with consistency and enthusiasm, and those were two of the things I picked as you asked us to find things that we love about ourselves. I love my energy, I love my determination and I love my imagination. I almost feel like my imagination is what brought me here. For years (before there was YouTube) I planned to start yoga "one day". I remember watching yoga programs on TV, yearning for the ease of movement the teachers had, and thinking of which local teacher I'd be able to find, and to trust not to push me too far - and which style of yoga I should try. There was no yoga studio in my town back then, and as a teenager it would probably not have come to my mind to even go to one. I remember thinking of it all as a distant fantasy, one where I saw myself on a beach or in some other gorgeous location in which those TV-teachers were filming their classes. Today I am stronger, more flexible and happier than ever. And I am able to share my journey with you. Thank you for that!

  4. Thank you again Adriene- and all of my fellow yogis who make me commit so wholeheartedly to this evermore exciting journey! (Whoa, that was some long sentence to be constructed by a native Swedish speaking Finn! You're welcome to try that the other way around! (Just kidding:)))

    When Adriene-now look, am I the only one who keeps trying to spell your name "Ariadne" all the time??!- anyway, told me to think of something I love about myself, I thought of my ability to be inspired and inspire. And- tadam- Adriene: "take a. BIG inhale". Inhale /inspirare (Latin), literally "draw in the spirit". Wow yes! Think about that every time you draw your breath -inhale- and are filled with life!

    This felt so amazingly right today after yesterday, when it seemed to me the whole world was becoming a gloomy Mordor. And we practiced Peace and breathed deeply in and out.
    Now out, acting, being alive, vigilant and compassionate.
    Jai Namaste!

    1. Right on, Nina! I'm with you all the way. The world becomes a beautiful place when we focus our attentions and actions in the right direction. Letting our light shine and the spirit of love and peace move us!

    2. That's beautiful! Thank you for sharing - I'm going to think of my inhales as inspirare -- drawing in inspiration.

  5. After 20 days of yoga I am waking Up to significantly less pain In my impinged shoulder of 5 years. Still A way to go but-Thank you-

  6. Thank you for today Adriene, these sessions is helping me find inner strength which certainly helped me today in Goddess pose! I love my warm heart and my smile 🙂


  7. Word up! I feel amazing today, thank you so much for this yoga experience. My body is starting to love me back and I am full of beans (energy beans not baked!) yah! Namaste people of the world xxx

  8. I love myself for wanting to get to my yoga mat and wanting to be the best possible 63 year old, not giving in to gravity and the thinking that middle age spread is normal! Thank you Adriene x

    1. Yay Liz! Good for you! If we keep this up(I'm 53), we'll be those 90 year old women still out dancing, hiking, and keeping up with the young ones! I'm so fortunate to have some pretty amazing older women in my life who have inspired me to age with strength and determination, and now you've joined the list. Have a wonderful weekend full of youthful vigor!

    2. I'm 58 and not a very small person, but I love to be every day practicing yoga with you Adruene and with all of your followers! Yours Tina with greetings from southwest-Germany ✨

  9. Woah! a bit of tough love there in that strength practice.

    Having subscribed for the downloads I usually watch them the day before as I tend to practice with my eyes shut most of the time. This means I need to have some idea of where I am going when just listening to Adriene's gentle voice, and quirky humour.
    Well not today. Downloads arrived this morning minutes before my practice time so I was a little fearful of just how much strength I might need.

    I am happy to say the fear was unfounded..... until the second pause in forearm plank that is, when I had to think of another thing I love about myself. After about a minute, felt like forever, I settled for my left earlobe as a place holder before I collapsed. lol

    The three things I finally chose to love about myself were:

    My transformation that yoga has gifted me to change from within
    My ability to feel and give love
    My sense of humour which allows me to tap into my inner smile.

    Adriene and fellow Revolutionary Yogis thank you and bless your Spirits one and all for sharing your strengths with me.


    1. That's a good idea watching the vids through once before doing them. I'll start doing that regularly.

      I practice without glasses and usually have only my small iPhone screen to check on, which usually works fine, but sometimes has put me in funny situations, notably the time (in 30days of yoga when I was still more of a novice) when I began to feel a little tired in my arms and wondered for myself how long we were supposed to stand in "T pose" and checked what Adriene was doing actually- and realised what I thought were her arms actually were the window sills...X

    2. Wow, thank you for sharing the three items you love about yourself - very lovely to read! What a fun journey we are all wonderfully a part of together <3 namaste!

  10. I love how strong my body was during the birth of each of my 4 children.
    Much love Adrienne!

  11. Dear Adriene,

    I discovered Yoga last autumn again with your online-guidiance and not only I feel better with and in my body, I realise that I more and more find strength within me to stay attentive and aware even though when I am under a lot of pressure and stressed out.
    It does not work always and all the time - I am human 😉 - but it works so much better than before I started to practice.

    Thank you very much for your wonderful work 🙂
    Namaste to you and to everyone who happens to read this!

  12. I was reluctant to hit the mat when I saw the word strength in the message (just because I felt a little lazy today), but chose to hit it with my best shot. Coincidentally, the fact I'm strong physically for my age (53) and have mental strength are what I love about myself. I'm also a very determined person in the face of great challenges. Thanks for another great practice Adriene. And thanks everyone else for sharing their stories.
    Love and Peace

  13. I chose similarly to fellow yoga revolutionaries: That I am overall a positive person, persistent to coming everyday to the practice and being able to feel/be loved and give love 😀
    I truely think this Revolution is awesome!
    And I am happy to see that so many people join in! Imagine everybody would join and this would cause world peace! 😀 Anyway, it will create a lot awareness, love, strength, peace and so much more in all of us who joined! 🙂 This is great.

  14. Thank you for the exercise in self love that I apparently needed since I struggled to think of anything. I finally settled on loving my commitment, my consistency, and my kindness.

  15. This was so amazing for today! Thank youuuu!

    Ok, so the three things:
    I love my Creativity
    I love that I have a big Heart
    And I love that I can be Brave (including brave enough to share these three things 🙂

    Jai Namaste!

  16. Gratitude for today's practise; yesterday's was wonderful too. We need more people to return to their breath and exhale love into the world.

    Three things I love about myself:

    My compassion and depth
    My ability to mother my child and my animals
    My gift for the written word

    1. Hi Sheila, yes indeed , when you have these 3 things u will get success:

      1. Patience 2. Practice 3. Perseverance

      All the great things start like this.

      with love

  17. Every day I grow to love yoga even more. I have found myself evangelizing about yoga to all my friends. Today's practice really embodied what I have come to love about yoga. Tapping into inner and outer strength has brought me to a place of peace I have never been before.

    Did I struggle today? A bit. I found pigeon pose to be more unsettling than normal for some reason. Adriene mentioned that I should be feeling the stretch in the front of the hip of the extended leg, but I am really feeling the stretch (and sometimes a bit of discomfort) in the hip of the bent leg. I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong or if that is normal. I think I'll see if I can find her video about pigeon (if she has one) and go through it a little more step by step. It's strange because I've done pigeon many many times before and never felt discomfort, although I believe I've always felt the stretch in the outside of the hip of the bent leg.

    Back to the underlying message of today's practice. I decided that the three things I love about myself are that I am loving and loved, I am kind, and I am dedicated.

    Thank you fellow yogis for your words of wisdom and love.


    1. My feelings about pigeon exactly.
      Should I rest right between my both legs, or on the bent leg or what?
      Will check it, the video, out too.

      Lovely things to love about yourself:)

      1. The video was super helpful Nina. It helped me to see how I needed to slide that extended leg back a bit more to feel the stretch in the front of that hip. And, it helped me to see that it is okay to feel the stretch in the outside of the other hip as well.

  18. I know where you're coming from Liz. Being 69 years old, I know all about gravity. I have been fighting it for awhile now. But Adriene, today, I finally understand the difference between being fit and being strong and I embrace gravity. It keeps me grounded to this beautiful earth of ours.

    Loved yesterday, adored today. Loved the Goddess pose.

    Looking forward for tomorrow.

    Thank you, thank you Adriene. What a beautiful soul you are.

    Namaste from New Brunswick, CANADA.

  19. J'aime de moi, le fait que je veux apprendre... Après, je ne sais pas... Il faudra que j'y pense! ...Ma détermination ... J'aimerais un jour aimé ma joie de vivre... J'y travaille! Merci

  20. I feel the strength troughout the whole practice. One of my favourite revolutions so far. Thank you for this experience. I love myself in my yoga pants and I love the joy I am able of experiencing.

  21. Another great practice today, loving Yoga Revolution. I think I'll be sad when the 31 days are over! My 3 things are:
    I love that I'm creative & imaginative
    I love that I don't give up
    I love that I have empathy

  22. The first thing that I love about me is my height. I helped someone in the grocery store last night reach something.

    The next thing that came to mind when asked again is how awesome of a father I am. It was important to me as a young adult that when I became a parent that I was the best I could be to my future kids. I can say I am here for them, we laugh and love and they have good grounding from my parenting.

    Excellent practice today. You made me reach inward and find strength in me. My inner smile gets brighter. Thank you, Adriene.


  23. Enjoyed practice this morning, but especially yesterday! Peace was a great way to set up the day. So much negativity on social media yesterday, but I was able to tune it out, blocking those political rants, and stayed in my peace. Thanks!

  24. LOVED today's practice!! what I love about myself is that I LOVE to inspire others. Regardless of the fact that many people think I'm nuts sometimes with all my positive talk. I love to be ME! And I love my groovy-funky style.
    Thank you so much for all you do to encourage others. I am so very thankful I found you. much love!

  25. Real tears again that's three days in a row!! The strength sometimes is in letting go! So true!!! Thank you for helping me find my strength to share a bit of myself on here yesterday! Sometimes I feel awkward sharing my heart! This community is amazing!

  26. I love that I am a weirdo, my warmth and cuddly nature towards others and I love how I always want to try.

    Thank you for today lovely lady ! 🙂 xx

    1. The 'weirdo' one really resonates with me - 100% agreed! Each of us is so unique and beautiful 🙂

  27. Thanks to Yoga with Adriene, I'm actually think I can say that I love my body.
    Never could I do that before.
    I'm so appreciative of how far I've come and what my body is capable of.

  28. I have been doing yoga with Adriene for about 2 years now, this is the best one yet! I can feel your love through my ipad❤️ I hope one day we will meet. Your presence in my life is greatly treasured. Keep it up girl, you are making an amazing contribution to people's lives(in case you were not aware).

  29. The one thing that I love about myself is the fact that I am a polyglot. I am fluent in English, Haitian Creole, French , and Spanish. God has granted me this gift of languages and I derive a tremendous amount of joy imparting this knowledge to my high school students.

    Thank you Adriene for sharing your gift with the world. I am hugely thankful for the many benefits I have been able to enjoy from the daily sessions. For the first time, my belly is actually shrinking from doing these daily sessions. YOU ARE A YOGI STAR!!!!!!

  30. My three things? I love that I'm an artist! I love that, like the meaning of my name, I am a HIGHLY industrious person, and I love that I was once declared by a friend to be 'The Fun One!' HA!

    I feel AWESOME right at this moment! I am seeing my body gain strength daily and am moving through life with much more ease than ever before! Your yoga is healing me! Thank you Adriene!

  31. Thank you, Adriene. I was pleased today when doing the lunges that I was no longer reliant on resting the weight of my upper body on my hands. I was able to find a lift and ease from my core to easily clap my hands together. Small successes!

    The things that I love about myself are:

    My inner joy
    My sense of play and silliness
    My sense of wonder

    Now that is strength I can tap into. Thank you for framing it in such a way. Blessings to the Revolution community!

  32. I can't thank you enough for this program. I am so pleased with how far I have come. I get up at 5am for the practice and some days it's a struggle; but I've been there every day for it - all 21 days - YAY! for me. Not sure how you do it - but you seem to know exactly what my body (and mind) need that day.

  33. You are such a great teacher I am so glad I am doing yoga. It has made me a calmer person.

  34. Hi wonderful Adriene and all my fellow revolutionaries! I have been with you here in England, on my mat every day since January 1st and I can't tell you how much I am loving this! Even though I knew the theory I am stunned by how much more effective "little and often" practice is, than " a lot and occasional"!!!! I am feeling great inside and out and I have had a difficult January too!
    I am a 58 year old woman so one of the things I love about myself is that I am aging adventurously and joyfully!!
    Thank you again Adriene - so much!
    Namaste ✌️️

  35. Strength in letting go! I love that mantra 🙂 My three things - I'm a great leader of my team at work, my children are bold enough to pursue their dreams, and I i'm taking time each day for myself in yoga because I'm worth it. What a great practice today. Namaste everyone. Thanks to all of you and Adrienne of course!

  36. 3 things
    ~the ability to feel true joy for the happiness of others
    ~the ability to laugh at myself
    ~the ability to be inspired & feel connected to people and our world

  37. I love that I am an avid reader, that I have hands to support me and that I am very much a geek ^^
    Thank you Adriene, as always. You are amazing 🙂

  38. I adore this and Adrienne.....Wisdom, fun, lighthearted, balanced. I post all of these to my social media for my psychotherapy practice also. So healing. Namaste.

  39. Choosing independence daily, even when it's a challenge, after a lifetime of being told I was incapable of it. That's my strength. Holding my head high.

  40. Wonderful practice today to feel my strength and connect with all the people around the world resisting hatred today with strength!

  41. Thank you once again Adriene for an incredible practice. I love it when you said it takes strength to let go.

    I've been dealing with grief and it has taken me three years to just be able to talk about it. It has been a journey but with counselling I'm finally letting go of the sadness, hurt and anger associated with it. This is my third challenge with you and it has helped me find balance and peace again. You are an amazing person and instructor, so thank you very much.

  42. Wonderful practice! Thank you so much for emphasizing that inner strength comes first and roots us to rise (I love this phrase, Adriene!). In addition to the spiritual benefits of feeling more uplifted and calmer over the past 21 days, I'm also seeing some physical improvements. My wrist no longer hurts as it used to even though it seems counter-intuitive to lean on it if it hurts (but you build strength this way!). I am more flexible, trust my breathing process more and my hips are starting to respond to gravity. What a treat it is to do these sessions every day. A simple thank you is not enough.

  43. I love my sense of humor and my ability to make people laugh. Thanks for making me realise that part of myself, Adriene!

  44. Your yoga camp got me on a path that has changed my life. The revolution is changing everything.After 2016 being the most difficult year of my life filled with sadness and adversity, Im marching through now and can see the light. Your emails and yoga has been part of my inspiration to become a better person through it all.There is hope, there is joy and i will continue to seek the path of love.
    Thank you Adriene

  45. What a beautiful and STRONG practice today!

    What I love about myself:

    I am a great listener and give good, unjudgmental advice.
    I am a great writer, and use the power of my words to touch others.


  46. Thank you, Adriene.
    I love that I am sober. I love how I love my doggie. I love how, even though I have depression, anxiety, and pain, I keep returning gratefully to the yoga mat every day.
    You've changed my life, Adriene 🙂 <3 Much love.

  47. I love my unending creativity
    I love my spiritual connection to those with autism
    I love my willingness to grow

    I love this practice. Someone else commented about the fear with which they often approach coming to the mat. I share this fear. Yet every day I am able to do the practice, I am able to modify and forgive the areas that still need growth and in that awareness I become my best self.

  48. Hi

    The intention I set at the beginning of day one was to be kind to myself, so as I seem to have caught one of the many sickness bugs around I will be kind to.myself and take it easy for the rest of the day and have the strength to do a double session tomorrow.
    Anyway, it gives me a chance to read the wonderfull comments here! which I love doing!


  49. Thank you Adrienne! I love my openmindeness, my adventurous spirit, my unending thirst for knowledge! I also love that I have reached this state finally, a state where I can allow myself to love myself!

  50. Strength is in letting go, made me a bit teary, but it's so true. I love that I am a warm, caring person and I keep on trying. Thank you Adriene, these yoga sessions have brought so much mindfulness and peace in my otherwise going crazy mind.

  51. I love myself for the ability of finding joy in seemingly challenging/ difficult task and being exited about them.
    I love myself for being so innocent and overly worrying about others and the effects on them of the decisions I make.
    I love myself for commitment to purify my mind and trying out methods and trying to make them in to a lifestyle.

  52. I absolutely loved this practice! I think it's so fitting with all of the women's marches today. Yeah...power to the women! I loved that I am determined, compassionate, and a hard worker in all parts of my life. Thank you for sharing your light and love with all of us. Namaste <3

  53. Thanks a lot, Adriene!
    I am feeling stronger each day after the yoga practice.
    It's great!

  54. Thanks again fro a wonderful practice, Adriene. My three things are:
    my feet
    that I'm raising an incredible human by myself
    how I feel when I do regular yoga practice (something I'd forgotten over the last 11 years)

  55. I agree that it is quite auspicious that today's practice of strength coincided with the women's marches around the world!
    This in no way excludes men, in fact, it is a wonderful opportunity for men to embrace the Divine Feminine!
    So, the assignment to name something I absolutely love about myself....
    Okay, I am Blessed and absolutely love that I have been given the gift of music and I get to share it with people all over the world.
    When I sing, I feel complete, uninterrupted connection to Source. I know that I am never actually separate from Source, but sometimes I allow the illusion of separation to create a feeling of separation. That feeling is quelled instantly whenever I sing.
    If I may, I would like to share the lyrics from one of my songs here in hopes that it touches some hearts and helps even just one person realize just how beautiful they are!


    Nobody’s written a song about me
    But I am beautiful
    No paintings, books, or poetry

    Still I’m beautiful

    When I look and I find the things in me, you may never see
    And I bring balance to the Universe
    Just by being me

    Because I’m beautiful. Beautiful. I’m beautiful .

    It doesn’t matter if I walk alone
    Or someone’s by my side
    Every soul the same as me. Just cause we’re alive

    Because we’re beautiful. We are beautiful. Beautiful. We’re beautiful. So beautiful.

    Namaste~ Kelly Corsino

  56. I haven't commented at all yet, but I have been absolutely loving this experience, and today's practice was probably my favorite so far. Just what I needed today, I feel amazing. I'm interested/interesting, funny, and brave. I'm also amazed I can feel myself getting physically stronger after only three weeks of practicing every day. I will definitely be coming back to this one when the 31 days are over.

    Also, Adrienne, I LOVE LIZZO. Brought me so much joy to hear you break into "Good as hell" for a second there. One of my favorite songs right now.

    Love and light to everyone on this journey with me <3

  57. Thank you for this practice, I was a bit apprehensive for I am coming rien with the flue. But I am happy I dragged myself to the mat as I eel a lot better!

    I am kind
    I am strong
    I adaptable

    Loving this yoga revolution!

  58. Awesome! I am travelling today and did this one in my hotel room in Regina, Saskatchewan (it is gloomy and cold out today). Such a good feeling after so much airplane-seat-fatigue yesterday!

    Something I love about myself (and apparently I'm not alone): my crazy, boisterous, contagious laugh. I'm 30 years old but I sound like a 10-year-old being tickled whenever I'm totally losing it laughing. I have no shame!! (Good thing it's contagious because it means I'm never the only one laughing!) 😀 I also love how easily I laugh. There is always something that tickles my funny bone.

    1. Oh yes! Laughter! Wonderful - love being blessed with a sense of humor. Today I went on a march (one of many all over the globe) and people were smiling and laughing. There were some hilarious signs like "girls just wanna have FUNdamental rights and equality".... and "we are not ovary-acting".

  59. I love myself for my dedication of coming to the mat and my daily workouts in general. I love myself for my kind heart towards all humans and all animals...

  60. I love my smile and my blue eyes, and I LOVE (am and a bit surprised) that I keep coming back to the mat every day. A few days I've missed, but I get caught up, thank you Adrienne, I'm totally comitted to your yoga and the journey we are on !

  61. Feeling bit under the weather but i showed up tonight, getting up instead of letting myself go to sleep as I put my baby to bed.
    I struggled to find things to love about myself that are just about me. I love that I have beautiful family 2 gorgeous children and a wonderful husband, I love that I keepmit together, I love that I am here, I love my friends, that there is something about me that attracts and retain the friendship of those amazing and inspirational people, i love my eyes and I suppose I could love my intelligence. I love that despite all my self doubt, deep down I know I am good people.
    I love this journey Adrienne, thank you for these and all the other free videos, you are amazing.

  62. I love that I am able to run, that I was able to break through my mental barriers and find my passion to run again! I love that I am completing this 31 day yoga revolution, and I love that I have such bright blue eyes!

  63. #1 I love my thin ankles.
    #2 I love that I am a school teacher.
    #3 I love that I am a woman.

    Such a perfect practice today considering what went on today across the U.S.

  64. Awesome strength practice today. Amazed to hold the Goddess pose that long, even though my knees were shaky.

    I love my creativity,
    I love my openness.
    I love my amazing body for taking me through this yoga journey!

  65. I got chills at the end of this practice. Thank you! My three things today for self-love were:
    - The mother I am becoming.
    - My dedication to taking time to heal and take care of myself (this is new to me).
    - My sense of nerdy humour.
    I don't write often but love reading everyone's experiences. You inspire me, every single one of you.


  66. Ohh dear Adriene you are so thoughtful in your practice and guidance. Love to love yoga. Love in seriously learning to trust the universe. Love to be creative. Jai xob

  67. "Attack with love and strength" is going to be a motto of mine from now on.

    My three things:
    I love that I make my friends and family laugh
    I love that I'm evolving and that I've gotten to know myself well enough to see it
    And I love my thighs 😀

    Thank you, Adriene, for another wonderful practice, and thanks to all who are sharing in the Revolution! ♥ ♥ ♥

  68. I love my singing voice!
    I love my hands -- and their ability to play the piano 🙂
    I love the courage this yoga practice has given me. I am now more confident in everything I do in life!

  69. I don't usually comment during these videos, but I'm feeling particularly down today. I started taking a new birth control that has some pretty wild side effects and while I got through some of the effects, some remained. My doctor prescribed me ANOTHER birth control on top of my current one to help with old symptoms, but with it comes an even larger splash of emotions and depression. Lately it's been very hard for me to be alone, so I'm grateful to have my mat and your voice to bring me back to home.

    While sometimes I feel I have lost all the discipline, strength, and inner peace I've worked for through out the years, I am able to realize that these feelings are not only temporary, but they are 'where I'm at' today, and quite honestly, that's okay. Every day is a day to become stronger and to continue being the best me I can be.

    I have decided to follow this practice with you this month instead of my own and I'm very happy I chose to. Hearing your words and wisdom are very inspirational. I hear you in my head when I am down, haha, whether it be down because or hormones or an event in my life. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and helping myself and others along the way. 🙂 21 days down, ten more to go. I got this… er, WE got this.

    I love my drive to help others succeed and find inner-peace, I love my kindness and thoughtfulness and… through all of this, I still love myself. My whole self.

    Thanks Adriene!

  70. The three things aI love about myself are: I am a really good mom to my young adult son. I am willing to look at the areas of my life that need change, face them and do what I need to do even when it's scary. And, I love that I have and continue to make healthy changes to survive breast cancer and thrive with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. That Godess/God pose felt awesome today!

  71. Thanks again!
    I am a good mom, I am good in organizing and I have a lot of perseverance (21 days and still going strong)!
    See u tomorrow!

  72. 1. I love that I have a real sense of self that guides me.
    2. I love that I am learning self care.
    3. I love that I am doing this challenge.

  73. 3 things I love about ability to truly listen to people when they really need someone to listen, my playfulness especially when times are tough and my ability to slow down and find clarity. Thanks so much, Adriene! You are a daily inspiration <3

  74. Determination, strength and my compassionate heart.

    Thanks! I was able to persuade my husband to join in on that one. Super fun!

  75. Adriene, you are an incredible instructor! You're so positive, encouraging, and guuuuuurl you are funny! And as someone commented already "so relatable". Such a true statement. At the end of my day; good, bad, or ugly, your video brings me focus, peace, and smiles!!! I can't help but think that you bring that same positive energy and joy to everyone you're around. Go you!!! And for that, thank you!!!! And thanks for sharing YOUR time (and joy) with all of US! #21daysandgoingstrong #heckyeahimdoingit

  76. Hi Adriene,

    I have to tell you how much of a positive influence you have had on my life. When I began practicing Yoga With Adriene a year and a half ago, my husband and I were separated. It was the hardest thing I've ever been through. You helped bring me back to life, and gave me peace. I felt a sense of independence and focus that I'd been searching for for years. What you are doing goes so much deeper than teaching yoga sequences. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. I am forever grateful. Namaste

  77. Today was a busy and tiring day BUT when I got in the house I went right into Revolution. 2017 is "But First Yoga"...

  78. Thank you Adriene, I never thought I would be able to do yoga everyday for 21 days straight, but somehow I make it to the mat everyday. Looking forward to see what you have in store for us over the next 10 days. I have arthritis and lots of hip pain which makes some of the poses difficult to do, sometimes I want to give up and blame it on my arthritis but I am glad that I receive your emails everyday which encourages me me to give it a try.


  79. I had to push myself so hard today, but it was so worth it! And that half pigeon towards the end felt like heaven. I love my determination, my humor, and my curiosity.

    PS: still not receiving the daily emails and I am really sad as you said they are a big part of the practice. If any of the YWA staff can help me, please send me an email.

  80. Thank you Adrienne for sharing your practice of yoga with so many. Your teaching style is gentle and silly which I love. The yoga challenges that you create are so fun and strengthening and I am really enjoying each days practice. I haven't felt this strong in years. Thank you.


  81. I find sometimes it's hard to think of something I love about myself in a big way. But if I think of today and reflect on something that I appreciate about myself today I connect in a much more meaningful way. Today, I really took the time and made an effort to be there for my step-father. I softened and opened my heart to listen to him. I am proud of that. I am glad I did it. I admire that I really consciously made that choice and tried to attune to him and his needs today.

    Also, what I noticed about strength and letting go is how in pigeon I could feel the strength of my pelvis really holding me, the tension there, and that allowed me to connect to some very core sense of strength that allowed me to soften and let go in other ways. I wonder how essential feeling our strength 'just there' is to being able to let go.... Any thoughts??

    Thank you, Adriene! I love this class.

  82. Hooray for self love and appreciation!
    1. I love that I am good at staying in touch with people
    2. As we were holding that plank, I love that I can freaking hold a plank!
    3. I love that I love hard

  83. It's taken me about a year, but finally I am writing to let you know how thankful I am for stumbling upon your youtube channel Adriene, and from the bottom of my heart want to thank you and this practice for changing my life.

    Today reminded me of the first day I decided to take a chance and try yoga - a day where I truly felt defeated. Fast forward to tonight, I was laying in bed around 11:30 and had my mind already made up that I couldn't do todays practice for various reasons. I'm not too sure what propelled me, but before i knew it I had situated myself on the mat, eyes closed and fully felt a connect as to why I am on this journey and remembered the power this practice can have. Tonight I cultivated strength in places I forgot I could, and began to reconnect body and mind.

    I want to thank you again for being an inspiration to all us yogis out there, and for personally sharing your positive energy and practice.

  84. Thank you Adriene for sharing your videos and knowledge - you have changed my life.
    I have struggled a long time with life but this last half year with your yoga almost every day has made me strong and life is so much easier now and I feel so different.
    I am so proud of myself that I have continued with yoga and taking care of myself and I am so grateful to you.
    Know that you really make a difference.

  85. Have done 30 Days twice, yoga camp last year, but am really loving Revolution. I love that Iam determined, that I do yoga everyday and my smile.

  86. Long time watcher, first time commenter. Yoga Revolution is tapping into everything that I need this year, thank you so much for sharing your practice with us all. I know from talking to friends and family who also enjoy your videos that it makes a positive difference to people's lives, big and small. Whenever someone says me me 'You'll be proud', it's usually followed with, 'I've started doing yoga!'. And they're right - I'm always proud! It's so special to feel the revolution of yoga and its benefits spreading to people who previously never would have considered it.

    My three things were
    I love my motivation, be it in my health or my work or anything else. It's definitely something improving more with age and I have yoga to thank for a lot of it.
    I love that I am kind.
    I love my self reliance.

    Thank you, Adriene!

  87. I loved to dance to the front of my mat and to give my gut some air:)
    I love myself for being able to really listen to people, to give them space to tell their story
    I love myself for doing yoga and the Yoga Revolution
    I love myself for trying to be the best mother for my children

    I love this Revolution and I love Adriene especially for the way in which she teaches: with care, with playfulness, with joy and a genuine feeling quality. I hope I am using the right words, because I am not a native speaker, I am Dutch.

    Thankful and loving I greet all of you

  88. I have always had really weak wrists and this practice has really helped me realise that shying away from wrist poses is not the way forward. I feel my wrists strengthening and working to hold me. I'm becoming more flexible and working through the emotions that come up (anger, sadness, happiness, joy, love) and allowing myself to love myself. You're teaching me that it's ok to think I'm pretty great. Love! xxx

  89. Love my self for doing my best always. Love myself for rolling out my mat every day to do this for myself. Love myself for having the strength to keep on going even when life makes it hard and I don't want to. Thank you for a wonderful session Adriene. Namaste xx

  90. Three things I love about me...
    My honesty
    My sense of humor
    And not dying my hair! Ha!
    Namaste Adriene, another wondeful fulfilling practice!

  91. I love that I am curious, creative, thoughtful, loving, silly, and working on a better self. Thank you, Adriene, and the Revolution community. _\,,/

  92. Bit late but, I love my unstoppable sense of humour, my ankles for reaching the mat in down dog and my new found love of daily yoga practice. X

  93. I love that I am a great teacher (yay Earth Science... More important now than ever before) and an even better student. No matter how many times I fall (literally) out of a pose I have learned to laugh and get back up! I also love that so many people took time to post in these comments, reading them was so inspiring! Thanks Adriene!!!

  94. I love that I always want to be better, to improve myself.
    I love that I am always searching, exploring.
    I love my love of animals and my desire to help.

    Today while playing this video and while I was deep in pigeon pose, my laptop ran out of power. Having to unfold myself, find and plug in the power cable and then get back into things made me laugh. I don't know if that's strength, but I sure found my (inner) smile! Namasté.

  95. I am loving being 1 day behind in this revolution because skimming through the already-posted comments just amplifies the awesome feelings that came from finishing the days' practice! Thank you Adriene and thank you to everyone else as we continually lift each other up - how wonderful is this far-reaching family?! Namaste, all <3

  96. Thank you Adriene soo much for such a beautiful possibility I really enjoy every single day and look forward to my practice. Thank you I discovered a lot about myself and my emotions and day by day I am getting more confidence and strength. What I love about myself is my kindness and my love for all beings in the universe. With love xxx Maria

  97. Thanks so much for being you, Adriene!
    I love myself for being me, courageous & strong and sometimes anxious like a child & feeling weak. Lots of love, keep it going, Suze

  98. I love that I'm learning self acceptance, (finally after 51 frickin years!), I love my curiosity a nd my silliness!
    Thank you, Adrienne!!

  99. I love that my friends tell me that I motivate them. I am 71 yrs old and love yoga!

  100. This was so appropriate for the day of the women's marches across the world. I participated in D.C. and so I didn't do this practice until the next day, but I appreciate the strength that yoga brings me that I can use to bring change to the world.

  101. I just want to say that yoga has called my name in the past but I've never paid a lot of attention to it. I loved the 30 days of yoga I did with you last year, but big the year progressed into a big chaotic ball of lost jobs, financial hardship, moving interstate, starting again, deaths - this year and the 31 days has offerered the opportunity for me to reset again. From the last 21 days I've been getting up and doing this first thing. Settleing myself, stretching my lower back and painful feet and starting the day without anxiety and breathing. I have missed the morning on 4 occasions and skipped a day due to being away and no internet connection (Kakadu Australia, beautiful place in the wet season!) On these occasions I have done my own thing following he principles I've learnt (not flawlessly ...) later on in the day. My headspace was messy, I was short tempered, unprepared and unfocused. I know now hat starting again again - next week I teach in a new school, my kids have moved schools again (5 in 5 years for 1 lucky camper) and I'm a little anxious and stressed. I know now that from now until the end of time I will be getting up 45 minutes earlier regardless of the challenge some days and settling into each day with the 'luxury' of breathing.mind mind is clearer and I'm alert and prepared. Thanks Adriene. I am even going to take up studying it - I have taught aerobics classes in the past and have competed in stressful events and I always thought body health meant more sweat, more weights, more more more. I'm learning something new, moving my body in a kinder way and still firing it up at times. I intend to study it more - not to teach, but for myself so I can get the mental and emotional toughness I need as well as the physical to take on this highly geared life I lead. My poses are certainly not perfect of graceful but hopefully I'll make it look easy on day too, but for now, everything is as it should be. Namaste.

    1. I'm sorry for the grammatical errors and spell check mistakes I didn't catch in that - I hope it makes sense. See? Not quite perfect!

  102. I couldn't do Day 21 yesterday because I was marching. It was a great experience but my hips weren't very happy after standing for hours, So today (Sunday) I did the Day 21 practice and discovered it was all about the hips! I feel so much better after those pigeon poses. Thank you, Adriene.

  103. This was.. the best session ever! I've been following along and I have to say everything has been building up towards this practice! I felt stronger than 20 days ago when I started and this session was absolute proof. Thank you dear Adriene for shining your light so bright. Hugs

  104. Of all the 21 days thus far I think this was my favorite practice. I worked hard and pushed through the poses but was able to stay mentally grounded enough to make sure that every single one felt fantastic. I loved it. And I really do feel strong, thank you for all of this adriene... You have no idea how great this is and feels for all of us. I feel my body changing and I'm proud that I've committed and stayed true to myself through this journey. I would also like to point out one of the most amazing surprise benefits I've found. I got hit by a car when I was 16 and got a compound fracture in the top part of my right humorous. The doctors said that I wouldn't have a normal range of motion whether I had surgery or not so we decided it wasn't worth fixing. It bothers me that my right arm simply will not lift as high as my left, but I'm noticing that I'm able to reach it higher and higher each day and it's almost at the point where it isn't noticeable at all when I reach up with both arms. I could cry at how happy that makes me feel...Thank you

  105. Day 21 was the best; even though I am a day behind and doing both 21 & 22 tonight. First time that I was actually dripping sweat on my mat. I loved it!! I feel invigorated and look forward to now quieting it down with day 22. I can't believe the stretch I have in my body, nor the strength. I am 50 and appreciate reading about people older than myself achieving so much through yoga. It is very inspiring and I look forward to continuing with yoga in the years ahead.

  106. I love this day 21 ! I was a bit afraid when I read your email but I really love the practice because I've now the strength to start my day 🙂 One of the thing I like with your sequences is that they mix well strength and gentle asanas. You're great. Thank you, Adriene ! Namaste.

  107. Thank you, Adriene, for leading me and so many others through this journey of love and strength and peace. Something I love about myself? Well, let me count the ways! My singing, my cooking, my dedication, the way I've grown to love myself these past years, and my smile. Thank you so much for this, I don't think any one of us can say we love ourselves enough.
    You're a blessing and I hope today goes well for you!

  108. I know I am two days behind but that's one thing I love about myself: I have the courage to go at my own pace. I'm also a good mom. And I love learning things.
    Thanks a million Adriene for sharing something at which you are fabulously awesome: Teaching yoga that strengthens, connects, frees and heals. Life is good!

  109. I really love my eyes as they reflect the mood I am in. I do love my creativity and the way I sometimes just become a kid myself when I play with my kids...

  110. looks like i´m really behind. oh well. My three things i like about myself
    1 my ability to create numerical lists.
    3 my ability to spot when things are wrong.
    2 my humour

  111. Oh, this is so therapeutic for me. Thank you!!
    Three things I love about myself:
    I am hopeful
    I try my best, persistent
    My humor, although sometimes I put my foot in my mouth

  112. I thought I'd have a hard time with this one, but I really liked it! I love my crazy eyebrows that people always tell me I could thread (I never will, they're awesome!) and my legs that are so inflexible yet still have so much strength. Love this series <3

  113. Hi Adriene

    I loved Practice 21 today. I felt absolutely wonderful after it and can't wait to do it again! I love the POSITIVE comments everybody writes, I love my DETERMINATION to turn up on the Mat and I love that I feel STRONGER in my body after 21 days (p.s. I love my dog too who is now 16 years old)

    Feeling good - Namaste

  114. I love my sense of humour, my smile and my eyes wide open and being Vegan! You are my hero and I love you too Adriene

  115. I'm a little behind due to a crazy travel schedule this weekend, but I'm so glad I'm making up for lost time with this awesome practice! I noticed right away that Yoga Revolution is making me stronger in body, but I'm also so grateful for how much help Yoga With Adriene gives me in helping me find, recognize, and feel the strength I have in my mind and spirit!

    The three things I love about myself are my sense of humor and capacity for silliness, how good I am at painting my toenails, and my bellybutton! (Come on... I don't have a bikini body by a long shot, but bellybuttons are hilarious!)

  116. Thank you so much for your time energy and love Adrienne! Your daily inspiration, motivation and strength has been so very much well received! What I love about myself is my ability to be creative and live from an inspired place from within.



  117. I've been suffering with insomnia for a while now and although I attribute it to menopause (age 53), I feel like I can't shut my mind when it's time to sleep. Today's message...'finding the strength to let go' really hit it home. I feel like I need to let go so I can sleep naturally without sleeping pills. I really like the message the other day too...Everything is as it should be... Thank you Adriene for unselfishly giving yourself to the world. You have touched so many of us in profound ways...As someone already wrote, "thank you is not enough" 3 things that i love about myself. My creativity, my kindness and my committment to doing yoga with you.

  118. I was scared when you said strength, but it was a fairly easy practice for me and I'm so grateful to you Adriene <3 I love about myself that I'm sticking to this 31 day practice and plan to finish on time (which has been a challenge) but I'm rocking it!

  119. Hi!
    Just wanted to know to if you can provide an alternative or modified pose when doing hip openers (one legged pigeon). There's been a couple of times when you've focused in on this, which is great because quite obviously this is a problem area, but it does require a certain level of flexibility to achieve this pose, and when you're not flexible you end up in a very inefficient pose and in a crumbled heap. Please be mindful that even the simple poses can be the trickiest for us just starting to move again.

    PS... Still think you are awesome

  120. Man. This is exactly what I've been needing. Self love is HARD!
    Today, I love:
    1) That I genuinely care about the loved ones and clients in my life that I serve and that share life with me.
    2) My hair!
    3) That I try my hardest at everything I do.

  121. thank you Adriene! Beautiful practice! 3 things I love about myself: 1.) I am kind 2.) I like to give service 3.) I make great collages/scrapbooks!

    Thanks for the self-love for all and love this unity and compassion that this group has 😀 We need to keep spreading it to the world!

  122. I laughed so hard in pigeon, at the strength required required to let go of things keeping you from feeling strong thing. What double joy for that stretch. You, Adriene, are so awesome!

  123. I love...
    my flexibility, my green eyes, my free spirit.

    Thanks for this Strength Practice Adriene. It's not easy... but I feel better for it.

    Good work revolution yogis!

  124. Thank you so much, Adriene.
    I've missed some days due to health issues & I am so grateful to have these videos as they've helped with my recovery. I love my kindness, compassion & resilience 🙂

    Oh, I was wondering if there's any way to get copies of the day 1 & 2 emails? I joined late, so didn't receive them. Thanks very much.

  125. Yay! I'm a little late on Yoga Revolution, doing day 21 on the 1st and all, but none the less.... : ) I LOVE that I am a roller skater and a hula hooper! Exercise disguised as play! XO all!

  126. Today was great and I even had my 10 year old daughter join in on the practice. She loved it and did amazing!

    Namaste from Holly and Madison 🙂 🙂 🙂

  127. Adriene (and everyone else), I have practiced yoga since 2008 but in 2016 I decided to not pay to practice at a studio and began practicing with you. I just celebrated my 72nd birthday. I'm not able to practice every day, so I just finished Day 21 on February 7. SO - the three things I love about myself are that I have gained so much strength by practicing yoga, that I can practice yoga even though I am older than average, and that at the age of 54 I started a business and have not completely retired yet.

  128. Things I love about myself...
    that I can push up into crow pose
    that I can read a book out loud fluently with an engaging voice
    that I sometimes ride my bike to work.
    Gratitude Adriene!

  129. Thank you Adriene! You helped me feel so great to start this day!
    I looove that I look at things on the bright side, my hair and learning to love my feminine energy 🙂

  130. Adriene...I love having the opportunity to learn from you. I am relatively new to yoga...and I'm loving it. Thanks so much for offering this to those of us who live in the rural areas of the world where there's nary a yoga studio to be found.

    In response to what I love about myself...great smile...great to new learning...

    Namaste and Thank You...

  131. That was AMAZING! I had a massive smile on my face in savasana, thanks Adriene <3
    The first time I had to think about something I loved about myself, I struggled. But while I was shaking in plank I actually shouted 'I am strong!' without any thought or hesitation. Just what I needed. xo

  132. Did this practice (without planning it - ) on Valentine's Day and it was just perfect because it felt so good to not only celebrate love shared with others but also the love to myself. Last year was very difficult for me and I forgot how to do that, to be kind and forgiving. I was way too hard on myself.

    And since I startet Revolution, I changed. I feel lighter, grounded and much more balanced than before, in body AND mind. A change I really, really needed! It's just - awesome. Thank you for teaching us Adriene and giving us the world of Yoga to unite us with ourselves.

    Love from a sunny Germany today


  133. I love my kind sensitive heart
    I love that I am finally able to love myself
    I love that i am choosing to say yes to things that make me happy.

  134. Thank you Adriene, for this practice especially. I found myself in tears during pigeon pose as you spoke about sometimes it's that we need to be strong enough to let go of something that may be holding us back from being strong, from loving ourselves, from being our whole, beautiful selves. There is something in my life right now that I'm afraid I may need to let go of, which makes me both sad and afraid. But this practice, while extremely emotionally and mentally challenging, brought me a silver of clarity in my confusion and fear. Thank you.

  135. Still hanging in here love love love this practice and find you so refreshing. I'm tight in the lower back and this seems to really help me. Coming up on 70 soon and wish that everyone were converted to exercising... Thanks Again Elaine

  136. My three things I love about myself during today's wonderful practice: my STRONG BONES, my DETERMINATION, and the fact that I am HERE on the mat with you all.

    Thank you, dear Adriene, for this wonderful practice.

  137. I love my cooking,
    my hair,
    and my persistency and joy of living healthy!

    Thank you Adriene!

  138. Adriene, thank you SO MUCH for the revolution program! At the beginning of this journey, I set out with two goals: get fit and find a calmness to carry with me off the mat. Well I'm actually happy to say that my focus has shifted much more towards finding a calm and much less towards getting fit. My anxiety sometimes severely impacts my life and I'm usually stressed out about a lot of things happening in my life. All of these practices are helping me to find a relaxed calm off the mat, I am able to move with ease throughout the day thanks to your yoga! My body feels much less tense and my posture has improved.

    Basically, you rock.

    Thank you!

  139. My three things I love about myself were: I am creative, I typically keep a positive attitude in my classroom, and I enjoy spending time alone with myself.

    Thank you! My 31 day journey is taking a little longer than anticipated, but I am still HERE! Thank you!

  140. Hi Adriene!
    My name is Melisa. I am extremely new to yoga. I took on this journey looking for something to strengthen me internally as well as externally. Since I began this journey I have felt a total shift in my inner self. I am able to "let go" of things that might have really sent me down a negative path before. I was extremely tight and lacked flexibility. While some poses are still tough I am finding I can go further, stretch further, deepen things and not have to adjust as much. I was pleasantly surprised this morning to find while in pigeon pose I could finally lift and reach my toes on my right side without too much tightness or pain. I smiled and giggled at myself. I love that this journey has taught me how to stop and listen to myself and take that with me off the mat. I find myself having to start my day with my practice. To set me up for success for the day ahead. I have a son with Autisim and while the days are challenging and can be hard I find that yoga has helped me step out of the frustration and look at things with a renewed light. I find that my practice has taught me how to re-center myself so I can move through what can come up. THANK YOU FOR THAT! I am holding myself accountable and showing up everyday and I love that. I love what yoga and you have taught and shared with me.

    The the things I love about me are my determination, my strength internally, and being an advocate for my children.

    Thank you for sharing this amazing journey with me/us and being the amazing person you are!

  141. I love that my tolerance, my openness and my shamelessness. This practice made me realise I really need to think more about these kinds of things that I love about myself. Sometimes it's easy to lose sight of your best qualities if you don't acknowledge them often enough :p

  142. I'm twelve years old, and I just stopped competing gymnastics after four years, because I wanted to try other sports, and my coaches weren't very good. I always have a lot of energy, and doing this yoga practice first thing when I wake up in the morning really helps me ground myself and feel good. And, it gives me motivation to get up earlier, so I can enjoy these wonderful yoga lessons. Thank you so much!

  143. Thank you Adriene,
    the revolution has been so very powerful for me so far 🙂
    Three things I love about myself
    - that I can talk to people and allow them a space
    - that I have shown up on the mat so far to day 21
    - my blue clear eyes
    and one thing I want to love about myself is
    - I am working on; not being triggered by my dysfunctional schemas in my relationships with people

  144. I am in love with yoga!

    Adriene, I find your teaching style transformational. You are so warm and encouraging and gentle and funny. Thank you. Now I see that kindness gets me so much further than cracking the whip & pushing myself too hard. I seek to emulate your approach.

    I thank the universe for guiding me to Yoga Revolution just as I'm coming into a new relationship with treating myself, and therefore everyone else and the beautiful earth, with utter loving kindness.

    So. Three things I love about myself are;
    My creativity
    My spirituality
    My kindness

    Thank you from the bottom, top and middle of my heart


  145. What I am loving about myself today: I love that at age 53 I am starting yoga. I love that it makes me feel great and more open, as I am a caregiver to my mother and that requires a lot of giving! I love that even though I'm not 20 anymore, I still have the passion for living and trying things. I am letting go of the voice that says "you're too old to do this position." Thank you Adriene - you are the perfect, funny, positive, non-judging teacher I needed! Love your goofiness - just my style :p

  146. Does any of you experience any pressure in your head in inverted poses? I feel that very often, not always but very often, like my head is about to explode, so uncomfortable! I wonder what that is all about, is it something worrying?

  147. HI! I am loving the 31 Day Challenge! I stopped getting the daily email with the link to the video after day Day 21...can someone help me? I want to keep going!

  148. 3 things I love about myself:
    My intuition, my eyes and the face that I did today's practice even tho I woke up feeling stiff and lazy.
    Yoohoo! But now I feel so different
    I'm so much happier and connected to myself.
    Thanks so much Adriene and all the wonderful people that help you do your amazing job

  149. I wonder if there is anyone else out there who like me doesn't love anything about themselves. When you asked the question it made me cry because I realised there was nothing I loved about me. At best I tolerate myself. I think I need to work on this

    1. Jo

      Just the fact that you are here doing this 31 day Yoga challenge means to me, that you have some sort of courage and dedication. The fact that you have left this comment means that you are honest and sincere. Many people don't have those traits. I like that about you. Keep going, you can do this.. 🙂

      1. Agree, Maddie. Jo's "nothing to love" feeling comes from a lot of self-reflection. And so many people could do with even a drop of that!! The trick, Jo, is not to overdo it 😉

        We're all wankers, basically. As my mum said once, "I'm not perfect, and I just have to get over it"


        1. (^^^ quick edit): what I should add is that my mum is the most perfect human being you could imagine. So go figure 🙂

          Beating ourselves up seems to be human nature, at least for the good folk! We have to learn to take it with a pinch of salt and get on with doing our best. "Mistakes" are all part of the process, intention is what always matters.

    2. Jo I had the same reaction doing this today. I thought of one thing I loved about myself, which was really something I do, and then I couldn't think of anything else, and it made me cry. But at the same time I am so thankful for this practice, and to Adriene for making it such a generous and compassionate and playful space, because I've found - to my surprise - that I am being kinder to myself, and I am feeling that this practice has powerfully contributed to a lift in my depression. I feel more open somehow.

      So, I guess this practice is part of working on learning to love ourselves a little / going beyond mere tolerance (which is usually where I'm at too... but yes I think we need to work on this! And I think perhaps change is possible.)

      I am loving this practice - a little bit every day, it feels very companionable, despite being a thing of the interweb! I liked that hand position we did (was it yesterday?) laying our hands across our heartspace. Somehow I found it very consolatory and wonder if you did too. I hope this practice will help us both (and anyone else who's struggling) on whatever roads we travel towards feeling better about ourselves. Amen / namaste. And profound thanks to Adriene who is such a phenomenal l teacher, and able to communicate across such a distance.

      Ha - I would never usually leave a public comment... see: I am becoming more open!!

  150. The funny thing about each class is that I always end it thinking "Wow, that was the best one yet!"

    I know I'm going to re-do all of them again and again. I can just feel the benefits on so many levels.

    Adriene, you seem to have an uncanny knack (that others have often commented on) of supplying what is absolutely perfect for each of us at that particular time.

    This lesson, for example -- so far I've had real problems sitting in a cross-legged pose, or doing a spinal twist with my knees crossed, because my knees just don't go near the floor and I can't keep my bum on the ground. Also, in shavasana, the one bit that I just can't relax is my right buttock! It sort of twitches now and then to let me know it's not giving up easily. Somehow I have always connected this with the idea of me having to take responsibility for everything around me (an illusion I have trouble letting go of).

    So I hardly need to mention how explicitly perfect this was for me today, especially as you held the pigeon pose on the right side for a supernaturally abnormal length of time 🙂 LOL!! I breathed deep and let go, as you invited me to...

    Shavasana was relatively bumtwitch-free afterwards. I know I need to do more on this, but WAY TO GO!!!!

    Thank you again, as always, from the bottom of my heart. I am so glad I found your guided practice.

  151. 3 things I love about myself :
    - I am funny
    - my talent
    - my perseverance
    Thank you for reminding me about these 😀

  152. I have actually found out that I love my commitment do go on this journey for 31 days and on waking every morning want to get up and go get it done ! Thanks Adrienne for giving me the faith in myself to do that ,you are fab xxxb

  153. What I love about myself:
    1. My dedication to always be honest.
    2. My passion.
    3. No matter what, I will always choose love and kindness.

  154. Hi, i just want to express gratitude for your work and your willingness to share it with us. I have a chronic illness, and lately haven't had enough energy to go to the gym or a class. I was feeling really isolated, ungrounded, and detached from my body until i found your youtube channel. Doing the 31 day yoga revolution (which seems like it'll take me 45 days to complete, oops) has helped me feel embodied, made me laugh out loud, and reminded me that there is more to existence than productivity in a capitalist sense. So thank you thank you thank you for all that you give.

  155. Something I love about myself (woops, more than 1!)

    1) I love nature - and the way I feel innately connected to nature, the way I find joy in trees and the way sunlight filters through them, the way I want to hug them, the way I find I joy in birdsong and furry creatures.
    2) I love music - and the way it makes me feel, the way it just naturally ripples through my body, not necessarily causing me to move in rhythm (lol) but just makes feel grounded, connected, gives me that "inner smile" 🙂
    3) I love my skin - it's an unusual colour, in fact it's many colours, darker in places, lighter in places, red and veiny in places, smooth and caramel in others, white and pasty some places, bumpy and blue veined in others - a patchwork of yummy creams that I haven't always loved, but now found joy in covering in shea butter with a little lavender oil inside it - mmmm yummy 🙂

    And what could I learn to love more...? My vulnerability, and fear. I embrace and honour it, it makes me beautifully human.

    Thanks Adriene - for helping me find my inner smile 🙂

  156. okay, I like myself but love might be harder to do. However, I do love it that I write letters. Real letters with stamps, and I send them.

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