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Your Day 20 practice invites you to grab a blanket and focus on the power of Shanti, or peace. This is an important practice as we continue to explore the relevance of Yoga in our world today. Today’s yoga is gentle and smooth inviting you to become absorbed in the sound of your breath.

Relaxing and refreshing, this practice is great for your spine and your soul. We continue to incorporate pranyama and mantra to calm the nervous system, clear the mind and explore sensation in the body. We go deeper!

Listen and enjoy!



98 comments on “REVOLUTION: Day 20”

  1. Hello Adriene,

    It's my pleasure to following up along with this journey. I've been doing yoga with you for almost two years. You are amazing.

    However, I suppose that you're probably expecting some positive feedbacks. I've been not so well lately, and your video yesterday just addressed my emotion - darkness. I'm still finding ways to beat the fear and frustration deep in my heart.

    In spite of my recent upsetting emotions, I still wanna say thank you. Thank you for always being so encouraging.


  2. I've been doing every day. Yesterday had some of the most challenging moments I've had (that half-split was brutal). I can't help but feel my general mood is fairly awesome right now and I wonder how much the Yoga Revolution is to thank. I stand tall and I feel good. Would it ever be possible to address why this stuff works?

  3. I can't believe I am looking more forward to do yoga on a Friday night then drinking beer with friends. I do not want to poison my body with alcohol any more times. I have been sick of it too many times, but my social environment has been making it hard for me to say no. With this Revolution (in my body) I have finally enough strength to tell my self and my surrounds that alcohol does not serve me anymore. I do not need this element in my life anymore.

    I found my body beautiful for the first time in many months this morning and It was the most uplifting feeling...

    Forever thank you, Adriene!

    1. Great job. Much strength to you as you pursue happiness in your life and your surroundings.

    2. i feel close to what you say

      wonderful to open our hands and hearts and let fear walk out


    3. I am sober, too! And its the best decision I ever made! Welcome to the best feeling on earth- FREEDOM!

    4. Sober going on 4 years here, too. Yoga has helped deepen my connection with my higher self and my higher power.

  4. Focusing on the breath, clearing the mind, all with more of the articulate instruction brings peace so well into today's practice.

    Om shanti shanti shanti

    Thank you, Adriene

  5. Again you spoke to my soul. The fear of death has been a subject I've thought about a lot in my life. We lost our 6 month old son (#3 of 5 boys) about 11 years ago now. That event rocked my world, but taught me a very deep and eternal lesson about love! Fast forward today my life partner is away, caring for her mom, as she undergoes treatment for stage 4 cancer. All is going better than expected, but that old nagging fear of death has creaped back in. When you ended saying peace, I felt it at my core, and it resonated with something very deep and everlasting inside of me!!! You help me so much to see my own inner light! And I need that sometimes, especially today! Thank you and namaste with real tears!

    1. So sorry for your loss Marc. Thoughts of my son (20 yo), lost almost 15 years ago, permeated this beautiful practice for me and I too had tears escaping my eyes during shivasana. The love never dies.

      My brain has made peace but my heart will forever miss his presence, today my heart feels full and at peace.

    2. I'm 35 and have had a fear of death for many years, even suffering night terrors so i'm wondering what i'm getting in to with todays practice! Oh well i'm open and invite peace. May peace be with you Marc. Namaste

  6. Thank you with all of my heart for today's practice. As an American overseas, I woke with great sadness and heaviness in my heart this morning about what will take place in DC today, great confusion too. Thank you for returning my awareness of breath to me as it will be a tool that I will come back to throughout the day and for inspiring peace in me as well.

    1. I too have such sadness, and anxiety surrounding today's events and what it means for us all. I think I will do this practice twice today, to bring peace to my mind and spirit. Be well and take care.

  7. On election day my mantra while standing in line waiting to vote was Om Shanti Om - this morning in my guided meditation the mantra was Om Shanti Om, this practice too brought me to Om Shanti Om - today is a day we all need Om Shanti Om - thank you for helping shift our consciousness to peace!

    1. I did it today, a day in which we need to bring more peace to the world. Totally brought a tear to my eye...

  8. Thank you Adriene. This was exactly what I needed today. Have been struggling with anxiety and insomnia and almost skipped practice this morning because I'm late after sleeping in from a sleepless night. So glad I decided to make it a priority instead. I'm also Aware of the inauguration today and what that means. Perfect timing for a peace practice.

  9. Thank you! Thank you for pushing me outside of my comfort zone on my mat. I have finally been able to practice that wonderful discomfort off of my mat, and I feel great. My friends have always told me that I have an adventurous spirit, but I quietly let fear hold me back. No more! I am signing up for classes, experiencing new things on my own, and breathing through anything that feels uncomfortable. Independence is wonderful.

    New mantra: I can.

  10. Adriene Thank you so much for this practice today. I traveled to DC yesterday to be with my tribe tomorrow and brought you along to begin my Day. It's exactly what I needed to hear and focus on as I get ready to march in Washington tomorrow with all my sheroes.
    Every day you your practice gives me exactly what I need.
    Big hugs and much love xo ❤️

    1. Thank you for going to the March! I wish I could be there. And WOW I loved today's practice! Going to come back to it again and again, I'm sure. 🙂

      1. Hilary you are welcome and I brought you "with" me. If you want to see what I saw I'm on instagram Took a million photos of a million women and will be posting them this week.



  11. Hello my yoga friends, Im from holland and so loving this experience with all of you!
    Today my cat sat next to me on the blanked while I breathe and observed my body, and I heard her sight also when Adriene was saying ''everything is as it should be''...
    She knows! xxx thank you, all of you for sharing.. much Love

  12. I loved today's practice. It was perfect for me because I have such a feeling of ominous foreboding today. I was surprised that I was moved to tears a couple of times. My monkey brain (Btw I call him "King Louie" because he wants to walk like me and talk like me) kept creeping in with forecasts of imminent destruction, which is an overreaction (hopefully). Anyway, thank you Adriene. You are a real blessing.

  13. It was very difficult to focus on my breath today with many thoughts and feelings racing around, but the mantra "Everything is as it should be" helped me to connect with my body. I tried to accept that I was not feeling exactly peaceful, but I was able to feel gratitude for just where I was.

    Thank you

  14. Thank very much for this practice, Adriene. 🙂 I feel much better, just what I needed now. You are amazing!

  15. Thank you Adriene once again the practice today it helped bring much needed lightness to my heart and soul. At the begining of this practice after rubbing my hands together I brought them for a moment to my heart and just burst out crying. I paused the video and just let the tears flow. I cried out all my fear and anger and helplessness and filled the space with love and hope and was then able to move from this place of love and hope and breath throughout the rest of the practice. Shanti peace shanti peace. I will bring it with me and pass it on. Thank you

  16. Wow. Great practice. 'Everything as it should be': floods of tears!! Guess that needed to have an outlet and found one! So enjoying this whole series 🙂

  17. Hi

    Sending a seed of peace to all those who haven't been able to find peace today.

    Good thoughts always to our dear Adriene!

  18. Peace to you lovely folk in the US. Adriene, what a tonic you are 🙂 ........loving 'leg babies' by the way. X

  19. Many years ago I was in a place of "I'm right where I'm supposed to be", but I must have lost my way and life became a struggle for a while. I'm finding my way back to where I should be and everything being as it should be with this practice, thank you so very very much. Peace to you all!

    1. I so feel the same way! thank you for sharing your thoughts. We are not alone! what a feeling! Good to know we can go back to the path where we want to be. Where we belong!

  20. When you changed it up at the end and we shared the peace sign, my eyes filled with tears & my heart was so full. Peace to all in this uncertain time, and thank you Adriene.

  21. Thank you Adriene. Like many others, this was not a day of peace for me but rather fear, sadness, and anxiety. Your mantra and this practice helped me to feel better for a little while.

  22. Oh Adriene, this was so beautifully perfect for a day like today. I didn't even realize what how much tension and anxiety I had been holding all day until I brought my foul mood to the mat and finally just let it go. It's exactly what I needed. Thank you - sending you lots of peace. <3

  23. Thank you! I just loved this so much; never wanted it to end. This was perfect for today. I am totally enjoying yoga revolution. I look forward to this time everyday. Peace.

  24. Thank you for today's practice, it was amazing. I felt my worries and anxieties slip away while breathing.

  25. Everything is as it should be! Me here on the mat with you Adriene and all the other folks everywhere in the world. Peace to all and thank you so much! I love my daily yoga treat!

  26. I was able to get really lost in my breath, however, getting up at the end was really hard. My lower back is super tight. Any suggestions?

  27. Hah - wog the dog (from day 19) - I love it you should coin that. I'm a day behind.
    Yesterday was hella busy and I was again feeling a little low energy, under the weather. I did do a yoga class at my fave studio though, and was planning on coming home and doing this as well yesterday but I couldn't muster up the energy. So today I did day 19 and LISTENED to day 20 whilst lying on my back. Even though day 20 sounds like it's a relaxing practice, all I want to do is hunker down under a blanky. That said, so glad I did some practice today. ... Probably would've been better to do day 20 and listen to day 19. Ah well, still feel a little better now.

      1. Thank you Hillary - I did do the breathing part. Going on a march tomorrow and planning on carrying that inner smile along with ujjayi breath all the way.

  28. Never have I felt like bawling like a baby on the yoga mat - but Adriene got me with the "test" pose. Ah, feeling real feelings is such a REAL experience and a great way to be present. Today's practice was wonderful.

  29. I have been on an l8-month weight loss journey. It has literally been my faithfully doing Yoga with Adriene, along with a conscientious eating plan that has pushed the needle on the scale down each week to a 65 lb weight loss victory. Your classes, especially the weight loss classes, truly made the difference in this endeavor.

  30. I love not only your routines, but it is your beautiful personality that shines through Adriene and it keeps me coming back for more. I can't believe that I have completed 20 yoga routines, as this is all new to me. It is very surprisingly how my mind does manage to stay focused and I am not thinking about the work I should be doing, or that I am taking too much time for myself. The 30+ minutes are over in no time. Thank you so very much for being you and sharing your knowledge with others so that they may benefit.

  31. When I asked my husband what he wanted for Christmas this year he said he wanted me to yoga with him sometimes. He's 70 and has been feeling too sedentary. Well, low and behold your 31 day yoga revolution email shows up the very next day! We're on day 21 together and loving it. Our family room is small and just enough room for us to yoga together. When we were done recently, lying in savasana, we held hands. No words, just peace, softness and love . Another time, I reached over and put my hand on his heart chakra. So very sweet. We're noticing nice changes in our bodies and lives.
    Thank you Adriene!

  32. I did this practice today the day after the women's march, which garnered millions of people world wide to march together in solidarity. It sounds so silly, but I was feeling guilty for not participating and wishing that I had gone to the march in Chicago. I was thinking about this when I did this session and I started crying midway through because I was grateful for all of the people who did have the courage to march. And even though I didn't, I felt like I did because so many people showed up around the world. I was able to honor those who did march and release my guilt about not marching. Thank you Adriene for bringing this practice and more people together, doing yoga together, bringing more peace to the world.

  33. Oh how peaceful I feel now, and I set myself up for greatness this morning as I did this before work. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I had that "free your mind" song in my head too. Yesterday, someone asked me for directions, and I told him to make a left, and I said, to the left, the left,to the left, so nice having song lyrics in your head.

  34. What can i say? A perfect Yoga practice(Right place) at the right time! Thank you Adriene!

  35. Hi Adriene, Im from Portugal and sense i follow you my life´s change.
    Sometimes i do not have time to do all the classes and I do two classes at the same time.
    You are a such inspiration to me and I don't no way but the revolution 20 but me with a tear on my eyes,
    PEACE for you and for all the humanity.
    This is a little mushy. ups
    Keep with your great work, mind and spirit and i promise follow all your videos,

    Thanks you for your lovely heart ear from Portugal.
    PS - all of my friends have heard about you 🙂 maybe I try to inspire them to follow you
    <3 Teresa

  36. I normally never comment, but I felt like I really wanted to. I absolutely love this journey - it came at such a perfect time. I am a bit behind as I started late, but after 20 day cannot imagine my day without practice. Today's practive was particularly special. I sat on my mat with a sense of sadness, frustration and could not unpick what was making me feel that way. Over the period of 30 min of gentle breathing, focus and lightness - it all become clear. I was holding on to something I meant to let go some time ago, and it was making me sad. I have never experienced such clarity in my life. It is just simply pure magic. Thank you very much Adriene - you are amazing.

  37. I'm behind programme, partly through being too unwell on a few days and partly being with no internet on others. On my no internet days I am inspired to practice con my own, something I have struggled with in the past. Today;s practice was the best yet, Devine. Namaste from New Zealand.

  38. This was so beautiful and different. I felt a wonderful connection and change during the banana stretch. The one where we laid down in a curve.

    If everything is as it should be, I take great pleasure knowing that I felt calm and at peace in that practice.

    Thank you!

  39. I am grateful that though behind doing day 20, this worked out to be Jewish Sabbath, a very Peaceful and being oriented observance. I do work tomorrow, so this little bit of beingness with yoga was very helpful. Intentions, poses and breath work - a great triple dose of good stuff!
    Thank you Adrienne


  40. Thank you Adrienne, I don't understand every word but you show us with the vidéo i do...,

    You are a lovely , beautiful women, thank you so much

    I am french, i live near Paris

  41. Lovely Adrienne thank you so much for such beautiful Journey. when i was doing today practice i played some soft Ólafur Arnalds music in the background. So peaceful.

  42. Dear Adriene,

    Thank you for this beautiful and joyful practice! I feel my mind is so much clearer than when I started and my body feels so light!!! I am so glad to have this opportunity to learn more and more in this journey of a lifetime. I am really enjoying every step of the way!!

    Thank you for being here for all of us, every day, and for today's mantra. I will remember each time things get difficult.



  43. I just want to say thank you for this. I never realized the power of Yoga and how much I needed it in my life. It has been really helping me through my troubling times. It's so much more than about getting physically fit. I'm so glad that I found your Youtube channel!

  44. Adriene,
    I am grateful for your youtube downloadable.
    I look forward to it everyday.
    I am a mom of 8 (4 biological, 3 girlies from china, one boy from ethiopia).! My oldest is 20 and my youngest is 12. One of my precious Chinese girls (age 12)is undergoing a stem cell transplant. We have had LOTS of hospital days and nights and are coming up to a 6-8 week hospital stay with chemo etc. the first week of September. 🙁 I ALWAYS bring my yoga mat, leggings and my laptop so I can do my YOGA WITH ADRIENE! All the nurses know that I absolutely need that time each day and give me a smile when they walk in the room and watch me. I absolutely cannot thank you enough. You are adorable and hysterical. Today at your first, "FREE YOUR MIND..." I sang out, "and the rest with follow!!!!!" and you didn't! I expected you to! AHHHH, but you held back, and did it later!!! HA HA. I love you friend. I am a Christ-follower so much of my practice is centered on peace HE gives me. I so appreciate how you leave room for that. THANK YOU ADRIENE.

  45. PEACE..... Just the word I needed today!

    It's so easy to get swept up by all the chaos that's going around, but you reminded me that peace still exists inside me no matter what. I only need to let my focus come back to that part of me... with the breath.

    Thank you so much for this awesome service to humanity you're giving. You're a great inspiration

  46. Love you and your style so much. It's such a joy to see you harnessing the joy of life that flows through you. I needed this example.
    Today's lesson really did it for me. I'd been ignoring myself n my thoughts n feelings, just quick fixing it. Then it all came rushing out and cried with every breath during this session. But I new I wanted to keep going. So I did. Then, we got to the baby leg and I was in stitches. I laughed and laughed as I carried on, then cried a bit again, then laughed, then settled. I learned that laughter is no more special than crying and crying is not worse than laughter. And I learned not to panic or get enchanted by either 🙂
    thank you

  47. once again, perfect, and perfect for today. just what I needed. i'm so grateful for your offerings and appreciate so much what I'm discovering through daily yoga practice. thank you. namaste!

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