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Your Day 19 practice invites you to step into your power via a special secret weapon! This practice massages the internal organs and promotes healthy movement of energy. Stretch, strengthen, move on your mat with grace. This light practice is sure to support you in dark times and sure to leave you feeling more present. Great for yogis who want to deepen their practice, float in and out of poses and grow an inversion practice.

Use the tools of this practice to shine your light and be your damn best.

Tap in.


104 comments on “REVOLUTION: Day 19”

  1. Can't wait to try this out tomorrow morning! I have been working on my crow pose and my 2017 goal is to be able to do the crow pose and a headstand woh ease.

    Thanks so much for all the yoga Adriene. I have been doing yoga with you every damn day since November and loving the revolution.

    You are awesome

    1. I somehow missed the first 18 days of the Revolution. Can you restart mine? Please.

  2. I bless the light of Lisa Cuerden's spirit that came into my life almost two years ago and introduced me to yoga. Lisa brought me out of a very dark place with her inner light and, if I look back on the dark times it is with a torch held high feeling safe and indeed saved. Yoga has brought me into a connection with so many wonderful people either face to face or in this instance virtually. Today I intend to go lightly.
    Gifted a


  3. Dear Adriene,

    I saw myself through you.

    I saw the greatest yoga master in me.

    I saw how not to suffer. And how not to be bitter to to myself.

    I saw you as a mirror reflecting me.

    I felt your unconditional love.

    I'm in tears.

  4. I feel so wonderful today after yesterdays balancing practice, which I felt just flew away and left me calm and inspired. Drove to work this morning in the most beautiful sunrise I have seen in long time. Darkness removes and I feel everything is possible these days. I am so excited to read the email and all the comments from everyone joining the revolution. And in the end the day I fulfill the practice in quietness.

    Thanks to everyone involved!
    Love from winter land 🙂

  5. Thank you dear Adrienne for lightning my heart today, just when I needed it - a really beautiful practice today. Love & light to you and all yogis on this amazing yoga revolution journey. Namaste xx

  6. YWA got me into yoga over a year ago and I love this revolution practice, your light and down to earth approach motivates me and gives me energy.
    I've got a question though; I keep struggling with the half splits because I tend to collapse in my (mostly left) hip. I notice this in some other postures as well. Are there exercises I can do to strengthen my hips?
    Thank you!

  7. Thank you Adriene for another great practice. I've been doing yoga for 12 years but I must say you have changed the way I think and feel about the practice. I'm more tuned in and aware off my body and how the poses are supposed to feel and it's an amazing feeling.

    I also had a tailbone injury last year and it took a long time to heal but here I am in boat pose again. I never gave up and did what I could and it worked.

    Have an amazing day!

  8. "This little light of mine,
    I'm gonna let it shine,
    This little light of mine,
    I'm gonna let it shine,
    This little lit of mine,
    I'm gonna let it shine,
    Let it shine, let it shine,
    Let it shine"

    It's amazing what comes out of the dusty corners of your mind........


    1. Thank you Michelle,
      These words reminded me to look after and nurture my inner child!

  9. YOU ARE AMAZING. thanks for every day and every mail. Feeling so good in my life with myself thanks to this practice. Namaste.

  10. I will be smiling from the inside out today. What a wonderful practice. Each day continues to build upon the previous days and I feel amazing. I have learned so much after practicing yoga for many years. I really listen to my body on and off the mat now.

    Thank you, Adriene!


  11. Today's practice brought me more than I was expecting. I was able to actually feel buoyancy! I'm training for a marathon and I'm very tight in my hips so I sometimes have to move out of the shapes to get comfortable. Today it didn't bother me mentally to pause, move and return. I'm finding that I can care the breath and calm into my runs and into my work day. This is what I've been looking for in Yoga and I feel like I am beginning to have a piece of it. I thank everyone for sharing there success and struggles. It keeps things real and I'm so happy to be in this community.

  12. Thank you once again for this revolution that was necessary for my life.
    I have to say that these last 3 days have been difficult, many obstacles have appeared in my life but I have won and here i am feeling more connected with my inner self.
    I'm letting go everything that no longer serves me.
    I'm secure and safe

  13. Thank you Adriene, now I feel I can tackle my day with a loving positive attitude.
    Your the best!!!

  14. I'm scared 🙁 Yesterday's practice was really hard for me...there was a lot of pushing and squeezing and hating my body for being too fat to bring my legs together AND keep my feet on the ground at the same my wrist hurts any time I try to put weight on it, and maybe it's just because it's early in the morning or maybe my depression's flaring up but I'm so scared to do this later tonight. Halp....

    1. Try today's with a smile, as Adrienne says. I am not strong enough to hold a standing split very long, so I got down and did a bird-dog balance for the last bit of that part, and it did feel buoyant. But if your wrists hurt, you might want something else.

    2. I'very had a hard time with some of the poses, also. But don't forget what Adriene says:"be where you are" I've watched many of her other videos and she reminds us that we may not be able to do the full poses. Yesterday I let myself stay in modified tree pose during those much more challenging poses. If you need to use props (blocks if you have them or folded up towels) go for it! It has been challenging for me to remind myself that I don't have to be perfect. I have large thighs and sometimes my body just can't be manipulated into perfect poses. But the main thing is to be there, on the mat, every day. Baby steps...we can do it! It is awesome that you have gotten this far. I haven't done today's practice yet, either. But I am going to commit to another day and then another. Then, after 3q days I will do another 30 day journey.

    3. Honey I have the fear - alongside rage and fatness doesn't help in many ways BUT I found some fat yoga chicks totally rocking the poses and reassured myself that my fatness is less of an issue than my inflexibility. And both are clothed in anger :-(. I'm tuning in to her words more, I'm allowing myself to 'fail' and do more cat cows, downward dogs etc during bits where I just can't. Stay with us, I think we have to make the whole month, for our own hearts. I'm struggling too Samantha, I hear you xx

      1. we all struggle .i think if it was easy everyone would do it. but you try thats the important thing small steps to climb a mountain . big steps and you may fall.
        Einstein did not speak until he was four and did not read until he was seven, causing his teachers and parents to think he was mentally handicapped
        Spielberg's name is synonymous with big budget, he was rejected from the University of Southern California School of Theater, Film and Television three times
        Jimmy Denny, manager of the Grand Ole Opry, fired Elvis Presley after just one performance telling him, "You ain't goin' nowhere, son. You ought to go back to drivin' a truck."
        Michael Jordan: cut from his high school basketball team. , "I have missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I have lost almost 300 games. On 26 occasions I have been entrusted to take the game winning shot, and I missed. I have failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed."

    4. For me the most valuable part of yoga isn't the asana or the movement, but the time and space I make to really listen to myself. If all you do is come back to the mat and spend the whole practice in child's pose or savasana, please come back to the mat. You'll still be listening. And from that listening you can and will find the courage to confront the things you're having difficulty with in your mind and your body and you'll find the courage to build your practice bit by bit, day after day.

      It's so brave of you to do this practice when it feels so hard and challenging! Keep going! We all believe in you!

    5. Thanks everyone....I did make it. I went out and got a wrist brace that may or may not have helped, but definitely reminded me to be careful....I had some luck with tabletops and planks on fists, but down-dog and especially cobra just aren't going to happen until this fixes itself up. And that's okay...I was just glad there wasn't too much of them today.

      One of the things I struggle hardest with is being able to be kind with myself, without giving up. Making that decision if I ever DO need to take a day off, without just giving myself permission to stop altogether or give up because I don't feel like it. But at least that day wasn't today.

      1. I have not been able to do quite a few of the poses these last two days and a few years ago that would have caused me to just give up and say "I guess I can't do yoga". It's helpful to know others here that are struggling so we don't feel alone. And it's awesome that we can give each other support. As Adriene likes to say, "you've got this!"

    6. New to the East Coast and SNOW. Not sure if I like winter, although the first fall of snow is always magically beautiful. Thanks to the military i have always been too physically active but after three years on the East Coast this past winter I really got lazy and began to eat too much. Depression and blizzards don't help and for the first time in my life i really understood how someone could gain a lot of weight (which i did, incidentally). Anyhow, working it off is not fun and a major pain in the ass. But i can tell you this: slowly. Don't injure yourself. Gradually you will deepen into the stretches and gain flexibility. And if you stick with it (which you are capable of doing!) one day it will just flow and feel almost effortless. And then it will all be worth it, trust me : )

  15. LOVE this one! To move as through water, elegantly dancing through the poses - it felt so natural. I'm ready for my day!

  16. First time I legit let my childhood imagination come back and play. Was playing with light sparkles the whole time and giggling. 30 minute break from being a grownup. Awesome.

  17. When you do suggest doing yoga? Is it better to do it morning, evening, afternoon?

    1. Someone asked my in-person yoga teacher that exact question, Rachel. Her reply was quite open and essentially comes down to knowing yourself and doing what's best for you. My yoga instructor was very honest with us and shared that she is not a morning person, and was actually excused from 6 am yoga practice during her teacher training because she was such a lump! Don't forget what Adriene always tells us: Find What Feels Good!

  18. Hello,

    Thank you! I've just done this practice before going to bed. For most part I just wanted to stand in the one legged poses and feel grounded in that way. I am also on my period at the moment it is when I feel the heaviest and really in my body, but some how I understood the lightness today.

    Thank you for the constant reminder of breath.

    See you tomorrow 🙂

  19. What a great practice for the day before the inauguration. And it may have been about being light, but I had to pause and put on a lighter top partway through! Thank you for the great workout.

  20. I want a YWA "Let Your Heart Be Light" shirt!!!

    Honestly though, I came to the mat this morning feeling very heavy and the lightness practice has turned that feeling around. My anxieties and fears have been channeled into buoyancy and positive energy. When you open yourself up to the world, it responds with exactly that which you need.

    Thank you Adriene for the amazing practice.

  21. My mind was more scattered throughout today's practice, but every morning I get out of bed knowing Adriene has a practice for me. Sometimes it is difficult to stay present, but with practice, it will become easier and easier. Namaste everyone and thank you for engaging in this community. I feel very welcome and happy here.

  22. On a day with so much darkness for me, I needed this. I got some bad news last night regarding my brother...a recurring addiction that has a grip on him has been taking control again. It is hard for me on these days to find calm, it is hard for me to find strength to not break down, but little by little this yoga is helping me find a calming voice. A voice that is helping me focus on what I can do in my own world and with my time to not give too much of myself away. A voice that is allowing me to not crumple over in agony. And a voice that tells me regardless of what happens, I can choose how I react and choose for the light in my life. Thank you, Adriene, for bringing some calm to me these last 19 days...and especially today when I so desperately needed it.

  23. That was an amazing practice! We were also wearing the same colors! Lol. Thank you for all that you do.

  24. Totally agree with you Maureen. I'm still struggling with the lightness but I know that with time it will become easier and easier. What I find amazing is discovering where the weakness is in my body but knowing that the strength will come, I have no doubt.

    Looking forward to tomorrow morning.

    Thank you Adriene.

    With love.


  25. Yesterday was the first time since starting this challenge that I just could not get in the right headspace for yoga. I found it frustrating (cramps in my foot didn't help!) and ended up, for the first time, not managing to feel calmed and centred at the end. I embraced just being human and having a bad day and tried to prepare to come back today feeling fresh and ready.

    Today I had a pretty rubbish day at work so felt I really needed a good yoga grounding - I really enjoyed it this evening and even wanted more than the 36minutes in this video, so I moved straight from this practice back to Day 9, which I remembered being quite similar in terms of poses and strength building.

    Conclusion: For anyone wanting a bit more today, Day 19 followed by Day 9 is a great combo!

    Thanks for such an amazing programme Adriene. I had never managed to get into yoga but this has completely revolutionised (!) my life. I am feeling much more positive about myself on a daily basis and remembering to bring lots of the practice into my daily life. I will definitely carry on after the 31 days 🙂 I LOVE IT!

    Minty - London, UK

  26. I thought Day 18 was awesome, and then THIS! Loved loved loved Day 19 and I do feel lighter, more able to cope with things that are usually challenging in my life and ready for the day. Actually, I feel like a spider monkey. Thanks, Adriene, Day 19 totally rocked. 😀

  27. That was really something special! Everything is so heavy in my world these days, but I truly ended the practice feeling light and alive! Loved the "moving through water" visual, and continue to be amazed with how you find new ways to yoga! 🙂 <3 xo

  28. Love love love these videos. I look forward to them more and more each day. But sadly, I somehow unsubscribed myself to the daily email and then re-subscribed and it threw me back to Day 1!! Ahh, is there anyway to fix this?? Thanks for any help!

  29. Gosh, I'm just getting to practice now, much later than my usual, and I read your email and it spoke directly to my heart!! Like you were emailing me! And it brought me to tears! Real tears!

    I gonna do it now!!

  30. Thank you Adrienne. I've enjoyed and benefitted from doing your half hour yoga during an injury to my right arm. It has lifted my spirits during this difficult time. Tomorrow my cast comes off and I will be able to do so much more and return to a normal yoga practice.
    You have been wonderful!

  31. Wag wag wag your tail!!! That's what we say to our puppy, so today my downward facing dog was taking a wag :).
    Those half splits are very painfull though. Any tips on how to alter them? They are very heavy on my hips.

    And as always, thank you Adriene!

  32. Today was tough for me... feeling both mentally and physically locked... mentally distracted.. could not connect, breathing seemed difficult. Stress has gotten the best of me the past year with a sick parent. Usually I am able to work through it. Today I am sitting here wondering how this body can be so tight when doing this practice. I am locked up and need some release and relief...

    1. Same here, for various reasons. A lot of today's practice just felt unavailable to me. May we wake up tomorrow to find strength and peace. <3

  33. Thank you, Adriene, and everyone, for being here with me. I laughed out loud and I smiled today during practice.

  34. Oh, Adriene! I love this one so much! I felt like I was in the shadow today, I read your email and I just knew this practice gonna be amazing. And it was! Just what I really wanted. I felt so many things, I felt light inside and then tears in my eyes. It is such a hard week for me and I think I'm dealing with it surprisingly well thanks to you and what you've taught me. Day 19 and I was able to keep my shoulders on the mat during twists at the end and standing split finally felt good -> that makes me soooo happy and proud of myself. Some poses are still very challenging but I can't wait to see how my body and mind transform (everyday there's something new).

    Love to you and all fellow yogis!


  35. Those reclined twists at the end made me inadvertently inch my way down my mat - sure tapped into my inner smile at that point.

  36. I got my heals all the way down in down-dog and I hit every pose! I am feeling accomplished! Love this yoga and I love this community of awesome people. Thanks Adriene! You rock!

  37. oops... "heels" ... gotta go to bed now... maybe I'll spell better after some sleep! 🙂

  38. Thank you Adrienne. Just now getting on my mat. Grateful that the million excuses I was thinking of didn't stop me from doing this practice today. My only regret is that I didn't do it this morning before I started my day. It's exactly what I needed. I literally said out loud today that I feel heavy. Now I'm heading to bed feeling light and smiling from the inside out.

  39. From South Western Ontario- way past my bedtime! I just could not skip day 19! Happy to have completed thus far. Good night and Namaste

  40. One more very late day 19er fact its way in in day 20.
    Thank you Ariadne for being a BEACON. I envisage our yogi lights lightning all over the earth,little by little, like a wave sweeping over the earth. Now I've finally lit my light here in Finland, on the 20th of January. A day to remember...better light a candle than complain about the darkness.

    I have learnt something more: To let go of unhealthy pride and to listen to myself, having made a good decision now: I have been so proud of being so committed (still am!) and in "real" time to Revolution. What is real time then? The email and vid arrive to my inbox at 9.14- a little late to fit in conveniently.,So I've mostly practised at night.
    I have now decided to do my practice first thing in the morning after, instead of finding myself on the mat later and later in the night, and even falling to sleep in shavasana- not for minutes, rather for hours. Since I've been battling with getting to bed earlier and getting enough sleep all autumn,this seems a whole lot healthier. Bravo Nina!

    And love and -yes- LIGHT to all of you fellow yogis ❤

  41. If there is light in the soul,
    There will be beauty in the person.

    If there is beauty in the person,
    There will be harmony in the house.

    If there is harmony in the house,
    There will be order in the nation.

    If there is order in the nation,
    There will be peace in the world.

    -from Chinese

    Thank you Adriene for letting my light shine brighter today!
    Love from Germany

    (PS: It's so amazing to do Yoga together with so many people around the world! Thanks to all of you!)

  42. I struggled a little with this one today....I just think my head wasn't in the right place but I stuck with it and I'm glad I did. You mentioned "wog" in this video, a friend of mine uses this term to describe her walk/jog exercise sessions! Lol. Thank you for all that you do Adriene!

  43. I'm a day behind, but I refuse to quit!! love this practice and will try to do extra on the weekend to catch up 😉 namaste!

  44. Hello from Switzerland. The practice today was quite intense for the shoulders as it were the first movements of my day, but great as usual. Tnak you Adriene !

  45. I'm a little behind on days but catching up now.
    A toe injury got in the way....
    Loved day 18 & 19!
    Beautiful, inspiring in every way.
    Thanks so much Adriene.

  46. This was an amazing practice for me! I have been following your videos for two years now and today was the first time I managed to touch my heels to the floor in Downward Dog - an amazing experience for me, as I was born with short hamstrings, always walked on tiptoes as a child and eventually had to undergo surgery.

    When I started yoga I just assumed that there would be some things I would never be able to do, but I've learnt today that that's not the case! It took a long time to get there, but it was sooo worth it.

    Thank you.

  47. Thank you for the invitation to play and let go of our yoga robot! I have been in so many classes over the years where instructors adjusted me because I was not doing "their" yoga....It is so refreshing to let go and see where your body takes you! <3

  48. Hey Adriene! Thanks for all the cool practices. I'm wondering when you are gonna talk less. You said only the first few vids would be a lot of talking but you keep on talking 🙂 talking is cool but it should be a something and not just talking because of talking. I find it a bit disturbing to be honest.

    1. Maybe you could wear earphones?! I always find what Adriene has to say really helpful! 🙂

  49. Thank you for this light practice. This was lovely. I am playing catch up too, but I am making sure I am doing yoga every day, self-care in the form of yoga was my New Year's Intention, and I am so glad for this Revolution. I keep on thinking of Pearl Jams Revolution when I log on to practice.

    1. Yeay... someone else on the same day as I am!.. I came to the revolution a little late too. I don't mind, it's not a race but it's good to see a comment from someone else who's on the same day as me : )

      Loving this experience. Thanks so much Adriene. Feeling stronger, happier and challenged. Great way to start the year.

  50. A few days behind here, but sticking with it! I felt incredibly connected universally today. I'm so humbled! The stillness practice a few days ago brought up a lot of uneasiness I didn't realize I had. Adriene, you said things would come up... well, they did! I'm so thankful to have this daily practice, even if I'm a few days behind. Leaning into it! Sticking with it, and today I felt such ease and joy that I felt poured over me in a global sense. I felt the global consciousness connect with my own consciousness. Wow! Thank you. So much gratitude for this practice, and this community.

  51. In have been enjoying all yoga sessions, every morning I look forward to the next one and I already feel changes in my body and mind.
    Balance is my weak point but I will repeat the sessions until I am happy I can do it.
    Thank you Adriene

  52. Wow, what an amazing, beautiful, awesome day 19!!!! I felt like a feather during the yoga, but laying down I felt all my muscles. Thank you again and again dear Adriene!!!!! Is it possible, to be addicted to theses Yoga days? Because until I can go to my Yoga mat I feel a little bit angry and not well inside....
    Lots of love to everyone who loves and enjoy the Yoga revolution.

  53. Thank you. Just thank you. Adrienne, and everyone who takes the time and thought to comment here, and to support others. I can see improvement in my movement and in my thoughts, not perfect but better and enjoying it

  54. Dear Adriene,
    I felt so tired today, my lower back hurts like hell but....... somehow I felt like doing the session although I felt so weak and frustrated. And then I saw that it would be 36 minutes which did not make it more attractive to me....but I did it!
    I have often read those kind of comments where someone feels so exhausted but took part in the practice anyway. What can I say, although I thought I would just drop dead and die, I felt so energized after this. Moreover, it felt like it was the best for my hurting back. So, thanks for this one again. I really like you and your classes. Keep on doing the good thing, I dearly appreciate that.
    Greetz from freezing Munich, Germany (-15 degrees here so we could surely soak up some Texas Sun)

  55. This is the third year I've done your January's yoga Adrienne and today was a first for me too-the firsttime I've ever done proper side planks, yeah! - was so happily surprised that I started laughing through second one and collapsed, but I did it!- keep up the fab videos! ☺

  56. Thank you so much for today, really needed this one! Feeling overwhelmed by a certain something today, this was truly the cure! And I love how you make me laugh out loud on the mat, like I am in the room with you, hihi! Lots of love to you Adriene, thank you <3

  57. I'm a few days behind on my personal Revolution, but super happy and grateful to be a part of this journey. Thank you so much for sharing your practice.

    I am wondering if these videos will be available for upload at the end of the 31 days? I understand that I can download them all for a donation, but if I don't do that, will I still be able to upload them later to watch again with an internet connection?

    Thanks again and Namaste.

  58. I am also behind.... about 10 days but loving it all and finding this connection to my inner place SO IMPORTANT at the moment as I am mourning a lot of things. Thank you for these gifts which enable us to give to ourselves.

  59. Thank you! Each day's practice is wonderful. I love the variety, and the constant reminder to be attuned to the whole, connected body.
    You are an excellent teacher. I am grateful.

  60. Just had a big change in my life so I'm a little behind, but I'm really looking forward to continue this journey 🙂 After living alone, now I live in a student dorm in a different country, and I started doing yoga in a common room, while the others are studying or chilling, cause I don't have my own private space. I felt kind of strange for doing my yoga practice in front of other people that I still don't know so well, but I consider that also a practice. To tap into my own inner smile and forget about surroundings, really good thing to learn!

  61. Finally getting back to this after travelling and some time adjusting of life in a different country. I look forward to completing this month even though I'm behind!

  62. Dear Adriene,

    What a yummy day today!!! I missed this practice yesterday for I had a business dinner and got home really late and heavy, so today I am catching up and will also do Day 20!! A double smile, double thankfulness, double awsome day!!! I am light and bright, and smiling like never before!!! I loved wagging, with a big smile from the heart and such a wonderful lightness of movement all the way!!!

    Thank you for your generosity! God bless you!!



  63. Light and Love from Washington DC!So I started the Revolution in January still in shock over the political division in our Beloved America. As an artist and teacher of English to those wonderful folks new to our country, I felt confused. I felt a rumbling call to be strong and battle for Justice. Adriene's lightness was my daily balm of calm. On Day 32 I grabbed a newer once snug fit dress and it slid on graciously. Adriene! Wow! I decided to return to Revolution for another 31 Days to connect with the newer me. Inner and Outer. New, Newer, Newest. How did you know?☺️ Thank you, Adriene!❤️

  64. Dearest Adriene,

    I was keeping up with this every day and made it all the way to day 18. The next day I missed the yoga mat and have now fallen out of practice for about a week. Would you recommend still picking up at Day 19 or is there a better day to go back to and start over from?

    Thank you so much for the advice. I love all of your videos and recommend them to everyone who expresses interest in yoga.

    <3 Heather

  65. You are amazing Adriene! I have not missed a day, just finished Day 19! I have a question: is there a Yogo excerise that works best for a sciatic nerve that is barking loudly from my left bum cheek to my left foot? Thanks for all you do!!!!

  66. Hi All,
    I didn't register for the 31 days until about day 11, so Adriene's emails are way behind and i'm missing her great positive messages prior to practice. Can anyone tell me how to access the emails that go along with each day?

    Thank you!

  67. I did 30 day challenge and now I am doing Day 18 of Yoga Revolution. Yoga Camp will come after. Please keep doing thirty Day series. I think the structure is wonderful and doesn't leave me wondering what to do the next day. Off to get Day 18 started. I know it will be just what I need. I often add a second video if I need something else like relief of pain.

  68. I did 30 day challenge and now I am doing Day 19 of Yoga Revolution. Yoga Camp will come after. Please keep doing thirty Day series. I think the structure is wonderful and doesn't leave me wondering what to do the next day. Off to get Day 18 started. I know it will be just what I need. I often add a second video if I need something else like relief of pain.

  69. Thank you for sharing Adriene!
    You are by my side every day in a very challenging time of my life. I am grateful for that.
    I would hug you if I could.
    Love and Joy.

  70. Please pardon my mistake gnorance but what, exactly, us an Asana practice? You refer to it several times but I don't know what you mean
    Day 19 was my fav so far!

  71. Today was very tough for me. It brought out a lot of insecurities and fears, past grievances. It was very hard to do, I broke down and cried several times during the practice but I persevered. With all the buzz going around, #meto. You are a bright light to the world and to me, a reminder to be gentle and flow.

    Thank you.

  72. Namaste Deva Teacher Adriene! I am on Day 19 of Revolution and grateful for your thoughtful and spunky guidance! After diagnosis for degerative spinal disease I walked away from medications and found yoga, Pilates, deep connections between mind, body and spirit, and mindful motivations from the best guides. After two and a half years I finally have a daily home practice and I am so thankful for your strength and energy and how humbly you share yourself with the world. “May the long time sun shine upon you, all love surround you, and the pure light within you, guide your way home.” So the song goes -
    I hope to meet and thank you in person someday.
    Till then... shanti, shanti, shanti!

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