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Your Day 18 yoga practice starts with a standing warm up and eases into a yoga flow for balance and transformation! Enjoy a flood of warming energy as you flow. Bring calm alertness to the mind and body. Clear your mind, build lean muscle, trim, tone - all from a place of connect. This practice offers many variations from beginners to intermediate. Encouraging you to honor your body as you explore. (Be kind!)

Use the breath to create a full body experience. This yoga practice is a great tool for cultivating strength & support form the inside out. Take breaks if you need too. Be mindful and aware of your thoughts. Find something new today!

You can.

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83 comments on “REVOLUTION: Day 18”

  1. What an awesome way to charge up the inner batteries. Wonderful balance of energy and stillness, power and rest. The invitation to try new things with no judgement if we opt for the right pose for us is truly welcomed. If I didn't know better I would say Adriene should do this for a living lol.


  2. I empty my soul to you and take in every word you say in your emails. I relish each and every practice and strengthen my appetite for more. I leave my lucky clover and horoscope behind with all my lucky charms. To follow the only thing that made a real difference to me.To the way I feel, the way I think and the way I compose myself and deal with the challenges in my life at this time. I am truly grateful that you are there for me, you have my back and care about your followers. I do not feel alone any more. Thanks you Adrienne. Namastay.

  3. I empty my soul to you and take in every word you say in your emails. I relish each and every practice and strengthen my appetite for more. I leave my lucky clover and horoscope behind with all my lucky charms. To follow the only thing that made a real difference to me.To the way I feel, the way I think and the way I compose myself and deal with the challenges in my life at this time. I am truly grateful that you are there for me, you have my back and care about your followers. I do not feel alone any more. Thanks you Adriene. Namaste

  4. I am loving the daily sessions and connections into the inner soul so much! Can anyone help? In the flow from down dog to front of the mat, although I feel some relative freedom I can never seem to swing my leg through to lunge/the front of the mat but cant quite work out where the restriction is from? Does anyone have any tips/awareness of their movements that I can check in with my own to work with? Thanks!xxxxxx

    1. I have that problem too. When I focus on firming my abs and rounding my back (cat) that does help. I have long legs (32" inside leg) but also long back. I often have to grab my ankle as leg comes through, to get leg in place. Don't stress and do your best! Namaste x

      1. Hi Liz,
        You sound a similar shape 🙂 and it does feel like adjusting/strengthening in my upper body will help the flow.. I have learned with this programme not to get frustrated with it - yay! ... but your awareness of what helps you will help me too I think..
        Thanks xx Enjoy the rest of the revolution 🙂

        1. Same problem here, although I consider myself short legged... I always have to use my hand to pull my foot up... someday....

    2. I have the same issue. I'm 5'8" and my legs are long. I do my best, but often have to give my foot a little nudge to get it in place. Perhaps one day!

    3. This was always a real challenge for me. I'd always have to "assist" my leg. With practice, I've gotten better, but it's still tough. Adriene has series of transition videos in her Yoga Tips series, which are well worth watching. There's one called Down Dog to Lunge that helped me understand the dynamics in this move. I would also practice doing a down dog with my hands supported on blocks and moving to a lunge from there. I think that helped build my strength.

      Yoga is an amazing journey. I try (not always with success) to enjoy the rough spots in my practice. There are many.

      All the best!

      1. Thank you for suggesting the Down Dog to Lunge! Is that part of her foundations yoga videos?

        1. Josie,
          The one I saw was in Adriene's Transitions series. It's about 12 minutes long. i found it really helpful.

          Good luck!

      2. I will definitely check that out..thank-you!! And yes, am enjoying being with my sometimes shaky, sometimes wonky!, sometimes restricted movements with much more kindness & humour now.
        All the best too x

  5. Adriene,

    Your yoga practice and guidance has given me a real lift and purpose, I practice every day. I would never be without it.

    Thanks so much.

  6. I even dream of yoga! Last night I had a giraf in my house. That's probably because of your 'looong neck!'
    Thank you so much for all the great lessons, I love it every day!

  7. You said great work to me a bunch today, a bunch when I was feeling strong, a few at the end when I was a little bummed with my "performance." Then I began to realize what grounded means and opposing forces. Not good or bad. More like the poles of a magnet. The ups and the downs of life are like that too! But in every present moment both are held in balance too even if I am not aware of it. I hope this helps me with balance on the mat too!!

  8. 1st day. Been a long time. I'm weak and my joints need some oiling but this felt good. Thank you Adrienne.

  9. I have the same problem! I've been practicing yoga, on and off, for several years now. I never seem to be able to bring my leg forward completely into a lunge. Are my arms too short? My legs too long? Weird. Anyway I am really enjoying the practice and can laugh at my foibles.

    1. Me too!! but yesterday I manage to bring the left foot all the way forward without helping ti with my hand. I was really focused, really pushing my foot back at the imaginary wall before drawing my navel in and swing it through. I went through all these steps, step by step. First time ever for many years. The first foot, the right foot, did not pas through, but I was not focused on this...

      They say: "practice and all will come" and finally the left foot came...

      hope the right foot will join me today 🙂

  10. Wonderful practices... something different to find in each. Feeling much stronger 18 days in!! Thank you Adriene

  11. I never would have thought that I'd start looking forward to waking up at 5:00 a.m. to do yoga before work, but now I do. I think about people around the world who are listening to Adriene and doing the same movements at the same time. In the past I've felt bad about not being able to balance but now I just meet myself where I am. Thank you, Adriene.

  12. Loving this Revolution.

    One thing I noticed since I've been doing Yoga (last September) is that I am more balanced, more flexible and stronger on my feminine side (left) than on my masculine side (right). Never really noticed that before. Since I know you know Astrology Adriene, I was born under the sign of Cancer. Cancer being one of the most feminine sign, maybe that's why. I'm definitely going to check up on these energies.

    365 days of Revolution. Sounds great Kim.

    Love that Lion breath.


  13. Today's practice helped me realize that the balance I crave in my mental, emotional and spiritual life begins here on the mat. I set the intention to work throughout my days on balancing postures, reminding myself to move slowly and intentionally through life in order to promote balance.

  14. Adriene, when going into the arm balance from the one legged fold, what is the name? Thanks, loved the practice, it flew by.....

  15. Wow, what a great practice. Cheers to everyone sticking with this, waking up every day to carve out the time for yourself. All my love from Albany, NY.

  16. I'm starting to smile during the poses without the prompt! I am really absorbing what you say, Adriene. 🙂

  17. Hi Adriene!

    I'm new to yoga and thoroughly enjoying this practice. I do have an issue though, I can't seem to sit on the tops of my feet. Even child's pose is torture - is there anything I can do for this?

  18. From today's practice I got the revelation to explore something new and different. The tree pose I tried something different by lifting my leg up instead of placing the foot on the inner thigh. I'm going to try and take this off of my mat to this year to explore things and try something different.

    Ah! This is starting a revolution for me and I hope to continue it throughout the year and beyond.

  19. I am loving this practice, I too can't always bring my foot to my toes in lunge. I look forward to reading the comments from others who are on this journey with me. Thank you Adrienne!

  20. I am having a lovely experience with this amazing REVOLUTION in combination with some other elements. Granted I am retired and have the luxury of TIME. Each morning I start (but not at dawn Adriene!) with the yoga after which I combine shavasana with Reiki for self healing. Next I turn on The Dalai Lama's chant for healing ( and do Tai Chi. This is followed by my very first attempts to play the cello with the idea that the attention to flow, posture, balance and trust will help my non musical self make some music. Finally, I make an art card each day to mail to a friend who is dying.

    Thank-you Adriene for your amazing grace, presence and encouragement...the practice is not always easy and I am one of the folks making adjustments but staying with you all the way!

    1. beautiful chants thankyou lots of love sent your way so you can keep sending it onwards great work

  21. Loving all the comments here! I didn't think I would make it today. Woke up with a bit of a hangover (oops!) and tummy not feeling so amazing but I just waited a bit longer and then got to it and I was so glad I did. I'm missing the next few days now because I'm travelling across the world in a series of metal tubes for the next couple of days but I'll tack them on to the end of my 31 day practice and jump back in with my travel mat as soon as jetlag permits.

    Side comment, I have weird hip alignment issues that require chiro but I hardly ever go. When I do half splits, my hips always collapse to one side. I have problems in many poses like warrior, squaring my hips/pelvis. Does anyone have any tips. If I take my bent knee out a bit further, say in Warrior 2, I can square a bit better, but any tips are appreciated.

    Thanks guys!

    1. My hips are more of the stiff type, so I have no good tips. Just wanted you to wish you a pleasant journey and hope you catch up with the practise before day 31 🙂

      See you around in the comment fields 🙂

  22. This is the best month long offering yet. Thank you. I've really enjoyed slowing down and have learned some things I'd missed before. To be honest, I wish there could be 61 days of yoga or more....but then again you have the rest of your full life to tend. I definitely carry more of an awareness throughout my day when doing yoga regularly and the spiritual aspect you bring to it is essential for me. Many thanks.

  23. Adriene - I just wanted to say a huge thank you. I've loved this from the start but in the past few days, life has been really really hard for me so thank you for your forgiveness, hugs and stillness practices for reminding me that I am human, to be mindful and to breathe.

    Also I did my first ever flying crow in fearless so thank you! Feeling so much stronger (mentally and physically). So glad I started this program!

    Lots of love out & namaste to you all x

  24. I started Yoga Revolution about a week into January, and have been doing two videos per day to "catch up." With 9 days and 18 videos under my belt, now I realize it's not a race! I started out wanting to accomplish this 31 regimen, but my goal has transformed. Now I just want to notice my breath, reach beyond my fingertips, find places to lift, find places to ground, find stillness, discover myself, and THAT'S what brings me back to the mat everyday. In today's video, coming to my back on the mat felt exactly like a big hug feels. Or even better because the hug was coming from INSIDE ME! WHOA!
    It just occurred to me that now my Yoga Revolution will last 22 days instead of 31, and that made me sad.
    But then I realized that my Yoga Revolution can last the rest of my whole dang life! And that makes me GLAD! Thank you Adriene. Thank you everyone for taking those big breaths in and out with me.

  25. Was really cautious of today's 'balancing' practice, as balance doesn't come easy to me.
    But after reading the email and watching the practice I understood the balance aimed for isn't just physical! And I'm pleased to say the practice was a joy (as usual!)

  26. C'est aller vite aujourd'hui... Trop de possibilité... Je ne savais pas laquelle choisir. Merci

  27. Adriene I want to thank you for this Yoga "Evolution". I have found my body, my thoughts, my attitude and my goals have all evolved since I started this journey. Thank you for coming into my home everyday.

  28. Would it be possible to get a written version of the sequences done in the 31 day yoga revolution challenge? I don't mind doing the video once when first getting to know it but I prefer practising my yoga with some relaxing music in the background so it would be so amazing to have guidelines then.

  29. Thank you so very much, Adriene. My son is going through a very challenging time with his health right now and your Yoga Revolution has helped me be strong for him and the rest of my family. You have given us all such a wonderful gift. From the bottom of my heart to yours...thank you.

  30. Adriene and others, I hope someone will see my post and have some suggestions even though my comment is so far down the page due to all the wonderful comments 🙂

    During some of the poses where Adriene tells us to press into the tops of the feet, especially the ones today, my feet will start to cramp up and I'll have to relax out of the pose. Has this happened to anyone else? Any solutions? Am I just not getting enough potassium (my grandmother used to say to eat a banana when you get foot cramps)?

    Thank you!

    1. That happens to me when I'm dehydrated or cold. I'm not very helpful, lol. I just stop, stretch or rub it--whichever feels better.

    2. me too this is why i love this . hit pause and massage i like the child pose as you can massage them there . muscles that have been idle are being moved in ways never like before .. then un pause and try again.

    3. I sometimes get awful foot cramps too but find that heating them up before hand really helps - maybe soak in hot water. I actually use an electric foot warmer : )

  31. You have revolutionized stretching for me! Someone once told me my knees likely hurt when stretching because my hamstrings were too tight. Every fitness/health/exercise/yoga class I went to, instructors would emphasize that I needed to keep my knees straight for stretching. I could never feel hamstring stretch, it would just hurt my knees.

    And then, you, dear Adriene, gave me permission to bend my knees slightly. Oh. My. Goodness. I can finally feel the stretch in so many parts of my legs that were neglected for years! I can actually already see and feel the difference in my hamstrings and my ability to straighten my knees!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  32. I overslept by 2 hours this morning and had to hit the ground sprinting this morning and the pace continued all day. I finally found my mat 15 hours later than I normally do and I have to admit it was more than a little weird.

    The fatigue of my day really hindered my movements through these poses today but I was able to let go of the day and I'm sure I'll sleep well ( I just have to make sure the alarm is set before I fall asleep).


  33. Thank you for providing me a chance to practice. This is the first time that I have incorporated a daily practice and I find the joy and peace on the yoga mat seeping through my daily journey off the yoga mat. What a joyful and energizing experience....with gratitude Melany

  34. Today was hard, found myself getting angry while trying to hold poses. Tried to breathe through it but wasn't my best day. Will try not to stress too much, it is a practice after all!

  35. I dont know why I thought allowing my 65 lb 9 month old Goldendoodle "puppy" (he comes heightwise to my hip) to sneak and do yoga with me was a good idea but what a challenge in patience and balance! He leaned on me all of tree pose but I got him back by freaking him out wrh Lions breath. Had to laugh hard tho when he did corpse pose with me right to the end. Now to wash my slobbery yoga mat! Namaste!

  36. So I teach high schoolers and today I had two students take a picture of my arm and start talking about how my forearms are "swole". In case you're not an American teenager the translation for that is the muscles are big or "swollen" and look strong. Meant as a compliment.
    Probably the biggest (and oddest) outside affirmation I've had for my practice. Couldn't help thinking about that and smiling with every plank.

  37. Today's practice was a break through for me. I really was able to step back and enjoy the practice. The past few days I've gotten frustrated for not being able to do certain poses the way Adrienne does or hold it with such poise. Today, while Adrienne was calmly in a balance pose on one leg, I tried and fell. The first reaction I had was to laugh at myself, try (and fall) again, laugh more and then scale it back to find something in my practice. For someone that is often too serious and always trying to achieve my goal, I surprised myself. Thanks Adrienne for helping me to relax, find the humor and enjoy being human.

  38. Thank you Adriene, I am now making it to my mat without complaint or thinking about what else I could be doing instead. I now look forward to my 30 mins here and am definitely noticing a change in my mental state (barely stressed, even with an assignment due in a couple of weeks which I haven't started yet). Thank YOU for sharing your energy with us! x

  39. Thank you, Adriene, for making this Revolution happen! More and more I'm starting to feel the change in myself. I actually had fun on the mat today, even though it was challenging. Thank you! Namasté.

  40. starting day 18 was a huge struggle for me, I hated every step I took to my mat. But once I heard the Revolution music and Adriene's voice, I was very happy to be on my mat. Thank you for putting Revolution together! It has been an amazing experience to date and I am surprised with the improvements in my body and mind set! Thanks you. would love to try a Revolution 365!

  41. I am very much enjoying this course. You make the time fly by and I am still surprised at my self that I have stuck with it for 18 days so far.

    Question, I am struggling at two points - when on one knee (both knees hurt that i find it hard to stay) and when sitting as my tail bone protrudes out a bit. Any tips for dealing with these issues?

  42. This is one of my favorite Rumi poems. I came across it during a pivotal awakening in my life and wrote it down. It served as a daily reminder and helped bring me back to my center during a wonderful but challenging time of change. But, life gets busy, and it's easy to slide into routine, and forget those small things that made all the difference. Thank you Adriene for reminding me to keep awakening, searching, growing, embracing.

  43. Adriene, you are really amazing and inspiring. Your sequences are great, I particularly this one. I felt tired before begining it and now, I've restore enough energy to ends calmly my day 🙂

  44. Loving this. Love this practice and the sequences. So much thought and care you put into it. Thank you.

  45. Loving your Revolution. Your tips have helped me so much in my own journey as well as teaching my classes.

  46. I'm having a VERY hard time with all the yogi squat positions. I have a meniscus injury in my right leg and I can't even do a child's pose, let alone one of these squats that have been taking up so much of the practice the last couple of days. Very frustrating.

  47. I'm so happy today as today was the first day I could step up to a runners lunge without having to do it in several steps before reaching the right position. Also as of two days back I seem to be able to reach my toes when doing a forward fold - when I started out I wasn't even able to sit up straight, let alone reaching anywhere near my toes. It makes me feel so good, my back doesn't seem to hurt anymore (it used to always hurt) and all of a sudden my body doesn't feel like it will break down and crumble in a few years (which was a bad thing, seeing as I'm only 30 years old. It's the reason I started yoga, 'cause it felt terrible that life was like this, always feeling so out of shape, having my body working against me and see people twice my age move with more ease than I did). So a big THANK YOU x100000000000!!!! Hope you read this and it makes you happy to know you made someone else a lot happier - I moved from feeling terrible all the time to actually being happy! I didn't know it was possible to feel like this...!


  48. Dear Adriene,

    Thank you so much for such an awesome day of awareness and balance!!! I feel more and more connected and in touch with myself, my body, my energy, my mind. In and out of the mat. Today, as I was waiting for the subway, I realized I am so much more aware of what is going on with the soles of my feet, my breath, my energy.

    At this practice today, I felt I am starting to flow with more ease, sukha!!! And it does feel so sweet and joyful. I am glowing with joy and a very peaceful yet powerful sense of energy!

    I also love your daily e-mails, so inspiring, and the poems. You rock!! 🙂

    Lots of love and Namaste!


  49. Thank you for an awesome practice today Adriene. I'm back where I left off a month later to finish up this 31 days because I promised myself I would, and I meant it. Thank you for the daily emails; going back through them really makes me feel like I haven't missed anything and I'm still on track. 😉

  50. I am on my third round of Yoga Revolution. I love it! I did the first one (nearly) every day, but now I only do it maybe 4 or 5 times/week, but in sequence. I can feel my body is so much stronger and more balanced.
    Thank you, Adriene, for this terrific series. I may just keep repeating it for ever.

  51. I have attended yoga classes for years, but stopped a few years ago as my 85 year old teacher had to close his studio. I have since tried other classes, videos and online classes, but never found a yogi like Adriene - she is so much like my old teacher with her attitude and no-nonsense approach to yoga. I have completed 30 days of yoga with Adriene and am now on Revolution (Day 18)...I cannot believe how much this has already changed my body. My core is super strong, the "older age" fat around my middle has disappeared (I am 70 years old)..although I was not overweight...I can handle the tree pose without problems, I can sit for hours on a backless stool without hurting and getting tired. As my wrists get stronger downward facing dog becomes a relaxing pose etc., etc...My golf game has improved tremendously! I could go on and on about the benefits I am seeing and feeling. Thank you to this amazing young woman for your yoga inspiration and love for your craft/art. Namaste, J xx

  52. i am truly thankful to you for creating such a wonderful exercise! i am enjoying everyday
    i am also grateful to the divine system for giving me this opportunity lots of love out

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