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Your Day 14 Yoga practice is a treat of self care, stretching sore muscles and Find What Feels Good. We begin today’s practice with some self massage and the art of noticing. Less is more. This practice continues to invite you to unite with the breath and use that as a tool for self love. Yoga philosophy continues to integrate into the asana practice.

Get un- stuck. Yoga for the spine and soul. This practice is sure to feel like a wash of love.

Because you are worth it.

Share your experience down below!


82 comments on “REVOLUTION: Day 14”

  1. Thank you so much for #yogarevolution Adriene. I can see and feel that you have put your heart and soul into this program. It coincides with a difficult time in my life yet each day I feel stronger....more hopeful.....and better equipped to press on and get through will all be ok. I am deeply grateful to you.

    1. I feel the same way.... hard time of my life... but I am making it... with the help and love that comes from the revolution 🙂 feeling very thankful....

  2. Dear Adriene,

    It's time (and long overdue!) for me to say THANK YOU! I have been practising with you for over 3 years now; last year I did your January camp and I'm doing the 31 day challenge again this year and I can't begin to tell you what a positive impact doing this has had on my life (but I know you know that already, right?!). I LOVE your approach to yoga and mindfulness, and how you see the two has holy-bound. I am ETERNALLY grateful for your love, passion and commitment to bringing yoga and its sacred principles to as many people on this planet as possible.

    NAMASTE you Beautiful Woman.


  3. I am so new to yoga and I love all that I am achieving with your loving guidance, thank you Adriene, I love it x Laura

  4. Dear Adriene, I enjoy your Yoga Revolution so much and I was really happy each morning when I saw an e-mail from you!
    Unfortunately, I haven't got any e-mail for day 13 and 14 🙁 I also checked spam folder. Does anyone have the same problem? Would you please check if everything is ok?
    With love,

  5. Heya I havn't received the last two emails? It's not in my spam. Do you have a technical issue? I have tried signing up again. I miss them!

  6. Wow, I just felt angry today through a lot of the video. During standing splits especially. So interesting what different emotions come out each day - I have no particular reason to be angry (aside from standing splits being one of the poses I find most uncomfortable and feel most stuck in), Ok, there it is :0). Not a comfy feeling, but all part of the big picture. Can't believe we're on day 14 already! Go, us!

    1. I am so glad I'm not the only one. That was probably the most uncomfortable I have been through the whole process. Perhaps it has something to do with tight hamstrings? Either way, acknowledging and staying positive.

  7. Thank you for this practice, Adriene! Today wasn't easy for me, I got frustrated with myself for really no good reason, I wasn't in a good mood. Usually, I tend to not finish things when I get to frustrated, but I sticked with the practice and worked on my emotions.
    I discovered your channel in october last year and at first, I did yoga all two or three days with your videos. Since december, I practice yoga every day. Since the end of december, I really notice an impact of myself off the mat. I'm a little bit more paticent and relaxed - even my husband noticed it 😉 .
    I'm very thankfull for you letting us be a part of your yoga and for all the heart and kindness you put into your videos.

  8. Namaste! Thank you for giving all of you to all of us. I am forever grateful for you and the gifts your are sharing with us. Blessings to you! Ciao Bella! ❤

  9. Dear Adriene

    I found you last September by sheer luck. I'm almost 70 years old and since age 35 I have always been very committed to my exercises (with weights) and my walk but around age 65, I started having trouble getting up (having a very sensitive stomach, I can only do exercises on an empty stomach) doing weights, etc....became a shore. Last September I was really looking for something different and found your 30 days Yoga with Adriene. WOW!!! I can tell you that getting older is not easy but doing Yoga with you everyday, has truly been a blessing from heaven. Since then I've been in love with Yoga and your 31 days Revolution is unbelievable.

    With Love


    1. ok, Emerise, you are my hero!!! I hope I can still be doing yoga at 70 also! I have a several years to go, but I believe with Adrienne, I'll make it there!

    2. Hi..i will be 70 in March. Love Revolution. Yoga is the fountain of youth if there is one. Namaste my friend. Love to Adriene. I am on Day 14 today.

  10. Powerful tears! That's been my hearts lesson this time! I always heard tears were weakness. I know in my soul they aren't, but for some reason when life gets tough, I believe that old lie again! This practice reaffirmed my body's connection to that strength as well!! Feels so good to be alive!!!

  11. Hi Adriene and thank you so much for this practice! Im in love with it! I have one question though. One of my reasons for commiting to this practice is a troublesome neck and back. A few days ago I started feeling dizzy and nauseous, with a headache as well as a stiff and sore neck and back. I recognise these symptoms as coming from my neck, but never this strong before. Can the unfamiliar poses of the yoga practice be a reason for this? I really want to continue this journey, but don´t want to aggravate my nack problems.
    Thanks again for this yoga journey, Im so happy I found you to guide me! 🙂

  12. Wow! Loved this! Loving this entire series. I can't stop telling everyone I know about it and with each passing day I have more and more friends to talk to about it! Yesterday and today's practice showed me how much I've been glancing over my arthritis. My joints are asking for attention and love. Honoring that. Thank you Adrienne.

  13. You always say that people cry on the mat. I've been doing yoga awhile now and it's never happened, until today. Your words during the first childs pose made me start crying. Like a release. Thank you

  14. Hi!

    If you meant Mr. Burns from The Simpsons, than even we, in Czech republic know who's that! =D
    I started the 30 day challenge in December and as I finished it, the yoga revolution came...
    So I've been doing yoga with you for 6 weeks in a row now =D
    I'm looking forward to every video and I really fell in love with yoga again =).

    Thanks for all the work you're putting in it. It's really awesome!

    Love from Czech republic,
    Lucy <3

  15. Looking for some guidance... I missed doing the last 5 days of revolution as I was very sick with stomach flu. Should I just pick up from the current day or go back to the days I missed. Feeling discouraged since I was trying to keep up with my practice daily.

    1. Same with me...I'm continuing in order...I believe the order is she meant us to do it...not being too hard on myself...I was very ill with body needed rest...more important to finish not as important what day you're's your practice

  16. Adrienne; your videos bring love, inspiration, and strength to my life. Thank you for creating this series and all of your other videos. Lots of love to everyone out there practicing with me every day. 🙂 xoxo

  17. This was so beautiful! I started the day visiting my high school drama teacher with old friends. She led us in a meditation that started with forgiveness: "I forgive anyone who has ever hurt or harmed me. I ask forgiveness of anyone I have every hurt or harmed. I freely forgive myself." It's a challenging opening! I'm so glad I had the chance to work through that a little more with today's practice.

  18. Dear Adriene,
    I just want to say thank you. I am a Colorado mountain girl originally from the south. I'm an outdoor enthusiast and have been for many years. But doing yoga has always been one of my ... "someday" activities. After trying a few classes off and on throughout the years and always feeling insecure about my abilities and flexibility (read: lack thereof) it just never caught on. But in 2016, after quitting a very stressful job as a family nurse practitioner, and realizing that, to provide best care for my patients I needed to take better care of myself, I decided that it was time to add yoga to my regimen. And then I found you. I feel like you are a friend. I love your sense of humor. I love that you don't judge my inability to really do downward dog. Everytime you say, "if you can't do ___, who cares?" really speaks to me. I actually look forward to meeting on the mat with you. In my new job I work as a health coach and FNP, I counsel patients all the time about fitness and stress/anxiety/depression management. I talk to patients regularly about the benefits of mindfulness, meditation and YOGA. And of course, I have told countless patients about YWA. My husband and I are both doing the 31 day Yoga Revolution. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. If you are ever in the Glenwood Springs Colorado area (halfway between Aspen and Vail), I'd love to meet you in person, take you out for a a hike and then maybe even a beer or glass of wine!

  19. Loving every day of Yoga Revolution!
    I've been previewing the downloadable videos (since my workout space doesn't have wifi) and I noticed that the video for day 16 cuts off around 22 min - is it an issue with Gumroad or is the file corrupted?

    Thanks for everything you do, Adriene!

  20. I am caught up with the Revolution videos but I accidentally unsubscribed myself from the daily emails. When I resubscribe it starts me on day 1 even though I am on day 14. How can I fix this? I would appreciate any help!

  21. Carma...Divine intervention....all of it...just wow. I usually do my yoga first thing in the morning. Today I had to wait and some 'heavy' emtional stuff happened late morning and Forgiveness to myself was needed and I'm just wow. I felt the stress fall off me. Thank you. Thank you all you do and how you do it.

  22. I absolutely love this YogaRevolution that you've put together! Thank you so much for putting this out into the ! I introduced this to my mom and she's following along as well and she LOVES it!!! So seriously, generations of appreciation! Technical question though: when doing Pyramid Pose should the front knee be locked or have a slight comfortable bend? This pose was very hard for me but I recognize that that's okay for today. Thanks again!:)

  23. Opened my mouth for an audible sigh but what came out was an audible cry. But then I let it go. Thanks so much.

  24. My english isn´t very good but I want to thank you. I practise every day and I want to thank you specially for yesterday´s email and folowing practise. It "hit the target" inside of me and I think I´AM (finally) OPEN. It still affects me. See you tomorrow 🙂

  25. This was such an excellent practice to stretch the lower body by grounding it, thank you!

  26. It is so beautiful to read and share everyone's experiences and to feel connected to a wider sense of being through the sharing of a wonderful yoga practice. Thank you so much Adriene for sharing your passion, your love and your dedication (and your matt 🙂 ) A very much needed practice of forgiveness today, there have been a couple of days of tears on the matt, but so lovely to find the release and movement of energy that has been blocked.


  27. I was tempted to skip it today, but I am so glad I didn't! I have not missed a day yet! Keep going everyone!

    1. Of course there were. Had to test my phone. Now I feel a bit stupid...since I can't remove that post but never mind.

  28. Dear Adriene,

    I have been struggling lately, but hadn't noticed how much so until I had to miss my practice yesterday. It showed me that I needed to open up and talk about what is happening in my life. It was a hard evening. So this morning, I did yesterday's practice. It was intense and a good distraction for me. This evening, I did this practice which made my body feel stretched and cozy, and my heart and mind lighter. This revolution is just what I needed to start to heal, on a day to day basis but long term as well. Thank you so much - you have no idea how important this is to me.


    1. Stephanie, so wonderful you are keeping with it. I missed day 12 and day 13 and today I got caught up to day 14. I'm so thankful it was about self-care and forgiveness. Namaste.

  29. I truly believe that simply showing up on my mat is an act of self care and self love...and an affirmation that I am enough and worthy of this time. Thank you, Adriene, for all you do for so many around the world. Namaste!

  30. Since i started #YogaRevolution everytime i'm on my mat, i feel more freedom to flow where my body takes me. Feeling more at ease and confortable on my body. It's like... a dance, and i just follow.

  31. This was a tough one for me, but you know what? I showed up on the mat, and I got something out of it. It's not everything, but it's not nothing either!

  32. I was busy all day with a hobby I enjoy, and thought about not coming to the mat, but I did, and I'm so glad I did..... it went by like 5 minutes! I never wonder "how much longer" with you Adrienne, as I have in some studio classes. I'm always left feeling like, wait, I want a few more minutes of this!! Thank you so much! When this revolution is over I'm going to look for another challenge on your website!

  33. Hi all, it is so challenging to keep going with work and all. I am glad for it though. Got my XLarge???? (Ian 5"3?) FWFG shirt and enjoyed the rest after practice with my pups

  34. Adriene- Thank you so much for this series. I haven't missed a day and find myself looking forward to being on my mat, even if I don't get to it until 10pm. 😉 Today's practice was my just what I needed, I feel so relaxed and at peace.

    Thanks again & p.s. I adore your personality and how certain sayings make you break out in song. 😉 you're a rockstar.

  35. After a long, tense day I just wanted to go to bed but I'm really glad I made time for my mat. Thank you <3

  36. so i have dropped a day behind . but good excuse miss. iyenga yoga day yesterday so off i went to (free) classes for the first time.İt was hard. jump into this, stretch more, chest up more. it was good but i am glad to be back in this class today .lots of love and random singing.

  37. Once again, just what I needed. Standing splits are a challenge for me, but I love feeling stronger. Thank you so much for your sharing of yourself and this practice. I love being part of a bigger community.

  38. First time commenting...Revolution my favorite, by far...loving it...not going to lie, though, the core day (7?)...too much for me. But I feel a shift in ME...something I haven't felt in previous 31 day programs. Thank you...from an older, non-YogaJournal girl.

  39. I started #yogarevolution to help me deal with a very difficult and painful time in my life. I'd tried mindfulness & it wasn't working for me. At first I thought this wouldn't either as emotions threatened to be overwhealming but the focus on breath & movement helped to lift, not suppress, strong feelings. I also thought it would be too 'chipper' to work for me, but the real-ness of the videos, being genuinely present, even with, no especially with, mistakes and distractions helped me. Very theatre. I've used the breath practise off the mat (not that I have a mat...) to help manage stress and anxiety. And repeat mantra to myself 'you got this'.

  40. This was lovely. I needed this practice. I see how much thought you put into this Revolution practice, with such warmth and heart. Thank you!!

  41. Love how these sessions use all the senses, the usual five plus proprioception (that's the see feelingly bit) and vestibular sense (balance). Sniffing mats, listening to breath, touching our muscles. Good work Adrienne and thank you.

  42. Hey dear Adriene, you offered me what I need with this practice, again. Today I forgive myself for all the mental pressure on the mat, for all the strictness and guilty feelings off the mat. I understand that it's all not as important as it may seem and when I learn to forgive, I can very slowly let it all go. Today I move with the breath.

    Thank you! Let's make self-love cooool again!

  43. SO nice! I almost fell asleep giving myself the massage!

    I forgave some people and I forgave myself. Hoping to hold on to that and not think it another thought 🙂

  44. I'm off to the Women's March today, in Hamilton, Ontario Canada. Forgiveness - helpful to recall on this day in particular.
    Many thanks!

  45. 14 was my favorite practice day yet! I hadn't done the pyramid pose before and that was a great challenge. The crossed legged standing fold that followed each side was also super for digging in and finding release. Today was the first day since I started that I didn't do the practice to start my day. Today I had to fit it in later in the day. It was quite a difference for my practice. And today's was the first that we ended standing. After that I sat in meditation for 5 minutes (phone timer helps). That was a first time for that. Glad I felt that I could give myself the bonus after the video ended. // And >> *Forgiveness* practice. So helpful! I am loving this 31 day practice and am exciting for the next half after completing this 14th. Thank you so much Adriene. (((:-)))

  46. I am cannot tell you how much I needed this practice tonight. I am very grateful for what you provide.

    Thank you,


  47. Hi Adriene,

    This practice encouraged me to bind and balance in new ways, physically but a big part of it was spiritual. I'm realizing that balance is something I have not had or wanted in my life until now, and the Revolution is helping me to start wanting it, and working to find it. It's beautiful. Thank you.



  48. Thankadankadoodleedoo to you, Adriene! Once again, you set the mood and we ride your wave.

    Loving this yoga series - "REVOLUTION"!

    Keep on keepin' on,

  49. Thank you, Adriene, for these beautiful daily gifts! I am enjoying the practice very much, and today was especially great!

  50. Hello, I didn't receive Day 15 email last night. I'm not too sure what to do. I hope this doesn't mean I will not be receiving emails anymore.
    Thank You

  51. I can't thank you enough for this practice, and all of your amazing guided yoga practices. I had a very rough day yesterday (even had tears on my yoga mat), and today's practice of forgiving myself and showing gratitude for all I have done so far (on and off the mat) was exactly what the doctor ordered. This practice is actually my 43rd day in a row doing your videos and going on my own yoga revolution with you and the community.

    I can not thank you enough for the content and especially your "Return of the Mack' reference 🙂

    Cannot wait to continue this journey with you all!


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