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Your Day 13 Yoga practice is perfect for when you need to hit the refresh button and gain fresh perspective. This refreshing practice eases in and invites you to connect to breath and open up to the present moment. Feel it out. Open the hips, open the shoulders and relieve stress energy from the body. Open your mind to a new experience! Open your heart. Let go of what you are gripping on to so that you can find an opening, a new way of moving.

Move from a place of connect.

The journey continues!

Let me know how it is going down below! Subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already!


103 comments on “REVOLUTION: Day 13”

  1. Adriene I have been doing your program and have really enjoyed it. I had no idea what to expect. I just felt deep down that my body and soul needed yoga and balance. And your program was placed in front of me. At times I felt it should be fast paced and longer, like what you get at the gym. But I've stuck with it and have thoroughly enjoyed this journey. On day 12 you mentioned not to rush the poses. To experience the journey and process. I have a great deal to heal from physically (3 surgeries in 1 1/2 years on an otherwise healthy 43 year old body) and this has been calming and balancing. I'm learning to trust my body and learn to let go and follow what is. And have faith all will heal in time with patience and love.
    Thank you for being placed into my life at this time. I want to push harder and hope as I follow and finish this journey I will be at a better place both mentally and physically than I have been in 3 years, this coming from someone who ran 6-7 miles 6 days a week.

  2. Well hello King Pigeon (no emoji for pigeon on my phone ) That was an amazing opening experience
    Today's practice was truly what I needed thank you ❤️

  3. I'm loving doing #yogarevolution daily. I am already wondering what I'm going to do once this stops. Do you have some other programme in place or just recommend picking a practise that suits our mood? As I don't want to stop my daily practise & what to keep doing what's best.


    1. Hi Gemma,
      I subscribe to Adriene's YouTube Channel. She also sends out weekly emails with a link to a new video, but not while she is doing the 31 day program! Her YouTube channel has lots of different playlists and tons of videos. This is how I practice almost daily, which as she says is much better than a one hour hot yoga class every week!
      Best of luck to you!

    2. I went right back to day one of Yoga Revolution after Day 31 -- and am now on Day 13 for the 2nd time. I may do it again!

  4. It just keeps on getting better! My pigeon left a little to desire but whole prace soooo engaging
    and can feel myself getting stronger 🙂

  5. Spot on! I started yesterday's practice but had to stop as my SI joints were not happy. I was also congested and headachy. I did do Day 2 (which I'd missed out on) and had a restful day. So today's hip opener was just what my body needed. Thank you Adriene x

      1. It IS a revolution for real.

        Let's bring this on to our lives outside the mat also! I feel a strong urge to "preach " to everyone about the benefits of daily yoga. But realise the best, and only successful way is to LIVE the yoga.

        "The teacher arrives when the pupil is ready" as someone here said.

  6. Days 11 & 12 were not meant for me. Even after four years of YWA it's too much and too advanced balancing....,for me. I have no background in classical dancing and I feel to do these particular ones you definitely will do better with this experience under your belt. But those are done and in the past. Day 13 will be my lucky day and I can't wait.

  7. I swear you were talking to me when you said the hips hold emotion as my emotion was flowing. Thank you for coming into my home to provide this wonderful practice. Today was wonderful and I so enjoy starting my day with you.

  8. Hello Adriene,

    I'm not usually a commenter but the e-mail that accompanied today's video made me have to speak up.

    I've never stuck with anything for more than a few consecutive days so having made it to day 13 is a big deal for me. I usually get to the mat grumpy because I'm tired, stressed and not very flexible and I really don't want to be doing uncomfortable yoga positions for half an hour. But I've been getting to the mat and doing your videos anyway. And it's because of your humor. At the start of the video I'm looking at the clock willing time to go faster and then you make a joke or sing a song or say something joyful and it makes me lighten up and laugh at my grumpy, inflexible self. After that, time just flies by!

    Today's PPS in the email made me laugh out loud! So I'm starting this video with a smile 🙂

    Thank you!

  9. Good Morning World!

    The full moon is instilling shining brightly here on the east coast at 5:30, reminding me that all is well and full of light.

    I am pumped and ready for today!

    Adrienne, I'm so glad I found you......


  10. Thank you for this practice, Adriene, and thanks to all you others practicing with me 🙂

    What you're saying about emotions coming up is very precious to me and I notice this a lot on my yoga journey. Alongside yoga I also discover other kinds of body work for myself including Emotional Clearing where we release body blocks by giving that which comes up a sound or other types of authentic expression and right now I am working to combine Yoga with Emotional Clearing and it's hard at times but sometimes it's a perfect fit - for example when I start to feel energy rising and wanting to be released in pigeon and I start to make humming sounds and - bam - i can feel more clarity and focus because that which wants to come up is honored.
    I'm so happy about this and want to share it with all of you here.

    Of course you have to treat whatever comes up lovingly, like you say Adriene. That is very important. And to keep in mind that pain, anger and fear are just natural and nothing to be ashamed of or to beat yourself up because it's there. It is here for a reason and it can be transformed lovingly.

    Looking forward to day 14 and the rest of the journey,

  11. Good Monring!
    I am a runner and was recommended to follow you through a virtual running group sometime last summer. Around the holidays I stopped watching but continued some of the poses on my own. Cue #yogarevolution and it was just the kick in the pants I needed. I've made you a part of my morning the last 13 mornings and what a great way to start my day!

    Thank you, thank you!

  12. Good morning, Life! (cue Dean Martin)

    Before bed last night I just finished the chapter of 'The Untethered Soul' entitled 'Transcending the Tendency to Close'.

    Coincidence? I think not.

    Thank you so much for all of this, Adriene. Last February I tried yoga for the first time with Yoga Camp, and it took me three months to finish. I continued practicing yoga throughout the year, and I've been able to not miss a day of this awesome Revolution.

    My mind and body are more open than ever - feelin' the love! <3

  13. You are amazing Adriene!

    This practice helps with everything, it keeps me grounded.

    I hit the mat late at night before going to bed since I have the kids in the morning but it's probably the only 30 minutes which I can zone out of any thought. Be in the now.

  14. Blessings from Boston. I'm using muscles I didn't know I had. I must be holding a lot in my body... the tightness is mind blowing. Happy Friday the 13th.

  15. I also have to adapt sometimes due to joint pain in shoulders and wrist but yoga is the only exercise that makes me feel better. If my lower back hurt, then I do more yoga and it goes away.

    Now I just need to loose my belly to be able to be more flexible! lol

    yoga should help with that too!

  16. Thank you for yet another fab session Adriane <3 Would you recommend a source where to explore more about the connection of emotions and hips opening probs, please?

  17. Adriene, you really are an inspiration to me and I am so very grateful to be on this journey.
    Thank you x

  18. Wow! I was really in the mood for hip openers today. This practice is so in sync with how I'm feeling 🙂 Love to everyone x

  19. Whew! That was a doozy for me, but a good doozy. Found that I had to break things into many more steps, and it was challenging but I felt good and stayed present. Grateful.

  20. Thank you Adriene..regularly during the day I remember The Full Body Experience when I am doing things like driving, the household, etc It makes me feel whole.

  21. I did day 12 late at night, and this one mid-morning. I sure do need this daily practice (regardless of what time of day I do it) as it helps me get through the busy homeschool day with my girls. Thank you Adriene!!!!

  22. Adriene, You are the best yoga teacher I've EVER had. You explain all steps seemlessly and I always feel so good after. I look forward to doing yoga with you every morning. Yesterday, I caught myself wondering what your next class would include!
    Thank you so much! You have put a lot of yourself into each class and I appreciate you so much!

  23. I didn't think I was going to get to the mat today. It's Friday, it's (very) cold, and I have a million things to do. But I knew I'd be cross with myself if I didn't. So I found the time, and so very glad I did. What a gorgeous practice it was today.
    It's still cold, and I still have a million things to do, but I shall breeze through the "to do" list invigorated and refreshed.

    Thank you lovely Adriene.

  24. I'm seeing little rewards daily, thank-you all! Adrienne you are such an inspiration.
    One love from beautiful Belize.

  25. I did mine on the back porch in the morning sun, and literally when you said "listen to the birds" a bunch of birds flew into the backyard and started chirping. Beautiful!

  26. The journey so far has been amazing and my partner and I are truly looking forward to what the next weeks bring. We are both shift workers and have long days and nights at work, but at the end of the day we come together on the mat. This practice has allowed us to find something to fill our bodies and minds with love and understanding for ourselves and each other, as well as a place to let go of frustration or tiredness from work.

    Thank you for bringing so many people together to share in a great experience!

  27. Once again a wonderful energizing rejuvenating break in my day. I feel ready for the second half. Thank you!!

  28. Wow, we are in sync. Last night I was reading about the sacral chakra and hip openers- so I had all the metaphysical imagery to go with this practice. I love experiencing my body growing stronger and more flexible every day through this challenge.

  29. Hey Adrienne, my friend introduced me to your course and I am so glad she did. After doing yoga for 15 - 16 years before I had my child nearly 12 years ago, I haven't done much since. This is the first time in my life that I've ever done any kind of practice every single day. I'm totally sold on yoga at home (which I've never been able to do before), and 30 minutes is just about perfect, and a great way to start my day and roll out all the kinks from sleeping (I'm in a small town in Central Victoria, Australia). So big big thanks for such a great and accessible daily practice! <3 Astrid

  30. I'm loving this second week! I've done the 30 Days set quite a few times! <3 Love you so much, Adriene. So grateful that you've shared your gifted perspective with the world.

  31. It IS a revolution for real.
    Adriene you are SO right in time -in sync that is:)- with your mission.

    Let's bring this on to our lives outside the mat also! I feel a strong urge to "preach " to everyone about the benefits of daily yoga. But realise the best, and only successful way is to LIVE the yoga.

    "The teacher arrives when the pupil is ready" as someone here said.

  32. Just loving this 31 days yoga. Am so determined to stay with it and do feel stronger after 13 days. I look forward each day to doing the practice. Am genuinely so pleased to be doing this and my body and mind are feeling the benefits. Thank you Adrienne

  33. "So when we take the time to show up for ourselves regularly we may open up a can. / We may do some uncovering. / Simply put, it's not always going to feel good." --> This is so real. The past few days, I've felt in a funk & was like, "But I'm doing yoga. Why am I feeling so uncomfortable & angry with my body? Why am I so distracted & disjointed at work?" I've been trying to remind myself that I'm working through a lot & optimistically hoping that this is a plateau before more openness & mindfulness in life & practice. This e-mail (and these openers) were just what I've been needing.

  34. I didn't feel like it today but also felt I'd let myself down if I didn't do today's practise . As always I'm so glad I did ! I always feel so much better after - thank you so much x

  35. Adriene,

    I'm so grateful to this Revolution and daily practice. I'd been away from yoga for about a year (for no reason I can explain, I just let it slip away), and I haven't missed a day yet since we began and the shift I've felt, not just physically, but emotionally AND spiritually in the last 13 days has been amazing.

    I'm so happy to be here with you and everyone else who is practicing along with us...

    Thank you!

  36. both my shoulders have been dislocated several times, two pins in my left ankle, from a 25 year old injury,my wrist will not bend the way yours do, and have ,a bad knee, and broke two ribs this thanksgiving, and I just turned 58 this December.,but I keep trying. but get very discouraged,
    But I have noticed my knee feels better

  37. Could not get out of my head today... my whole body is just so tight and wanted to fight me every step of the way... I wonder if things will ever come with ease... Still, of course, love this practice, just wish my body would cooperate, and my mind too!

    1. Hi Josie,
      I always find resistance with hip openers and put it down to emotion I don't want to deal with. I have found that I often cry after I do a hip opener practise but liken it to pealing an onion. The more layers you peal away- even with resistance and maybe tears the fresher we will be on the inside. Sounds crazy I know.

  38. I did day 12 and 13 together. Phew! I am tired, but it feels really good. I don't remember the last time I did an hour class, so I wasn't sure if I could make it through both. I pushed myself and did it! Yeah me! Yeah Adriene! Thank you for another wonderful class!

  39. That was lovely. I loved when you asked us to send love to someone during pigeon pose. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Looking forward to tomorrow.

  40. My insides felt like cement when trying to twist but I'm still here! Beautiful practice, Adriene, thank you.

  41. Thank you Adriene, Chris and the rest of the YWA team. #YogaRevolution is wonderful. I am enjoying feeling good in my body even while I challenge myself in some poses. Yes, Adriene, we can tone, strengthen, etc., with ease & joy. What a revelation! Thank you

  42. Thank you Adriene, first week alot of catharsis for me, and challenging, motivating myself ,slowing down now ,and actually looking forward to each morning with you . Learning to be more connected rather than going through the motions to 'exercise' or 'master the postures'! You have been my best New Year's gift, I am grateful, blessings Donna (Australia)

  43. Thank you so much, Adriene!

    In large part thanks to you I am on my 621st day of yoga 🙂

    Was so thrilled to finally hear a "Hey-oh!" again a couple of days ago, didn't have that for a long time 🙂 You certainly have a talent to make people smile and feel good about themselves! 🙂

    PS: I did not get an email for day 13, even checked my spam filter. Hope so much (for myself) that this is just a fluke, I really look forward to your mails. I assume you don't post their content online anywhere else, do you?

  44. Namaste from North Carolina! Thanks so much, Adriene! I can't believe I've done the Yoga Revolution every day so far. Getting stronger every day.

  45. Day 13 and I am faithfully doing this each day!! I actually found you, Adriene, on December 31, when I watched and did your "yoga for relaxation" tape that was filmed out in a park. I liked it ( and you!) so much That I read more about you and found out about Revolution!!
    This is an amazing program and it is changing me for the better. I am more relaxed and focused and feel great physically and mentally!
    Thank you so much! <3

    1. It was actually the " 25 minute gentle yoga" video, filmed out in a park. Such a great introduction!!

  46. Adriene, thank you! This is a lovely way to calmly bring in the new year. I'm getting so much benefit from this daily practice - and today with the hip focus has possibly been one of the best yet! My tight hip flexors salute you!

  47. I like today practice very much because pigeon pose is one of my favourite 😉 Thank you Adriene

  48. A few comments.
    1.) Thank you.
    2.) I'm a day behind. I keep hoping to get 2 practices in one of these days but it's just not happened yet! Oh well.
    3.) I was struggling with the lunges early on. I'm 75 lbs over weight and thought I couldn't do them. But I CAN. They are getting easier already.
    4.) holy crackers! Those hip openers! Good stuff. And ouch.

  49. I've fallen two days behind but loved this today! Had some really helpful insights about my spiritual journey for which I'm very grateful. Loving the revolution generally, I feel physically stronger already !! Thank you and NAMASTE

  50. I have to go every other day due to knee and shoulder pain but I want to do it everyday. I'm slightly behind but very happy. I am working on being gentle with myself. I just love this practice. Its a refreshing change from classes. I am learning so much. Thank you!

  51. Thank you so much for this daily gift ! I have some days late because my husband had an injury tuesday and stays at home for some days... today was my favourite ! it moves me !! thank you so much from France

  52. I had to stop for a few days thanks to bronchitis, and this was just what I needed to start feeling more human again after days in bed. Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me move and live from a place of connect. My lungs appreciated the lotsa love in 🙂

  53. I have never ever tried yoga til now. I have been doing yoga with you for about 4-5 mos & I love it. I have referred all my friends to try it with you. I have looked at other yoga instructors on you tube when I was gonna start but I found the best teacher in you. I love the way you take your time to explain everything and show the different levels. I started yoga because I suffer from relapsing remiting MS as well as seizure. I'm 38 & I wanna help myself so I heard yoga will help a lot & it has. Sometimes I wake up with no energy & pain but I'm so addicted to your yoga that I force myself to do it. When my symptoms absolutely won't let me I feel the difference in my emotions. I have been experiencing pain on my knees. Can you post some yoga moves to help with that or give me suggestions? Please & TY

  54. Hopping back into the yoga game after coming down with the stomach flu... ugh. All I kept thinking all weekend was, ADRIENE!


  55. I never follow through on things, I am known to be a procrastinator and never to prioritise my own well-being. But since I decided to start Yoga Revolution , I have not missed one day and it feels good!!! Thank you so much Adriene, you are one of a kind!

  56. Thanks to Adrienne for all she's giving me and us!!!!
    Love and positiveness from Brest in France <3 <3 <3

  57. I started the Revolution a few days late, but I am enjoying every minute of it! I have been doing yoga for a couple years now, but have been very sporadic with it due to my busy life schedule. I can truly appreciate the 30 minute sessions to focus my energy and bring my body and spirit back to being centered. Thank you, Adriene, for sharing these with the world. Sending peace and love from Las Vegas!

  58. Though I'm playing catch-up and unable to do this every single day, I am getting so much out of it. After a chaotic weekend I feel back to myself after this practice. Thank you so much for this lovely, beautiful practice, Adriene!

  59. Thank you sooo much for sharing this practice with us! I am open. I am noticing what happens. Much gratitude teacher. Love love and love.

  60. Best practice yet Adriene. Lovely connection with the physical, emotional and spiritual. I feel settled and ready for my day

  61. On day 13 today and loving it so far! I've always wanted to devote time every day to yoga because I feel it is so healing and teaches you so much about your body but could never find a class or video I enjoyed. My days start with yoga revolution and my days have tremendously been happier and healthier! Every day when my 2 year old daughter sees the last screen where it says yoga revolution she cheers and claps and says "YAY mama you did it". She even joins in with me during it and I believe this is just the beginning of bonding and making a change for a lifetime. Thank you for that.

  62. Dear Adriene,

    Thank you for this great class!!! I really enjoyed opening up as best as I can and look forward to getting better and better every day!! I also enjoy your encouragement and great sense of humor!!! Thank you and blessings!!



  63. wow, I can see the comments get less and less each day I go forward. Day 13 completed Adriene!!!! Thank you for the wonderful start up of my day! 😉 and I'll see you tomorrow for Day 14

  64. Adriene, this is the second time I do Revolution, I find it amazing, it has chanced the way I breath, walk or stand.
    My body and mind have reformed
    Thank you, I will keep going through the classes until you introduce a new one, maybe more advanced
    Take care

  65. The first 10 days of this, I showed up enthusiastically and now days 11-13 I've just been grumpy and not thrilled to do it at all. Any tips? I've stuck with it, and not skipped any days but I'm struggling tonight

  66. Loving this Adriene! My second time through the 31 day yoga. I've lost 1st in weight and look and feel a whole lot better physically and mentally. You're my true hero!

  67. Can anyone send along the 'Revolution' EMAILS from Day's 14-18 to me? I subscribed after starting the 31 days, subsequently I'm not getting the emails for the day I'm practicing.
    Thank you!

  68. My knees really hurt when we bent forward in sitting position at 9 mins 17 can you say something about this please? thanks Namaste!

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