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Your Day 12 Yoga practice guides you to evolve your relationship and commitment to pranayama, or breath. By committing to your breath in yoga practice you are committing to your total wellbeing. The result is a clear mind and calm nervous system. This is also a swift practice so in addition we continue to gain strength, trim, tone and condition. All guided by the rhythm of your breath, your heart.

The last few days have prepared you for today’s practice which uses Sun Salutations to inspire synchronicity. Stick with it! You are doing great!


74 comments on “REVOLUTION: Day 12”

  1. Namaste Adrienne,

    I really felt the breath today and honoured the now especially in the tree poses. I am amazed by the stability I am practicing. Thank you for recognising our differences and empowering us to make the practices our own shared experience.

    I wonder if one day you will get through a whole song before you realise the camera is stil running I love the fun, never let it stop.

  2. Hello Adrienne ! I am so excited when my phone dings to tell me your next email and video are ready. Seriously....I look so forward to this each day. I've got some sad stuff in my days right now and this #yogarevolution is like heaven for me. Thank you.

  3. Getting stronger in my standing poses. Keeping with you thus far. Thank you so muck Adrienne.

  4. Dear Adriene ! I have said it the last years of watching your way of teaching yoga: you must be the best yoga teacher ever. And I am serious when stating this! You make me feel the very small difference. You make me be myself when practicing yoga. You make me laugh and yesterday you made me cry; aligning to what matter the most and i asked myself; what about start loving my body..
    Thanks again Adriene: looking forward to tonights sun salutions! This revolution really has changed my home! Its clean and tidy everywhere these days... love from Norway!

    1. This is my experience as well! I always have such a feeling of calm and contentment after practicing with you, Adriene. Thanks for another wonderful day!

    1. Me too I am sitting here ready to cry and getting angry at the video. Not emotions I wanted. Or maybe it's what I needed to sync and connect to? I will definitely have to try this again. Up till now been feeling amazing so releasing whatever this is perfect timing.

    2. me too friend, I was getting so frustrated I just had to take a forward fold instead of doing tree. it's hard to see yourself fall short of where you'd like to be, but it's a constant evolution to become your best self.

      1. I am doing this series after the new year, but hopefully folks will still read...because I am SO happy to hear I wasn't the only one! This practice was so frustrating for me today! I couldn't figure out how to follow the natural rhythm of my own breath but also keep up with the pace of the flow and cues for breath from the video. I ended up restricting my breath, crying, getting angry at the video and not doing a lot of the poses out of frustration! It was shocking for me. Wondering if anyone may have any insight on how to Sync with your own breath and the video cues at the same time? Thanks!

  5. Today I've been a mistress of procrastinating with absolutely everything. But NOW. I shall finally do what I really really want: Meet myself, you, Adriene, and all of us practicing in Day 12. Yay!

  6. Hi Adriene
    Thank you for your beautiful yoga classes. I live a little isolated inthe country with no car so your classes are my saviour! Thank you for making and sharing. I am loving the move with awareness you teach. You are an angel!

  7. Before i started this 'revolution' i thought it would be good but similar to all the others. How wrong was i!!! IT IS AMAZING i am loving it. It is a life changer. Thank you Adrienne fro my partner and me, lots of love Namaste xx

  8. I was on a date night with my partner last night and said to him 'I can't wait to see Adriene in the morning!' He completely understood 😉
    Thank-you once more for the awesome connections into the wisdom of the body and for helping me practice grounding, self-compassion and flow ❤

  9. Day 12, love the sun salutations and the In Synch song, anytime, anytime. I love how we explored getting into tree pose and moving with the breath. Thank you for creating this program. Much love to you and everyone doing this program.

  10. Adriene,
    Thank you for helping me see strength where others tell me I have none and peace where others tell me it is not possible.
    Thank you for sharing your light.

  11. Hey Adriene! I've been doing yoga every day and on day 10 I did a supplement work out focusing on my booty and legs. I am way more sore than I expected and had to skip out on yesterday's practice. and waking up today it's almost worse. show can I combat the soreness? Should I still do a yoga practice or take a day off?

  12. Today was just what I needed. I do yoga first thing in the morning. When I started your practice I found my heart with anxiety of today's stresses and everything that has to do with work. By the end of the practice I found my heart beating at a normal pace and I was relaxed and just in the moment, the here and now. Thank you for all that you do. It means a lot to all of us.

  13. Thanks für this great practice! I did this together with my 1 year old daughter. The last 11 days, my husband could watch her during my practice, but today, he works late. I didn't have the same concentration as the other days, but it was fun - I smilded a lot during the flow while she crawled around me. And she really liked horsey lips 🙂 .
    Today was a fun practice for me, but i'm looking forward to day 12, when I'll do it another time on my one with all my focus on the practice.

  14. Loved the practice, but joint pain kept me from fully enjoying it. I love that the comfort of a home practice allows me to feel comfortable to find what feels good and to take mindful breaks when my body asks for it. I hope to carry that into public classes.

  15. Invigorated. Challenged. Learning so much about my balance and my strength. Thankful for playfulness.

  16. Thank you so much for your teaching, the fun you add to this practice and the options that you offer to help us be where we are right now. This is my third month of doing yoga with you every morning and I so look forward to it each day. Such a wonderful way to begin the day and there is always much that carries through the day both physically and spiritually. Namaste

  17. Dear Adriene,

    Thank you so much for bringing this wonderful yoga practice into my living room. You are very special! I've shared this opportunity with my son and a friend. I have to say that even my gay son "has a crush" on you. My friend is a die hard exerciser (and I think often hard on herself,) is finding great solace in your words of self-love and compassion.

    Keep 'em coming. I'm eating this stuff up as I enjoy creating a daily practice for myself.

  18. As someone with poor balance I am so amazed at where I'm at now thanks to Adriene! I'm so happy start my Yoga practice with Adriene every day. I find that I am moving more with "connect" in all that I do, I'm sleeping better as well, and dancing in my kitchen (finding joy in my world). Congratulations to everyone who is sticking with the Yoga Revolution....I cannot believe we are already at Day 12. Thank you again Adriene for this journey 🙂

  19. My balance is sucking these days but still loving it and still here on Day 12. Im flying internationally on day 19 so I'll miss a couple days of practice but I'll do them at the end <3

  20. "Way to show up for yourself." Yes! WAS feeling sluggish/groggy this morning and I just knew this half hour with all of you and Adriene would change that. I was right. Feeling much more energized and light and awake. It's amazing how getting in touch with the breath and breathing deep over and over again while moving the body can release all of these little places of tension I didn't even know were there. Adriene is so right - we don't even know we hold on to tension until we take a breath and get still and step into what is happening right now. Love. XOb

  21. I loved today's practice, made me feel really strong and centred. I am really starting to feel the difference in my mind and body from doing yoga everyday. Thank you Adriene 🙂

  22. Today I'm very sick and couldn't do the practise, instead I did half the Yoga for when your sick with Yoga With Adriene (of course ) I feel a little guilty but in my mind I know I am still sticking with it because I still got my body moving and my mind and breathe we're being brought into practise today! Roll on day 13

  23. Adriene,
    Thank you so much for creating this beautiful practice. What an amazing way to start off the new year. We are only on day 12 and already I have experienced a much stronger connection to my breath and my body as well as a noticeable increase in my balance and strength. I am even able to stay balanced while my puppy tries to play with me and knock me over while I'm in plank or forward fold. I went into this revolution excited but also concerned about my habitual lack of commitment. Now I don't see how I could possibly stop showing up, I genuinely look forward to my practice every morning. I've even seen changes off the matt like when I sit down to make pottery and bring stability and strength to my back. This has made a world of difference and I look forward to seeing more transformation. Thanks again for sharing this with us all <3

  24. Dear Adrienne,
    Wuaw the practice today was amazing! I loved the flow and ease that came to me when doing day 12 with you. Thank you for showing me the beauty of yoga. I fell more happy with my self and more balance in my life. THANK YOU!

  25. The focus on the breath was so great. It helped me to stay focused and feel stronger. I am feeling more limber during the forward folds. A few days ago my hamstrings were screaming, but today I was able to fold more easily. 🙂 Great practice!

  26. I have really struggled in the last 2 years to commit to any kind of physical activity, but here I am, Day 12! Each morning I read Adriene's email, then do the practice at night after work. It keeps me motivated all day.

  27. I really loved today's practice. I could hear my husbands breathing matching mine. It was such a great zen environment.

  28. I've been getting extremely frustrated doing balancing poses the past few days, and I used to excel at balance. But I'm taking your advice to be gentle with myself.

    I think I'm actually growing these poses by finding the right places to lift and to ground, so even though I'm having to take a step back to step forward, my awareness is heightened more than ever.

    THANKS for the 6 pack abs, by the way!

  29. I found this one really hard. Maybe it was the day, but I found myself crying halfway through and I had to take a break. I was able to keep going, but I was half crying the rest of the time. Maybe it helps to get more in touch with your feelings.

    1. Zoe, I felt somewhat the same! Balance postures seem like they create an upswell of emotion, for me it was frustration/almost tears/some frustrated laughter. I tried to stick with it but I guess the pain in my ankles and chest pointed out what I need to tune into as well!

  30. Sun salutations are not my favorite but I do love the reminder to focus on my breathing and to keep it in sync with my motions. Plus, a little N*SYNC never hurt anyone 😉

    1. For real, the n'sync got me through this practice, it was just what my hip flexors needed!

  31. Tonight was a little tougher, but I still smiled the whole way through. I'm a little tired and sore, because this week I convinced my work colleagues at the Nature Conservancy of Canada to join me in doing the Yoga Camp challenge at lunch each day. Meanwhile I've been sticking to Revolution each day as well. I can feel the strengthening and toning but I'm a little sore today! But I love that with your videos we've been able to create a space and time in our busy days at work to breathe together. Whereas we usually would eat lunch at our desks and work through lunch, we now have at least nine people showing up on their mats at lunch. They love your videos and how real you are, Adriene. So thank you for helping to keep us nature conservationists sane and mindful, Adriene. Namaste!

  32. I can't thank you enough for doing this for each and every one of us that steps onto that Matt to do your practice. I've never stuck to anything much before, but I'm sticking this this, mainly because of all the above comments, but mostly because it makes me feel absolutely worthwhile and grateful for the 30 mins I set aside to do this for myself. Loving the strength I feel in my body. Always looking for an opportunity to squeeze in some yoga at work to reset my posture, stretch my shoulders and legs after sitting at a computer all day. You have made me more aware of the need to do this and I'm embracing it fully. Heart You

  33. You make me chuckle most mornings, you wonderful lady you are a gift to us all!! I ditched big pharmaceutical anxiety medication for your class and it made me better than I've ever been. You are supporting me in becoming my greatest version.

    Namaste x

  34. Catching up on In Sync Practice one day late! Really clears the head and calms the nerves! Thank you Adriene, these are probably my favourite 30 minutes of the day!

  35. Hi all! I am loving this REVOLUTION big time. So thank you so much Adriene.

    I didn't receive the day 11 email. Can somebody please forward to me? [email protected]?! Thanks a million.

    Love & Light from Amsterdam

  36. felt great this morning too...liked when you were labeling the trees...been a frustrated tree this morning, but found my inner peace and balance by the end of the practice. namaste

  37. Hello!

    I have really been enjoying and savoring each day. One continuous issue I come to face that I was reminded of with today's practice is that it is almost impossible to do ab work with lower back pain. I try to pay as much attention to my lower back as I can and work to keep it flush with the mat, but I still experience the pain. I don't know if this is a result of poor positioning, just the life of living with a big booty, or if it's something that will cease with increased abdominal strength. If anyone has any tips, I'm open to receiving them! Namaste!

  38. My Tree pose today was a bit reminiscent of a palm tree in a hurricane, but just kept breathing and laughing!! Honoring the hot mess that I am today 🙂

  39. AMAZING! I have been doing yoga on and off for years...this practice is the FIRST TIME i've ever actually, really, deeply listened to my body and not fought through the poses. i'm growing in ways that will stay with me forever. I can't thank you enough and am filled with love and respect for your generosity.

  40. I am doing your new video every evening right after I come home from work, to make a cut and relax in order to not getting washed away by stress.

    After I had to struggle the last three days (stability and focusing are not my strength) today was really great and I noticed that I actually do make steps forward. I am more flexible in my hip and I don't collapse anymore when going through plank to cobra. The latter is really difficult for me, my shoulders are so weak. I hope this gets even better over the time.

    But most of all thank you for making me stick to some kind of work out already 12 days in a row! I am even looking forward to do yoga. For me that's amazing!!!

  41. Hello my sweet friend.

    I LOVED tree pose today! So great to feel my body changing and moving with greater ease.

    Thanks for sharing your heart, your humour, your knowledge and your practice.

    I always enjoy my time on the mat. You often make me giggle and your words stick in my head.

    Thanks for keeping it real and for making it fun.


    Sharon (New Zealand)

  42. First time I did yoga with my pets in the room and it was kind of hilarious! My black lab ended the time in savanana next to me ~ too cute. Thankful for these 31 days!!

  43. i just realised i can open it without it being sent as an email. many thanks 🙂 day 12 was great and I'll do 11 tomorrow x

  44. Hi Ardriene,

    I didn't get day 11, the emails come in daily but it went from day 10 to day 12.

    And thank you for making these videos, I'm a complete beginner and am having a lot of fun trying to match what you instruct. I'm sure if I let anyone observe my attempt at yoga they would laugh till they peed themselves haha
    All good though, I feel stronger already 🙂

  45. Thanks Adriene, late starting and have just finished day 12. I love the balance you but into the practice, I now feel like I get the point that it is not about the actual pose that matters, it is about the way you engage with your inner being and what feels good.

  46. Dear Adriene,

    Today's practice was great! Thank you for guiding us in such a wise and loving way, also with lots of fun. That makes it so much easier even when things get pretty challenging, you manage to keep me smiling all the way!! I am so happy and looking forward to your e-mails every day!!! I also feel "multidimensionally" better and better every day.

    Blessings and lots of love from Buenos Aires, Argentina!



  47. Hi Adriene,
    I fell off this cycle. I am starting this after 10 days break. Do i continue from day 12 or do i need to start from day 1?

  48. Hey Adrienne,
    I have done a few yoga classes in the past, but I must say I never connected to the movement and the breath until now. I use everything you have tought me in my everyday life, much more aware of my movements and how to control my stress levels. You have made the biggest change in me, and for that I thank you truly. You are my rock. Kim

  49. I finally understand what it means to use my prana to control my moves, to find balance, sync and stability. Have struggled with this for so long. Thank you for guiding me, it feels liberating to finally get it! You are one awesome yoga (and life) coach! *Peace, Namaste*

  50. Day 12! I've noticed how much breathing helps me stabilize and both together have really strengthened my core. Love this REVOLUTION!!

  51. Adriene, I've had chronic back problems for about 20 years. It has been gradually dawning on me for the past five years that despite some structural stuff, the vast majority of my pain is caused by muscie tension which is caused by mind tension and anxiety. Essentially, in other words, I've been slowly realising that it would have been possible for me to choose to have no pain much sooner in life. (I've just turned forty. Wait - forty?? Surely that number applies to someone more mature and grown up than me...). I've been incorporating the yoga revolution videos and they have been REALLY helping. The dial on the pain is turned right down. Thank you! I'm sure when I finish the series I'll become a subscriber.

  52. Thank you Adriene, here in Tel Aviv too, practicing everyday now and it feels awesome.
    one little thing -
    the subtitles are large and much of the time coverup your image. if i look up to get a glimpse if i am with you, often you are behind a large dark square.

    i think this was not there in the first week...

    well never the less - amazing contribution, thanks a lot!

  53. Thank you for this wonderful sequence, it was a fantastic practice for this Sunday morning. On to Day 13 and beyond... 🙂

    Peace, Namaste 🙂

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