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Your Day 11 Yoga practice is supportive and designed to help you align or re-align with what serves. We are creatures of habit and we are wired good. Use this Day 11 alignment based yoga practice to explore moving the body as a whole. Focus on alignment and use this holistic and fun approach as an opportunity to align or re-align with why you started this journey.

Great for committing to noticing patterns, habits and addictions and welcoming shifts that serve. Pranayama, or breath practice, continues in this therapeutic and mindful session. ENJOY!


101 comments on “REVOLUTION: Day 11”

  1. Hi Adrienne,

    Loving your work ❤❤❤

    Today I had a breakthrough in realisation for which I bless you for you guidance.

    I am an analyst and have analysed just about everything from finance to crime over 35 years of employment.
    Today I realised on my mat that I wasn't asking why, how what or when. I just trusted in the sound of your voice (I keep my eyes closed through most of my practice) and just was soooo present my balance improved and I honoured the practice of just being.
    Thank you so so much, and to think this is just the early days of the revolution.


  2. I have done, through the years, so many poses...just posing for the outer shape...not been there, in there, present myself.

    This time I was present. And felt like a beginner. And that felt good, about for the first time in my life.

  3. Thank you from the bottom of my heart (just thought of "head over heart, heart over pelvis" when I wrote heart It has become a little mantra I think, keeping me from looking like a sack of potatoes). Anyway, I'm so thankful for finding YOU on the internet 1 year ago. You ALWAYS manage to bring a smile to my face, and I love the way you teach yoga with an ease, no rush. I was totally new to yoga (I'm 50), but I've learned so much from your guiding classes. You are the best! Love from Sweden

    1. Absoluty Love this: Head over heart, heart over pelvis (keeps me from looking like a sack of patotoes!) My mini mantra aswell helpt so so much! Love

    2. Hi Anette

      I read your comment and am 51, just started w/ Adriene about 6 months ago or so. My shoulders and wrists are always soo sore! I attribute it to my age and that I've never really done yoga on a regular basis as I am now....Just wondering did you experience that soreness and if so, has continuing the practice helped as time went on for you?
      BTW, Adriene, so glad I found you by chance on YouTube, my want to get better at this has improved 10 fold because of you!

  4. of course I started yoga to get a hot bod (5 years ago), however it became just so much more! It helped me in so many aspects of my life and especially practising with you is still balm for my soul. You make me laugh, sweat, relax, feel good and your voice calms me down, I can follow you with eyes closed all the way through. I became more mindful throughout all those years. You really deserve those 2 mill, you created something really special and I thank you deep from my heart for what you did and still do for so many of us. It's my fifth years with you, your fifth on youtube (I think!?), so this year is my anniversary, yours too, so let's celebrate! I'm just amazed how this community grew, you deserve it, you just deserve all the best. I can't describe how much your channel means to me, it's impossible to describe, really. So thank you for getting me into yoga, thank you for helping me to be more mindful, to find myself again and to be kind. I'm a different person now than I was all those years ago and I really hope I keep evolving and as I keep practising and self-reflect I surely will keep evolving. You're one of a kind.
    I love y'all <3

  5. I can't believe I managed to straighten my leg! Amazing.,..I could not hold it long...but I still managed to hold 🙂 Thank you for this practice! I loved it.

  6. Loved today's practice as every day. So grateful for your insightful, holistic aware and fun guidance! Day by day and feelings stronger and more aligned and that includes off the mat too! THANKS. and PLEASE (for those of us over in Europe) could you possibly manage to post an HOUR EARLIER??? That way we can start the day with you and this wonderful community before work. THANKS and Namaste

    1. Yes, thank you from the deep of my heart Adriene <3.
      I get the emails round 9am, so, would be lovely to have them TWO hours earlier...guess this is a never ending circle though, there's always someone even more east...;)
      So for the present I am content with this, since I am working irregular hours and mainly in the evenings.
      But, a wish, yes....:)

    2. I'm not sure if it's because I'm a member but on the app I can see a few days ahead, so might be worth a try?

  7. Another great practice. I'm lucky enough to have discovered yoga through you Adriene so I don't get why anyone would want to be a "yoga robot". I guess I was lucky enough to find a great teacher the first time. It's so much more than poses for the world to see from the outside.

    And yay!! Creaky floor is BACK!!



  8. Thank you so much Adriene!

    I am loving this practice and it is changing me in so many ways!

    I am going to a restorative class tonight so I am going to feel amazing in the morning!!


  9. I'm enjoying the Revolution and how thoughtful your sequences have been to layer each practice into the next. Thank you. Also, you mentioned reflexology. I'm a reflexologist, and base my practice on "the body is a metaphor" as well.

    It's not a book on reflexology, but 'the secret language of your body' by Inna Segal may be a place to start with understanding some of the patterns you may see with your students, and definitely with any other type of body work. XO

  10. Great one! Thanks for all you do for this community. Here in Australia we get the emails late afternoon so I just align my practice time with that.

  11. Thank you. I am feeling present in my body with your practice and really feeling the poses. And it feels good. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  12. I started the practice singing "I feel the earth move under my feet..." and minutes later Adriene does the same, there goes also some alignment! 🙂 I find every practice beautiful, but this one was special for me. I,ve been diagnosed chronic stress (burn-out), my alignment was gone for good for almost 2 years. Today, I felt it back and that felt SO good. Thank you Adriene and community for your good vibes, Kisses from Spain!

  13. AH! I was able to extend my left leg in the standing pose towards the end. I never even thought about that being an option for me. Not once did it cross my mind I would ever be able to do that and I did it! Great practice. Flowed amazingly from day 10! Thank you kindly.

  14. Namaste, Adriene! I'm finally reaching a kind of breakthrough with my practice through this program. I started "Revolution" because I wanted to be able to say that I completed a difficult series without missing a day, but I found myself getting frustrated during the first week. I wasn't focusing on the time I was actually on my mat; I was thinking about the future and the goal I had set. I tend to be pretty "Type A" and I find it difficult to enjoy the moment without thinking ahead, and everything I do has to have a specific purpose (and relaxation and "me time" is never a purpose I make for myself).
    But the past several days have been really helpful in promoting stillness and mindfulness during my practice, and it's been extremely rewarding. I'm focusing more on the way my body and mind feel on the mat, so I'm enjoying the program as a way of reconnecting with yoga beyond "just getting a workout." I'm taking each practice as it comes, patiently and gratefully. I get excited to see what each practice has in store for me and what my body and spirit will learn from it.
    Yoga helped me come out from a dark time in my life several years ago, and I'm so grateful that you've given the opportunity to re-learn why I fell in love with it in the first place. Thank you so, so much for all that you've taught and given to the rest of us - you've helped to make my mat a very happy, safe space!

  15. To be completely honest, I did not enjoy today's practice! I adore Adriene's videos and think she's awesome but my knees were hurting in the first couple of poses, my feet were cramping up, and I kept losing my balance. Frustration was building but then I took a deep breath and told myself to work with it... and I'm now so proud that I did 🙂 I finished the video with a huge cleansing breath of relief, gratitude and pride. Can't wait for tomorrow! x

    1. I have cramps calfs and toes and bad knees- I tend to use a blanket under my knees for things like tabletop or lunge. It might help?

      Good job on getting over your frustration! I've been there 🙂

  16. I am really enjoying this series. I still find myself frustrated when I can't "hold a pose"(standing on my left leg is so hard for me), but I'm learning to enjoy the process. Thanks, Adrienne. I really need this!

  17. I loved today's practice!! Balance has always been a challenge for me but with your guidance I am getting stronger, more stable. Also I had a revelation : when you prompted us to "align with what matters most " - it was revealed to me and I feel great! Thank you for your insightful words, you are helping us make a difference.

  18. This was a very emotional practice for me today. I cried at the end. I discovered yet again new ways in which I found new alignment. I could not balance as well as I thought I would be able to and so I aligned with forgiveness and reframed into excitement for the day when I can. Namaste

  19. <3 mentally and physically challenging and beautiful. Thank you Adriene for helping us focus on both. My knees were a bit unhappy with the first couple of poses but I folded the mat for extra padding and kept going!

  20. Thank you for your great yoga classes Adriene❣️Sometimes I feel like such a dumb a#s when I lose my balance and then I hear you say, "And even if you've fallen 5 times, welcome to being human." Love that. I always feel better after your yoga sessions. I'm aiming to be more consistent and so far, 11 days In. A. Row.

  21. Thank you so much for this practice today. Instead of curling up in a ball under the winter blankets like I really wanted to, I pulled out my mat and turned on this practice. It pulled me right out of my "winter funk"! I no longer want to curl up and sleep, I want to face the day realigned and ready! Thank you.

  22. So today, my schedule being very tight, I wore a dress and leggings to the office and snuck away and did the practice in the gym during work...shhhhh....don't tell but it was awesome! Thank you.

  23. Overslept this morning and had to skip practice - out of sorts all day longing to get home and on the mat!

  24. I struggle with an anxiety disorder and have used yoga in the past to help with this. I just cannot seem to be present and shut my mind off this winter. I am 11 days in and am still struggling with the mindfulness part of the practice. I am still feeling as anxious as ever. Does anyone have any suggestions so that I can make the most of my practice?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Sara - I am having the same challenge as you are this month. As Adriene would say, "Way to be human." Go ahead and forgive yourself for not being able to feel as present and mindful as you might hope to be right now.
      A wise woman in my life gave me a mantra to live by last year. She completed a triathlon, an amazing feat. Afterward, she acknowledged that she was not as prepared as she'd hoped, and did not perform as well as she had in previous races. But, she wrote that her main goal for the race was this: "To make it to the start line, and receive what the day gave me."
      I have decided that this will be my goal for the month. To make it to the start line each day, and receive what the day gives me. My ability to be present and mindful waxes and wanes through each video. I am being gentle with myself, choosing to simply arrive at the mat and accept where I am physically and emotionally. I am finding that small breakthroughs are beginning to follow.
      Adriene's has some really nice "yoga for anxiety" videos on her you tube channel. This was how I came to find her initially. I would highly recommend giving those a try.
      Also, Sara - it is ok (and important) to get additional (professional) help for the anxiety, if your usual methods aren't helping as much as they were before.
      Peace to you. xo

    2. that's why they call it "practice" Sara...I struggle with this too...just keep's exercise for the brain...hugs

  25. Hi Adriene and everybody!
    First thank you for creating this program and making it available to all of us. I have a question regarding today's lesson, could you explain the difference between tension and tightening?How I understand it, there needs to be a balance between engaged muscles and softer stuff and try to be "relaxed" and especially if one isn't used to the movements there will be tension in the muscles.Or is a better word strain, as in don't hurt yourself?Thank you.

  26. Love that the squeaky floor has found you and is keeping up and being present with all of us. Make a joyful noise! We hear you!
    Thanks for this awesome revolution yoga!! <3

  27. One day I will straighten my leg. Right now burning ankles and lower calves but one day I will get there. And do crow pose!

  28. Amazing, Adriene!!!

    Love day 11!!! It felt good to concentrate on alignment.

    I am so happy with the results of practicing with you at home(for approximately 2 months).
    My overall strength, balance, flexibility and coordination have improved .
    Thanks thanks thanks!!!

  29. Thank you so much Adrien for your loving guidance! I have been practicing yoga for years and am very flexible and can usually get into all the poses. But now I dont just cram my body into the poses to look the part. I really feel my body and feel freed to move in any way that feels good. I have never felt so strong in my core and in touch with my body and breath. Reading other people's posts it seems that I am not alone in finding myself and realizing just what my body is really capable of. It feels good!!

  30. Hi Adriene, my name is Marat.I am 29 years old. I was watching your beginners video on Yoga and was instantly interested in it. I have cerebral palsy and I have a weak back and legs, mainly my legs. I am unable to stand without holding on to anything, or stand for a long period of time. My legs are not only weak, but are also tight. I have seen some people use yoga to strengthen their body and live a healthy life style. I am planning to start following your videos and strengthen myself by doing yoga. My question for you is, where should I start? What are the best yoga exercises for legs? Also, what do you recommend for my diet while I practice yoga? Thank you for taking your time to read this. I hope to hear from you soon.

    PS: I sent you a message on YouTube, but you didn't reply. I think you have so many that you don't have time to reply. I hope you see this message, because it is important for me. Thank you.


  31. Inquiring minds want to know about the creeky old floor! Is it because it is a different home you are practicing in than some of your other videos?? Was it like an old friend coming to say hello and that made it feel right?

  32. Today's half hour of yoga and I completely washed the work day right out of my hair! Yeay!
    Day 11, still with it and so delighted, thank you 🙂

    1. Same! I was actually looking forward to today's video. I guess it really does take 10 practices to build a habit!!

  33. Thank you Adriene! I enjoy this revolution yoga series very much. This really helps me feel healthy.
    Many thanks!

  34. Still enjoying this 🙂 I look forward to each session. Can you do 365 days of yoga next time

  35. Fun and challenging! I'm making extended leg balancing pose (along with tree) my new focus for Jan/Feb. XOb

  36. I feel so supported by you and my practice. My Nan died a few hours ago and I just wanted to do yoga with you. Day 11 helped more than you will know. So grateful

  37. Today, I had to cut the practice in two.....but I came back and finished as mindful as it would go today.
    Noticed, thanks to yesterdays practice, I have some extra length in my body. I feel more proud (and taller) on the inside and out, that's the weirdest it!

    And I remember your floor creaking in your old house!
    That brought back memories and a big smile!
    Love that sound.

  38. I missed your creaky old floor. Now Benji has to make an appearance. Great practice today. Kicked my butt! I'm already feeling stronger from this challenge. You rock Adriene!

  39. Hi Adriene

    finally, I want to thank you for this great Revolution! It's not always easy to get myself on the mat, since I have only time late in the evenings, when my children are finally asleep. But after the practice I always feel so delighted and good. A great end to each day! And it's getting even better every day! So thank you!!

  40. Enjoyed today's practice immensely! It is so true that taking / making a certain pose is one thing, but being able to start from within is something different altogether - this is what I am learning from Adriene.
    Managed to straighten my right leg and keep balance- what a great feeling! I am more supple now and feel stronger on and off the mat.
    It's great to be part of this big "family".
    From UK with gratitude and appreciation!

  41. Hi

    Found some surprise alignment in my life off the mat today and also on the mat where I managed the yogic squat!

    As the saying goes "The universe is for me and so is everything else"

  42. This is my 3rd year that I've tried the January yoga challenges... so far going strong and feeling great. I usually try to practice 3 or 4 times a week, but there's much to be gained by doing it every day. I'm going to make it to 31 days this year! Thanks Adriene! You're awesome!

  43. I find such a difference doing the practice morning vs evening. Tonight I found it so hard to stay present with chatter from my family. I did listen and will remind myself though as I go throughout the day. Thank you.

  44. For some reason I had difficulty showing up for myself today. I guess I wasn't in a good mood to begin with then I kept having trouble with the balancing pose and felt frustrated. But I stuck it out and now that I've done the entire practice, I feel good and so happy I kept going when I wanted to stop. Love you Adriene and thanks for your videos.

  45. Thank you so much for your videos Adriene! I found your videos about six months ago and am doing yoga camp for the first time (and loving it!) I had a mental breakthrough yesterday and today around loving myself. Doing yoga with you each day is helping me keep fighting the battle of feeling worthy and valuable. I am able to see my thoughts more clearer on and off the mat. Thanks again <3

  46. Thank you again, Adrienne~ I realized today, this is seriously giving me more energy! I look forward to this practice every evening! my muscles and my mind crave this time on the mat!

  47. Adriene, thank you so much every day. You're amazing! I have never done 11 days of Yoga in a row and I will continue and finish this challenge. The beauty of it, I am sharing this challenge with my best friend who is in the Netherlands, while I am in the USA.
    Dare to ask: will you do a 28 day challenge starting Feb 1st :)?

    Thanks for all you do and keep doing it! <3

  48. Thank you for all the video's you make! This time I made it every day to the mat so far, previous 30 days I sometimes skipped a day and then did 2 video's on one day, but this time I am really motivated to continue every day, and it awakens my body so good, when I get out of bed, I feel like 80 (I'm 42), but after my morning session, I'm 30 again 🙂

  49. Finally did it! My balance is getting better but my feet are soooooo letting me down - they simply hurt when I'm in balance 🙁 Any tips?

  50. Hi Adriene,
    I simply love you! I live in Shanghai where is not easy to find a good teacher so I'm so happy that I find you, thanks to one of my friend in Romania. Think how small is our world.

  51. Loving practising every morning. Found the balance a bit tricky today but breathing and going with it. Looking forward to tomorrow. Thank you for such great sequences

  52. Thanks again Adriene. Day 11 woo hoo!
    Problem this morning no email from you for day 12, please help.

  53. Hi Adriene!

    I was completely unfamiliar with the practice of yoga until I started following your videos. I am currently a graduate student in a Public Health Nutrition program, so moving, learning and growing through life in a holistic way is something I am passionate about. I exercise regularly and always loved the idea of practicing yoga, but struggled to commit to it.

    Before my first day practicing alongside your videos, I didn't like the person I was. I knew who I was deep down, but struggled with irrelevant stressors which eventually weighed down my entire life and overpowered my ability to remain positive. Now, I can say with gratitude, that your guidance is slowly but surely changing me for the better, and allowing me to be myself, completely. I've connected to a place of peace and serenity, and slowly am beginning to love myself, each and every part.

    For all that you've done so far and all that you will continue to do, for myself and for others, thank you.

  54. I think this has been my favorite day so far! Restorative and calming on the outside, active on the inside. I love the balance poses and this one just set me straight (pun intended). <3 <3 <3

  55. Thank you so much, you have helped me overcome anxiety and brought balance to my life, I'm 40, I started your classes on YouTube March 2016 and since then I have pretty much done a class every morning it's the 1st and most essential part of my day followed by meditation. Have you seen the MindValley workshops and guided meditation with Vishen Lakhiani and Bob Proctor? Another revolution in my life, I wonder if you guys could share and combine your skills.
    Your work is fun and enjoyable it's so beneficial for the planet as a whole to bring movement and self love to millions of people who will no doubt pass this love and compassion on, you are special and I thank the Divine Mother for sending you to us. Namaste Adriene.

    In awe of shining light xx


  56. Ooohhhhh that was a tough one today and I struggled with my breathing, but oh do I feel better after just 11days.... Thank you Ms A❤️❤️❤️❤️ I can feel myself getting so much stronger ...yay!!!

  57. Hello, first off, this has been an amazing journey back into my love of yoga and mindfulness. I appreciate the emails, because I read them first thing in the morning to motivate me to drag my butt out of bed. I have been receiving all the emails up until Day 11. Adriene or someone else from the community, could you please post the email here?

  58. A wonderful concentrated practice today! Balancing poses are my weakest link, but with your guidance I can follow along well!

    Just a small query regarding the hamstrings in forward fold and downward dog. Last year I practiced my yoga and had no issues with my hamstrings. After taking a long break due to a chronic illness I have returned to practice with severely tight hamstrings. Would you suggest stretching these before I leap into a video?

    Any help is so appreciated, as is this amazing, inclusive, supportive program <3 namaste.

  59. A few months after completing your 30 Day Workout last winter-and still enjoying your daily yoga-I fractured my fibula. After receiving the doctor's permission (actually he encouraged yoga!) I continued Adriene's yoga. Upon removal of my cast the medical team was astonished! "We've never seen this! Your leg is toned and strong and your cast is clean and perfect." So as I stood on that still strong right leg today in balance, I am grateful! As well, my anxiety and panic disorder from severe childhood trauma (I've had it for decades and went through talk therapy but no meds) -- has been calmed and my brain is forever changed! Thank you, Adriene and Kula!✨

  60. Hi, loving the practice! But I didn't receive my day 11 email, and they usually come in just after 12:20am.
    And it's after 12pm there anywhere I can look up the info? Thanks!

  61. Hey there! Still loving this challenge. Today is day 11 for me but I haven't received it in my email! I'll find it though! Thanks for these lessons!

  62. Hi! I was at my Yoga revolution day 11 yesterday. But I didn't recive the daily mail for this practise. I've checked everywhere, in the spam also but sadly nothing. So far I have recived all the other e-mails. I wonder what could have happened?
    Hopefully I will recive todays e-mail for day 12.
    Thank you for these e-mails, they are such an inspiration and motivation every day.
    Namaste/ Grace

    1. Dear Adriene,

      The same happened to me: no Day 11 e-mail. I did receive Day 12, thank you!!! Your e-mails are really great and thoughtful!!!

      After over 10 years without yoga, finding you (thanks to my very dear friend Pato) made all the difference!!! I am carrying the practice out of the mat to my daily life and my riding. My horse and I are really connecting more and more!! And I feel more and more joyful every day!!! I am so looking forward to subscribing when I can. Meanwhile, God bless you for having me on your class!!!



  63. Hey Adriene!!! Day 11 completed!!!! I know we're not suppose to be counting days but 19 more days to go!!!!! I'm so so happy almost half way through 😉 Thanks for inspiring me to keep coming back to the mat.

  64. I have difficulty with "putting weight into/on to my feet." When we are in a pose with our tummy facing the ground and are instructed to put weight into the tops of our feet (which are facing the mat), like pushing into the tops of the feet. I'm not sure if I'm making sense, but if anyone can provide some clarification and/or advice, I would greatly appreciate.

    On another note, I have been practicing yoga for years on and off and have NEVER been able to walk or jump to the top of the mat to meet my hands from downward dog or plank. Is this due to my lack of flexibility?

  65. This program feels great so far, I couldn't do it everyday, but I think it's still working and creating in me a need for a more regular practice. I'm recommending to join the Revolution to everyone I know. Thanks so much Adriene!

  66. Today was the hardest day for me. I've done both your previous 30day programs and today was the most exhausting and frustrating day ever!! All the more reason to get back on the mat tomorrow.

  67. Thank you so much. Very new to yoga. 55 years old and 13 years in sobriety. I have been finding ways to connect with my higher power thru prayer and meditation. Those two things led me to my knees and not enough movement and excercise. My higher power has now led me to yoga. I can see and feel my spirituality really begin to blossom even more. The body benefit is amazing. My disease of alcoholism is three fold, body, mind, and spirit. I have been neglecting the first part and now, perhaps, yoga is helping to fill out my triangle! I so appreciate the opportunity to begin my practice here, with your guidance.

  68. What brought me to the mat was my vertigo. I was diagnosed with vertigo by primary care and given medication just made me drowsy. I was referred to neurologist. Who tried different remedies but last visit with them I told them the exercises to move salts in inner ear working best. They told me to try a Physical therapist and they have one call me. Not me call them. I can't afford even the doctor visits. Waiting for a call from one I tried out Revolution as the exercise they gave me reminded me of my dad getting me to do yoga growing up standing on my head and all. They never called. I noticed you have many yoga programs like Yoga for Migraines. Would this be suitable for Vertigo? I'll stick to revolution for now. Just hope to getting to positions that mix up inner ear salts. I remember my Dad stretching his tongue sticking it out curled down and letting out loud noise. I believe for sinuses but inner ear infection and sinus infection close. What you recommend

  69. Adriene- THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU for this practice. I'm so happy to have found your videos. I have needed this so much and have come to this for many different reasons- but the root of them all is that I've developed some very negative body images and self talk over the last year. With that has come more negative attitude than I have ever had before and I know it doesn't serve me. I love what you emphasize in this practice. I am working on focusing on all the strength, power and energy my body and mind have. I am slowly learning to move more intentionally on and off the mat- and shedding away what isn't serving me. Each practice with you is fun and playful and I LOVE IT!!

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