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Your Day 10 yoga practice is soft and sweet. A therapeutic practice that focuses on the power of subtle movements and the energetic body. Bring a thoughtfulness to the mat as you balance stability and ease. Relax and notice. Thoughtfulness is found in the little things today. Focus on the way in which you approach your actions on the mat and your practice will grow. Focus the way you move on the mat and you will focus the way you move in the world.

Relax the body and welcome clarity. This practice offers tools for making decisions that serve.


119 comments on “REVOLUTION: Day 10”

    1. Adrienne, I'm loving the revolution as I have loved many of your YouTube vids in the past. On day 11, and sadly I did not receive your email today 🙁 I have enjoyed reading them several hours after practicing to reaffirm all of the goodness! I feel like we are really friends and I'm missing you!!Please help!:)

      1. I'm having the same problem 🙁 I love getting the emails, really helps me with this practice. Hopefully there's a way we can still get them

      2. Helloooo fellow yogi I too have not received day 11!! ADRIENNNNNNNNE!!!!!

        Where are you?

        Loving my yoga

      3. hey all, I was wondering if anyone has the emails for days 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15? Tomorrow is my day 10 of the 31 day challenge (which I am absolutely loving btw) and somehow I accidentally deleted the above emails. I like to read whats in store for me the following day.
        Although I was a bit of a late bloomer starting my challenge in Feb 2017, I am already feeling like I will miss this challenge and will continue to work on my yoga each day. Thanks Adriene,x

      4. Have a look in your junk mail. Or just search all emails for "yoga with Adrienne " and see what pops up. I had the same issue but I found them all.

  1. So great to be doing this and not sinking into the winter blues. Thank you Adriene x

  2. Thank you Adriene, Feeling very chilled out and refreshed after a long day of working on an assignment. xx

  3. I simply love this, i am really greatful that you share this whith us. If i dont find time every day, i do two videos during the following day. I have two questions. 1. In cow/cat position, am i to release the root locks in cow position? 2. I am healing from a injury in right shoulder and it is clearly weaker than left sholder. Any suggestions how to strengthen right shoulder to match the healty left shoulder?

  4. I was one day behind, so did day 9 and 10 after each other, and they were a perfect combi! Thank you so much.

  5. Great to be back with you, already feeling massive benefits. Adriene you inspire me to practice yoga. Loving my return.

  6. So far this has truly been an experience! The last week I've been jiggling through while on my period, which has resulted in real grumpiness at times. I did day 6 about attention, but felt absolutely pissed. Sitting still and just focusing on my alignment has been the real yoga challenge so far this month!

    It's only been ten days but I feel like I am already learning so much. I really admire how you bring something new to the mat every day, and for every challenge we've had with you. I think I am really understanding the concept of yoga every day. Whatever it looks like, 1h or 5 minutes, but to come to yourself with awareness and breath. I am so so thankful for my yoga practice, and for YOU.

    Thank you endlessly.

    Maria (from Sweden)

  7. Very good description of today's practice - yummy. Thank you. Very much enjoyed today's practice. Love and hugs.

  8. I am sad to say I didn't start...I have been neglecting myself for so long, it is not a surprise. If I want to start today (I DO!!!), should I go back to day 1 or start with day 10?

    1. I would recommend starting with Day 1, because every day has another focus and i think it is good to do them in the right order. You could do two practices a day if you feel like it, though. Sometimes it's hard for me to carve out some time for myself, because i have two little kids and a part-time job. I'm two days behind, but everytime i show up on the mat, i feel so much better and afterwards i get much more things done than normally and am nicer to the kids and myself. I hope this helps you to get started, you will love it.


    2. I would recommend to start with day one, and enjoy the full 31 days. It doesn'y matter at all if you are behind. It's much more important to experience the built-up of the days. Good luck.

  9. So true!!! The little things are the best!! Who didn't cry in that scene in Good Will Hunting

  10. Thanks you for posting the durations of the videos for the week in today's email.

    I do it in the morning before I leave the house at 530, and it's really good to know how much time to allow.


  11. Hi Adriene! Loving this series. Curious- are we supposed to be doing more exercise on top of this?

  12. Yes, the little things, the little things give us such wonderful moments. Thank you for this practice. This was yummy and I love how you are guiding us to remember the previous pose with that connection. You are helping me get back to a regular yoga practice after not doing much yoga over the past few months -- that was so last year, ha, ha -- I was told by my doctor to do more cardio (I have scoliosis and it affects my breathing), and although I have seen benefits from the gym I go to, it is hard to do both but I have been doing Revolution in the am before work, and setting myself up for greatness. Thank you. Thank you to you and all the beautiful people doing this program. I feel like we are in a big public class together, separated geographically but connected through our hearts.

  13. I set my alarm for 4 this morning so that I can practice before work. I hit the snooze button and began to read your email. I read "They say that how you do one thing is how you do everything." And at that moment I knew I couldn't roll over and go back to bed. Thank you for your encouragement, for your kind words. I know we don't know each other personally, but you sure have a way of connecting with me & have helped me be a better version of myself. Namaste

  14. "I feel the earth move under my feet".

    I was singing with you Adriene this morning...thoughtfully.


  15. I don't know if it was the beauty of the sunrise, the soft snoring of the dog on my meditation pillow at the base of the yoga mat or the perfect practice for today - but something melted inside. Namaste

  16. Hi Adriene
    I sprained my ankle New Year's Day and won't be able to practice yoga for several more weeks. Is there any way I could get the 30 day yoga next month?

  17. Yummy yoga goodness every day! Great series Adriene. Thank you-- I am trying something new and practicing in the dark before the sunrise. You are fabulous.

  18. Today I will exchange manipulation for allowance. I will relax and see the truth.

  19. Thanks once again for a great practice, Adriene. The last gestures remind me of what I always end with, right before I say namaste - "may we have clarity in our thoughts, in our words, and in our actions."

  20. My favorite practice yet. Woke up in a bit of a funk, got on the mat, set an intention to feel loved. This practice followed. Feeling much better. Thank you. Will be bookmarking this one.

  21. Thank you again, sweet Adriene. My back was tight this morning and this was perfect. Feeling better already ❤

  22. Adriene, this was the best yoga practice and video that I've ever done or seen. I love your videos, but this one is my absolute favorite. It literally surpasses anything I've imagined in a perfect yoga routine. I appreciate this so very much and I'm filled with gratitude for this experience. Thank you.

  23. Loved the side body stretch today and the message of thoughtfulness! I have a question about the child's pose posture with arms behind vs. stretched out in front. I always feel really wonky in this arms behind position and a bit stressed in my neck. I also feel really clumsy when trying to get into the pose - I must first get my head to the ground and then put arms behind, but I still feel stress on the neck. I'm thinking building back strength will help, but wanted to ask around about my "struggles". Thanks!

  24. Got as far as day 8 then broke my arm while skating. So disappointing, but I'll be back. Be grateful for the opportunity and ability to move and take care of yourself. Never take it for granted.

  25. I get tingly toes in forward bend while sitting, is that normal? I googled that it might be sciatica related.
    I loved day 10! I'm not doing more exercises other than this and wonder if that is not enough, but I'm first trying to create the habit of every day yoga and after this I will buy the empower series and go from there. I really want to move forward with a weight strength building and weight loss program.

    For now I'm enjoying the #yogarevolution it's been 41 days of consecutive yoga! YEY!

    1. I'd say one step at a time. It takes 30 days for your brain to have a small change in habit, so if you try to change to much at once you might skip out and lose interest in all you do.

      You're doing good! And 41 days is really WOW!

  26. Since Day 8, I am no longer able to see the videos. I left messages on day 8, I tried every day and can only see day 7. Day 7 is the only video showing on my youTube. I resigned up and received day 1 over again. I had a friend forward me her email. I am still receiving a message that says I must be approved to see the video. I was signed up, doing them all and am now getting left behind. I'm not sure how to get this fixed. Please help.

  27. Hi Adriene,
    I had the best news ever yesterday evening. I'm pregnant!
    I still can't believe it actually.
    I wanted to ask you what are the exercises I shouldn't be doing (although I'm only one month pregnant, so it probably doesn't change anything?)
    Thank you for this yoga revolution. It's the second year I do that and me like it!
    Lots of love ♥

  28. I started this year with Revolution, while I was on vacation in the US (yes this is your Dutch friend from last summer ;)). After 2 night's of pratically no sleep, a 14 hour trip back home, eating pizza (cause what else do you do after these days of no sleep) and unpacking I was sitting on the couch and wondering if or if not I should do this practice. I'm exhausted, but figured it might be a good thing to do before going to bed. So I did, and even though my arms were shaking like crazy, I'm proud that I did it and I made it.
    So now I'm gonna take a nice shower and jump into bed.

    THANK you for this revolution!!!!

  29. I really Love that Adriene makes this a spiritual journey, oneness with the mind and body. Your energy is pure Adriene. No sugar coating, no plug ins. Just you and the mat. Thank you.

  30. If somebody told me a few months ago that I would start doing yoga, I would have laughed thinking they were absolutely nuts to even suggest such nonsense to an 'anti-yoga' person like me.
    Here I am, after "30 days of yoga " and "Yoga Camp" enjoying "Revolution yoga" with Adriene. I suppose there is no need to add anything to that, is there?
    I am a converted yoga loving new me!
    Thank you for that dear Adriene!

  31. Love this thank you Adriene freeing the soul and having thoughtfulness letting the stress go x

    1. So true! Couldn't believe the time when it was time for savassana! (I have no idea how to spell that!)

  32. Time goes so fast loving every minute and I cant believe its day 11 tomorrow woo hoo feeling great

  33. Thank you so much for today's practice. I ended up having a pretty crappy day, but finally got myself on the mat and it was just what I needed. I am still sad, but I have a bit more peace right now. It is okay to be sad, this will also end. Also proud of myself of getting on the mat, even though I really didn't want to.

  34. Lovely and loving practice to do in the evening, as it had to be today. But that was just fine as a way of unwinding and to bed.
    I have a question though- maybe someone could advise me here, or in the Kula? Though I feel fairly strong and so far have had no difficulty with any position except my crow downing:) - there is one thing that annoys me: the cracking of my spine. I mean, the joints really crack a lot with a low, rumbling sound. Especially in supine twist, and tonight in the sphinx when I lifted my knees and hovered for five. It doesn't hurt, it just feels really unpleasant- am
    I cracking up;) or what?
    Grateful for any advice. Namaste.

    1. At the beginning my spine also cracked every time I did the twist (and it felt really good). now it doesn't crack anymore... I don't think it's a bad bad thing that it's cracking, maybe the bones are just going back at the right place or something 🙂

  35. Thank you Adriene. Feeling very cosy and warm, happy to be inside doing yoga while a big snow storm is happening outside here in Northern Ontario. ❄️☃

  36. Another wonderful practice, Adriene! And another I'll need to do again in the future--especially as I had real difficulty getting and staying in a place of mindfulness today...

  37. I am learning so much, becoming so much more aware of my body, and building confidence. I really look forward to my daily yoga practice with Adriene!

  38. I am loving revolution! You've gotten me back in to my yoga practice and I couldn't be happier spending the time with you every morning!

  39. Teaching my 10 year old daughter to love her body with yoga revolution! Loving the time we get to spend with each other and Adriene. Thank you! PS- she giggles every time you swear or sing.

  40. I couldnt finish my day without my yoga practice. First time in my life I think and act in this way. After a long day: traveling since 4:00am, working until 6:00pm, gym until 9pm this 30min of connection with my body and spirit was what I needed. Thanks Adriene! Think this is the start of something beautiful in my life.

  41. These yoga practices inspire me each day to live life to its fullest. I recently stumbled upon these videos when looking for a way to start incorporating yoga into my daily life, and, as my luck would have it, I subscribed the day before the Yoga Revolution started! Thanks so much Adrienne!

    P.S. The mindful practice today was just what I needed to help lift my spirits.

  42. Oh my goodness Adriene; I am so sore! I love it! Yoga makes me feel optimistic about the everything! Thank you for making these videos.

  43. This was just what I needed after watching the President's farewell speech..... thank you for this thoughtful practice late this evening.

  44. thank you adrienne ,,, in the middle of selling my business this helps ground me so so much xx thank you

  45. I had apprehension before this session, but I let go and it was wonderful, it all came together for me. I'm 60 years young and this has helped me to let go of the stress and attune my body and mind. Namaste! Thank you!!

  46. Day 10 will definitely be a go-to day when I need TLC and to wind down. I am faithfully committed to practicing each day and enjoying observing the changes that are happening in my mind, body and spirit. Thank you so much for sharing your gift, Adriene. Namaste.

  47. Adriene, thank you for sharing these wonderful videos and bringing the art and practice to so many people.

  48. Day 10 was one of my favorite days yet!! I needed that thoughtful practice. Thanks as always Adriene You always have my back ❤

    Oh, and P.S. I have even got my husband to do the #yogarevolution with me, so thanks for making it accessible to even guys

    P.P.S. He says that your next shirt needs to say "Hey-yo" With that, I totally agree!

  49. Today was the day I managed to do up dog without collapsing. And then... my feet hit the floor on downward dog! This has truly been amazing and I never would have been able to do yoga every day without these videos. I love that it's less than an hour, makes it much more manageable. Thank you so much for this.

  50. Hi Adriene,

    Thank you so much for these Yoga video's. I absolutly love them!
    Just one question about the daily emails, i also really enjoy reading them but i only found out about them later. So yesterday i got days 4 email while i was doing day 9. Is there any way to change this?


  51. Hello,

    Thank you so much for this wonderful journey! I am on Day #11!
    I'm just currious, why I didn't get my Day #11 email today.. :}

  52. Hi Adriene,
    Thank you for this beautifull practice today and since I've started this journey with you 🙂
    Same as some people, I haven't received the email for Day 11. I love reading them also. It gives me a bit more understanding of my practice and myself. Any chance you could send it over? 🙂 Thank you in advance

  53. Hi Adriene,
    I´ve never got day 11 in my mail. Can you send it to me? And Im sure that I didn´t deleted it

  54. Adrienne ,your yoga videos are the highlight of my day.Thank you for sharing your special talent and joyous personality with all of us. I feel empowered by your comments and the workout .

  55. Hi Adrienne! I've started doing yoga practice using your videos in November and since them not only is my posture much better & my muscles a lot more toned, but I'm also feeling that I'm almost fully recovered from a major depression which I was in, when I began practice. Thank you so very much!
    I have one question though - do you have any tips for exercising during period days? Luckily, my first two days were softer days in this challenge (days 7 and 8) but I still felt a bit more sore and unbalanced than usual.

  56. Dear Adrian, this practice was great! practicing thoughtfellness together with such a nice stretch of the back!
    Namaste from Moscow!

    1. KAT, I have fallen behind too, you are not alone! It may take us longer, but we will get there. 🙂

      It is hard to breathe deep, mindful breaths with a stuffy nose!

  57. Well day 10 on the 23rd January... I suppose that means I'm managing to do Revolution in 70 days rather than 31... hey no matter. Today I was frantically busy, my only day at home this week, work in the Emergency Department / Room, so even more chaotic at work this time of year, 2 young kids, much to do, and am working from home... brain scrambling! Stopped to just do 30 minutes of this and *wow* what a tonic it was. Thankyou so much Adriene.
    I love that I've got them downloaded so I don't have to bother with our pretty dodgy wireless / internet speed. I like that I feel I've been able to contribute a little financially too, as a thank you.
    You have changed my life!

  58. Dear Adriene.....yes you are dear to me. I so enjoy your yoga lesson, practice, e-mails, love and vibes. I have followed you for three years. That being said....I hate to sound like a goody two shoes but could you clean up your language? It's not very professional, in fact it's off putting. Just saying~~~namaste

  59. Just what the doctor ordered to help alleviate anxiety , anger, confusion, and bring some self peace. Will return to this one again and again. Thank you.

  60. Thanks so much for these videos, Adriene! Is there a place we can send thank you cards? I'd like to send one.

  61. i love that in the emails you let us know what kind of time we're going to be on the mat. I'm a 20 min person but I have loved these extra 10-12 minutes. I also love finding what feels good to me. So when I jar off from the directive I find something yummy, then you say exactly what I'm doing. Like today, during cat cow, It felt yummy to stretch my sides and rotate my I was doing, you were saying. I find this to be a very great connection. Please never stop being the quirky's what kept me here and the special ingredient that I share to people I introduce Yoga with Adriene too take quirky to know quirky

  62. Hello Adriene, hey everyone,

    unfortunately the mails stopped after day 10. Is there a way to start new at day 11?
    The mails made it so perfect and now I feel - incomplete (Backstreet Boys reference ;D)

    Love and thanks,


    1. Oh wait I just got mail 12, I'm back on track again!

      But 11 is still missing - maybe someone can help and copy the text? That would be awesome!

      1. I'm starting late and also didn't receive day 11 email. Was there a resolution? I see from comments this was a common issue. I also really enjoy receiving the emails for the guidance and reminder to make time! Thanks, Serena

        1. I also started late and didn't get a day 11 email. Makes me glad to know I'm not alone. I wonder what the glitch is. Adrienne can you help? Thanks!

  63. Thank you so much for this. Day 10 and I'm already learning to look after myself more, to prioritise my satisfaction above social expectation that I don't even agree with, and to find what feels good ALL THE TIME! <3

  64. Adriene, I LOVE these Yoga videos!!! Sadly, I am missing video day 11. Also I cannot get video day 10. Would you please send again the videos for Day 10 and Day 11 PLEASE???

    Thank you so much!
    Sharon Perry - email below!

  65. Yay! I didn't slack on day 10 I'm very proud of myself :$

    Thank you Adriene, for helping me become more thoughtful of my actions, alot of sucky stuff happening with me internally. 🙂

  66. Unfortunately, I did not receive my day 11 email, but I understand how unreliable technology can be. I absolutely love your yoga practices! I've done this thirty-day yoga challenge every month this year. Thank you!

  67. Adrienne, I am following your Revolution with great pleasure. Thank you so-so much for every chapter of this 31 days. I am so enthusiastic in my day 10, that I am already planning to repeat the Revolution for a second time! --as soon as I complete the first one, of course 🙂
    Lots of love from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  68. I am unable to express how important this practice is to me and how much I look forward to the continued growth that it promises.

  69. I can't express how much I enjoy my time with you. Usually it's in the evening and it's so nice to simply relaxed into the practice and breath and be at one with myself. I've passed your link onto several friends as I really want to share with them what I have experienced.

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