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Respect and Replenish

Welcome in some heat as you stretch, strengthen, and create space with this full length warming vinyasa flow dedicated to respect and replenishment.

Replenish your energy to restore balance in both mind and body. Respect where you are in your yoga practice. Continue to build a foundation and cultivate your inner support system - so that you can have a relationship with self respect that permeates all other relationships. Especially our relationship with Mother Earth!

You got this! Let me know how it goes in the comment section down below!


40 comments on “Respect and Replenish”

  1. Have just moved house after 19 years, your words are a balm as I sit in my new space and think about how my mat will fit in the new space and my new routine. Thank you

    1. About to move house and decided to look for a yoga with Adriene video to help with the anxiety and grief. Then just saw your message. Hope you’re settling into your new space. X

      1. HEY-O! THIS SO replenished me and inspired me to then go on a crispy morning walk in the mile high country! Thanks for changing my life adriene ♡♡

  2. I did it. The 30 day dedicate challenge. I finished the session with sweat dripping from me. I have enjoyed it and it's not over! Thanks, John

  3. ... and blow out the candle light... 🙂 A fantastic way to wake up the body and join mama earth on this new day. Thank you! Namaste.

  4. What an awesome flow! I loved it and will definitely be adding this to my regular ones. Thank you so very much

  5. You used my catch phrase- show up. As I deal with grief and loss, it felt tempting to say- this one is too long- go for a short practice. But this was what I needed to feel able to move forward. Your work has transformed how i move through the day and I thank you.

  6. Thank you Adriene! Thank you for sharing your amazing wisdom and understanding. Your kindness and your teaching approach is so welcoming for all

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This practice took me from fearful to joyful. :))

  8. After about 1-1/2 years of daily practice with you (along with my spiritual practice - an important component of it) I am far stronger, happier, settled, peaceful. The ultimate respect ... Namaste!

  9. Thanks for reminding me that’s its been a while since I was on the mat! Not that I really needed the reminder.....I really miss it, but I’m nursing a bad back at the moment.
    I have been doing your yoga for back pain however.

  10. You are awesome adriene! I have been watching your videos for a while now. I feel energized, inspired and at peace. I mix yoga and my daily meditation to feel like a million bucks!
    Thank you for all you do!

  11. Reach for the sky!
    I am the only person I know who says groovy. Nice to see someone else is trying to keep the word alive.

    Thank you for the practice.

  12. Hi Adriene,

    I've been meaning to leave a reply for months now....

    Your yoga videos and your calm, loving voice ( and of course Benji) have been an integral part of me being able to survive the last 2weeks. I found out that my husband of 18 years and the father of my child has been lying to me our entire relationships (relations with our friend's wives, hookers, old girlfriends- I guess he's a sex addict??) and now he is taking me to court so he can get away without paying his "dues".

    Having you say "lots of love in, lots of love out" during the dedicate series gave me hope in humanity and my own strength. Thank you for doing what you do, inviting me to the mat to do the real inner work - which is all that matters- truth, love, trust. Sending you and Benji lots of love back

  13. Adriene & team, do you have a visit planned for LONDON ENGLAND this year.
    Regards MonaLisa

  14. Thank you for being so awesome! I LOVE your videos and whenever I receive an email from you, it's always just what I need to hear at that particular moment. 🙂 Keep being amazing and say hi to Benji for me!!

  15. I went to the site this morning planning to do a different practice and this one came up. I knew from the title it was exactly what I needed today and it was! Thank you so much for always supplying the yoga that my body and soul need for the moment. And bonus for me, you remind me of all my daughters so it makes my heart happy to practice with you.

  16. I am one of the ones who drops in and out and stays in the shadows, but you and Benji have been part of my life for quite a few years now. (I remember when he was a cute little puppy, and what a handsome guy he has become!)

    I love following you because I don't have to think about what comes next, and your voice guides me through the practice so well I don't have to wear my glasses to follow! lol! I have loved watching you grow and blossom, I love your heart, your wit, and the occasional "oldie" seranades, but mostly I love the way you gently guide us to find ourselves and allow us to be who we are on the mat.

    I also want to tell you how PROUD I am to be a part of the YwA community and how proud I was of the way you represented yourself, the practice of yoga and self-care, and the entire global community at the ME Convention last year. Your talk brought tears to my eyes - I felt like a proud parent. (You also look fabulous in clothes, by the way! Haha)

    Seriously, I love you... I love Benji... and I love the way you are bringing the practice of yoga, meditation, self-love, and the healing arts right into the homes and lives of "regular people" all over the world. You make it accessible and easy in a way that that few have done, and many thousands are benefitting. I share your YouTube channel with friends, family and clients all the time, and they always come back amazed at how much fun YwA is. They will actually make time to get up early and take that time for themselves because of your winsome presence - many, for the first time ever.

    Thank you! Namaste, my guru.

  17. I just want to really thank you for the Sunday letters. And all your kind words. It is nice to hear kind words especially with all the mean stuff going on. You and your team, and sweet Benji are appreciated. I'm not a FWFG member but I am very thankful for the YouTube videos and the letter. I tell everyone that will listen about you all.
    Thanks Again and Happy Days,
    Heather Sigmon
    Blowing Rock NC

  18. Dear Adriene, I will just tell you that I started with Dedicate in January. i had never before practiced yoga in front of a computer. But it was exactly what i needed to heal, to train, to get back into my body and feel. And now - a week ago, I started it all over again: Dedicate a 30 days yoga tour. I don't listen to all you say, but I am there, I enjoy, I move and I rest.

    Thank You,

    Ester, 57 yrs, Åland Island, Finland, North of Europe

  19. Adrienne you continue to nurture my soul and my body with your emails, and yoga videos. I always know you and Benji (love that guy) are rhere to get my day off to a great start. I have been with you for many years. Thank you for your dedication to making us challenge and explore ourselves.

    Jann from Southwest Florida

  20. Hi Adriene! I've practiced Yoga for years and love practicing with you. I work a lot so I value my time on the mat.

    I'm a resident of California, but visiting Austin as my daughter just moved here and she is expecting her first baby, and my first grandchild any time now.

    I'm having a great time visiting Austin.

    Thank you for your videos!

  21. Thank you, Adriene!
    I look forward to spending time on the mat with you and Benji as often as I am able. Your deep knowledge of how to perform the poses and your fun delivery of the sessions make them enjoyable.

  22. I experienced SEVERE anxiety issues that came out of the blue in early August 2018 . It' been an exhausting and scary journey of almost 10 months! I had begun yoga a couple of months before the "anxiety hammer" hit and have continued it since. I discovered "Yoga with Adriene" on YouTube in early January and haven't missed but a couple of days since then. Your calming nature and spirit have been a God send as I continue my journey of healing. I look forward to being on the mat with you everyday, sometimes twice a day. You have an amazing gift in what you are sharing with your community of followers. I appreciate the time that I am able to spend on the mat with you and have seen real results--body and mind. Still working, but I am committed to finding what feels good, thanks to you!!

  23. Hi I love the sequences but this was too much for me I didnt feel replenished just tired half way through had to stop
    Any other nourishing ones you suggest

  24. This was an amazing session. I’ve started yoga practice again after taking some time away. It went by so fast I was surprised when it ended. Thank you for providing this for free.

  25. This was just what I needed today. I was feeling a bit run down, had lost sleep over the last few days and have been feeling a bit wired. In Namaste I started to cry and then sob. I held my heart and sacral chakras to support myself and then my body literally convulsed as I cried. It felt like I was having a seizure. It was a big release of energy that no longer serves me. Thank you for facilitating that release!

  26. Thank you Adriene for your sessions. This was my first yoga practice since finishing chemotherapy for ovarian cancer four months ago. I'm so happy to be able to do yoga again even with the foot pain I experience now as a result of treatment. I wear athletic shoes and it works just as well as going barefoot. Modification is key! I'm very grateful to God for every day He gives!

    Thank you for your calm demeanor and kind words. This video went by very quickly!

  27. Adriene,
    Aloha and thank you for always having amazing and awesome videos.
    I’ve been following you for 5 years.
    Much love!

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