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Reclined Twist Yoga Pose

Reclined Twist is great for beginners! This reclined pose has many benefits! It is so YUMMY for the spine and digestion. It is also a lovely way to release stress, tension and toxins from the body. This twist squeezes and stretches all the muscles and organs of the torso and even tones the core. Give it try and let me know what you think! This video is part of our Foundations of Yoga series.

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Remember back when we used to go to the mall? Like to walk around and people watch? I would get a ride to the JC Penny entrance to meet friends, walk around, eat too much sugar and window shop. I remember when The Sharper Image came to town. It was always so much fun and restorative to go sit in those fancy massage chairs and take turns "chilling out" while avoiding eye contact with the employees. Even as a teenager I sought restorative moments. Time to take a chill pill and feel good. Now, I drop down and do reclined twist. (My, how I have evolved??) Even since shooting this little video for you I cannot seem to get enough of this pose. I just want to roll around and twist and shout every hour on the hour! We are entering that time of year where everything seems to be bustling with busy energy and excitement. Take a sneaky break from your Christmas shopping (metaphor!) and give yourself a moment in that fancy massage chair in the back of Sharper Image.

Take a second to experiment and experience a yoga pose. Lie down. Breathe. Twist. Massage your internal organs and allow the nervous system to restore and be happy. This pose has a diverse number of benefits. I can tell you that this asana has released all depression from my spine (broke my tailbone a couple years back) and has also improved my digestion by, oh, 100%. TMI? You'll see...

Twists are life changing yoga postures. In my opinion. Twists offer an opportunity to go deeper while also detoxifying the body of that which is no longer serving you. Think of the body as a sponge. What have you been absorbing? What can you afford to shed and squeeze out in your twist? Wring it out! Create space for the things that you desire and want to manifest in the New Year.

Put on a song that makes you feel good. Use the duration of that song to experiment in the Reclined Twist. Great to slowly wake up the body in the morning and an awesome pose to practice after a long day or long weekend as it restores and brings balance to the bod. Let me know how it goes. (And let me know what song!)




  • Great for digestive health
  • Tones waistline
  • Detoxifying
  • Encourages fresh flow of blood to digestive organs, increasing digestive health and function of your whole digestive system.
  • Can cure gastritis!
  • Lengthens and realigns the spine, happy spine!
  • Stretches back and booty muscles
  • Strengthens abdominal muscles
  • Massages abdominal organs
  • Brings balance to body and can restore equilibrium in the nervous system
  • Place blanket or pillow underneath legs
  • Bring your knees closer into the chest to help relive sciatica
  • For shoulder injury or if you experience any fussiness in shoulders lower arms in your "Texas T" and/or rest hands on ribcage.




10 comments on “Reclined Twist Yoga Pose”

    1. George, is that an OLIVER reference? If it is then I want to send you a prize. I love it. If not, no worries, I am glad you left me a note regardless! Yes, sir, please stay tuned for more and more! <3

  1. I'm with George, there's something about the way you connect the practice of yoga to your experience of life, your body, your breath, muscle groups, cells that have a tranquil and even storytelling, as in compelling effect. Even reading the list of benefits include your entertaining and punctuating comments. Thank you and please miss more....

  2. Hi Adriene, I am excited about your videos and your way of teaching us yoga by explaining postures and benefits. I also check regularly your blog too. I am 40 and had my first baby 2 years ago, I would like to have another one this year but I am scared by my last pregnancy since I had a lot of lower back problems. I would like to know if and how I could start prepare my body now and during my pregnancy. After the baby was born I ended up with 7 dislocated vertebrae and a blocked pelvis. Thanks a lot!

  3. Dear friends, Brahmakumaris are vegetarian... and emphasize the importance of keeping thoughts pure... when preparing food... they either enhance or decrease the vibes of what we eat...thus affecting our health... vegetarian lifestyle is also more conducive to achieving total peace of mind.
    There is Brahmakumaris meditation...that relaxes the mind...nurtures a healthy balance between inner and outer worlds...recharge... rejuvenate the inner-self...

  4. Short story: I am a very happy, fortunate woman crazy in love with my husband and son; living with a very complicated medical history. Two kidney transplants, severely compromised immune system, 28+ years on steroids, b-cell lymphoma from anti-rejection drugs. Myriad side effects from 12+ major surgeries, prescription medications, chemotherapy, and aggressive anti-rejection therapies. My 51 yr old body is not my 23-yr-old petite pre-transplant gymnast physique.
    Yoga with Adriene via You Tube, Google Chromecast to my living room TV, and my yoga mat are the perfect combo. Thanks for helping to get me back into yoga in a safe environment with far fewer germs than a public facility. Working my way through each of your videos. I recommend every one--haven't found a dud in the bunch! Please know that this woman in Buffalo NY is VERY appreciate of you. If you were my neighbor, I'd be handing you a big bouquet of lilacs from the bushes blooming in my yard. Please accept my virtual Thank You!

  5. I love your yoga routines! Especially the bedtime one. And I love how you use the wor 'yummy'. I have a quick question: What breed is your dog?

  6. I love reclined twist, helps me to create space in the waist and hip area... quite therapeutic. Really works in helping digestion.

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