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Reclaim Your Center At-home Retreat

Adriene is leading a three day weekend retreat at the Omega Institute August 9-11, 2019. The weekend will focus on the theme of "Reclaiming Your Center" amongst the the green backdrop of upstate New York. 

We are always interested in finding ways that everyone can feel welcome and always excited by opportunities we can create digitally to help you connect to what feels good!

Not everyone is able to attend that in person retreat and we don’t want to leave anyone out. We lovingly created this free at-home retreat built around the same theme as the retreat at Omega. 

We will be gathering together around the globe and in the comfort of our own homes for the “Reclaim Your Center YWA At-home Retreat” on August 9-11. And…we would love for you to join us!


Each day of the retreat begins with a morning yoga practice and morning meditation and ends with an evening yoga practice. All these practices are free videos on the Yoga with Adriene YouTube channel. 

Journal Prompts

There are also journal prompts for each day. These prompts are an opportunity to spend a little time each day writing about whatever the journal prompt brings to mind and perhaps whatever your practice brings up for you too. The journal prompts can also be used as a focus or intention for the day. 

Nature Activities 

Rounding our day each day is a nature activity. These suggested activities are invitations to spend a little time connecting with nature while connecting to your center.

Connect with Community

Share your weekend at-home retreat with the YWA community by using #ywahomeretreat

Carve out time and space on your calendar and join us on August 9-11 for this free at-home weekend retreat. 3 days. It could be the perfect remedy. Let’s do this! 

Reclaim Your Center YWA At home retreat schedule for August 9-11, 2019.

122 comments on “Reclaim Your Center At-home Retreat”

  1. Thank you so much Adriene and crew!
    I am allready looking forward to the retreat.

    1. Adriene,
      This is very sweet. I wish I could make it out there in person.Thank you for the activities. I look forward to doing it at home! Again, Thank you very much.

      Laura Hart

        1. There is nothing official you have to do to join - you can just follow the prompts for each day. It starts today (although you can start it whenever) and you can follow along by doing the yoga and meditation and journaling prompts provided!

  2. Love this! So grateful for this practice and this community. Looking forward to the home retreat.

  3. From Uruguay, I’ll be with you, as usual. Thanks
    Me and my loved cat, that loves each sesion!!

  4. Ah, Adriene, I just love you gal! This is so what I need 🙂 To me it seems you always know what I need, what we need.
    It's written in my calendar.
    Love ya

    1. I'm so thankful to you Adriene for reaching out with your kindness and love. Your emails always brighten the days. I'm looking forward to taking part, from home. Thanks once again for including me! Very grateful for that 🙂


  5. As ever - superb timing!
    Thank you A and your crew for this exciting event and sharing so generously (as usual)....

    It’s in the diary and I can’t wait.❤️‍♀️

  6. Such a cool idea! I hope to join you! Thanks for your generousity, Adriene! You are so special to make your work so widely available!

  7. I would love to know at what time the event starts. I can only find `in the morning` but I´m living in Amsterdam so maybe that will be at nighttime here. Please let me know, cause I love to participate (L)

  8. Dear Adriene, thank you so much for your generosity. It would be an honor participating to this event. Just hope we can cope with the scheduling, from our time zone. Love from Brussels - Belgium.

  9. Very excited for this! I’ve wanted to do a yoga retreat this year but haven’t found the time. Doing it in the comfort of my own home and exploring nature from my own backyard is the perfect retreat! Thank you! This is MUCH needed

    1. They are all free videos in YouTube. Great idea to invite everyone to participate that way, thanks Adriene!

    2. Just go on the Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel and search the title of each practice as you’re ready to do it. I did the last YWA weekend at-home retreat and it was wonderful. I hope you love it!

    3. Hi Johanne - all the videos are on the Yoga with Adriene YouTube channel - there is a search bar where you can put in the title to bring up the video.

      1. I’m saving all of them but can’t find the last day’s Reunite with Your Core Center. Anyone have tips on how to find this one?

  10. I still can't believe, that you do such a big effort to help everyone to get into yoga. I discovered your channel a few months ago and I don't want to miss it anymore. Thousand thanks from Switzerland

  11. Hello Adriene,

    Next best thing to being there, thank you for including this at-home retreat. It's on the calendar and looking forward to joining you all and connecting through yoga.


  12. Thank you again!

    I have been recommending your site to my students who say they need to become centered and feel better in order to get their work done!

  13. That weekend I will be out in nature on a family vacation! Perfect timing !!! Thank you

  14. Perfect timing, thank you Adriene and team. I’m having surgery on 3rd August and this will be part of my recovery, stitches should be out by then! I’m looking forward to it already.

  15. We have the tools but I am so grateful for the gentle reminder. I am so thankful for what tools you give so freely.

    Thank ya and your team for all you do


  16. Thank you, Adrienne - this will be my first "retreat at home" - but it will actually be done "on the road". Hoping that it will help centre me, as I spend these three August days celebrating my brother's life at his memorial service, with friends and family. I am sure that the yoga, meditation and journal writing will assist me as I try not to plow thru the weekend, but allow for the peace.

    And if I falter and miss one or two, I will be imperfect enough to offer myself a lot of acceptance....and maybe pull the three day into a 6 day, with my DH !

  17. It’ll be an amazing weekend whether at the Omega Center or following along at home. Thank you Adriene and team for always thinking about the wellbeing of our Kula.

  18. Adriene
    I'm 71 and have been working out with you for over a year and it has made a tremendous difference and has allowed me to keep up with my 4 small grandchildren.
    But I will have to undergo shoulder surgery in about a month that will limit what I usually do on a daily basis. Since I have become somewhat "addicted" to daily practice, would like some guidance if possible .


  19. I am super excited to read about this. As a teacher, preparing to head back in to the school building in just a few short weeks, I planned to make my August yoga journey one that was around getting grounded, focused, centered, and a little reset to kick off the school year in a fresh and energized way. This fits perfectly into my thinking! You never fail to have my back! ❤️

  20. I've been feeling really out of sync since the loss of my mother last year. Interestingly, the first anniversary of her death is the last day of this retreat. I'm going to take that weekend to honor her and myself. This sounds perfect. Thank you.

  21. I would like to thank you so much for your generous spirit. I am so grateful for you and wish you all forms of goodness in your life.

  22. I just love the way you pop in to my in-box every week with exactly what I need! Can't wait to join you all from the UK.

  23. Oh, yeah! I called Omega six months ago but it only took a few hours after your workshop Announcement,to fill up. They're just across the Hudson river from me, and I am in avid fan & YWA practitioner. Your seasoned work, now coming to the East Coast, is so exciting to me! I'm so happy to join you in this virtual way, With my thanks and sisterhood, across the River to you all, and Omega Institute. Thanks so much for this offering.
    All best for this summer's celebration of life,

  24. Thank you Adriene! I find myself spending too much time doing meaningless things. You have helped me to stop, find myself and begin to transform. I'm so excited for this retreat! You are on my calendar and I promise to show up.
    Thanks again for all you do!
    Xoxo Tammy

  25. I joined the YWA community in February 2018, and I remember sobbing on my mat after the first practice of True, as I felt I finally had found what I had been missing in my life. These past 18 months have been a whirlwind of ups and downs, and the past 6 months or so I have been stagnant, and have lost my light. Just reading about this at-home retreat starts the tears rolling down my cheeks. My spirit so desperately CRAVES the kind of peace and joy that only yoga and meditation has been able to provide. So why am I so scared to start practicing once again?? I’m going to try though, and this retreat seems like the perfect platform to settle back into it. Thank you Adriene, and all who are a part of YWA . . . for providing such a wonderful opportunity for everyone ❤️

  26. Thank you Adriene, what a wonderful treat! Can't wait to meet you on the mat.
    Your funny and inspiring!!!!
    Jennifer from Kahnawake Quebec

  27. Screen shot the course and marked the dates on my calendar!
    Love ALL that you do for us at- home yogis!
    Vancouver Island BC

  28. I'm so excited to join you all in this retreat! I haven't been able to practice due to back surgery but I will be cleared to practice again! Thank you for sharing this experience Adriene

  29. I'm in! This is just what I need, I can tell I need to spiral back towards my center and get grounded in myself. This sounds like a lovely ritual to help do that!

  30. Oh yes oh yes I’m in , me ‍♂️and penny’s first yoga retreat I’m gonna give my room a little make over, just to get the mood right ! Thanks Adriene for the invite see you on the mat

  31. Sending you love and strength same as you always share with everyone! Namaste` Lovely Lady

  32. This sounds great. I had surgery 5 weeks ago and was told no yoga for 6 weeks. I should be cleared next week to practice. Can't wait. Your yoga has gotten me through this year of health issues. Thanks for all you and your team do for us.

  33. I just got back from a yoga retreat right here in beautiful Oregon. It was a life changing retreat, and on the drive home I started thinking about ways to hold onto that euphoric feeling after such a great experience. One week ago today I left for my retreat, and then today, your email! I'm so excited and this is just what I needed! Thanks Adrian!!!!!

  34. Thank you so much for being so giving to this community. You have inspired me in so many ways sice I began. Looking forwrd to the journey.

  35. What a
    Well in that days I'll be away so home retreat will not be posible... but I'll do it before or after real time.

    If it's not a problem... can I use grafic of retreat in my blog? I would like to write about it.. 🙂

  36. I’ll be joining you from the Shetland Islands out in the sea north of the Scottish mainland. Thank you for all your hard work. You’re making a difference to people. Marion

  37. I'm so looking forward to this 3-day home retreat with Adriene! I've been a long time member of FWA and FWFG. I have on my bucket list to one day to actually attend one of Adriene's yoga classes in-person. Thank you Adriene for everything you bring and your love!

  38. What an awesome idea! Thank you so much! My calendar doesn't allow me to participate on those particular dates, however, am I wrong to assume that one could schedule this retreat on any convenient weekend? If so, I would love to experience it this coming weekend!

    Thanks Adriene for all that you do!

  39. Thanks for offering this to your online community, Adriene. I just attended your class at Fair Market in Austin yesterday, and loved it! I look forward to the class in September.

    You're a gem and we Austinites are so proud of you!

  40. This gave me happy shivers thinking about it 🙂 Thank you for making an online version!
    I want to attend one of your classes in person some day. Fingers crossed 🙂

  41. I look forward to joining this home retreat. At what time will the videos be online? Thank you, Adriene

  42. This is awesome. I wish is were this weekend as I am in the beautiful Byron Bay NSW (Australia) this week & it would have been a perfect practise for my mini break.
    I’ll be looking forward to it as a birthday treat next weekend instead. I love that I can take my practise with you, where ever I go for work, pleasure or at home.

  43. You and your videos are changing my life. Thank you and your crew for all you've created for all of us. I'm a week ahead of the retreat. Husband and I built a fire in the backyard tonight, then we retreated to our hammock with fluffy pillows and a blanket and slept under the stars for a while, watching the fire and drifting in and out. Have a great weekend. Sending much love and feeling very grateful and peaceful. Peace

  44. this will be my very first retreat ever, starting on the day I'm going to celebrate my birthday with family and friends. THANK YOU so much for this wonderful birthday-gift, sending you lots of love and positive energy all the way from the netherlands.❤

  45. I have been a long time follower of Adriene's and thank you Adriene for everything you do for your FWA kula. I have been MIA for quite a few months as life has not been kind. Plus, I had a severe accident which resulted in a couple of surgeries with my last one next week 8/6, and therapy due to deep depression. Doing ok with the depression thanks to meditation - turned to it as I was too much in a dark place. As for the surgery, my doctor said that if that goes well I can get back on my mat who has truly missed me. So, to make a long story short - thank you Adriene for making the 3-day retreat available for us to join you and the gang while we are at home. I am so looking forward to not only my REUNION but also my RECLAIM to myself (body and soul). Namaste and I love you Adriene - you are an Angel!

  46. I began my journey with the Yoga with Adriene community in January of this year, and I haven't looked back! I have lost weight, toned up every part of my body, but more importantly I have gained the tools to find peace and love every day. Thank you for bringing this retreat to those of us who can't be there in person. I will follow along, knowing thousands of others are doing exactly the same thing.

  47. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! I can't wait to start. Love you and all that you share.

  48. I am definitevely in next weekend from homeretreat! lots of love and thank you #ywahomeretreat <3

  49. So excited to be able to enjoy this Retreat remotely. One day I hope to do so in person. But for now at home Retreat. With much gratitude for your generosity. Thank you & Namaste

  50. Can we just take a moment to appreciate Adriene’s generosity? Adriene, I’ve got no words to express how grateful I am to have (digitally) crossed the kindest soul out there on YouTube (yes, you!). Yoga changed my life thanks to you. THANK YOU for everything.
    I’m super excited for this retreat!

  51. This at home retreat looks absolutely perfect. Thank you for making it so thoughtful and accessible to those who can’t attend in person.

  52. This is wonderful! Thank you Adriene and team for reaching out to everyone esp this yoga retreat at home.

  53. I can’t even put into words how excited I am about this. Although I will have to do it sun-tue instead of fri-sun, it’s marked to my calendar. I’m currently planning a menu for those days so everything will be as ready as can be and I can concentrate on creating and experiencing. Thank you Adriene and I wish everyone a lovely retreat!

  54. I am conscious that NY is about 5 hours behind us here in the UK, when will the first video be online? Love you Adriene x

    Thank you

  55. Looking so forward to starting this retreat with everyone tomorrow! It's been a long summer but trying to get in my yoga every morning - I can't wait to strengthen and build my practice with journaling and reconnecting to nature.

  56. This makes me happy. I am a caretaker for my mother and this will help a lot. I think all caretakers should do this.

  57. Tommorrow we start 🙂 Adriene, you litteraly changed my life. Thank you so much for sharing everything with us. Love ❤

  58. any chance we can join live on You Tube? Id love to see the people a the event practicing with me!

    1. Unfortunately, we aren't able to do this but if you are in the FWFG Kula app, there are many participating there and sharing their at home retreats! 🙂

  59. I’m with you all in spirit
    From on the road
    Modifying as is best
    But keeping my yoga mat rolled out on the hotel room floor

  60. Where do I find the videos? I went to Yoga with Adriene YouTube channel today and do not see it. Please help.
    My sister and I are "attending" together. Thank you for providing this.

  61. I am so glad that we too can participate from home! And looking forward to this weekend.

  62. Would love to do this weekend Adrienne. I am a children's nurse and have had a really hectic, emotional week

  63. Greetings from Norway!

    Thank you so much for this wonderful gift. My only wish is that it included meal tips, as this would make the weekend completely as a retreat ❤️.

  64. THIS is a Wonderful Gift !

    I've just spent a couple of weeks at the hospital for a quite serious illness + another two week unable to practice yoga because I was to weak. But THIS you provide us : the possibility returning to what matters in our own time, fully and when we're ready is amazingly powerful ! I feel no more guilt or frustration for missing my yoga time for more than a month now ! I'll just go back into my practice through this retreat with acceptance, respect, care and joy !
    Thank you so much !

    With LOVE from Paris,

  65. thanks so much for this! In the end I changed up the Reunite with your core for Reunite with your body, followed by directly by the relaxation practice, to fit in with my mood and activities for the day. These 3 days have been the inspiration I needed to start exploring my yoga practice again and to support me in recovering from addiction. So another HUUUUUGE thank you to you Adriene and your team! Love xxx

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