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Random Lemon drops of Wisdom

Here is a random share of wealth for you...

It occurred to me that I might share this with you today after I sent the following photo to my man who is out of town on bidness.

Yesterday: yummy evening yoga just before jumping in the car to see a movie with some local movie stars.

I write: "Evening Yoga to our evening yoga playlist. It rocks!"

He writes: "And water with lemon. I love you."

It's stupid. But it made me blush. You blush when someone points out your ways. And somehow you want to thank them for noticing. This post is not about me and my bf though. I swear. It's about water with lemon. Random, I know... but worth it. I'm just spreading the wealth.

Though sometimes I slack, I have been drinking a glass of water with lemon each morning for years. A little glass before my coffee does wonders and it is probably the reason why I never suffer from ongoing skin troubles or ill digestion. I don't just drink it in the morning though- I enjoy it whenever I think about it! To make it faster and easier I often wash my lemons, cut them all at once, and store them in a little tupperware in the fridge. This way it's done faster than you can say lemonade.

when life gives you lemons. cut em up and have them on the ready. and don't bitch about seeds. you will live.

It is better for your digestion to drink water that is not ice cold- but hey, I live in Texas. In the Texas summer- you will eat, lick, breathe anything with ICE. So, I get it. In the winter it's best to drink warm water with lemon and again, since I live in Texas and we hardly have a winter- I stick to room temp water and lemon year-round. Now... get ready for the best wisdom share (or reminder) ever...


  1. Energy Boost/Morning Magic Tincture - I am not even suggesting you take away your coffee or your juice or your smoothie. But try a little WWL in the morning and you will notice a boost in energy and a reviving quality before you can even finish with the frech press. I've noticed it. Energy lift with no crash. It brings a little awareness to my morning. I also enjoy my delicious coffee more after. (Also, great before morning Yoga practice so you don't have crazy java jitters on your mat. Pure practice baby.)
  2. Easy-Breezy-Safe Cleanse/Happy Digestion - Aka, The Clean Sweep - Not only do you get the hydration, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes but you get a healthy opportunity to get rid of any waste from the day before. You know, start the day off fresh and good! I know you know what I am talking about. This affordable drink is the key to healthy digestion pals- any time of day. Order a water with lemon (no ice if you are feeling frisky) at the restaurant or bar and keep those insides moving.
  3. SKIN- Who does not want clear skin? What man or woman does not want to GLOW? Boom. Lemons are loaded with Vitamin C. Drink this cocktail and you will likely notice a shift in your skin patterns. It decreases blemishes and wrinkles. Clear and glowing skin. Enough said.
  4. Curbs Appetite/Activates Metabolism - Uhh. Enough said.
  5. Hangover Cure - Live life to the fullest, I say! But if you woke up a little too full on Life or Lone Star or Gluten Free Vegan Sugar Cookies or whatever your poison is... drink up. WWL balances pH in the body and is, again, super hydrating for your system. If you have a toxic build up in the body or you are REALLY dehydrated (we call this adrenal fatigue) your body is going to be angry with you till it can hydrate the lymph system and smile again. Straight up.

Some worry that drinking a lot of lemon in their water will have a affect on their teeth. If this concerns you- use a straw.

So, what do you think? Will you try it? Let me know. And if you are already a believer please do share your thoughts and any other benefits of this lovely libation.


Oh! Also, here are some bloopers from my WWL photo shoot today. Enjoy!

Blue loves it too!


60 comments on “Random Lemon drops of Wisdom”

  1. Thank you! You've inspired me to keep a container of lemon wedges in my fridge ALL week! I love lemon water in the am but it's never occurred to me to do that little bit of prep to make it easy in the morning.

  2. Thanks for sharing, I had no idea it was so good for you. I am a big water drinker, but my partner is not--until he had a kidney stone. Now he's kind of obsessed with lemon water, the only way he could stand to drink water. I've never found the right balance of lemon in water that tastes good, but I guess I'll try!

      1. Thanks soooooooo much for the GOOD PATH that you have give to me!!!!!!! I haven't felt this Good in 3 YEARS.I AM ENJOYING this journey with you on the 30 challenge THANKS.

  3. My grandmother always did this. Thanks for sharing, I always have lemons in the house, so I will try it. Thank you.

  4. I can confirm that we are back on the lemon water bandwagon. It makes such a huge difference.

    And you are doing an amazing jobs with the blog posts!

  5. Hi adriene! 🙂 cheers to this post! It's truly proven and effective that lemon is such miracle to us gals especially with the detox thing..I've been doing this routine for almost 6 months and it's really effective 🙂 btw, your videos rock! It helped/still helping me in knowing myself more.

  6. My sister and I have been doing this on and off for years, and it's incredibly refreshing especially during a HOT South Asian summer! Since lemons get a little pricey around here in the summer we freeze lemon juice in ice trays and just unload a couple into a glass of water with a little sugar if you're feeling a little down and out, and it's instant lemonade!

    Also, Adriene that blooper is HILARIOUS.

  7. I love lemon water. But after a while, I find all I can taste is the bitterness of the peel. Is it as healthy if I take the peel off?

  8. I suffer from intestinal pain (aka-gas) and drinking hot water with lemon is sometimes the only thing that helps. I guess I should drink it when I'm not in pain too, huh? Thanks for the post! Cute blooper pic of Blue drinking,
    I lol-ed 🙂

  9. I agree .... in the warm humid tropics its so refreshing to sip some fresh water ... I keep a pitcher in my fridge ... I cut slices of well lime in this case and fresh ginger and put it to the water ..... yummmy yummy for your tummy

  10. I have been partaking in this for a long time in the morning as soon as get up, so thank you for confirming this for me. I believe in the power of lemon!

  11. My father drank a cup of hoy water with lemon every morning. He never taught or inspired me to do the same though. Wonder why? Anyway, ready to work at it now.

  12. I am a new WWL addict! I add a teaspoon of local honey and a couple teaspoons of raw Apple cider vinegar. It is my morning power drink!!

  13. Wow, can't believe you posted about the lemon water!. Just started this morning after feeling yucky all weekend and remembered from another yogi, saying how good it was for you. Hopefully on the right path now to feeling a lot better. Thanks for the reinforcement and your inspiring fun loving videos!

  14. Hi Adriene,
    I'm on day 9 of 30 days of yoga and came here to check this post out, but unfortunately I couldn't see the pictures on it, so I was wondering if you could make a video about your WWL... I've seen other people's videos on youtube but I'd rather see yours 😉
    I just "met" you the other day and I can't believe how quickly you became so important to me! I love you and your videos and your site! You're the friend I wish I had! Thanks for helping me find what feels good for me, forever grateful!

  15. Hello there
    I am feeling the urge to drink lemon water after reading all the benefits but I have to be honest, although I like the lemony taste I dislike the lemon pieces I drink up. Weird I'm not sure why but it kind of grosses me out like the seeds and little pieces of lemon I just can't get past it! Any advice? Thanks!


    1. get a juicer. You can get a cheap one for like 10 bucks. It squeezes the juice out and catches most of the other stuff.

  16. Hi there,
    Wow! I've started 2 months ago drinkinking warm water with a half of squeezed lemon every morning on an empty stomach after I saw a post in face book about the good effects of this regime. After giving it a go, I noticed the tremendous effect so I really believe in its power. It's worth of doing it. Thank you for sharing it also to everyone. Hope everybody will try it also. Namaste!

  17. I drink water with lemon pretty much daily. It's delicious, tart, and so refreshing. I had no idea it had so many benefits in addition to digestive health. 🙂 Sometimes I force my life hostage (*ahem* partner) to drink it with me-- he loves it too!

    Much love from Tennessee,


  18. Unfortunally I can't see the images or videos ... Can you perhaps fix this, Adriene? Thanks a lot!

  19. THANK YOU ADRIENE! Love this little tid bit of awesome advice! just drank my yummy warms water and lemon and feeling refreshed 🙂 i look forward to your daily emails and yoga routine #30daysofyoga Serisouly has been life changing for me. Much love!

  20. I'll try it! I'll buy a lemon tomorrow. The pics for this blog are no longer available, though still a good read 🙂
    PS- Did Day 9 today, loved it loved it.

  21. Hey Adriene
    Great advice! I too have been an habitual WWL consumer. Lately I have been enjoying lime instead. Just for variety, you know? Do you know if limes offer the same benefits?
    I appreciate you

  22. I love lemon water! My tip for making it even better is putting some mint in there as well. It's the perfect drink, and I find myself craving it sometimes.
    A little side note though: Water with lemon does not "alkalize" your body as many people want to believe for some reason. Even if that was possible, logic dictates that dont work with something acidic 😉

  23. I've been doing this for about two months now after reading more of its benefits (also my fiancé is a lemon fiend haha). I have started noticing some of the digestive benefits, though I still need to work on my diet a bit more.
    Also, instead of squeezing a lemon each day, we make a pitcher full of lemon water and keep it in the fridge, then just add it to some warm water (with honey, for me) every morning. Saves a little time, too.

  24. I have actually started doing lemon juice with apple cider vinegar. if I don't use the whole lemon I'll put the other half in my water. I don't think I have been doing it long enough to really notice results. Or maybe it's not working for me?
    But my dad does just the juice and water in the morning and he says his joints feel so much better!

  25. My sister-in-law has raved about this for awhile now. I will have to start! Curious, though, do you tend to re-use the lemons? Seems silly to throw away a lemon slice after just 8oz. of water. How long before the lemon loses effectiveness?

  26. Hello Adriene, does using lime instead of lemon have the same effect? I do the lemon water thing and it is great, but i also love limes too. But someone said that limes don't have the same benefits as lemons.

  27. I also love drinking lemon (or lime) water everyday on an empty stomach, however I would like to point out that if you cut your lemons/limes ahead of time, you can forget about any vitamins, since they go away oncelemon flesh is exposed to oxygen. So maybe practice your patience and cut your lemons every morning instead of keeping halves in a tupperware in the fridge. It's only a small step. To make things easier, I do use a lemon presser (see many here: It makes the juicing easy and fast, and I never waste the second half of my lemon, because I can use it for cooking or marinating, or share it with my husband.

    All the best for everyone!

  28. Dear Adriene ,
    It's true that water with lemon helps a lot but a significant drawback is that it lowers blood pressure
    So, please, people who experience such problems:drink with care

  29. I have been drinking lemon water in the morning for about 2 months! What a difference - so many benefits and such a simple thing to do.

  30. OK!! I'm ready to give this a shot!... Mainly because you haven't told me to replace my beloved coffee! Thanks Adriene for the last 30 days of yoga!! I've loved Reboot! ❤️❤️

  31. WWL is one of my favorite drinks! I drink it everyday all day. Sometimes, since it's a bit chilly here in the Mitten State, I drink it hot with honey too...comforting and good for the body. Glad there are others out there that enjoy the classically delicious WWL. 🙂

  32. Do you ever worry about the acidity in the lemons affecting your enamel? I was consuming a ton of lemon for a while there, basically at least one per day, but I started to feel like it was wearing down my tooth enamel and have cut back. I would love to get back into it though, as lemon is probably my very favorite fruit!

  33. Thank you for sharing this tip. I used to say, "I can't stand drinking water"! How foolish of me. I like mine with lime now, but only strting really drinking it in December when I found your channel. I just happened to be blessed with a big canvas sack full of lemons, and tonight I cut some up and squeezed the juice using my vintage pink glass juicer. Love the twisting action. Anyway, I just found this in my email and going to put my hard work to good. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge with me.


  34. I'm curious if lime has enough similar properties to be an appropriate substitute or if there is something specific just to lemon? We nearly always have limes in the house because my Latino nephew loves them on everything.

  35. So I just finally started this today, well tonight actually. I did cold water because I had already poured it before reading your blog Adriene :-P. Also I dropped the whole slice of lemon in, same benefits or do I just need to squeeze the juice out of that sucker? I'm enjoying it wholeheartedly with the whole slice in there, but want to make sure I get the full benefits Thanks for the tips!

  36. Adrien! I start every morning with a cup of lemon "tea" which includes; 1/4 to 1/2 lemon juice, 1 (or 2) TBS of Braggs Apple Cider vinegar, a shake of cinnamon, and a dab of honey. ALL medicinal and UBER delicious! Thanks for taking care of us sister, love you muchas!

    To everyone I might sure to wash your lemons...who knows what they have touched or been touched by...ewwwwww!!!

    1. @Sharon Thanks for that tip! Have you noticed that you are feeling better since adding this regime to you morning ritual?

  37. Adopted this lemon water habit + teaspoon of organic honey about 6 months ago- Swear by it especially for Vitamin C benefit!

  38. I've got a bag of lemons at home. I will take your suggestion and cut them up tonight. I'm going to get real serious about my lemon water in the mornings! Thanks for sharing this post!

  39. I olso Drink every morning Lemon whit Honey and Ginger.And in the evning the Same but than whit curcuma .

    Erica fron Holland.

  40. Thanks a lot, Adriene! I also believe in the power of lemon! I drink it everyday and it feels great! Also a vegetarian here! I enjoy your classes! Greetings from Buenos Aires!

  41. I have been drinking lemon water for a few years now. That is the only beverage I ever drink, except for the occasional glass of red wine, and ONLY if I am in the mood, one cup of coffee in the morning. Whether it be at home, work or restaurant. 😉 However, I do drink it cold. Wonder if I should change to "warm" water? Also, I don not drink soda, tea, juices, etc. Don't know if that's a good think or bad, but I guess it is what my "palate" has adjusted to. I keep lemon slices in the "fridge" ALL the time.
    Thank you for the post and your Yoga videos! I totally enjoy them. Hope you have an amazing day.


  42. Been doing this for years and reaping the rewards. Helps my movements in every way if you catch my drift lol. Thanks for all you do, Adriene! You inspire me to rise up and meet myself.

  43. Hi Adrienne,

    I've been doing this for awhile, but what about the issue with lemon affecting the enamel of your teeth? Can you speak to that for a moment and how to avoid that?

    Thanks so much,

    Rizwan Alvi :))

    Montclair, New Jersey 🙂

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