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Rabbit Pose - Sasangasana

Learn the foundations of Rabbit Pose or Sasangasana with this 15 min workshop practice. Lengthen the spine, stretch your back and boost immunity with this bunny posture.

I love this pose because it reminds me how powerful it is to learn how to be calm, attentive and aware of our breath when we are in tight or uncomfortable situations. This video guides you through the basics and through modifications inviting you to listen to your body, breathe, deepen your practice and Find What Feels Good.

29 comments on “Rabbit Pose - Sasangasana”

  1. I did this practice at 6AM, and it was truly a great awakener. The second time through, however, my head and feet wanted to hover. I let them, just to see what would happen, but wondered if this is safe/good for the body.

    1. I love this pose, seriously. For me it's what my back wants! Adriene is a delightful, skillful teacher! and these videos are perfect for me right now. For about 3 1/2 years now I've had a kind of solitary practice (with books, apps, videos, etc.) so I want to check that I'm doing these poses correctly, at least in the important ways, so I don't hurt myself! Anyway, muchisimas gracias to Adriene and company for these high-quality *free* videos. What a gift.

  2. Adriene I love your prenatal yoga series, can you please do a postnatal series too? Loving your style of yoga and the fact it is so accessible to everyone to do anywhere anytime. Aimee xx

  3. Can't wait to try this rabbit pose.

    So grateful for YOU, Adriene.

    Happy Easter.


  4. Thanks Adrienne for everything you share with us,
    I'm motivated and helped by the way you see things in life

  5. How can I do this pose with bad knees? Even with a towel, I don't think it wise to do it when I have a torn meniscus in one of my knees. Though I have had physical therapy and I am not in any pain, I still get twinges so I am very leary of all weight-bearing postures.

  6. Thank you so much for all your yoga episodes. I liked practicing rabbit pose today. Sasangasana Just taking a few minute break from my yoga studies I am in a Yoga Teacher Training Program and you have been helping a lot and also to remain calm.

  7. Would you have some suggestions for lower back pain caused by poor hip flexor stretching? Thanks

  8. Thank you, Adriene and Hoppy Easter haha!

    I am really benefitting from discovering you and my new found love, YOGA!

    I've even got my 69 year old Mom practicing and she feels like her back problems are easing.

    Stay fabulous!



  9. I am.currently on the Camino de Santiago and use your yoga classes as a warm up before I head out for my 10-15 mile trail walks. Thank you for keeping me loose, centered and pain free!

  10. INTEGRITY! Thank you for loving yourself enough to take your time and really feel these postures. Your ability to be true to the moment in your body opens up so much in me. It gives me permission to do the same meaning honor myself, my body and enjoy the breath as it moves through the body. LOVE this foundation rabbit mini workshop. Happy Spring Adriene and Thank you.

  11. I love, love, love you Miss Adriene. You are so funny and light and REAL!! You make me laugh in every session I watch. I always come away feeling refreshed and realizing not to take everything so serious. Life is GOOD! "Wabbits" LOL I have learned a lot from watching your yoga practices. I use a lot more movement in my yoga practice now. Thank you! Peace and Namaste- Jennifer

  12. I didn't see this one on YouTube (now I do). I did the Healthy Body Yoga one again today and went to the gym. Rocked some weights and did a couple Karate Kata's. Had a good physical day. It's lonely at the bottom I define freedom by being able to take a nap anytime I want to 😉

    "Loneness": Hopefully I find someone to share my "Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale DI Modena" with. It's 25 year old Italian Balsamic Vinegar. My parents got it for my on their trip to Italy (expensive). I don't drink alcohol so this is like the best thing. How's that for a pick up line. Would you like to come over to my place for a salad with 25 year old Italian Vinegar? I don't know.

    Love to you Ms. Adriene

    1. Chad, that is genius!! I'd be interested as I'd find that very funny Plus I love food!

      You should definitely give it a go! Let us know how you get on x

  13. I just want to thank you, Adriene for this weeks letter, it was like you just write to me, I know that thousands people get this, you do a greet thing❤
    I do my first yoga class in august 2016 and find you in January and have seens then follow yours monthly day practice
    This have done so nice to my life, so THANKS
    Love from

  14. What an interesting pose! I had difficulty keeping my head from pressing too hard into the mat/pillow. If I pressed the tops of my feet down, my head wanted to do the same thing. How can I avoid that? Is there another set of muscles I should be activating?

  15. I was feeling too tired to do my regular workout. Saw this on Youtube and thought it looked so relaxing. When I was done I could feel the energy return to my body, so awesome! Thanks Adriene! I now have the energy to fix dinner 🙂 Btw, I love your videos. You remind me of my daughter, who I found out does your routines too. I feel like, when you're on the screen, she and I are doing yoga together.

  16. please make a video for when you feel burnt out and need restful calming movements + energizing movements maybe at the end

    please also make a video to ease you back into yoga and activity when you have been too sedentary for too long and need a gentle re-entry to movement

  17. I feel like I end up with a lot of weight on my head when I do this pose. I'm trying to pull in with my stomach, press down with my feet, etc. Not sure what I should do differently,

  18. Love, love this pose!! The feeling afterward left me extremely relaxed and light. Thanks again my friend!

  19. Thankyou Adriene!! Have always done yoga on and off but for the past 6 months I have practiced every day. Thanks for the change in my life bringing my emotions up during practice and allowing me time to breath and escape the chatter of my mind. You are amazing and I love your light, fun approach. Always reminding me to smile.

  20. I am at day 3 of Yoga with you, Adriene. I already notice a huge improvement in mind, body & spirit. I look forward to my practice every day. Today, I am grateful for you & your instruction. Namaste.

  21. Started yoga with Adriene last year and loved it, then got very busy with divorce and house move and lost my way a bit.
    Really need a gentle daily routine to do now as I have not long had a mastectomy and just started chemotherapy which is causing so much tension in my head, neck and jaw and lack of sleep etc
    Any suggestions please to give me a bit of inner strength in mind and body over the next few months of chemo

  22. thank you, you have mur entire grateful to offer us those videos

    Merci, je suis pleine de gratitude pour ces vidéos super bien faites et agréables

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