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Quick Restorative Yin

Tend to your body. Tend to your energy. 

A short and sweet session to help you take a break and restore. 

*Bring a blanket, towel, or bolster to the mat, if you have available.

This low-to-the-ground session is a gentle yoga siesta, or a beautiful way to ease in or out of a busy day.

Gently open the shoulders, the chest, and the hips, breathe deeply, rest and renew.

Simplicity is key here but grab a blanket or a towel if you have one. Pillow for the head is welcome. (But this video will work its magic without props too.) 

Perfect for a slow morning, a long afternoon, or in preparation for bedtime. 

Before you jump to scrolling, use this quick restore to stay connected to what feels good.


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