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Pyramid Pose - Foundations of Yoga

Time on your yoga mat is time well spent. Learn the Foundations of Pyramid Yoga Pose. Embrace the exploration and time for process in yoga. Use this foundations practice to be with your body, refocus your mind and step into your power. Go deeper. Namaste.

7 comments on “Pyramid Pose - Foundations of Yoga”

  1. Hi Adriene,
    Your website was given me by a friend who started your program a year ago and has had great results healing his back and shoulders. I am a senior and am a caregiver for my amazing husband who suffers from Lewy Body Dementia. Having worked in the medical field, been a mom, grandma, and now great-grandma I have been focusing on caring for others for many years. I am having to learn how to care for myself now, as the stress of the past few years along with the aging process has created health issues for me..
    My goal is Wellness of body & soul. Currently my focus is healing my gut . I am encouraged by what I am reading on your website and believe yoga ,as you are presenting it, may be a new tool for both my soul and body . I think I will start here with the Foundations.
    Thank you, Cece

  2. Great video on the pyramid pose, I’ve never tried that before. I’ve just given it a quick go now and really feels great, I’m definitely going to incorporate into my daily yoga routine

  3. What a great video! This is just the teaching I need and I appreciate it so much. I find it easy enough to invent 'sequences', but it's hard to teach yourself these poses in-depth without a human teacher present. These slow break-downs do it perfectly, for me. I'm keeping up my regular daily yoga practice, and when I can manage an extra session, spending it with one of these, getting good at one pose. And it's not "good at" in the sense of taking the pose to its more difficult versions, but "good at" in the sense that I know I'm doing it correctly at whatever level/modifications I can manage. Maybe more important, I want to know what this pose is supposed to be doing, to what muscles or what aspect of my body. If I know what it's supposed to be doing, then I don't have to memorize so many things, because I understand the point of doing it. Anyway, thank you again, Adriene and friends!

  4. Adriene!!! I learn a lot from you I think you’re fantastic keep up the good work thank you for making this available thank you for making it free I hope it stays that way and your dog is really cute as well!!!

  5. Exactly what all these nice people said goes for me. I’m 72, doing better every day. I use this pyramid video as my warmup each morning. 50 days today and feeling 200% better!

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