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Pigeon Pose

Learn the Pigeon Pose (or one legged pigeon) as part of The Foundations Of Yoga Series! This happy hip opener is therapeutic and not to be rushed. Take your time as you breathe into that hip and stretch the thighs, the abdomen and open your heart! This one has many benefits and again, is not to be rushed. Take your time. Enjoy the ride. Find support and modify as needed.

14 comments on “Pigeon Pose”

  1. Pigeon Pose is one of my favourites, I started out with just being able to put my forearms down, not after only after a few days daily practice I can put my head down. All your foundation yoga videos really help thank you Adriene, it really helps to break down each movment, get in touch with it and listen to what your body is telling you is right. thank you 😀 x

    1. Yay Emma! Thank you for the feedback! Even I want to rush the Foundation Poses - so I think the series is a great place to slow down and break it down. To learn the foundations and the form so we can learn from them and... find what feels good 😉 Thanks again!

  2. Really enjoy your videos, thank you! It's the first time I've been able to stick to my "do yoga goal" in 2 years. I like your style and profiles (specially since they're not 1-1.5 hours-too long for me). Would you be willing to create a profile that focuses on opening up your hips? I'm a cyclist and could use the help!

    With gratitude,

  3. Hi Adriene! I really love your absolutely unique way to teach and practice yoga! I'm pregnant and I know that some poses like pigeon pose are really good during pregnancy, because they help to open hips and massage perineal area and so on..could you please suggest us some sequences!
    thank you very much for your energy


  4. Thanks so much for this FAB resource, Adriene. I am slowly working my way through each foundation pose - very slowly, very mindfully - and it is wonderful (and quite hard, in fact!). Re-learning the foundations gives me so much more confidence in class, and also since I work from home - tapping away on a computer - it's just great to break off every hour to do a pose. A terrific resource, and thanks so much....

  5. Hi Adriene,

    I don't even know where to start. I've done a few yoga classes in the past, which I loved, but I have since then moved to country side where yoga instructors are very few and far in between. I had sheets with the sequences on them, but I've always felt pretty discouraged to do them on my own. Your channel has been a God send. I've been doing your videos for 3 weeks now, and if I don't get my hour of Adriene each day, I get very sad. Ha! I'm not nearly close to being a super flexible yogi, but the effects I've felt and seen in my body and being are amazing. Thank you so much for taking the time to your videos, giving those of us who don't have access to yoga classes the chance to do it in our own homes.

    What would you recommend for tightness in the groin (that just sounds freaky)? Will pigeon pose also help relieve that? I was pretty tight in my hips, but holy hell, my groin and the insides of my thighs are like steel cables. I'm pretty sure that us what's causing some discomfort in my inner knees as well.

    Would love to hear from you!



  6. Wow that feels very yummy indeed! Particularly when resting on the forehead..yummmyyyy!!! But... I do have question... In minute 1'42 you say not to let drop into anything...but I can't help myself letting that happen..should I press more on the extended leg and foot? Are we suppose to work the muscles on the upper/center back or those on the front leg...? Thanks a lot =) xo

  7. Hello!

    Hope these are answered still 🙂 when doing the pigeon pose, dose the knee move out or stay in a line when crawling the foot out?

    Loving the 30 days of yoga and foundations. Pretty cool stuff, Adrienne and crew 🙂


  8. Excellent, thank you so much! I've struggled with this pose as I've never been clear on what's happening with the hip/glutes on the bent leg side. Now I realise I can put a block under my hip it makes it a whole lot more sense!

  9. When in pigeon pose an option is to lift the hands off the floor and bring them to the heart. I can't take my hands off the floor. I can lean my forehead on the floor. Am I too tight to lift the hands off the floor and sit up tall or am I doing something not quite right?

    Thanks for posting the foundations. They are very helpful.
    Love all the yoga for running and cycling.

  10. love your channel! Am doing this in late January 2021 and wanted to let you know that several of your Foundations of Yoga poses go to the Breath video rather than going to the instructions for the pose.

  11. After a year of doing yoga, i can finally do this foundation with ease... love it!

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