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New FWFG Space!

(Looking for support? Have questions? Please reach out to us at

Hello, Find What Feels Good Members!

Adriene here, coming at you with an exciting announcement! 

For the past several months, we have been crafting an updated membership experience for you on the app and the website. We heard your feedback and took that into consideration as we built this new and improved membership space for us to share. I think you are really going to love it. 

Our new membership home can now be found at Add this to your bookmarks, my dear. This is where we will continue to create, to explore, practice and go deeper, together. 

The invites to the new membership site started rolling out yesterday and the updated apps are on their way! The FWFG app will be available on iPhone, iPad, AppleTV, Android, Roku, and FireTV as soon as the updated apps are released by the App Store, Play Store, Roku, and Amazon. 

A few tips to help you with the transition over into the new and improved space.

If you already have the FWFG app, you don’t need to look for a new app. Just watch for the update alert for the app you have, then update the app once that update appears in your app store. 

The app updates are rolling out according to the new release schedules that Apple, Android, Roku, and Amazon have in place. It might take a couple of days but the apps are built and on their way to you. More email invites will roll out as the app updates are released. Thank you for being patient. I AM LEARNING SO MUCH!

A few things about the new membership that we think you’re going to love:

  • Improved streaming quality!
  • Improved functionality of site and app!
  • New FILTERS that you can apply to the SEARCH function to help you find a specific type of video! Browse by category or search through every FWFG and YWA video ever recorded to filter the results by duration, level, posture, and more. 
  • New to this upgrade: PAY PAL, Y’ALL! We now are able to accept PayPal for both the website and the app.
  • Improved Support help. Your friends here at YWA/FWFG are now handling all your support questions. Really, I got your back. From here on out, one of my personal pals will be on the other end to assist you with all of your FWFG Membership questions or needs. On that note, please continue to be patient with us as we all settle into this new platform and get everyone transitioned over to the new platform. 
  • You’ll still be able to add your favorite videos to your own list. Just click “Add to Favorites”. This replaces “My List.” 
  • You will still be able to sync videos to the app to play when you are offline.
  • The Monthly Yoga Playlist is now “Community Monthly Themes”. Each month will now appear there instead of being replaced each month with the new playlist. Participate in real-time with the global community, or if a particular theme is speaking to you - you can now access any monthly calendar playlist theme, anytime!

If you already received your email invite, we encourage you to go ahead and log in on a computer or browser on your mobile device, take a quick sec to set up your new password, and explore the site. Then as the apps are released, you will be able to download the update, log in, and enjoy the app.

Please note, if you initially subscribed through the app, your email invites will be sent as soon as the app updates are released. This part is out of my control as I am, sadly, not the queen of the APP world! I know it’s hard to wait when you hear other members exploring the new site, but soon we’ll have you in there too. No friend left behind! 

Okay, I think that is it for now. This is a big moment for us, and as always, I am just so very grateful to be able to create and share space with you in this way. Thank you so much for being here. I mean it. 

Don’t forget! As a member, you get FIRST access to our announcements, events, retreats, and trainings. (TRAININGS ARE COMING!) Plus you receive 20% off in the FWFG shop year-round!

Finally, your monthly contribution as a member contributes to the lives of other human beings. Your commitment to FWFG Yoga helps keep the Yoga With Adriene Youtube channel alive! Together we can help provide accessible, consistent, high-quality free yoga and make it available for all.

Thank you. See you in the NEW FWFG space!


PS: Looking for support? Have questions? Please reach out to us at

53 comments on “New FWFG Space!”

  1. As if the quality of YWA products aren't high enough, it looks like things are about to climb higher~ Thank you for continuing to earn members' loyalty & support day-in and day-out .... We know you have our backs!

  2. Hello dear Adriene,
    The new website looks fantastic, and I love all the new features - especially being able to select practices by length.
    Just one question: My List will not be carried over to the new site, will it? I'll have to recreate a list of Favorites?

    Congrats to you and all the team for all your hard work.
    Love from Biarritz, France

    1. Hi Noemi, Thank you for the kind feedback! Unfortunately favorites didn't get transferred and you'll have to start from scratch on building that list. So sorry for that inconvenience. “My List” is now “Favorites.” You will see an “Add to Favorites” button under each video on the website when you open a video page.

      1. Hi,

        the new website is great! But the new "Favorites" confuses me. You cannot just add one video (let's say I like only one of the Fuego y Tranquilo: 2-part Series). If I press the "add to favourites" button under the video I like, it automatically adds the whole series... is there any solution to this?

        1. You can find each video individually by using the search filters and then save it to your favourites. For example, find the Fuego class by filtering to 'Intensity- Fiery'.

  3. Will the update allow us to download videos for offline use on our computers? Right now we can only download to our phones. I would love to be able to watch videos on my laptop when there's no wifi available instead of having to watch the little screen on my phone.

    1. Hi Julie, it's staying the same in that regard. The membership website was and continues to be a streaming membership. However, videos can be downloaded to play offline on the app, as was before.

    1. Hi Lu Ann. You can go to and enter your email and click “forgot password” and an email will be sent to you. If you are subscribed via iTunes you will first have to update the app and restore purchases before you can access your account. If you need further assistance, email us through our help page at

  4. I can’t login maybe I have forgotten my password but there seems to be no way to change it or contact anyone for help.

  5. There seems to be some confusion why people can’t login.

    If you don’t pay for a subscription you can login on the web based
    And get a new password there.

    But if you’re paying member, the new Apple app is ready to download.
    Android is coming soon.

    Once you have downloaded it, you will need to enter your email address and a new password.

    This password will be emailed to you. Most of these emails have been ending up in spam or junk mail folders.

    Once you find your email from FWFG, Scroll down to the bottom and you’ll see your email address and your new password.

    You can copy and paste this password into the new app, or write it down. But you must keep this on file.

    Once you have entered your email address and the new password In the newly downloaded app, the one with the picture of Benji,
    you will be logged in.

    You will then be able to download your videos into your devices for off-line use

    So far from what I have seen there is no place to change this password.
    You can use this new password to enter on multiple devices you might have, i.e., iPad, Apple TV, & iPhone.

    Do not cancel your subscription. It will carry over.
    You might get another email saying you will be charged again, this is not the case.
    just a confirmation.

    You can check your subscription status via Apple ID in settings, Subscriptions.
    or in the new app under settings.


  6. All the best with new makeover Adriene, all the success to you, hard work pays off in the end. All the best for the future, and all the people who use your website.

  7. we've got your back, too, adriene the new space is fantastic - so much content i don't remember seeing before!!

  8. Hey... longtime member as well... as mentioned above on other comments.. I can’t log in and also there is no prompt for “ forgot password”

  9. Unfortunately I have forgotten my password and cannot find a spot to reset it or for any help with that issue. Consequently, I am locked out. Any suggestions?

  10. Hi there! I always love reading the comments on each video, but can’t find them in the new app. Are they still there? Where can I find them?

  11. Hi, new site won't allow me to login. Have been a member for ~ 3yrs now, also don't see new app in Apple store find...thanks

    1. My Apple TV app won’t work, I installed the new app, I enter my email and password, and it says email is invalid!

  12. In this new direction, I only miss video taping dates. At least, I haven’t been able to find them; I bookmark the monthly playlist. With the dates, I enjoyed your chronology and incredibly consistent evolution. Otherwise, the changes are terrific and would seem to nourish longevity online and in support of the YWA team.

  13. I was able to apply my new password and can get the new version on my IPad. I can’t log on successfully to the FWFG channel on my tv. The site appears and I have access to my library, but whenever I try to search or use the monthly play list I get a message that says the content won’t load. It gives me a “try again” option, but even after 10-20 attempts the content won’t load. I’ve tried logging out and logging in. I am not sure what else I can try. Thanks, MG

  14. The app doesn't load anymore and my membership is not recognized on the new site...

  15. Hi. Thanks for all you fabulous folk do. Am loving my daily yoga videos & have done every day this year so far. Cant believe im even saying that! Had never done any yoga before & Adrienne makes it so accessible for the less bendy, older bods like me - thank you thank you thank you!

    Anyway, new website says im too early. Do i need to carry on waiting for some sort of email invite? Sorry to be a dimwit! Or download something? Have tried & failed sadly! I am a subscriber btw.


  16. My membership hasn't expired to my knowledge, yet my email address is unrecognized when I try to use the forgot password. How can I confirm when my membership is up for renewal. This is really frustrating.

    1. Confirming that I paid for my annual membership in March of 2019. Please help! Thanks!

  17. Hey there, it makes me log in every time. Can this be fixed? It's a PITA to have to log in every morning. Also, autoplay makes my head spin.

    1. Could I get a response on this? There's no help on the member website and no place to report an issue that I can find there. I shouldn't have to log into a website I'm paying for manually every morning. It should save my info and stop playing the next video during shivasina.

  18. hey, why aren't the video lengths showing up on the main page? It's cool to be able to search for a particular length but not to have to click on each video on the main page to find out how long it is. Support FAQ are terrible. Please add content there since it's difficult to even find the support link on membership site.

  19. Hi team, thank you for all the support you are giving, the new App is great but I am missing a couple of features that I loved in the old one and I am wondering if I am just not using it correctly:
    I really miss being able to read peoples comments on each video. I had got into the habit of finishing my practice and just having a look before returning to the ‘real world’. It gave me a great sense of community and there was so much shared experience there.
    I also wish that the next video on the calendar wouldn’t just load immediately. Sometimes I want to take an extended relaxation but have to get up to stop the next video.
    These are really minor things and I know human beings don’t like change so please feel free to ignore.

    1. Hi Vinny, the membership is $9.99/month or $99.99/year. You can try it with a 7-day free trial or learn more at The FWFG membership has all the Find What Feels Good and all the Yoga With Adriene content on it. The Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel, which houses the Yoga With Adriene library, is free of charge.

  20. Are we unable to log in on multiple devices? My mom is logged in on her phone but I can't log in on mine?

  21. Hi team FWFG.
    I am keen to join but before I pay up can I just check if I can access on an Amazon firestick?
    Thanks a million

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