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Morning Yoga Flow

You just woke up. It is a brand new day. The canvas is blank. How do you begin? Take 21 minutes to cultivate a peaceful mind and strong body with this juicy breath-centric morning flow.

Wake up your core muscles, open to new horizons, shape your day in a beautiful way with this strengthening morning routine.

Made with love.

Benefits may include: strong muscle tone, more mobility, peaceful inner feelings, opportunity to take up space and feel your worth with your whole body. Benji.

This practice is designed to support you as you cultivate and manifest.

Let me know how it goes for you in the comment section down below!

27 comments on “Morning Yoga Flow”

  1. strong muscle tone - check
    more mobility - check
    peaceful inner feelings - check
    opportunity to take up space and feel your worth with your whole body - check
    Benji - check, check, check!!

    Thank you Adriene. SO wonderful and, as always, left me thinking and wondering why I don't do this more often. (Oh hi there life!). Really going to try harder....The benefits I feel are profound.

    Have a great day.
    Helen In London xxx

  2. Thank you for a lovely practice.
    I was introduced to you by a friend. I am a flight attendant and fly internationally. I find myself in time zones where I can not live stream my home studio. I feel your programs will suit my needs very well.I also enjoyed your style.
    Thank you again,

  3. Brilliant morning work pout to set me up for the day, although one of the kittens did get on my back during a plank to make me work that bit harder!!! Now on to the Core video.

  4. Hi, I love your classes. You are caring and gently guide us to full expression.
    You are accepting of body differences, encouraging options when needed and still showing clearly the precision of flowing into a posture. Starting the day with you is grounding, refreshing and peaceful. Namaste, Linda

  5. Thank you, Adriene! I'm in middle school, and days are stressful. This yoga video helps me to calm down before school and get ready for the day. You're the best (;

  6. My first yoga class with you, Adriene, and it was wonderful, thank you! It is so lovely and generous of you to make this available to everyone. A beautiful way to start a new day!

  7. Hi Everyone, I do every morning yoga with you and than the day starts fijn. I can react better to difficult situations and I can do physical work without pain. I am addicted and it feels good. 🙂 Thank you Adriene!

  8. Thank you for creating relatively BRIEF practices that we can fit into busy days. While I already have a pretty strong home ashtanga practice, I don't always have 90 mins to do first series, nor even an hour to do an abbreviated one.
    Your 30-minute-or-less sessions are absolutely perfect.
    Thank you thank you a million thank yous.

  9. Thank you so much Adriene, my first morning yoga session with you after being introduced to zoom yoga during pandemic lockdown. Awesome compact session. Namaste! George (Australia)

  10. Adriene you awesome! I just started doing yoga and the variety of classes you have is extensive. The different class time lengths help me fit it into my day. Thank you!!!

  11. My favorite video because it challenges me. I’ve really learned to embrace yoga because of you Adrienne!

    Thank you for sharing your passion with us.

  12. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. Do you have any specific routines for children ages toddlers through teens? This would be a wonderful opportunity for them to practice SEL.

  13. Thank you Adriane...I could not get through my life without you..Been watching on UTube since covid began and I couldn't go to my club . Love your show..I recently broke my femur..what a mess..anyway it has been 5 months and I am doing your classes again 4 days a week. I am 80 years old but am doing so well recuperating and I owe most of it to you..very grateful..thank you..Sallie Gutman

  14. Thank you Adriene Yoga has been very good to me in life, starting in mid twenties from an injury that was life steering me to yoga. Now in early fifties yoga still is that big helper that is always there, Thanks again Adriene. Paul

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