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Lizard Pose - Utthan Pristhasana

Learn the foundations of Utthan Pristhasana or Lizard Yoga Pose. In this video we break down the strong hip opener offering variations for all levels. Open the heart and chest and stretch deep through the legs. Grow your yoga practice mindfully and with an attention to detail. This series allows you to deepen your yoga practice and focus on alignment and action. Take your time and listen to your body! This yoga asana is a great preparatory pose for other asanas. Enjoy how your practice unfolds!

9 comments on “Lizard Pose - Utthan Pristhasana”

  1. The music on your SunsaluteB - Shazam can't figure it out! and i loved it - can you let me know what it is? Thanks for ALL the Wonderfulness you share Adriene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey there! I am loving all the yoga videos that you have. Just out of curiosity - do you happen to know the sanskrit translation of Utthan Pristhasana? I cannot find it anywhere. Thanks for this lizard pose tutorial today!

  3. This pose causes pain in my knee on the leg that is extended back. Is there a variation where my knee does not dig into the floor.

  4. Hello Adriene,

    I am wondering, when doing this pose, for example starting with bringing the right knee forward and eventually to the outside of my hands, do I also let my right knee lean even further to the right and a bit towards the ground? I cannot tell if you do this in your video or not.



  5. how can I avoid dumping all my weight into the arm opposite the bending knee in lizard pose? thanks for you help!

  6. Hi Adriene! I have complete the Yoga Camo video series (30 days) and the 30 Days of Yoga series (also 30 days). It has been a great opening for me into the world of yoga. I had tried other self-help videos and could not get passed the first video.
    Do you have any other video series for those that have already completed the first two months?

    Thanks again for your work! You are a blessing!

  7. Wonderful practice and what a lovely shirt. Where can we get it?
    Thank you for accompanying my yoga practice for the past five years. Loving every moment of it.

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