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It Could Be Now

Dear Friend,

I hope this love letter finds you.


In whatever state you are in.

I send you my love and truest regards.

What a week.

Holy Schnikes.

What a world.

And what a time to be alive,

To work together,

To look inward,

To listen,

To see the ways in which we are all the same and the ways in which we can lovingly investigate what makes us different.

What an opportunity to see what the hell we really are capable of embodying.

And because, I really have not said it plainly yet,

What a time to connect to your at home practice.

If there was ever a time to re-energize, re-connect with your willingness to sit with yourself, care for yourself - it could be now.

If there was ever a time to acknowledge that your relationship to the above can have a direct impact on others - it could be now.

In addition to the renewed promise of connecting to one’s self, there is the profound opportunity to engage with the YWA & FWFG community and still connect with others in a fun and meaningful way!

Here is how:

Join us in the FWFG KULA - a free online community site that fosters investigation, celebrates diversity, and promotes regular practice with a healthy dose of philosophy… and fun.

It’s free to join, no credit cards allowed here, and no advertising either. I mean it.

This is a private and safe space for all types to freely learn and engage with - on your terms.

Truly, you can even customize your feed based on topics that serve you! Visit to get started.

Now would also be a great time to share the Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel with your family, your friends, your communities.

And, for those who want to go a little deeper, join us over at the FWFG membership - where you will find over hundreds videos from power yoga to meditations and docu-style off the mat compilations. Watch the new trailer membership to learn more HERE!

This month, we are also releasing a 4-week wellness journal course with Sarah Bowman called WRITE. Week two releases today with Gratitude Journaling. Click here to explore more or to jump into this series with us!

And finally, today’s featured practice is a 41 minute Yoga For Creativity!

Reach out, grab someone’s hand. Metaphor.

Look inward, sing Love On Top as you wash yours. Really.

Let’s choose to CREATE a sense of peace and togetherness in our days, even whilst we are apart.

For, it could be now that we begin to feel a new sense of wonder about the truth of our oneness.

It could be now.


PS: Find your free monthly yoga calendar here. #ywaCREATE

PPS: Today is the final day of our HUGE fwfg shop sale before we temporarily close for renovations!

May all that is unforgiven in you be released
May your fears yield their deepest tranquilities
May all that is unlived in you blossom into a future
Graced with love

To Come Home to Yourself, John O'Donohue

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17 comments on “It Could Be Now”

  1. I’m a little confused. Are the free Sunday YouTube yoga practices going away? I looked for it today and realized there hasn’t been a new one for two weeks. Did I miss something?

  2. Thanks for all the amazing content and loving support! The youtube channel has been a huge gift for me. Daily movement practice with you & your team's support and encouragement has helped me feel and connect to the love inherent within and without. Thank you for all that you do! — d

  3. Thanks for all that great energy that you put out in to the world Adriene. It is appreciated!

  4. I don't usually go to the website and go straight to the YouTube channel and found it strange that there weren't any pandemic-related videos there which seemed so unusual for Adriene and made me worry that she was sick! Glad to know that's not the case but only one new video a month is a big bummer, especially right now!

  5. Did a quick search for a free yoga class and yours came up. The cattle dog hooked me. I have two and one was by me for the entire class as well. What joy!

    1. Sheila, I love Benji too and he drew me in initially! Be sure to watch the "Awaken The Artist" yoga class video to see Benji having crazy puppy dreams. I had a hard time concentrating on yoga as I kept watching him, lol! Adorable...

  6. Thanks for the videos Adriene! I, too, was a bit worried about you. Once a month videos... Ok! Time to dig into the archives! I've been following you for almost 7 years now, crazy!

    I'm about to do a practice for my birthday, it made me think of a video idea for you: Yoga For Your Birthday! Maybe?

    Either way, the fact that I can do yoga, in my house, without worrying about how I look or feel, or my ability to pay, is a lifetime of gifts bundled into one. I love getting my family, friends, and even my hubs hooked to your awesome videos!

  7. Hi Adriene! My partner and I have started yoga with you to keep moving during these uncertain & unsettling times and it’s been a godsend! Thank you! We’re total beginners and have nearly completed your 30 days of yoga series from 5 years ago - was just wondering which series you/anyone here would recommend us going on to next? Thanks & love from the UK xx
    P.S. hope everyone at Yoga with Adriene is safe and well xx

    1. Hello, i am in the same situation than Jess. i am a total beginner and Yoga has always seemed overwhelming to me as i couldn't manage to do 80% of the poses on any random online video. I have loved this gradual approach instead of just picking any video online. I can see how I evolved just in 30days. I also started with the basics, the 30Days challenge, the first one ever like you Jess. i'm about to finish and wondering what I should do next also. start another one of the 30days challenge or another serie?
      Thank so much, From Barcelona, Spain

  8. Adriene, I love that you let Benji be himself and join in the videos. Your calm demeanor reflects on Benji.

  9. Dear Adriene,

    Your yoga sessions were my son's recommendation... and they have been my "morning starters" for almost a year now. I deeply enjoyed "Breath", your 30 day yoga journey - at a time where travelling is limited, I found pleasure and enjoyment in "travelling within"... thank you so much for all your precious comments, explanations and your inspiration.
    Lots of love from snowy Munich

  10. Thank you, Adrienne, for your videos. I've been doing them for a few months now, and I'm happy to say I've gained strength and flexibility for my 65-year-old body, but most of all, self-confidence. Yoga has become my morning routine now and I really enjoy doing it, also because of your charming personality. Thank you! Maija, Finland

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