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I'm Poppin' The Big Question!

I don't normally post the Yoga Camp emails here on the blog (sign up for them if you want them!) But today's seemed important to share with everyone. After all, Day 29 is what it is all about.

Hello Campers!

When thinking about responding to the request for a 30 Day Yoga Challenge I must admit I was turned off at first.

I was a bit conflicted. I didn’t want to do one.

I didn’t want to do one because most yoga challenges put a bad taste in my mouth. They confuse me, truly, and seem to have mixed messages. I blink my eyes trying to decipher how I really feel. Even when the intention seems right the practice is conflicting. The ol say one thing and do another.

I think this is true of modern yoga - now quite big in the current fitness industry. Yoga is supposed to make you feel good! It should be a practice of self-love not depleting self worth, or worse - body shaming.

After doing 30 Days Of Yoga last year it was clear that there were plenty of benefits that came out of starting the year off with a regular practice. It was clear that the 30 Day ritual was just that - a ritual, a ceremony - inspiration for regular practice and a celebration of one’s willingness to do the work.

But even so, what good is doing the work if you are still unhappy?

With Yoga Camp we ask - what is the point of a rigorous workout if you still are waking up in the morning and looking in the mirror and not loving what you see?

What is the point of 50 chaturangas if you look in the mirror and don’t know who it is you see?

Who cares if you have a rocking body if your mental wellness is a hot mess!

Can we live a rich and beautiful life if we don’t love ourselves?

So I’m poppin’ the BIG question today on Day 29. 

I’ll even get down on one knee.

Do you love yourself?

“I Do”

Please enjoy your practice today. Please know that you have an admirer out there.


I am so incredibly inspired by your willingness to ask the big questions, do the work and tend to not just your physical fitness but your mental health as well. I believe this is a way to true self compassion.

After all, it’s all connected baby.

With LOVE,



72 comments on “I'm Poppin' The Big Question!”

  1. Hi Adriene,

    I found your "Yoga for Anxiety" video on YouTube recently and I want to thank you for its great quality and effectiveness. In particular, I've found the portion on pranayama (breathing) to be hugely beneficial. I work hard, I"m passionate, and I've always struggled to manage anxiety. Thanks to your video, I feel optimistic about my ability to handle all the challenges of 2016. It's empowering to have an all-natural, simple tool at one's disposal.

    I hope you produce this and other videos on DVD. Thanks!

  2. adriene - I starting practicing using your videos back in 2013. This was one year after I quit gymnastics and lost a little bit of my self (i had been training for 10 years!). Yoga has helped me to love and nurture my body, and more importantly my Self, in ways that I had never considered before. The past 2ish years since 2013 have been transformative for me, and yoga has been an integral part of this transformative time. I've been savoring and embracing these 30 days of yoga. Thank you thank you thank you! namaste

  3. I have loved Yoga Camp so much and it's changed how I look at yoga and how I feel about myself. I am so thankful for the mantras and it's amazing how they went perfectly with what was happening in my life. I am truly so glad you decided to do the 30 days of yoga and Yoga Camp. Thank You!!

  4. I honor your souls quest to help me live healthy and happy 🙂 Xxoo peace and love, namaste

  5. I believe, for me that both 30 days of Yoga are very inspiring. I thank you Adriene for your happiness, humor and encouragement. Also, very awarding. Keep doing what you love and enjoy what you do. Only you know what that is.

  6. I couldn't have chosen a better teacher when I found you just about a year ago. I started with your 30 days of Yoga. I was looking to create a home practice as a form of exercise, strength building, improving flexibility and supporting my immune system and ridding myself of extra body weight. I am celebrating one year of Finding What Feels Good. What has been most profound for me is that I have found ease. Ease in the care for myself. I have Gratitude for showing up for me. One more thing, I find myself, (with your encouragement) slowing down, enjoying the journey from one pose to the other, instead of racing to get to the pose.
    This years 30 day camp has taken my practice to a whole new level using the mantras. I carry them into my everyday. I am so incredibly thankful for you, your channel and the YWA community. I am letting flow!

  7. You're on a whole other level Adriene. Thank you for EVERYTHING. Your words, your time, your willingness to let yourself be 100% real to so, so many people. What you're doing takes guts, and I have nothing but admiration for you. I can wait for what's in spree for YWA 2016. Insane amounts of love and respect from Adelaide, Aus xx

  8. Well said Adriene, yes, I do!
    Love your camp and last years challenge, you are a star and your relaxed genuine approach is so refreshing.
    Mindfulness us so important in this day and age and the sooner ya'all get a handle on that the better so keep doing what you do and keep spreading the word.

  9. Adriene,

    Thank You for the lovely words of inspirations everyday. I SOoooo enjoy how you teach yoga for ALL levels, especially for beginners like me. I'm learning and smiling 😉 right along with's contagious! My self talk is definitely improving. My goals our for ME in order to feel good inside and out. You are a GREAT teacher...


  10. Thank you so much for yoga camp! I made a resolution to find me and be happy with me!! After this 30 days I can say YES I AM ON THE RIGHT PATH!! I do love myself. I am running again, knitting again, and just trying to be centered. I will continue my journey with your yoga videos. Thank you for this!

  11. I'm running about a day behind, just did day 28 today. I am 57, have a left ankle full of hardware, and some arthritis, but I guess all in all, the years of staying fit when I was young paid off, because I am still pretty flexible, and doing this yoga camp has been so good for my body and soul. I know I will never have my 25 year old body back, but I have felt so much better about myself doing this. So, thank you, Adriene, for giving us this 30 day gift.

  12. I do! I also am loving doing Yoga Camp with you and plan to start over at the beginning when I finish (I'm a few days behind). I am almost 64 and there are some things I can't do but feel I have improved a lot and want to see what I can do the second time around. After that I will try some of your other videos. I subscribed because I'm sure I want to continue. Thank you so much for the balanced approach to body, mind, and soul. Each session leaves me feeling good!

  13. Hi Adrienne. I'm sorry to say yes and no. I love most of who I am on the inside. I have many great qualities and I'm always working on more. I hate my outside. As a recovering addict, I was very thin in my addiction and my look was socially acceptable.. Beautiful even if everything else was ugly. I had gastric bypass 12yrs ago this week and at 1 point I had lost 170lbs but as I've recovered and gotten healthy, I've also gained 70lbs. As my body has gotten healthier, my self love has plummeted. That said, you give me hope and inspiration. Thanks for creating an accepting environment for All

  14. Hi, Adriene. Thank you so much for all your videos, especially Yoga Camp. I used to think that I don't have time to do yoga everyday, but eventually I did since I joined Yoga Camp. I love the mantras and energy that you share with all of us.

    Before I found your yoga videos, I did other types of exercises. However, your videos keep me returning to the mat. I love the effect on my body and mind. I learn about my body, what is its strengths and weaknesses, and it also helps calming the mind.

    Please keep sharing the energy and love through the practice. I believe you've helped many people out there.

    Sending love from Indonesia.

    Namaste ...


  15. I'm lagging, because I've been sick and sometimes I can't find the motivation. But, when I finally do come to the mat at home in front of my TV, I'm so grateful for you and your videos. It's true that very often, video workouts aren't always motivational. They can be judgy and harsh. You, however, have a gift that comes across the energetic web as very open and big hearted. Thanks for putting yourself out there. My body and my spirit thank you, too.

  16. I have thoroughly enjoyed yoga camp! I decided to do a cleanse along with the camp 2 weeks ago. I thought it would go well with your theme. It was called "Love Your Body Reset Cleanse". I looked forward to getting up every morning & getting on my mat to practice with a focus, your montras were so inspiring & real. Thank you Adriene, I'll look forward to more classes!
    I have a small yoga business where I teach 2 classes a week. I have encouraged my students to have a home practice with you on the days they don't come to class. I love your style because it reaches all levels of students and is nonthreatening,"easy breezy" as you would say! God Bless & see you in the morning for day 30!

  17. "I DO"
    But it's a big ask to see past the floors and faults that we "think" matter and to see to true beauty that is within. Perhaps starting off with "I love"--"that little bit" creates a window into which we can start to see the rest.

  18. I do, because I made a few changes in my life the last few months, changes for me not for anyone else. I have put myself on the nummer 1 spot for once. I like the changes that I made and I'm proud of myself! During those few months I came across your yoga videos on you tube. I tried them and never expected that yoga was something I would enjoy. You are an inspriration Adriene and I'm thankful for your videos, your words, the way you make me and others feel good! I can't thank you enough! THANK YOU!!!!

  19. This really made me cry. Not because I'm discouraged. But because you manage to inspire and to make me a better me... (at least a more conscious, breathing, smiling and self-loving me). I send you lots of Love and tons of Gratitude for making this happen as if it was the most natural and easiest thing in the world. NAMASTE!

  20. Kia Ora Adriene. I do, too.

    And I gotta thank you. I've been really cherishing the 30 day practice, which has been a summer camp for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere. New Zealand calling - heyo! G'day!
    It's been crazy and fun to observe my reactions to daily practice, and while sometimes I've had kids climbing on me and generally haranguing their mama, it being their summer holidays too, I have unrolled my dear wee mat day after day and felt freedom in the hips and solidity in the spirit. Amen.

    Yeah ... um, thanks.

  21. Adrienne, I am a yoga teacher in Ireland. I follow you and love your unique way of teaching, your spirit shines through you. I feel authenticity from you. You inspire me to not be afraid to be true to myself in my teaching, to have fun and play in the postures. I use your logo, "find what feels good" all the time in my classes. I have thoroughly enjoyed your 30 day challenge, thank you for being you,
    Go girl, rock on!!
    ...and yes I do!!,
    OM shanti,
    Louise x

  22. OUI! and more and more after all the positive mantras we've been repeating. I'm going to find one for every day for ever and teach everyone around me to do the same.

  23. You inspire me so much to follow and listen to my heart (or soul?)!
    Thank you sooo much :-*

  24. I bow to your honesty, courage to be bold, your spontanious expressions. this is for me unconditional love at it's fullest. stay brave, united with your higher self and free to be and do all AND nothing;) Thank you for being a clear reflection. And now, vacation time. Resigning from my self for a while;) Peace sweet brothers and sisters!

  25. I do. I didn't before, but I completed a 40 day restart @ local studio in October that was similar to yoga camp. I followed that with 30 days of yoga and now yoga camp.
    I've been practicing daily for 4 months and I can truly say I love myself now.
    I'm happy I found you on you tube, you've helped me continue on my journey of accepting myself as I am.
    Thank you.

  26. Yes, I do. My journey with YWA has reaffirmed that I do love me. I love who I am and who I am becoming. Thank you, Adriene.

  27. I have never felt better both outside and jn since I started the 30 day yoga and yoga camp. I love how flexible I am, I love how I don't hurt anymore and I love being me. Thanks Adrienne, your approach is very healing.

  28. Thank you for not shying away from the spiritual side of yoga while teaching the physical side. Your style resonates with me. Thanks for not turning our practice into a competition.
    ~a grateful student~

  29. I am soooo working on it! yoga camp has been a revelation, i must say. the affirmation aspect really gelled for me and came at a time when a few close friends had suggested that I try practices of that nature- loving kindness meditation for instance. about halfway through camp, I had already decided that I was going to start it all over again immediately. Thank you, Adriene. I hope you know what a wonderful gift you are giving!

  30. Beautiful reminder about the true meaning of yoga! Loving myself is often the last thing I think about, if at all. Will try to incorporate into yoga practice from now on!! (P.S so glad you did another 30 day yoga program!)

  31. Thank you, I do! Although I have not been able to work the program the way I normally do, I am enjoying myself, you and feeling good!

  32. Learning to love myself. Your yoga camp has been a big part of this, as have been books by Dan Millman especially No Ordinary Moments.

    In gratitude to you (from day 27, favorite book) Illusions, by Richard Bach, is the greatest book I know. I first read it 33 years ago and I have probably read it at least 50 times. It is short, can be read in a couple of hours.

  33. I try so hard to love myself or at least like myself. This 30-days camp has been amazing but I'm still struggling so much with my self-love, I will keep trying. Thanks Adriene ❤️

  34. i just finished my last yoga camp day today and i have to say i teared up at the end. i will miss seeing your smiling face everyday. i am so happy i found your yoga camp videos and that i started the new year with exciting new mantras everyday and pushing myself to be a better person to myself and others. even though this experience was just a month long i do feel like i have changed into someone better. thank again for yoga camp and i can't wait to see what you share with us next =o)

  35. Yoga class isn't something I can currently afford and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to take your classes free of charge in the comfort of my own home. You have made the biggest difference in my life. You are so very much appreciated!!

  36. Adriene--THANK YOU!! My new year's promise to me --at age 60--was to care for my body. Then along came you and 30 days of yoga. Now I feel I've turned a corner, thanks to your "do what feels good" encouragement!! I've done yoga--but years ago--and a bit of scoliosis hangs me up. As I got older I thought I could not--but have found not only could I, but bit by bit as you led each class, my back pain was improving along with gaining back strength I thought was gone for good! But what also kept me coming back to the mat each day was your sharing who you are with all of us. I had so much fun. Some days into camp I discovered we had a few things in common--I grew up an only child in Texas (some of it in Austin). My wonderful parents met acting in college plays, and my mother was a drama teacher with new age leanings before they called it "new." Anyhow--I enjoyed every day of the 30 days and look forward to more days on my mat. Namaste

  37. Morning Adriene,

    I just want to say a huge thank you for creating these wonderful videos. I have wanted to start yoga for sometime but I am always put off because I will never be as flexible as the people in pictures and all over Instagram. Why start something that I will never be goods at? Then I discovered you, you taught me that Yoga isn't about creating the perfect pose, it isn't about being able to do a forward fold so that your head touches your knee's. It's about finding happiness in your own body, accepting you for you and learning to truly love yourself.

    You keep it real, you make me want to continue on this journey and not give up because I can't do something. You are helping me turn my I can'ts into I cans.

    You are a true inspiration. Thank you for your wonderful videos and blogs 🙂 My dream is to one day visit Texas (I would love to see Texas!) and participate in one of your classes!

    Even after all the waffle above I don't think I have quite described how grateful I am for discovering you.

    Thank you

  38. hi, adriene.i am girl from China.i work in a power plant far away from the city in Banglades. so life is boring and i miss home. but someday i want to begin do yoga cause i took nothing but a mat to i found your vedio on youtube. thanks for your vedio now every day i feel peace and energetic very much. i wish i can keep doing that. thanks for your work and sharing.

  39. I am 64 years old and Yoga Camp has been really terrific for me. I did yoga in college (1972) but then life began and I spent a lot of time swimming. It seemed to fit my schedule when the kids were growing up. It's great to come back to Yoga after so many years. I didn't start camp on 1/1/16, but I began a few weeks ago and I'm on day 12 now. It's really perfect for me and I'm getting stronger everyday. So thank you.

  40. Adriene Thank you for making these videos and for putting yourself out there for us. I was never really into yoga and I had a very start and stop approach to working out. Since I found your yoga videos, and especially yoga camp, I feel like I have finally found my thing!!! I really connect with yoga practice and you make it so approachable and fun. I especially love that it is a PRACTICE!! Every day I am able to go a bit deeper into the stretch and hold the poses with more integrity and strength. I am now able to do things I have never done before, and most importantly I am excited to get to my mat and give it my all. I now can consider myself a yogi and I love it!!! Thank you Adriene!!!

  41. Since you've asked a straight forward honest question, I'll give you the same type of answer. No, I don't love myself. I better than in the past but there is still something holding me back. I start projects like self help, yoga challenges, meditation commitments and I always fall off cycle. I think it's a lack of self love. If I know I want it and set out to do it then why give up part way through? It's my big question? I fall short on projects to improve myself yet I can go on with the inner negative chatter without end. It the Big Why? Thanks Adrienne. Namaste, Linda

  42. Hi Adriene,
    I live in Montreal, Canada. I just want to thank you so much for your work because you reconnected me with yoga and it feel sur great. After having my three kids I didn't take the time to practice but because of your 30 day challenge I now wake up at 5:30 everyday to practice! I feel so much more connected to me and in controle of my life! My whole family benefits from it!

    Thank you so much! You are very inspiring!

  43. Hi Adriene!
    I've just finished the 30 Day yoga challenge, and now I've gone back and I'm doing your yoga camp videos. Right before that I did the 14 Day Yoga Challenge on Do Yoga With Me. Personally, I have found these yoga challenge videos help keep me motivated to get on my mat every day, and it has been really rewarding for me to complete a goal. Yoga has also really helped me with my confidence and I feel so much more fit and healthy by doing yoga. Yoga has definitely made me love myself more than ever before. Keep the videos coming!

  44. You make me want to cry. Yeah. Really. It is that heart warming and that amazing to know there is somebody like you out there. I tend to cry when I'm happy (much to my husbands despair, he thinks all crying is because of sadness) I just recently started dabble with yoga and your videos are my life lines. Not only do they make me want to move that booty - they always make me smile.
    You are probably my favourite cyber person ever. <3
    ...and by the way: I do.

  45. Dear Adriene,
    I totally enjoy your Yoga videos on youtube! Thank you so much! You make my day and I love your soul. I hope I get to meet you one day 🙂 Namaste from Germany!
    Xx, LoveNina

  46. Adrienne,
    I just want to tell you how lovely it is to have an online guided yoga practice that I don't have to pay crazy money for. I am really trying to incorporate healthy habits into my life and your yoga/mantras/perspectives help inspire me to do that. You are silly and fun and carefree and it is truly refreshing. I will be enrolling in a kids yoga certification class as well as an adult teacher training course in Nepal in the next 10 months. I just wanted to send out some love and thank you for doing what you do.

  47. Adriene, thank you for helping me connect with my body for the first time in almost 45 years.
    What started as a "let's see what this yoga trend is all about" soon became my daily healthy addition.
    It started with your 31day Challenge and now you became a friend who I can't wait to see when the kids are in bed. This time on my mat every evening is soooo precious to me, thank you thank you thank you. p.s After 37 days or so, I can now touch my toes!!!!! YAY!
    Looking forward to any new challenge you may bring.

  48. I am doing the 30 day challenge and love it so far! Your videos are by far my favorite yoga videos i have done. I love the no pressure and feel your own body approach and you do not move too fast . Keep up the great work 🙂

  49. Hi Adriene, you obviously get emails like mine all the time but here goes!...I love yoga but travel for work and could never fit anything in my schedule at a gym. My friend told me about the 31 yoga challenge which we all loved. Now I'm doing your yoga camp series. I have Fibromyalgia and plantar faciitis and both feel better since I have been doing yoga every day for almost 2 months now. I love to be able to do a 30 minute work out whether I'm at home or across the country. Thank you for your sense of humor, the creaky old floor and your sweet dog that curls up next to you (mine does the same). I appreciate what you do and now I crave it every day.
    Namaste! Liz Ziegler, a fan.

  50. Greetings,
    I have been doing the true 30 day yoga with you and it’s been great. I’m on day 26:). I wanted to know what I should move to next now that I have momentum. Perhaps dedicate or something else. Thanks for your humor as you help us move through the moves! I’ve really enjoyed each day, and you are right on those slow down days....I truly don’t know how to slow down! I’m working on it thought! Thank you!

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